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Mood boosting music.

I know I probably sound like a broken record, but END OF SCHOOL HOLIDAYS – AM I RIGHT? I am trying to find anything I can to keep myself limping to the finish line! I love love love my kid and for the most part we’ve had a lot of fun together since school broke up, but I am tired, I can’t remember when I last had any decent time alone in the quiet and I’ve started to fantasise about doing impossible things like getting my nails done, having a hair appointment (something I rarely do even during the school term), going to the toilet without anyone panicking that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth, time to work out alone, a sleep in, watching TV shows/movies that are rated higher than ‘G’ (yes I have night time to binge but you see I fall asleep so early ?) … you know, ridiculously lofty ideas like that.

I know I’m probably the biggest first world problems whinger right now. I know my life is objectively quite good. So many people have it worse/harder. But I’m betting I’m not alone!! The struggle is real!

Anyhow, one thing that doesn’t cost anything (and may or may not even temporarily drown out the sounds of whining child/ren) is music. I don’t have to be alone to listen to most of it (hastily skips over the cuss heavy songs before my child realises). It motivates me. It lifts my mood. Gives me an energy boost. Hey, sometimes I even get a mini (not really anything close to a real) work out from dancing around the kitchen like a dickhead. My kid doesn’t mind it. YES.

I have thought about which songs never fail to make me feel better when I’m feeling flat or frustrated.

Here are the ones I can remember off the top of my head:

Bliss and Eso – Addicted (language warning)

Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us

The Little Mister calls this song the “Can Holders” song. He thought it was about can holders! What are can holders anyway? Things that hold cans, I guess?

Lion Babe – Impossible

Wombats – Let’s Dance to Joy Division

The line “Let’s dance to Joy Division, and celebrate the irony, everything is going wrong, but we’re so happy…” always makes me grin. Because if everything’s going to shit, you can still dance and take the piss out of yourself and hopefully one day laugh about it.

Sia – Cheap Thrills

Not only is Sia a freakin’ genius, playing this song when I’m feeling a bit strapped for cash makes me feel better LOL.

Drapht – Dancin’ John Doe

Illy – Catch 22

A while ago, I asked my friggin’ amazing Facebook followers for their fail-proof mood boosters and here were their suggestions:

  • The Darkness – I believe in a thing called love
  • Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling
  • Pharrell Williams – Happy
  • Seth Sentry – Vacation
  • Katrina and the Waves – Walking on sunshine

So there you have it. A ready to go playlist! Hope some of these songs boost your mood too!

Anything you’d like to add? 

Kez Gets Physical: Active Wear. When should we wear it?

So there’s this video going super viral at the moment. You might have seen it already. It’s funny. It’s clever…

I mean, I laughed! But the thing is, I have a confession. I wear active wear. I exercise in it – promise! But sometimes I wear it all day before I can get a work out in and I don’t give a damn who has a problem with that! I don’t mind having a laugh at myself about it either. What normal person sees that in their future? Haha.

Why do I wear it all day sometimes? Because hell, that’s what works for me. I am not going to compromise my motivation levels for anyone who can’t stand to see activewear on a human being for longer than the time it takes for them to work out. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I tell myself that if I’m wearing it then I have to work out before the day is out. You know, so I’m not THAT person.

Also, I know that if I’m already wearing the stuff, I’m not going to tell myself that I can’t be bothered taking the time to get dressed for exercise when that time of day rolls around. Excuses be gone!!

So next time you see that chick who looks like she’s been wearing her gym gear all day, with no sign of a work out (YET), go easy on her. She might be me! She might be biding her time until her husband comes home from work or her kid is in school or whatever the reason may be. It’s called efficiency, y’all and if I’m feeling pretty frickin’ comfy at the same time – why not?

So to answer the question I posed in this post’s title? When should we wear activewear? WHENEVER THE HELL WE NEED TO.

Feel free to laugh at/with me, because I am unapologetically wearing that stuff all day long if that’s what it takes to get me fit, mother f*cker!


