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Throwback Thursday: Getting married before social media.

The other day, I was looking in the back of the kitchen cupboard for some serving bowls I hadn’t used for a really long time (we should really have people over more often) and I stumbled upon an old cake container (the kind my mum used to have). I wondered why I still had it and opened it up. Inside were the beautiful sugar flowers from the top of our wedding cake (we got married in 2007). I’d forgotten I had them! They were in great condition, although a tiny bit faded. I was transported back in time and I am still impressed at how talented our cake lady was.

I wondered why I had forgotten a detail like that. Then I realised that I do not have many photos of the wedding cake. Sure, there are a couple of us cutting it, but nothing really close up. I guess it didn’t occur to us. It seemed out of character for me as I like to photograph and post just about everything these days (guilty over sharer/memory keeper)! Of course I popped a photo of the flowers straight onto Instagram as soon as I rediscovered them – ha!

Thing is, we got married (and planned our wedding) at least two years before Facebook really took off over here for most of my friends and I (according to Facebook’s ‘memories’)! Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter didn’t exist! Myspace was still the coolest and I probably had a blog, but nothing was what it is now online, that’s for sure! Posting was not always easy – I didn’t even have an iPhone or a data plan for whatever I was using! Looking at the internet on your phone wasn’t even a thing unless you were tech obsessed and rich!

I sound really old, right?

There were no hashtags for a wedding #kezgetshitchedtothatguy or etiquette required about how soon was too soon to post about the wedding if it wasn’t your wedding and whether you should allow people to use social media during the ceremony etc.

We even had disposable cameras (with film in them) on each table at the reception (yes – digital cameras were totally a thing by then but film was still around you guys)!

There were no rolling Instagram/Pinterest feeds to show me how terrible my wedding would look in comparison to every stranger’s ever and to make me feel like I had to spend a million bucks to have all the things people expect at weddings today. But in saying that, there were no fantastically easy-to-access boutique Facebook/Instagram businesses to add that really unique, affordable touch to the big day! Pinterest would have been so handy for collating ideas while googling my future wedding to within an inch of its life!

eBay was a thing but online shopping was definitely not as prevalent or as easy and reliable as it is now.

Our wedding was simple and elegant (and while it was not going to feature on Australia’s Cheapest Weddings it was certainly not what people seem to be spending on average these days) and while social media might have given it that extra something aesthetically, both in terms of shopping/planning and for the recording of memories, I am kind of relieved to not have to have dealt with the noise of comparing our big day to everybody else’s or feeling pressured to ‘keep up’ and I think it did mean less distractions on the day for everyone involved.

Our wedding would probably be considered pretty basic by today’s wedding standards, but I don’t mind at all. It’s kind of a relief that we got married just before before these overly documented times.

Did you get married just before or after social media became a thing? How do you feel about it? 

The Happy List #4



As I type this, the Little Mister has emerged from his bed with the beginnings of a cold and Mr Unprepared has been quarantined in our bedroom for two nights with a stomach bug. It has not been a very relaxing weekend, with me chasing everyone with hand sanitiser, terrified about the fact that gastro germs can stay alive on household surfaces (or any surfaces for that matter) for two weeks!! TWO WEEKS. Yep. I googled it and I am glad I did, because I don’t think many people are aware of that fact (or was it just me?). I can’t wait to clean everything from top to bottom!!!

So, a happy list is DEFINITELY needed as we look towards the start of a new week…

I have survived the weekend illness free (so far).

While I could still be hit with the scary germs, I have survived this far. Which has allowed me to look after everyone else (lucky me) and has saved me from the discomfort of an awful stomach bug (there’s nothing worse). I am also very happy that the Little Mister has not been affected by gastro (so far – I’m only cautiously optimistic). My heart would break for him and it would be the worst to clean up after, oh my gosh.

Catching up with my parents. 

This past week, my parents got home from their trip away to the US and Canada. It was great to catch up with them and hear about their holiday. I’d forgotten how much my mum and I can gas bag together – I think we’ve made up for lost time…just! The Little Mister is happy to have them back too. He took his cat sitting duties very seriously while they were away.

Photo booth hijinks at a wedding.

Last weekend, Mr Unprepared and I attended the wedding of one of his long time friends (the wedding he was a groomsman for). It was a beautiful day for it (after a week of dodgy weather) and it was great catching up with friends. A definite highlight of the day was the photo booth. We all got to embrace our silly sides and it was fun to have little print outs to take home and keep. I wish options like this were easier to come across back when we got married in 2007 (before Facebook really became what it is today and Pinterest was just a dream – I feel old)!



We had to take at least one serious couple photo, though. I mean, c’mon. We are stunning. I feel compelled to tell you that there were actually nice photos of us taken…we don’t look like that EVERY day.

Yeah, right Kez.


Supermarket success. 

While very recently, I’d vowed to only do online grocery shopping from now on, circumstances conspired to have me running around the supermarket (the one that rhymes with Tool Births), gathering ingredients for the week’s meals last week. I had a strict budget and without doing any mental arithmetic, I managed to get within 34c of it when it added up at the check out. It was a small pleasure but gosh it was satisfying. I felt like some kind of psychic goddess.

Also, I managed to avoid my new least favourite check out attendant, despite there being almost no check outs open. Yay!

I am excited to make lots of yummy meals this coming week after what feels like a disjointed few weeks, where I had no creativity left in me at all. I really like to take pride in my cooking. Even if it’s nothing fancy, I like to feel I’ve put an effort in. It’s the thing that calms and focuses me at the end of a day.

The Little Mister’s compliments. 

He’s a charmer in the making, this kid.

Me: You’re my favourite.
Little Mister: And you’re MY favourite!

(he pretty much copies any compliment you give him but it’s pretty cute)

Little Mister: I like your hair, Mummy.

Little Mister: I love you looking after me, Mummy.

Little Mister: That’s a pretty necklace!

I think I’ll keep him.

So, tell me, what is on your happy list right now?