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The longest winter.

I am cold. I am tired. I am getting really GRUMPY.

Usually, winter makes me feel sluggish and ‘down’ at worst. But now I’m starting to feel some kind of rage. Like I am actually mad that this is still happening. Like every chilly breeze that hits me through my supposedly warm layers of clothing is a personal insult and I am not coping! I obviously could not survive in a colder climate.


I know spring never usually kicks in properly until October, but OMG I am so done. This past winter has been colder than usual and it started in April, I swear. Not cool, nature, not cool! Actually, too cool.

Is it too much to ask for just 2 days in a row of reliable sunshine ever? Is it too much to ask for a few days in a row without rain? Even just some blue sky. BLUE SKY. PLEASE. GRRRR.

And could our night time minimum temperatures just be above 10 degrees Celsius? Could our day time temperatures reach anywhere above 20 degrees on the regular? Seriously. I’m not asking much.


I crave the type of weather where I can dress for the day with confidence that I will be comfortable. Not have to account for several layers of warmth, worry about whether I need an umbrella or rainproof clothing, overthink my footwear choices, check the weather forecast every freakin’ day.

I am sick of being scared of the shade. Because the shade is fucking freezing. Anything under cover might be dry, but then you freeze. Not. Fair.

I miss incidental exercise. Taking the Little Mister out for a bike ride, walking to the corner shops regularly, taking the dogs down to the beach (we often still do that through the winter but right now I am TOO MAD). The stuff I can do when I can’t get alone time to spend on my treadmill.

I am sick of everyone being sick. It’s been the worst winter on record in my little family and I am so done! FUCK OFF, GERMS!

I keep praying that I’ll look at the 7 day weather forecast and see some kind of light at the end of the tunnel, but it never ends! THIS WINTER NEVER ENDS.


Worst part is, it’s probably going to be a sudden summer (you know – to make up for lost time) and we’ll all be sweltering overnight and feeling really ripped off that we didn’t get an enjoyable spring.

Every season has its positives, but every season has to come to an end before I end up in a straitjacket somewhere. Seriously.


Are your moods also affected by the weather? Have a guilt free rant in the comments section if you like! 

The Happy List #46

Happy Monday, everyone! I managed to dress myself and a small person and get that small person to school on time today, so that’s a win isn’t it? I was a bit thrown off because I could have sworn today was Sunday, after having a Saturday type of day yesterday. Know what I mean?

So in a nutshell, let’s all cheer because I know what day of the week it is.

Kicking goals, as usual.

So here are some things that have made me happy lately…

The Olympics are over!

I know. I know. I am a jerk. I mean, I watched a bit of the Opening Ceremony. I  accidentally saw some rowing and asked my husband some dumb questions about it. I got feisty when that commentator said that Simone Biles’ (USA gymnast) adoptive parents were not her parents. I saw a woman fall off her bicycle really badly into a concrete kerb and wondered if she was alive (she was!) as the cameras kept following all the cyclists who didn’t fall off their bikes, like nothing happened. I watched my husband watching the basketball. My heart went out to Kim Mickle when she hurt her shoulder throwing the javelin.

BUT…I just couldn’t pretend I am into sport anymore than I already am (which is almost not at all). It’s exhausting. And it was on just about every TV channel. I was in it for the human interest stories, not the actual results. Now I can go back to being ignorant about it all. Yay!

Don’t judge me!

Bad Moms

Firstly, it weirds me out deliberately spelling it ‘moms’ as we spell it ‘mums’ in Australia. But secondly, OMFG that movie was hilarious. I watched it with a kick arse friend from my mums’ group. Someone whose hens night will always go down in history as one of my favourite nights out ever. Because bad mums hahaha.

My girl crush on Mila Kunis went off the charts and every actress in the movie killed it (in a good way I mean).

As I hooned drove to the cinemas (ALONE!) with Seth Sentry’s song Hellboy pumped up loud in my family friendly all wheel drive wagon, I had a hunch I was exactly the demographic the movie was exploiting and I was right ?

Totally not sponsored, but go with your girlfriends and watch it!