Do you wear activewear? Do you love it or loathe it? Can you actually really tell if another human being is wearing it for the right reasons just by looking at them? Isn’t that video hilarious? 


This is just a silly post, but I do send the message that you shouldn’t let other people’s stereotypes or judgements stop you from doing what is best for you x

The Happy List #14



Wow, the weather has not been pleasant here this weekend! So windy and blustery and rainy (although dare I dream it I can see some sunshine this morning)! I’ve realised it’s not so much the rain that gets me down, but the wind! We haven’t had any real gusts for a while and I’d forgotten it can be really exhausting when you’re out in it! Mr Unprepared completed his charity/awareness ride for Prostate Active this weekend in it, while I (mostly) sat on the couch tracking him and his team mates via GPS and being grateful to be indoors haha. Puts things into perspective, I think (although he has a habit of doing huge physical challenges in terrible weather – what the…)! Very proud of his achievement and excited to get more time with him now that he’s completed this goal.

So, here are the things that made me happy this week…

Spotting Mr Unprepared on TV

Before the riders set off from Perth to Margaret River, they were featured on the Today Show. I couldn’t watch live, so as soon as the YouTube clip was put up, the Little Mister and I gathered around my laptop to watch. I laughed when we spotted Mr Unprepared at the 48 second mark and had to keep watching it back just to be sure I hadn’t imagined it (he was on the far right). He got 1 second of fame haha.

It was also fun following along in a virtual way, stalking the Prostate Active Facebook page to see if I could spot him in the photos or videos. And gosh, SO MUCH LYCRA.

We were lucky enough to meet him at their first pit stop – a bit of fun. AND AGAIN, SO MUCH LYCRA AND PEOPLE BENDING OVER TO FIX UP THEIR BIKES (let that visual sink in). It was like Where’s Wally for cyclists (there were around a hundred of them). I love that Mr Unprepared never would have seen this coming about his life a few years ago. Makes me giggle. He’s a full blown MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) hahaha.

Getting the house somewhat tidy

Don’t anybody move a muscle. Yeah, right. I probably don’t have to say much more on that issue. You know how it is.

Giving the Little Mister my dream day

On Wednesday, I took the Little Mister out for a hair cut and some clothes shopping. And yes, I was so jealous haha. Still, it was one of those magical days we hadn’t had together in a while. He was so well behaved and lovely THE WHOLE TIME (he’s been a bit tired and sometimes objectionably opinionated lately – don’t know where he gets it from) and we had such a good time together. I came home with him feeling like I was floating on a cloud. It could have been a tedious outing to the shops, dragging a 3 year old with me, but it was a fun bonding experience. He was also super stoked that I bought him green shoes (and a Boost juice). What a treat! In case you didn’t know, green is his FAVOURITE colour and don’t you tell him otherwise! 😉

I want a hair cut, new clothes and some fantastic green shoes!

When other people notice…

My mum has been telling me she can really see that my legs are trimming down and I’m even losing some weight off my back, since I started trying to run (I don’t feel I can truly call it running yet haha). That is awesome because she’s always honest (not brutally but in a really trustworthy way), so I know she means it. My dad even chipped in that he can see the difference too haha.

So nice to know it’s all paying off.

Drinking more water

I’d been struggling to do this and I was feeling the effects – drier skin, waking up a bit parched and woozy, some other stuff I won’t divulge here. This past week, I’ve been smashing back the water. I am so proud of myself. It’s a small win.

Other stuff that has made me happy:

  • Discovering Redfern Now on Netflix. What an awesome series. Why didn’t I get onto this earlier?
  • Hogging the bed while Mr Unprepared was away
  • The West Coast Eagles (the AFL team I support) winning an important game! Yay!
  • The Good Life Gang Facebook group – those peeps are so amazing. I’m probably going to mention them every week until December, let’s be honest.
  • Wearing my PJs before it’s dark at night on the weekend 😉
  • Meeting the mum of one of the Little Mister’s day care friends – she was lovely and it really made my day when I was having one of those anxiety moments where I thought I was doing a terrible job as a mum.
  • Weird dreams – I get to wake up and laugh at how awesome/funny/absurd my brain is.
  • Seeing my grandparents (and watching them play with the Little Mister).

