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The longest winter.

I am cold. I am tired. I am getting really GRUMPY.

Usually, winter makes me feel sluggish and ‘down’ at worst. But now I’m starting to feel some kind of rage. Like I am actually mad that this is still happening. Like every chilly breeze that hits me through my supposedly warm layers of clothing is a personal insult and I am not coping! I obviously could not survive in a colder climate.


I know spring never usually kicks in properly until October, but OMG I am so done. This past winter has been colder than usual and it started in April, I swear. Not cool, nature, not cool! Actually, too cool.

Is it too much to ask for just 2 days in a row of reliable sunshine ever? Is it too much to ask for a few days in a row without rain? Even just some blue sky. BLUE SKY. PLEASE. GRRRR.

And could our night time minimum temperatures just be above 10 degrees Celsius? Could our day time temperatures reach anywhere above 20 degrees on the regular? Seriously. I’m not asking much.


I crave the type of weather where I can dress for the day with confidence that I will be comfortable. Not have to account for several layers of warmth, worry about whether I need an umbrella or rainproof clothing, overthink my footwear choices, check the weather forecast every freakin’ day.

I am sick of being scared of the shade. Because the shade is fucking freezing. Anything under cover might be dry, but then you freeze. Not. Fair.

I miss incidental exercise. Taking the Little Mister out for a bike ride, walking to the corner shops regularly, taking the dogs down to the beach (we often still do that through the winter but right now I am TOO MAD). The stuff I can do when I can’t get alone time to spend on my treadmill.

I am sick of everyone being sick. It’s been the worst winter on record in my little family and I am so done! FUCK OFF, GERMS!

I keep praying that I’ll look at the 7 day weather forecast and see some kind of light at the end of the tunnel, but it never ends! THIS WINTER NEVER ENDS.


Worst part is, it’s probably going to be a sudden summer (you know – to make up for lost time) and we’ll all be sweltering overnight and feeling really ripped off that we didn’t get an enjoyable spring.

Every season has its positives, but every season has to come to an end before I end up in a straitjacket somewhere. Seriously.


Are your moods also affected by the weather? Have a guilt free rant in the comments section if you like! 

Taking Stock: September 2016 edition.

Yes. It’s officially spring (even if the weather hasn’t been notified yet)! I’ve really needed it to be spring. Winter felt like it went on forever this year. We apparently just had our coldest August in a couple of decades (don’t quote me on that – I haven’t fully fact checked)! I believe it.

Every couple of months I like to take stock and capture where I’m at in a particular moment. It’s been really interesting to read back and remember the  things I was doing/feeling when I last posted.

Here goes!


Making: Lots of snot. Ha. What an opener. But really. Enough with the winter illnesses. It’s spring now and I’m hoping this is the last of it, damn it!

Cooking: Hasn’t been as fun lately. I used to enjoy it a lot. Now it feels like an unnecessary burden every evening! I was talking about this with friends the other day. We were saying how we’ll get excited to make something but then the moment will come where we actually have to, and the enthusiasm just drains away and we remember that our kid/s won’t appreciate it and that we’re not doing it for fun, but out of obligation. I wish I could just eat cereal every night haha.

Drinking: A lot of water lately. I’ve gone from never drinking enough to just needing to sip on it all day. I think it’s the need to fight off this cold.

Reading: Not enough. Online or offline! I have a whole list of awesome kick arse ladies’ autobiographies I need to get through. One day!

Wanting: Warm weather. Carpet for my home office. More family time.

Looking: For my lip balm (I can never keep one within my sight until it’s finished). I’ve enjoyed wearing a lot of matte lip colour, but it dries my lips out a lot!

Playing: Snapchat stories in my down time – with no interruptions – is very soothing.

Deciding: How to structure this Saturday. I wish I didn’t have to use the word ‘structure’ on a Saturday, but it’s necessary these days!

Wishing: My bleeding uterus would hurry up and be over with this. I have a life to live and I do not handle things like the girls in the tampon commercials!

Enjoying: Some quiet time before the Little Mister wakes up for the day.

Waiting: To get started on an exciting opportunity I have been given.

Liking: How well I’ve handled this last (unsuccessful) cycle of trying to conceive. It’s f*cking hard, but I stayed fairly strong this time. Which is hard to do at this point. I think the key has been filling my life with joy, finding inspiration in amazing places (and acting on it) and remembering my inner warrior/bad ass. The same things might not work next time, but this has been good. I could probably dedicate a whole blog post to this if I wanted.

Wondering: When our time will come. Or whether it will at all. Wondering what life will bring and how I will adjust to whatever happens.

Loving: The Little Mister. I am so grateful to have him. What a gift. I definitely do not take that for granted.

Pondering: Always.

Considering: What to write here. Ha!

Buying: Some last minute Father’s Day bits and pieces.

Watching: The Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development,  and Chelsea (as in Handler) on Netflix. 

Hoping: For a miracle.

Marvelling: At how many doors open when you close others. When you are so ready for new things to come your way in life, and then it’s like the universe responds to your shift in energy. I don’t want to be that bitch, but hashtag fucking blessed.

Cringing: At the memory of that awful accidental FaceTime call the other day…

Needing: Positive news about my fertility situation. Soon. I just want some kind of sign that everything might be OK and will work out. But I know that’s not how the universe necessarily works. Still, I’m keeping an eye/ear out ?

Questioning: My recent food choices. I have been so slack. I’ve been eating so many processed foods and carbs and all the stuff that makes me feel crappy. WHY????

Smelling: Not much with this nose!

Wearing: A long sleeved nightie that shrunk the first time I washed it and so now it’s really really short, but I still try to wear it anyway.

Following: The publishing of this blog post, I am going to have a really nice hot shower. Bliss.

Noticing: That the floor of my bedroom desperately needs to be vacuumed. Oops.

Knowing: Who I am and not being (too) afraid to stay true to that has been the biggest gift of my 30s. Deep but true.

Thinking: About how to dress for today’s weather. Which is really cold. Brrr.

Admiring: People who can keep their houses clean ALL the time.

Sorting: My emails has proven to be surprisingly calming when I’ve had anxiety. Two birds, one stone!

Getting: Out more socially lately has done wonders for my sanity.

Bookmarking: Facebook videos I never get around to watching, because they involve swear words or audio that I won’t be able to listen to when I first see them in my feed for whatever reason.

Coveting: ALL the spring fashion. I am impressed by it this year. Some years are not for me. This year feels like I can definitely work with it and look half decent. YES! Now for me to win the lotto, please?

Disliking: Paying the bills. This time of year is EXPENSIVE.

Opening: My fitbit app to see how well I’m doing (not great)! I’m loving the new ‘adventure’ challenges though.

Giggling: When I think about my latest secret squirrel exploits.

Feeling: Disappointed that I’m not pregnant, but ready to start anew.

Snacking: Has been out of control lately. I blame PMS and cold weather! But really, I could do better.

Helping: Myself to stay fit and healthy has been falling down the priority list lately. I’m hoping to change that very soon.

Hearing: The Wiggles babysitting the Little Mister. Thank you, Wiggles!

So, what have you been doing/feeling lately? Leave a comment!