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Mood boosting music.

I know I probably sound like a broken record, but END OF SCHOOL HOLIDAYS – AM I RIGHT? I am trying to find anything I can to keep myself limping to the finish line! I love love love my kid and for the most part we’ve had a lot of fun together since school broke up, but I am tired, I can’t remember when I last had any decent time alone in the quiet and I’ve started to fantasise about doing impossible things like getting my nails done, having a hair appointment (something I rarely do even during the school term), going to the toilet without anyone panicking that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth, time to work out alone, a sleep in, watching TV shows/movies that are rated higher than ‘G’ (yes I have night time to binge but you see I fall asleep so early ?) … you know, ridiculously lofty ideas like that.

I know I’m probably the biggest first world problems whinger right now. I know my life is objectively quite good. So many people have it worse/harder. But I’m betting I’m not alone!! The struggle is real!

Anyhow, one thing that doesn’t cost anything (and may or may not even temporarily drown out the sounds of whining child/ren) is music. I don’t have to be alone to listen to most of it (hastily skips over the cuss heavy songs before my child realises). It motivates me. It lifts my mood. Gives me an energy boost. Hey, sometimes I even get a mini (not really anything close to a real) work out from dancing around the kitchen like a dickhead. My kid doesn’t mind it. YES.

I have thought about which songs never fail to make me feel better when I’m feeling flat or frustrated.

Here are the ones I can remember off the top of my head:

Bliss and Eso – Addicted (language warning)

Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us

The Little Mister calls this song the “Can Holders” song. He thought it was about can holders! What are can holders anyway? Things that hold cans, I guess?

Lion Babe – Impossible

Wombats – Let’s Dance to Joy Division

The line “Let’s dance to Joy Division, and celebrate the irony, everything is going wrong, but we’re so happy…” always makes me grin. Because if everything’s going to shit, you can still dance and take the piss out of yourself and hopefully one day laugh about it.

Sia – Cheap Thrills

Not only is Sia a freakin’ genius, playing this song when I’m feeling a bit strapped for cash makes me feel better LOL.

Drapht – Dancin’ John Doe

Illy – Catch 22

A while ago, I asked my friggin’ amazing Facebook followers for their fail-proof mood boosters and here were their suggestions:

  • The Darkness – I believe in a thing called love
  • Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling
  • Pharrell Williams – Happy
  • Seth Sentry – Vacation
  • Katrina and the Waves – Walking on sunshine

So there you have it. A ready to go playlist! Hope some of these songs boost your mood too!

Anything you’d like to add? 

Kez Gets Physical: 5 more songs to work out to.



Oh my goodness. I haven’t worked out in maybe two or three weeks? To be honest, I have kind of lost track it feels like so long. First, I was already experiencing a bit of a slump and then illness entered my house. Again. Ugh. First Mr Unprepared came down with the dreaded gastro bug (during which he was strictly quarantined while I sanitised/disinfected to within an inch of all our lives), while the Little Mister came down with a cold. I probably shouldn’t have smugly celebrated surviving that weekend illness free. Because it seems my body had a case of the FOMO and wanted to try a bit of each, so I ended up with some kind of weird upset stomach/cold combo – a weird mild version of each – that somehow combined in the perfect storm to make me feel so nauseous that I ended up stuck in bed. While I love a good, dizzy Netflix binge session, it wasn’t exactly my idea of fun.

I’ve been feeling a lot better lately, but I am getting a little bit restless (I kind of gave up while my husband was away on a boys’ trip this past few days because it was a lot harder to find alone time for the treadmill)! I actually *shock horror* miss working out, when only a few weeks ago I was starting to dread it!

Something that has got me wanting to move (and feeling frustrated) has been hearing my favourite work out music. I swear certain songs have created some kind of Pavlovian response in me. When I hear them, my body immediately wants to exercise! Instant motivation!

Sometimes I hear these songs on the radio or the TV or while I’m shopping and I immediately feel all antsy, like I want to start busting out cardio dance moves right then and there (crazy lady in lonely spontaneous public flash mob anyone?). It’s also been  happening at home when I put some music on while I do a little housework (and I mean a little housework – not moving mountains here folks).

I let you know 5 of my favourite songs to work out to a few weeks ago, but here’s another instalment to add to your playlists! I must note, that some of these songs or their videos are not suitable for kids – I am thinking maybe I should create a list that is all safe for kids’ ears/eyes at some point (let me know if you’re interested).

But here’s what I’ve got for you this time…

Little Mix – Salute

I love the kick arse girl power thing they’ve got going on here. I love the feeling that I’m marching into battle, when really I’m just struggling on the treadmill 😉

David Guetta – Play Hard

This one took a little time for me to warm up to it, but now I love it. The chorus is repetitive but I like chanting it in my head while I put one foot in front of the other. I’m not in love with the video but it works alright!

Fifth Harmony – Worth It

I actually fell in love with this song when I tried The Fitness Marshall’s hip hop cardio routine to it. Now I love it on the treadmill too.

Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang

This one feels a bit obvious but it’s fun.

AronChupa – I’m an Albatraoz

Sometimes when I need to mix things up a bit or discover something different, I’ll let YouTube create me a playlist (it’s called ‘My Mix’ and it plays non stop music videos based on what it thinks you’ll like). This one came out of the blue while I was on the treadmill and while it is such a bizarre song, it works! I still don’t know what it’s about. But give it a go anyway haha.