What has made you happy lately? x

Kez Gets Physical: Something is better than nothing.



This month, I noticed that Smaggle (who my autocorrect keeps insisting is called ‘Smuggle’) set herself a challenge called 3 Ways to Get Your Shit Together in September. One of the challenges was to do 20 minutes of exercise a day (#20minutesaday) and it got me thinking. See, I’ve been slacking off lately and I’ve gone from exercising most days a week to only a couple. Why? Because I’ve felt like I’m too time poor. I kept thinking that if I couldn’t have 45 minutes to an hour, then it wasn’t good enough. So I skipped it completely most days. Yeah. I know.

So I’m starting to really realise something. Brace yourselves for the obviousness…


I know. Duh.

I am a bit slow sometimes.

It is better to go hard on the treadmill (or whatever else I feel like doing) for 20 minutes than it is to sit on my butt whining about how I never have time to exercise. Also, kids and husbands hardly notice you’ve been gone for 20 minutes. It’s brilliant.

So, I’m not exactly getting 20 minutes in every single day, but I am definitely improving my mindset and the work out time I’m putting in! Yay!

Also, when I have to optimise my time (I literally time myself), I find I try so much harder. I have found myself racing against the clock. Yesterday I did 2km in 20 minutes. Which means it took me 10 minutes to run/walk a kilometre (pretty sure that’s not very impressive in athletic terms). Today I did 2.2km in 20 minutes. That’s a whole 200 more metres than last time! Ha. I’ll take it. An improvement is an improvement. It’s…wait for it…BETTER THAN NOTHING.

Celebrate the little things, y’all.

If I’d had an hour, I might have covered more distance in the long run (meaning a higher step count etc), but I don’t think I would get the same intensity out of it. Not at this point, anyhow. I’m calling that a win. Or at least a breakthrough.

I am going to keep trying harder to ditch my ‘all or nothing’ attitude. We might not always have the perfect circumstances, but we can do something. Because *repeat after me* DOING SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN DOING NOTHING.

Another thing that is really motivating me is #TheGoodLifeGang – a Facebook group started by Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim. It’s a place where everyone can get together to support each other in their different healthy living goals. The challenge goes until December and it’s seriously a very happy place. Everyone’s so lovely and it’s been great reading everyone’s stories and achievements. I can’t wait to see how everyone tracks by the end of the year! Being in this group, I mean gang, has really given me a boost that I felt I needed.

Also, it feels kind of bad ass to be in a gang. I recommend it.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a new song to work out to – add it to your playlist!



How are you going with your health/fitness goals? Any achievements big or small to share? x

Kez Gets Physical: The day after leg day.


This past weekend I received a twitter DM from a friend who we’ll call ‘Alice’ for the purpose of this blog post (and because that’s her real name). It was a link to a YouTube video, with the accompanying words, “Try this…”

It was late in the afternoon (on a long weekend Monday) and I had just returned home from a pub lunch (it was pork belly thank you very much) and I felt very lazy. I hadn’t even cracked 5000 steps for the day. But I clicked the link anyway.

Uh oh. At first glance I could see it was a work out video. Set specifically to a Katy Perry song. OK, I thought. This is interesting. We all know how I like a good work out with music.

And then I clicked the play button.

Now there’s something you need to know about me: when I try something new, I like to dive right in – hard.

So before I could talk myself out of it, I’d made a space for myself in the living room and got the video playing on the TV. It’s just three minutes, I told myself. The moves all look pretty easy. Why not?

They were not easy. When I really looked at this guy in the red shorts, I realised just how low his squats were. How low he got while he lunged. And those Superman jumps (like a burpee but without the push up)? They look so innocuous but OW. I felt the burn. I also felt very out of shape!