Friendly phlebotomists

I don’t know if I’ve put these ladies on a happy list before or not (sorry if I’m being repetitive but just wait until I talk about the weather), but they really are nice. Sadly, due to my little fertility problem, I’ve spent a lot of time in pathology being stabbed by needles. Today, they knew me by name and what I was there for before I even said hello. They are always so kind and encouraging. They joke with me. They have really made a tough task much more bearable. I am so grateful.

I talked to one of my faves today. She’s so gentle and kind (but spunky) and I laugh every time she apologises profusely while she sticks the needle in. I asked her how she does it, joking that I couldn’t do the job because I hate seeing the needle go into the skin, so I’d probably look away, which is probably not recommended! She’s told me in the past that she was scared of needles, so I assumed she took her job to confront her fears (I’ve heard that from a few phlebotomists in my time). She said she used to be a nurse and she hated to see people come onto the ward from emergency, covered in bruises, their veins all busted up from people who were rough inserting IV lines etc. She decided she wanted to be the person to give them their needles and take their blood because she wanted to do it well and make it better for people. AMAZING. I told her she’s awesome. Isn’t that compassion inspiring?

I don’t think many people might want to thank their phlebotomists for poking them with needles, but I do. Because even though I hate the reason I am always there, I am glad they go to the trouble to make me feel at ease.

Conspiring with the Little Mister

Tomorrow is Mr Unprepared’s birthday. The Little Mister is at a really cute age where we can have fun surprising people. We got Mr Unprepared his present together and stashed it somewhere top secret. The Little Mister told him we just got him “socks and clothes”. And then followed up by saying excitedly, “I’m fibbing! It’s something else.”

Because 4 year olds do not always have a filter.

So Mr Unprepared had a little giggle about that.

But he still doesn’t know what we got him, so props to the little guy haha.

The sunshine trying to kick winter to the kerb

OK, so it hasn’t been successful, it’s been cold and we’ve had a lot of clouds and rain, but I really feel like the sunshine has been trying harder to make its presence known. Like spring might actually be on its way. It’s nice. Even if it’s just an afternoon or an hour in the morning, it’s been a really nice change from grey gloom and doom.

Other stuff that has made me happy…

  • Cute dreams about the Little Mister
  • Laughing so hard about a ridiculous bicycle gang in joke with friends (long story)
  • Having social plans to look forward to
  • Online shopping (duh)
  • A beach outing with the family (silly dogs included)
  • Chatting with lovely artists about prints I’ve imagined up.


What has made you feel happy lately?

The Happy List #32

It’s Sunday morning and I am taking some time to breathe. I am not gonna lie. The honeymoon of getting to spend more time with the Little Mister over the holidays has kind of worn off. This mama needs a little sanity back! It’s not at all about him – he’s great most of the time. It’s about me. I think I’ve kind of tried to be SUPER AWESOME MUM and I think I need to take a step back and be REALLY OK MUM WHO ISN’T ABOUT TO LOSE HER SHIT. His dad can be SUPER AWESOME DAD for a bit! I’m really looking forward to our camping trip – a nice circuit breaker. I have got to get out!

So here are the things that have made me happy in the last week…

The Little Mister’s new habit of saying ‘excuse me’

I was getting really annoyed by the Little Mister’s constant nagging. He was not being very well mannered – shouting that he wanted to talk to whoever I was on the phone with, demanding all the snacks NOW etc. I decided that this was not good enough (I am a stickler for good manners), so I told him to practice saying, “Excuse me” and then waiting until someone could tend to him. It wasn’t really getting through until I had some strong words with him earlier in the week and now he’s saying it all the time, instead of repeating himself over and over at ever increasing volume. It’s like music to my ears! He’s not perfect, because 4 years old. But a lot closer!! I’d say the loud, insistent nagging has probably decreased by at least 70%. Amazing.

Double yolk egg

Mr Unprepared buys free range eggs from a guy at work who has his own chooks. He only charges $3 for a dozen and they’re great! It’s awesome knowing where they’re coming from and it’s fun to see all those REAL eggs, with different coloured shells, feathers stuck to some of them.

