Taking Stock: July 2019

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Oh, hey there! How are you? We’re just kicking off the first week of the school holidays here! I’m trying not to be an anxious idiot about it. Often I stress about whether we’re doing too much, not enough etc etc. It’s ridiculous. We will all be just fine! I forget our kids are so lucky – we travel or go camping on SO many school holidays throughout the year! A little break from doing that won’t kill anyone!

I think some of the guilt comes from when I was pregnant with the Little Miss and didn’t feel up to much, so it made me feel like I was letting the Little Mister down. Just like anything in life, I try to make sure there’s always a little something happening on the horizon – having plans, no matter how small. It’s good for my mental health to always have something to look forward to.

Next week, the Little Mister is going on a trip with my parents to Melbourne to visit my brother (he has a crazy bond with his uncle)! He’s going to have a blast and get to do all the fun things you can’t do with a toddler around. I am so happy for him! It will take a little courage for him to do something so far away from us but it will be a good kind of ‘out of the comfort zone’ experience and I know it’s going to be a great experience for him. We’ll have a lot of FaceTime calls, I’m sure!

Anyway, I thought I’d do a ‘taking stock’ post (created and made popular at the Meet Me At Mike’s blog) as I haven’t done one in a while!

It’s great for capturing my life exactly as it is in one moment/day (let’s face it – it takes ages for me to finish these haha)!

I am currently…

Making: plans to do a quick panic clean of the house this afternoon as soon as the Little Miss wakes from her nap, because my mum suggested meeting at my place before we go for a walk together – eep haha.


Cooking: Snags and chips and veggies for dinner tonight. Exquisite cuisine. Masterchefs, eat your hearts out haha.

Sipping: Coke Zero. I literally had about 3 sips left in a bottle and I just finished it then. I know it’s bad for you, but I figure I don’t drink coffee so it cancels that out, right?

Reading: Michelle Obama’s Becoming. It’s really interesting. I’m less than 60% through it. It’s taking me a while. Reading time has kind of made way for sleep or binge watching shows – oops.

Looking: like I’m ready to exercise. I’m in my activewear, in anticipation for our walk this afternoon (provided it doesn’t rain). I skipped the gym which kind of sucks, but I have plans for getting back into it soon, don’t you worry!

Listening: to the Ellen show because it’s on the TV while I type this.

Wishing: I had some more time/energy for a social life or for date time with Mr Unprepared.

Enjoying: a lot of true crime shows lately. I went off them for a while but now I cannot get enough. Maybe it’s this winter weather or something, but hunkering down with some true crime is life right now!

Waiting: until bed time. Always.


Liking: Spinach and ricotta spaghetti. It’s a problem.

Loving: the fact that (touch wood) nobody in my family is sick right now. It’s been a germy time. Yuck.

Buying: not much at all! Waiting for pay day! In fact, I’ve been really good this month – go me!

Watching: Ellen because I’m a stay at home mum – I’m a cliche haha.

Hoping: we’ll figure out what we’re doing next school holidays soon! We had some pretty crazy travel ideas but we’ve kind of stalled a bit on that and I’m just hoping something will come together if it’s meant to be!

Needing: to get better sleep! First the Little Miss was sick, then I was sick, then Mr Unprepared was sick, and now he says his back is playing up and basically he’s been rolling around and snoring on me and OMG we have to sort this out!

Wearing: Black gym tights, a black singlet and a zip up hoodie with stains on the sleeves that I just noticed – sigh.

Following: a lot of inspiring mums who make it easier to embrace everything that’s REAL and small businesses that sell inspiring merchandise with a message (especially love anyone with a great slogan tee)!

Noticing: all the stuff I need to tidy up in my lounge room!

Sorting: out the Little Mister’s wardrobe will be a priority in the coming week. He has so many things I need to cull, because he’s grown a lot! I then need to make a list of what he’ll need to replace those things with – especially before his little trip away!

Getting: tired. It’s tough pulling an all day-er these days haha.

Saving: money. Trying really hard to be more budget conscious so we can have more funds for holidays or just a cushion (a metaphorical cushion not a real one LOL) for a rainy day (again – metaphorical).

Bookmarking: lots of videos I have seen on Facebook that I haven’t got around to watching. Usually the longer ones. Or in depth articles.

Coveting: so many things. I won’t lie! Biggest thing on the list is really good quality activewear. I would love to have enough that I could wear it daily without any worries (this would mean more opportunities to get moving – right now I would burn through my activewear in two days before I have to wash it again – not ideal in my house where jostling to be next in line for the washing machine is hard sometimes)! I would also love stuff that looks really nice and put together for that extra little confidence boost!

Opening: up to people when I’ve been struggling has been key to me realising my problems might not be as huge as I thought they were. Something about sharing your troubles does make them smaller, I find.

Giggling: about some advice my grandfather gave my gran yesterday. I know I can’t retell it in written form very well, but basically he very seriously gave her the caring advice, “don’t get run over in a car park” before she went out with my mum. He followed up with, “If a car is going to hit you, jump up onto the bonnet.” She’s 90. And he was serious. So cute and hilarious.

Feeling: a bit discouraged about our planned walk for today because the weather seems a bit drizzly.

Hearing: a helicopter. Not sure why.

Obsessing: about my healthy habit plans for the next school term. I have a lot of ideas on how to get back into exercise and a healthy diet. I am really psyched about it and will probably blog about my progress like I used to.

What have you been up to lately?

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