I managed a couple of sets before I collapsed onto the couch.

The next day was the dreaded ‘day after leg day’. I woke up restless after trying to get comfortable all night (much to the bemusement of Mr Unprepared). I felt wobbly all morning as I tried to totter about town in my wedge heeled booties. I may or may not have been relieved to need a shopping trolley (aka Kez’s makeshift zimmer frame). I felt like a newborn giraffe (but without the beautiful long neck or limbs – shut up).


I remembered that simple things like driving involve more muscle use in your legs than you think. I got home and set about de-cluttering and performing a mini make over of the Little Mister’s play room (where his toys and his little activity table are). It involved a lot of bending, lifting, and getting close to the floor but I  put on some motivational music and soldiered on. What a trooper. It took me hours, but I loved the end result (and so did the Little Mister).

After that, I decided I needed another 3000 steps to reach my daily minimum of 10,000 steps. So I put on my new favourite show Married At First Sight and got walking on the treadmill. I took it easy, just strolling at 4 kilometres an hour. No biggie.

Until the evening came. I had to do stuff like get up and down from the dinner table, go to the toilet and you know, just exist. I gave up and watched House Rules in bed (which you know is on fairly early in the evening). Mr Unprepared laughed at me sprawled out on my back in my fluffy dressing gown, wearing my glasses and making old person groaning noises every time I moved.

How embarrassment. I hardly did anything and I was wrecked!

But I’m glad. Because it means I know how much work I need to do to make my legs stronger. It gives me motivation to keep going. And I admit I did feel a little good to be able to feel the evidence that I did some exercise. Only people who give it a try get to whinge about the day after leg day 😉

I have simple goals. Like being able to wear shorts without my thighs eating them up when I walk. You know. Stuff like that.

What are your simple fitness/weight loss goals? Do you totally know what I mean about ‘day after leg day’ days? Any funny stories? 

Wanna try the work out for yourself (which he suggests is just a pre and post leg work out exercise because WTF? IS THAT NOT ENOUGH)? Here it is:


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Kez Gets Physical: My top 5 songs to work out to.

Welcome to my new series: Kez Gets Physical. Basically, it’s about my journey (aargh I used the word ‘journey’) to fitness and better health, as a slightly blobby, food loving lady, who is trying to lose that baby weight…from over 3 years ago (oops?). This isn’t about getting my pre-baby body back (she’s long gone and I’m OK with that), but about embracing an energetic, endorphin filled lifestyle. I look forward to enjoying a new body that is healthy and strong. technology-music-sound-things-large

Oh my gosh, you guys. I am so in love with my treadmill. I’ve had her for about 3 weeks and we’re getting along so well. I love the convenience. I don’t have to waste precious time travelling to a gym. I am close by should I be needed (parents are always on call at home – am I right?). And if I can be totally honest, she is the BEST excuse for me time I have ever had.

I get a bit of time to exercise after Mr Unprepared arrives home from work (and his own exercise time on his bike) on week days and I love getting a slightly longer work out in on weekends. Sometimes I am stoked to be catching up on TV shows (or bingeing on Netflix) while calling it exercise, but other times I just want to kick arse and move with gusto. I didn’t think it would motivate me enough to just listen to music (I get bored easily), but I think I’ve caught the bug!

I’ve brought my mix tape making self from the 90s back. That’s right. It’s a true talent. Now I’ve been working on a YouTube playlist. Gosh I’m so modern. I crank it on the iPad while I’m walk-jogging (but mostly fast walking) my butt off (literally). It’s the best of both worlds. Something I can watch (gotta bust that boredom) and something I can get moving to! I haven’t perfected it yet, but I have found some songs that really get me sweating. I think it’s all in the beat.

I’ve realised some things:

  • Songs that are amazing to exercise to are very similar to songs that I imagine people enjoy sexy time to.
  • There are a lot of ‘booty’ references. LOTS.
  • The songs I love to work out to are not necessarily songs I would like any other time in any other context. Weird.