The guy knows that we have a curious little dude, so he thoughtfully packed a huge double yolker in the last carton we received. This week, I got to crack it with the Little Mister and he was quite amazed. Honestly, I’d never seen one in real life so I was too!


I was a bit disappointed that I broke one of the yolks, but it was a bit hard not to! I felt for the chicken that had to push it out, though. It was huge!

Writing lists when I feel anxious

I was getting really overwhelmed the other night. Reality started to sink in that the Little Mister would be starting school right after we get home from our little trip and that there wouldn’t be many ‘shopping’ hours left before his first day. I knew I had to really nail my booklist items and know where everything was before we go. It was something I could have just looked at the next morning, but I was feeling pretty hyped up worrying about it and we all know the kind of sleep a person gets when they’re in that state!

I decided to refresh myself by going through all the info we’d been given and I wrote myself a shopping list. That was all there was to it. Once I’d got it all straight in my head and knew all I had to do was wake up the next day and tackle the list, I felt so relaxed. I love that feeling of getting your worries out of your head and onto paper into some kind of action plan. It’s fantastic!

I also have done this with the stuff we have to do to get ready for our trip. I even put weekly planners up in the kitchen on the pantry door – for the next month (kind of a crazy hump we have to get through)! So much relief.

Re-watching Rush on Netflix

It wouldn’t be my happy list if I didn’t mention Netflix at least once (I need a sponsorship deal haha). Lately, I’ve been watching Rush again. I absolutely loved it when it was on TV, but after their fourth season they never came back. It’s like my perfect kind of show. It’s got action, buff cops (they all look hot in their uniforms – hello – and the female characters are awesome), the psychological aspect of negotiating (the show’s about a fictional tactical response team), it’s set in Melbourne and *ahem* Rodger Corser who I have an unexplainable crush on. I don’t know why but I really love the theme music too. It actually seems to capture the mood of the show (and Melbourne) perfectly for me. I have no idea if the show is anything like reality (I’ll take a stab in the dark and say probably not), but gosh it’s fun to watch. It’s got a pretty good cast too. Even the guest roles.

Look, it makes me happy OK? It’s been a quiet post-new year period. I haven’t got out much! I don’t have to explain myself to you haha.

That time the weather cooled down for a couple of days

It’s been a hot few weeks, but gosh it’s nice when the weather breaks just a little and the heat that has accumulated for days just blows away with a nice cool sea breeze. I love summer, but it can get unbearable at times. It’s nice when you can feel your air con becoming efficient again and when you can walk outside first thing in the morning and everything’s so mellow and mild. It’s like a breath of fresh air…literally! I’m hoping that every day will feel like that when we go away (it’s usually a few degrees cooler at our favourite spot).

Other stuff that made me happy…

  • The Little Mister putting on his Superman cape and doing lame (but funny) stunts on my bed (which of course involved all the pillows).
  • Dancing to MC Hammer in the kitchen.
  • That one time I didn’t want to make dinner because I always make dinner so I didn’t make dinner.
  • Remembering the fun stuff that’s going to happen in February – like going to see Josh Pyke and the Lion King musical.

What is on your happy list this week? 

The Happy List #10

The Happy List#10


It’s that time of the week again! Yep, the time when I get to list the things that made me happy this past week – a reminder to appreciate the little things. It also gets me in a positive frame of mind before starting a new week. Here goes…

Beautiful weather

This is definitely at the top of my list. Yesterday, we had an uncharacteristically beautiful winter’s day. We’re not just talking sunshine. We’re talking 24 degrees (Celsius), no cold bite to the breeze and summer vibes. Blue skies. A buzz in the air, like it was making everyone collectively happy. Oh, I wish I could have bottled it. If every day of the year was like yesterday, I would be a very happy person. It was the perfect interruption to the winter blues for me, personally, and just the boost I needed. Apparently, we’ve been forecast for showers for the rest of the week, but I shall remember yesterday and hold it close to my heart for the rest of the winter!