Anyway, I’m super excited because if all goes well, I’ll be back on my treadmill tonight! I just got a cute little bluetooth speaker delivered to go with my iPad so those tunes are going to be BLASTING (as opposed to me hardly hearing them over the sound of my footsteps). Bring it on!!! 🙂

What is your favourite song to work out to? Does music motivate you to get stuff done? How do you get yourself out of a slump? 

Kez Gets Physical: Some weeks are better than others.


I’m just gonna come straight out and admit that in the past week I have SUCKED at exercising. It started because the Little Mister was sick and I couldn’t get many moments to myself to do some great work outs. Then (of course), I started to fight off his cold too, which made me feel more drained and icky than usual. This did not do wonders for my motivational levels. Add a couple of later-than-usual dinner times (although it is not ideal I try to work out after an early dinner – the only time I can get to exercise daily) and a few bad work outs (endorphins – where the f*ck were you when I needed you?!?) and conditions have been a bit less than satisfactory.

And I never thought I’d say this, but sometimes the cold weather makes me not want to work out. Even though I work out indoors on my treadmill or to a video on YouTube. Lame Excuse Queen right here! I can’t help it! Cold weather makes me want to snuggle down. Not get my kit on and get sweaty. Which goes against logic. Because exercise warms you up.

I am also aware that at this stage of the game, it’s a make or break. This is the point where I make a choice. Give up because it’s hard to sustain new habits or push through. So I’m going to push through. A bad week does not justify me giving up.

I’m feeling a little frustrated because time to myself is at a premium lately. Moreso than usual, that is.

I’ve tried working out with the Little Mister in the room, but it is definitely more challenging!

I have just tried to eat better to compensate (my name is Kez and I haven’t bought any much junk food for like over a week) and I am going to come back stronger and more motivated than ever!

Until then, I will laugh about it because what can you do? It’s real mum life!

So I shall leave you with this video which made me giggle. This woman has nailed it. Behold the Real Mom Ab Workout.

Can you relate to the video? How do you motivate yourself when time is tight and children are everywhere?

Kez Gets Physical: The day after leg day.


This past weekend I received a twitter DM from a friend who we’ll call ‘Alice’ for the purpose of this blog post (and because that’s her real name). It was a link to a YouTube video, with the accompanying words, “Try this…”

It was late in the afternoon (on a long weekend Monday) and I had just returned home from a pub lunch (it was pork belly thank you very much) and I felt very lazy. I hadn’t even cracked 5000 steps for the day. But I clicked the link anyway.

Uh oh. At first glance I could see it was a work out video. Set specifically to a Katy Perry song. OK, I thought. This is interesting. We all know how I like a good work out with music.

And then I clicked the play button.

Now there’s something you need to know about me: when I try something new, I like to dive right in – hard.

So before I could talk myself out of it, I’d made a space for myself in the living room and got the video playing on the TV. It’s just three minutes, I told myself. The moves all look pretty easy. Why not?

They were not easy. When I really looked at this guy in the red shorts, I realised just how low his squats were. How low he got while he lunged. And those Superman jumps (like a burpee but without the push up)? They look so innocuous but OW. I felt the burn. I also felt very out of shape!

I managed a couple of sets before I collapsed onto the couch.

The next day was the dreaded ‘day after leg day’. I woke up restless after trying to get comfortable all night (much to the bemusement of Mr Unprepared). I felt wobbly all morning as I tried to totter about town in my wedge heeled booties. I may or may not have been relieved to need a shopping trolley (aka Kez’s makeshift zimmer frame). I felt like a newborn giraffe (but without the beautiful long neck or limbs – shut up).


I remembered that simple things like driving involve more muscle use in your legs than you think. I got home and set about de-cluttering and performing a mini make over of the Little Mister’s play room (where his toys and his little activity table are). It involved a lot of bending, lifting, and getting close to the floor but I  put on some motivational music and soldiered on. What a trooper. It took me hours, but I loved the end result (and so did the Little Mister).

After that, I decided I needed another 3000 steps to reach my daily minimum of 10,000 steps. So I put on my new favourite show Married At First Sight and got walking on the treadmill. I took it easy, just strolling at 4 kilometres an hour. No biggie.

Until the evening came. I had to do stuff like get up and down from the dinner table, go to the toilet and you know, just exist. I gave up and watched House Rules in bed (which you know is on fairly early in the evening). Mr Unprepared laughed at me sprawled out on my back in my fluffy dressing gown, wearing my glasses and making old person groaning noises every time I moved.

How embarrassment. I hardly did anything and I was wrecked!

But I’m glad. Because it means I know how much work I need to do to make my legs stronger. It gives me motivation to keep going. And I admit I did feel a little good to be able to feel the evidence that I did some exercise. Only people who give it a try get to whinge about the day after leg day 😉

I have simple goals. Like being able to wear shorts without my thighs eating them up when I walk. You know. Stuff like that.

What are your simple fitness/weight loss goals? Do you totally know what I mean about ‘day after leg day’ days? Any funny stories? 

Wanna try the work out for yourself (which he suggests is just a pre and post leg work out exercise because WTF? IS THAT NOT ENOUGH)? Here it is:


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