Here are my current top 5…

Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

Holy crap, this video is not suitable for work or children!! At the risk of sounding old, were they this full on when I was young?? My husband sure copped an eyeful of Ms Minaj when he walked in on my last work out hahaha.

While this song will never be Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby Got Back (which it samples), it does get me moving! Maybe it’s all the weird whipping sound effects? OK, so now this has gotten weird…moving right along…

Will.I.Am featuring Justin Bieber – #ThatPower

I have this obsession with timing the thud of my feet on the treadmill, with the quick, heavy beat of the song. It kind of sounds the same. When I’m starting to feel tired, that need to walk perfectly to the beat really keeps me going!

Britney Spears – Work Bitch

When Britney tells you to work, you work. Even though she’s calling me a bitch. Which kills my inner feminist a little each time. BUT BRITNEY. She totally means it as a friend, right?

Destiny’s Child – Lose my breath

An oldie but a goodie. A typical example of a ‘sexy time’ song translating into a work out song. It’s kind of embarrassing but I like to pretend I’m Beyoncé marching into a dance battle (and a wind machine) on the treadmill. Hey, whatever works, right?

Timmy Trumpet and Savage – Freaks

This is so catchy. And the beat. People, if I stress nothing else to you, pick a good beat.

So now I hand it over to you guys! What music gets you moving? Do you like to listen to music while exercising? How do you stay motivated and interested?

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The secret life of Jimmy Giggle?



Since having the Little Mister in my life, I have been exposed to the crazy world of children’s television programming. Never have I been haunted by so many catchy theme songs (read: annoying/earwormy) and high pitched character voices. I now know far more about these shows than I would even care to admit. You know that everything’s taking a downhill slide when you know more about the songs on Play School than what’s playing on the radio for the grown ups (if you’re me at least).

If you’re an anti-TV parent, please look away now (after noting that the Little Mister’s TV diet is set at reasonable limits and mostly only so I am able to maintain personal hygiene – a gift for all who know and smell me)…

If you are an Aussie parent who is familiar with the channel ABC 4 Kids, then you surely know the Little Mister’s buddies Jimmy Giggle and his owl friend Hoot. Love them or hate them, they get a LOT of air time singing bed time songs, playing silly pranks on each other and introducing children’s shows during short intervals.

Here’s a short video so you get a taste of what I’m talking about…


I have this problem, though. I cannot stop speculating about Jimmy Giggle’s personal life. Well, not Jimmy Giggle. More the guy who plays him. I crack myself up imagining what life is like for him since he started being “Jimmy” (his real name is actually James according to my research) and how people in his life would react to him.

Like, does he wear pyjamas 24/7? I think it’s just funny to believe that he does.

What happens when he goes out for a drink (I think Mr Unprepared secretly fantasises about running into him on a boozy night out so he can ask him to sing some ridiculous bed time songs before he goes home)? I bet it gets really annoying being recognised all the time. By adults. Especially drunk ones.


Like, does he always talk like that? I like to imagine him overly enthusiastic about everything. Even his taxes and grocery shopping. Does Mrs Giggle (my research tells me there is one) also wear matching PJs? What will he do for work once this gig dries up? Will he be typecast forever as a children’s TV presenter or break out in a sexy love scene on an Underbelly franchise, arousing outraging parents everywhere? Do kids chase him down the street? Is his real house full of owl statuettes (think Nina from Offspring)? Does he have any deep, dark, twisted habits or secrets? Like something really weird and kinky? Not that I really want to know what that is….just that it would be pretty funny. Honest. Boy, this has taken a turn for the worst…

Anyhow, is orange really his favourite colour?

What do his friends think about his role? Does that make him the ultimate wing man or the ultimate laughing stock?

Apparently, there’s this weird phenomenon where mummies all over the country think he’s a bit of *hubba hubba bow chicka wow wow*

I just know that he’s the same age as my (not that) little brother and that I am not sure a guy who hangs out with stuffed owls all the time is going to be my cup of tea. I’m not sure he gets out much in his Giggle Mobile or whether he’d love a woman more than he loves his *sings* super giiiiiiiggle mooooobileeeee.