We did some gardening and we even got to eat a light, nibbly dinner al fresco! I had chilled out Triple J tunes cranking into the backyard all afternoon (at a respectful volume of course) and we could hear the neighbours’ kids playing too. It really was a taste of summer.

Feeling productive at work

Sometimes I just need to exercise the non mum part of my brain. This past week I got a lot done at work and it made me feel really good, like I’ve still got it.

A week without illness

Our household had a week and a half of illness free bliss. I am hoping to continue this, but realistically, I am sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the winter bugs. It was wonderful. The Little Mister made it to day care every single day (he goes twice a week), which meant I was able to put in some good hours at work and run around alone getting things done. That hasn’t happened in ages! It was a blissfully average week. It was also a relief that when the weekend’s original social plans were sadly cancelled, it wasn’t us who had to pull the plug for once (we hope our friends feel better soon)!

The Little Mister swimming like a superstar

The Little Mister goes to swimming lessons each week and while it can seem quite tedious for us parents, we always make sure we’re there (provided the Little Mister isn’t sick). He’s a little uncoordinated at times (poor kid gets it from me), but he plugs away at it and when we see some progress, we feel so excited and happy for him. The past couple of weeks we saw such a leap in his confidence. He was able to float on his back unassisted for a little while (something he’d been scared of before – hated having his ears in the water) and then this week, he took a leap and was able to ‘swim’ to his teacher a couple of metres away. It was sort of a half submerged torpedo attempt, but he didn’t sink and he tried really really hard. I’ve never been prouder. He is going up to the next level this coming week! The staff at the swimming centre were so supportive and made a big fuss of him – so cute.

There’s nothing like seeing your child feeling really proud of themselves when they’ve worked hard for something. He was on a high all evening – even called all his grandparents to share the news. Nawwww.

One of my BFFs arriving in town

It’s only a short stay before she has to head back to the US (where she lives with her lovely husband) for a few months, but knowing she’s on home soil is just wonderful. We’re going to catch up soon – I’ve missed her SO much! You know the mates who you see after a huge break, but it doesn’t matter that you were apart, because you can just pick up where you left off? She’s one of those precious gems. We’ve been making our home soil catch ups a priority since forever – I’ll always have time for her. So much love!

Other happy stuff…

  • Mr Unprepared securing a great temporary promotion. It is kind of an extended hiatus from his current position, which will give him so much great experience. He had to apply and interview for it, so I’m proud of him for giving it a go and being successful!
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix (don’t judge me). Finishing Orange is the New Black.
  • Buying a dress in a size 10 (I’m usually a 12 these days). Sure, the sizing at that particular store can be a tad generous, but it was still a win because there have been tough times where even fitting into a size 12 (and still feeling good about it) has been stressful. I might be struggling at a weight plateau right now, but to see where I’ve toned up is just so encouraging and motivating. Must keep going and push harder with my exercise (and better eating – the tough part).
  • I borrowed my mum’s document shredder so I could get rid of old letters and bills (and anything with our private details printed on it) that we are no longer required to keep. The sound it makes as it eats all those annoying pieces of paper that have been cluttering up our home is just music to my ears! I could shred documents all day! In all seriousness, it’s great because I think those pieces of paper were just kept around because it was too time consuming to destroy our identifying information by hand. With this great decluttering tool, I have been motivated to do so much more to work towards my dream of a lady blogging cave.
  • Baking.


What would you put on your happy list this week?


Camping 2015: Hot days.

This year we went camping in the first week of February. The best time if you have some leave from work and kids who aren’t school age yet. The massive crowds have gone home to get back to real life after the school holidays and it’s nice and quiet. A lot of retired folk (as evidenced by the sheer amount of older ladies wandering about in their big floral nighties) and young families.

This year was uncharacteristically hot! We weren’t used to this – we’re usually more likely to experience a stiff, cool breeze and a bit of rain. A couple of really bright sunny, calm days if we’re lucky! A majority of the time we were away, the weather was in the mid 30s (Celsius) at least. It got quite warm in our camper van (canvas topped) and we had to leave all of our windows unzipped so the air could get through. It became clear that we would need a strategy to keep cool through the day, because it was just too hot to sit around our campsite in the hot sun – even if we were outside.