That trademark raised eyebrow? Would sh*t me during an argument.

Although, I suppose he keeps the Little Mister quiet and well behaved, so maybe that’s the appeal??

What do you think? A fan or not so much? Got any of your own hilarious Jimmy Giggle imaginings?

Update: I have been informed that he can be stalked, I mean found, as @jimmyrees on Twitter 🙂

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Nostalgia…or a 1/3 life crisis.

Ever since my little music festival jaunt, I’ve rediscovered my love for live music. For that, I am very grateful. It’s like a spark in me has been re-ignited and I’m seizing what’s left of my youth (if anything haha). I’ve decided that I need to see more live acts and feel that electric atmosphere when a band begins to play, the crowd goes off and even the music that can seem lacklustre on your radio, suddenly becomes the BEST SOUND YOU’VE EVER HEARD.

I’ve also been having my 1/3 life crisis (let’s face it, I’m too old for a quarter life crisis and too young for a middle aged crisis), while enjoying national radio station Triple J’s awesome flashbacks to the last 20 years of Hottest 100 songs recently.

This got me thinking about the bands I’ve seen live. I’ve never made a big list. I’m sure it’s a lot more extensive than I think it is. Here are some of the acts I could see over and over. Some highlights.


I was never into Hanson, the Backstreet Boys or whoever the young, fresh faced boy bands of the era were. I was into Nirvana and Silverchair. Grunge, baby. To this day, I am quite proud of ‘past’ me. I had THE biggest crush on Daniel Johns (lead singer/guitarist). I knew everything there was to know about the band. It was ridiculous.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZD982yrmx4]

Ben Harper

My husband and I walked down the aisle to this song at our wedding. Mr Harper is seriously talented. It’s ridiculous.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHzAVDg4m1Q]

Jack Johnson

My husband and I took our first dance as husband and wife to this song. Now, the Little Mister likes Jack Johnson’s music. I’ve played it to him since he was in my belly 🙂

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u57d4_b_YgI]

Mat McHugh (The Beautiful Girls)

I could sit on a beach and listen to Mr McHugh’s tunes (in all his incarnations) forever. This music is infused into my soul, I swear.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ss9XSirBWI]

Veruca Salt

Look, there’s a girl rocker in me from way back. It was Veruca Salt and Hole. I would screech along like a mad, angsty teen (I was one) until my mum would quite frankly tell me I’d need a day job. I got to see Veruca Salt at a music festival and I was in girl crush heaven. I was also probably one of very few punters there who knew all the lyrics to all the songs. I felt old even then (maybe 10 years ago?).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyVSKydUxKk]


Who are your favourite bands to see live? 

This post is a part of the Blog Every Day in May challenge. 

So close, yet so far! Late pregnancy musings.

This post was originally drafted on Thursday the 3rd November, 2011. It was scheduled to be published at a later date, so as to maintain privacy for my family and I around the time of birth (which came 3 days later to my surprise!). It documents the lead up to labour and my feelings and experiences (with a bit of sparkly vampire pop culture thrown in). It’s kind of funny reading it back. Labour and aftermath to be blogged soon x


If you know me well, it would be common knowledge that I really can’t stand sparkly vampire type movies or television shows about blood sucking non-people people. I just can’t get on board with that stuff. Each to their own, but I am much more a fan of zombies: brain eating non-people people. Yes, there is a distinctive difference.

Anyhow, each time a new Twilight movie is on the horizon one of my dear friends will invite “the girls” around to catch up on the previous movies before heading to the cinema for a night out to enjoy the latest one. I usually “um” and “aah” about whether to get over myself and just go – for the awesome company of course – or to refuse the invitation on principle. The last few times I’ve been busy anyhow so it hasn’t been an issue.

This time, upon viewing the Twilight: Breaking Dawn trailer, I am decidedly against attending the movie.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hrCkkilRDM]

I think it might be quotes about the pregnant character Bella.

You know, things like “The foetus is not compatible with your body. It’s too strong and fast growing.”

And…”It’s crushing you from the inside out…”

I have since concluded that I must be pregnant with some kind of vampire/werewolf thingy (I don’t actually know what’s going on there other than what I see on gossip/entertainment websites).

My body is reacting a lot to having a whole new crazy bunch of baby boy hormones inside it. Gestational diabetes, two types of rashes (the second one is worse because my trusty treatment from last time is no longer working effectively – trust me), blood tests on my uric acids (kidney function) and bile salts (enough to make me feel like I’ve been attacked by very hungry vampires – my arms look like that of a junkie). The list just feels like it keeps growing and growing! It’s like my body has decided it’s had enough of being pregnant, but the message hasn’t quite transmitted to our Little Mister who seems kind of comfy (maybe too comfy) inside me!

I’ve been in and out of hospital for a week now, with no signs of the constant appointments and monitoring ceasing anytime soon. It’s been very tiring and stressful. The baby is fine but like the crazy foetus in the Twilight trailer, he seems quite strong and he is quite fast growing!! I bawled my eyes out after my 36 week ultrasound because I was told his estimated weight was that of a fully cooked baby already. I may or may not have disturbed the waitstaff at the cafe my husband took me out for lunch at afterwards. It’s all been a little overwhelming. OK, so a lot!!

Tomorrow marks the end of the 37th week of pregnancy and the beginning of the 38th. I am hoping and praying that someone will induce me – SOON. I’ve been told (after a confronting internal examination in which I was a teensy bit traumatised) that my body is preparing in all the right ways for labour but none of it means it will naturally begin for me any time soon. It could be days or weeks.

INDUCE ME!!!!! Right now I feel that I could probably give birth to our baby naturally while he is of an OK size, but in a couple of weeks? Hell no. Because of all my itching and discomfort, I admit to being afraid to have a C-section. Not so much because of the whole being-cut-open thing, but the worry about recovery and healing afterwards. I’m much better with pain than I am with itching, which might seem strange but I seriously can’t handle the itches. I go kind of nuts. The idea of a possibly itchy scar has me wanting to join my bubba in the foetal position!!

On the bright side, being in hospital so much lately has made me less afraid of going into labour. The familiarity I am gaining with the maternity ward and the different midwives on shift each time I visit helps a lot. I recommend to other pregnant lovelies out there that you take a tour of your maternity ward before birth and ask lots of questions if possible. It really does ease your mind knowing where to go and what your room might look like. Even how the staff interact with you. I don’t recommend finding out the hard way like I have been, but sometimes sh*t happens!

I’ve kept this stuff fairly quiet with friends because they are already so excited for me and I am receiving text messages and facebook wall posts quite regularly now, asking when the hell I’m going to have the baby! I’ve stayed vague, not because they’re people I can’t confide in, but because my latest experiences are very raw and can change any moment. I plan on telling all after the birth. I have no doubt my friends would be so loving and caring if they knew everything, but right now I just want to be quiet and private so as to stay calm and focused. I know they won’t hold it against me. Sometimes I just need some time and space to process things for myself before sharing with the world.

I’ve been quite emotional and run down lately. I can joke about this stuff in blog form, but it can be really challenging. The Husband Guy has been so supportive and helpful and my parents (and inlaws) have been great. I know most women get to that “so over it” phase during late pregnancy, but I think that for me there is much more to it than that. I’ve had one helluva ride over the last few months and I’m ready for the next exciting chapter of my life. The part where the pregnancy conditions (hopefully) ease or disappear and I have a beautiful baby boy in my arms.

At times I’ve felt like I’m just crap at being pregnant (when I started this blog I had no idea just where the journey would take me), but I have to remind myself that I’m not. I am lucky. I have a healthy baby inside me that my partner and I were able to conceive in the first place. My own body may be shot to hell, but I’m successfully carrying this precious cargo safely to term and I could not be luckier.