We figured out a system where we spent the mornings in the water.



We would then come back to the caravan park, have cool showers, and get dressed. We could then get into the air conditioned car and drive somewhere for lunch (preferably somewhere with more of a breeze…and maybe some beer) over the heat of the day.


By the time we would find our way back to the campsite, the weather would be a bit cooler and we’d sit around eating waaaaay too many nibbles (or dinner if we even had any room left in our stomachs). After that, it’d be bed time for the Little Mister and then we would sit around looking at the stars. My mum has this ridiculous app that tells her when every single satellite is going to go over, so everyone nerded it up until we were too tired or it got too cloudy.

Of course, there was also ice cream…


The Little Mister loved that part almost as much as he loved the beach, of course! Here he is seated outside the local supermarket, next to the ice we had purchased for our eskies (coolers). I kind of love this photo because it kind of sums up how we were all feeling that day – what a sweaty stinker! I wanted to hug that ice!

Basically, we made the most of the fact that we got more time in the water than we had in previous years and we made the hot weather work for us. It was a really amazing trip. We were so relaxed and everything just went well. It was the break I had been looking forward to for weeks (maybe even months). Next year we will have to join the throngs before school goes back (the Little Mister will begin 4 year old kindy – eek), so I am sure it will be a whole new experience to blog about for 2016!

What’s your favourite way to stay cool on a hot day?

Wish: Spring, where are you???

This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge.



I am a big fan of thinking positively, but I’ll be the first to admit that I need to have a bit of a silly rant…

I thought I had escaped the winter blues. I really thought I had beaten them. It really really helped being away for the month of June and spring tricked us into thinking it was here early – showing exciting signs as early as August (something quite unusual). But no. The rain, the cold and the wind are back. Very clever, winter. Very clever. I see what you did there. It’s October in a couple of days, so you’d better f*ck off soon. You’ve out stayed your welcome, well and truly!

Is this because I went shopping for summer clothes? Started eating salads and exercising? Well, haha. Joke’s over now. Come on. Be fair. I’m getting pretty annoyed, really. I feel sluggish again (something about lack of Vitamin D I am guessing). I am almost approaching white hot rage when I step outside and I feel the horrible chill in the air (even worse when that chill has invaded the INSIDE of my home). Winter, I am DONE. We are so O.V.A.H.

I am wishing for clear, bright, cloudless days. That beautiful feeling when you wake up to a sunny morning. That summery feeling in the air. People out and about, inspired to make plans for barbecues and beach days. The freedom of not having to wear layers everywhere. Just me, a cheery sun dress and a smile on my face (oh and underwear – I would wear underwear). I love how awake I feel each morning when the weather is beautiful. That craving for beer in the sunshine with friends and family.

I wish for that beautiful gap between freezing winter and sweltering summer (I think it’s supposed to be called spring – hello where are you) where you do not have to run air conditioners or heaters. You can just co-exist with the weather in perfect harmony, without fighting it. I wish for that.

I wish for beautiful Sundays spent with my little family at the foreshore, checking out the markets and getting out of the house together just for fun. I wish for trips to the local parks and playgrounds, knowing that the play equipment won’t be too wet to use. I wish to wear open toed shoes all day, every day.

I have become seriously frustrated. And lethargic. But mostly frustrated.


What is your favourite kind of weather?


This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge x


Today was full of blue sky and sunshine. We’ve had a few ‘fine’ days, but that’s not the same as a sunny day. The kind of day where the sun’s rays feel warm on your skin and burst through your windows, making your whole house bright.

I took this photo while I was outside with the Little Mister, giving him time on the swings (he’s obsessed).

The air felt different today. It actually felt more like spring than winter (we are lucky enough to get some sunny winter days but there’s usually a little chill in the air). Of course I wouldn’t really know what the weather is doing because my favourite weather app has decided to die on me. I get my obsession with the daily weather from my mum, I’m afraid. Now I don’t know what to wear each day and I have to look the forecast up on the Bureau of Meterology website, which is just so much more time consuming. It takes like an extra minute. First world problems.

I know it’s not just my phone playing up. How do I know this? Because my mum made sure it was a topic of discussion during a very important phone call with me. She is just as devastated, probably. She’s already been shopping around for other weather apps, but I doubt anything compares. She told me so.

Why can’t I just not care?

Look, I’ve been known to watch the rainfall radar before leaving home, in order to determine whether I’ll need an umbrella or not. Most people just pack one anyway or wing it. But not me. I have to know. There’s a thrill in timing everything just right and avoiding a shower. I think I’ve said too much. It’s quite possible that there is something very wrong with me – thanks, Mum.

Once when I was a kid, I pranked my weather obsessed mother by recording a ‘live’ weather update onto a VHS tape (yep sure did because I’m old) so that obviously it wasn’t current anymore. I played it at a random time on a different day, while she was in the room, making sure I talked really loud about something unrelated over the top of it. As predicted, my mum shut down the whole household in order to stare intently at the weather report.


LOL. I got her good.

OK, so my pranks aren’t always that awesome. Shut up.

Anyway, I tell you that story, just so you know what I’ve been dealing with.

So take a moment and let us pray that my weather app restores itself soon. End this madness. Right this wrong. Think of the children. My mother’s children. Or just oldest child. Me.

OMG. I wasn’t even drunk when I wrote this.

Signing off.

Broken…the rules.

This post was supposed to be inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge, but I kind of failed today – oops! x1760_10152061051973218_1871294180_n

OK, so this isn’t a new photo. It’s a photo from a while ago that was taken on a nice beach day with Mr Unprepared and the Little Mister. Just think the opposite of today’s weather over here. At least there’s a broken shell in it? Because the prompt for today was ‘broken’? Gosh, I tried really hard to think of creative photos I could take. Due to the pretty crazy wind/rain storm overnight, I thought maybe there’d be something to take a photo of (although thankfully nothing around our home broke overnight – for once)! I did at one point consider taking a photo of my exhausted face (that storm was NOISY all night) and title it ‘A Broken Woman’. My most creative friend suggested that I crack an egg…but I had no reason to waste an egg. I have a dripping bath tap with a broken seal but it would not have been too easy to photograph. I was sh*t outta luck. Or creativity at least.

So I’ve cheated. I’ve BROKEN the rules. How convenient. I put my lack of creativity down to my BROKEN sleep last night. Sounds like we’re in for another rough one tonight too! This is why I never get too excited about spring on the 1st of September each year!

Anyway, I hope you all had a good weekend and that your Monday wasn’t too horrid. Back at it tomorrow! x


FAQ: So what have you been up to lately?


Hmm. Whenever somebody asks me this question in person, I get into some kind of brain fart situation and I can’t think of a thing. Anyone else do that? My answer just ends up being something awkward along the lines of, “Not much. Just parenting and living and stuff. Y’know.”

Yeah. I know.

So I am going to try to summarise it all in writing for you, because I’m sure you really really care, and also I can’t think of anything else to write about this week that actually makes sense.

I spend a lot of time walking in circles around my house. Seemingly aimlessly. So there’s that. Besides my usual insanity, this is often done with my pinky finger attached to a chubby little toddler hand. The Little Mister has decided that he loves long strolls with the lady of his choice (until some time around puberty I imagine that’s me). He hasn’t figured out where it is he would like to go, but it’s all good as long as he has his walking buddy. Each time he takes a break by plopping onto his nappy padded bum, he then reaches up for my hand and it starts again. So that’s about an hour of each day (at least) accounted for.