I guess I just never planned on being one of those “problem pregnancy” bloggers. I feel like I’ve mentioned the words “rash” and “diabetes” almost every single post and I have never wanted to be pigeonholed as a poster girl for any of these issues. I have just tried to document my experiences honestly. Maybe all this sh*t has happened for a reason. Maybe I can bring comfort to someone else going through similar experiences.

I hope that the next news I have to share will be the announcement of the birth!

Bear Grylls – Hot or Not?

Look. At some point while hanging out with your girlfriends, the topic of Bear Grylls‘ levels of attractiveness is going to come up. Or is that just me and my friends?

…Anyhow, the question is: Does he turn you on red hot *bow chicka wow wow*, or leave you cold *brrrr*?

I personally can see both sides of the argument. Let me dissect this issue further for you:

Bear Grylls is Hot Because:

He has that Caveman Appeal. He takes us back to the days when the most important characteristics of a man were his survival instincts and his ability to hunt and gather. And nothing says hunter gatherer like a guy who can live off nothing but the land (and its native wildlife) for days at a time.

He Scrubs Up Alright:


There’s nothing a bit of bronzer, good lighting and a trendy scarf can’t fix after a spot of hunting and gathering in the wilderness. And this brings me to my next point: He is Ruggedly Handsome. Ladies love a chiselled man-face. A bit of stubble (I personally don’t – ow – prickly – but I’m trying to be objective here). Serious eyes. Like if he was to read you romantic poetry in that husky British accent of his, he would really really mean it.

Reasons Bear Grylls is Not Hot:

Watch this short video and tell me something:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSw7uwx3Mrc&w=560&h=349]

Would you kiss this man??? Just imagine his breath after eating a few maggots and a raw zebra. Ewwwww.

And don’t you think the man is a little bit quick to jump straight to the Drinking Your Own Urine to Survive option? Personally, I would weigh up the options for a few hours, search a little harder for a muddy puddle or wait for some nocturnal condensation first. I might wait until I feel a little woozy or something. I dunno. But then, I’m not the expert. Again, would you kiss him after that? I mean, there are probably no decent toothbrush alternatives in the wild. Or breath mints.

Which leads me to another issue – I mean, it’s all well and good that he’s out there in jungles, canyons and deserts just roughing it up, looking handsome (in that sexy dirty way), surviving and flexing his biceps as he jumps into treacherous waterfalls and stuff…but what would it be like to live with the man after he gets home again?!

My ever-observant husband once pointed out to me that his bowels must be preeeeetty stinky. I don’t think Bear would be able to blame that camel/zebra/snake/frog infused scent on the dog. I really don’t.

And the laundry!!!


I mean, how do you remove turtle blood stains from a white t-shirt?

And what if you ran out of groceries? How would you explain to your kids that their pets are all missing because he forgot to go to the shops? Could this man really live a normal, domesticated life? Let me clarify that I am not talking about the actual married-with-a-kid real life guy Bear Grylls (whose real name is Edward according to Wikipedia), but more the version we see on the TV. I am only saying that because you know, what if the real Edward guy reads my blog and gets all offended and stuff? Well, maybe the real Mr E.M. Grylls just goes home after a long week in the jungle and googles himself while he wears novelty Simpsons boxers and drinks bottled water only from the purest springs of Fiji. I don’t know!

And this? This just creeps me out.


He looks like he was out hiking on a snowy day, saw some young people frolicking in the woods and suddenly they went missing…if you know what I mean. You don’t know what I mean? OK, so I have an overactive imagination. Let’s just say that I find this image kind of gruesome and serial killerish. And telling me, “Don’t worry, it was just some insides of a camel not some unsuspecting college students”…just doesn’t really reassure me.

So now that I’ve presented both sides of the argument (in a completely objective manner of course), what do you think?

Is Bear Grylls hot or not?

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