I have also been very busy planning each trip I take to the toilet. I’m surprised I haven’t had to write it down in my day planner, along with a long list of reminders of the very detailed process. If my husband is home it’s slightly easier. It involves loudly announcing, “I’m going to the toilet. ALONE.”
This is my husband’s cue to intercept the Little Mister before he catches up to me and busts through the door action movie hero style, to catch the bad guy (that’s me – guilty as charged for not inviting a toddler to watch me do my business). If I am alone, I have to announce subtly that I am leaving for the toilet. I then have to gently walk away down the corridor. I have to shut the door, jiggling the handle just right so it’s harder for a little monster to open. I then have to pee, wipe and flush in record time before I am caught up with. If I want to do number 2s (sorry for the TMI but I poop just like everyone else), this process involves me turning on the kids’ TV channel, praying it’s a bright, colourful show that will keep the Little Mister’s attention and sneaking off like a ninja. Whoever says that letting the TV babysit your child for even a minute is evil, because it will rot their brains, can look after my child when I’ve gotta ‘go’. Seriously. I just have to do what works. Although, occasionally it doesn’t work. Sometimes I get a crying child outside the toilet door. I have been known to spend time doing my business and singing kids’ songs at the same time. I’m glad we have no neighbours on that side of the house, because I can tell you, they would think I was a lunatic. I mean, we know I kind of am, but SHHHH. IT’S A SECRET. I once sang “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands…” (that’s multi tasking for you) and when I finally emerged from my hidey hole, I found the Little Mister, tears streaming down his face (all that awful parental rejection does that to you) while pathetically clapping his hands. Aw, it breaks your heart.

Hmm, what else can I tell you? I actually occasionally do do (haha I said “do do”) something interesting, but I usually forget this when someone asks me what I’ve been up to lately. I give my standard awkward answer and then everyone (including me) thinks I’m boring. Last Thursday I was lucky enough to attend a luncheon where Mia Freedman was the guest speaker at Bistro Guilluame. Mia (Ha! Look at me acting like we’re on a first name basis!) was everything I hoped she would be in person. Bubbly, candid, inspiring and so down to earth that for a split second I honestly thought we could be friends if I just spent a few minutes stroking her hair and talking about motherhood with her. If you haven’t heard of Mia (Shock! Horror!), then you should first reassess your friendship with me, and after you and I agree that we will overlook that transgression, you would know that Mia has been editor of the Australian Cosmo, Cleo and Dolly magazines. She now runs a very successful website called Mamamia, which features amazing blog posts by a diverse bunch of contributors who really get me inspired and inform me about the world around me (outside of my Living with the Little Mister bubble)! It makes me laugh, cry and really think deeply about topical issues. Have I raved enough yet? So that was really really fun. I now want to be a power blogger…or a lady who lunches. Can’t decide. Either way, it was a great day out with my friend Bec where I could eat with both hands and concentrate on full conversations. Hooray!
Check this out, y’all:

I’m a little embarrassed by how excited I was to have my tweet replied to. I sound like such a tragic fangirl. I just have to put it out there: Mamamia and Mia’s work have really been a sanity saver since I became an Awesomely Unprepared Mummy! I’m not too cool to admit it 😉

We had weather again in these parts. Last night I was very outraged when I couldn’t hear the television over the wind and rain. I spent ages thinking deeply about the bad acoustics in my living room (our backs to a big window which lets in outside noise) and frantically adjusting the volume up and down. My husband had to almost remove pry the remote from my hands because I kept pausing the live TV (my new DVR IS AMAZING) each time a gust of wind passed by. However, things got a little worse when we went to bed (it’s always just as you snuggle down and you’re almost peacefully slumbering) and the fence started flapping about. So there’s something new for my poor husband to fix. He had to dismantle the flappy bits (haha flappy bits – I’m juvenile) while only wearing a pair of boxer shorts and an old work shirt. Well, he didn’t have to only be wearing those items, but the point is, he volunteered himself for the job and I couldn’t be more grateful. When he returned to bed it was like sleeping next to a very dejected ice cube.

Other than that, I dressed the Little Mister up as a cowboy for one of his friends’ birthday parties. He drank half the pool at swimming lessons (he gets really excited when his face gets near the water and opens his mouth really wide in a look of enthusiastic awe – EVERY TIME). He’s been teething. He points at things so I can tell him what they are, but sometimes I think he just points at one thing when he’s looking at something else and it’s all really just a big confusing game – he’ll probably spend the first few years of his life thinking that a dog is called a wall and a light is called a sippy cup.

It’s not the most glamourous, high powered kind of life, but I like it 🙂

What have you been up to lately?