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Kez Gets Physical: Week 8 Update

Well well well. I cannot believe it. The end of the school term is finally here! The Little Mister finishes tomorrow and it’s the  holidays! I don’t know who is more excited. OK, it’s me.

This also means that my super strict Kez Gets Physical mode relaxes a little until the school term begins again. You know, because life is short and Christmas is yummy and all that.

In saying that, I have learned a lot during this term of better habits.

I know that I don’t want to slack off and not exercise and eat carb heavy meals every day, even when I’ve told myself I don’t have to. I KNOW. I have come a looooong way. At the very least I’d like to maintain my current weight before term 1 of 2017 begins, but I would love to drop a bit more before then – even if it’s at a slower rate.

I feel like I’ve made good choices in deciding to be much more vigilant about my food and exercise during the school term. It was so much easier to fit new habits into a structured routine and the fact that there is more school term than holidays throughout the year should hold me in good stead. I definitely want to continue this, even when I do reach my goal weight.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot about how diet and exercise work together, as I’ve been able to track my body fat percentage during weigh ins. I notice the difference between the weeks when I’ve not exercised, versus those when I have.

So…how did I do in all of the 8 weeks?

Here’s where I’m at…

In total, I have lost 5.7kg – not bad! My BMI is almost back within the healthy range – not far to go at all!

I currently weigh less than I have in the time I’ve owned a fitbit (and could track it well) since October 2013. That feels good.

I’ve dropped a clothing size in my tops. I still need to tighten up some muffin top to feel entirely comfortable in my clothing but I will get there. Some of my dresses are starting to look too big or unflattering now, although I’m not convinced I could drop a size yet.

I worked out for an average of twice a week, throughout this challenge period. That’s nowhere near as much as I’d hoped to achieve, if I’m honest, but life has been pretty hectic and I think I did my best. I will look into finding ways to improve this.

In this past 8 weeks, I averaged 48,203 steps per week. Could definitely improve but I’m not too mad about it.

Where am I going?

Throughout the holidays, I will continue to try to exercise wherever possible. I will be having a few cheat meals or snacks. I will keep my diet predominantly low carb where possible.

I want to work on my mid section more. I’ve always had a fear around this (fertility related shit) but I have decided to get over myself and just work those abs and sides. Why not? I’m not pregnant. If any of my past problems were going to present themselves, they would whether I exercised hard or not. I should just fuckin’ live and stop holding back, damn it! These holidays are the perfect time.

I will have the Little Mister with me more so finding me-time to exercise will be more challenging. Also, Mr Unprepared will be working longer hours, which will be difficult. I will start to do some awesome YouTube work outs during the day – the Little Mister can join in if he wants and I’ll try to clock up my 30 active minutes minimum daily.

I have 2.8kg to lose before I reach my initial weight target. I would be so thrilled if I could reach this target before school goes back. I won’t beat myself up if I don’t but anything that gets me closer by then will make me very happy.

After this post, I don’t plan on continuing weekly updates (because boring!). I will be sure to check in occasionally, but for now I think I’ll give it a rest (you may find little updates with the hashtag #kezgetsphysical on social media). Thanks for those who have stuck it out with me for the last couple of months. This has really helped me to be accountable. I really appreciate your comments and encouragement.

I really needed to make these changes and I am so glad I did. It does take some sacrifice and hard decisions, when temptations (and enablers) are everywhere, but the hard work has been worth it. I feel so much better about myself and I don’t regret it for a second. Getting past those initially difficult weeks where you’re adjusting and suffering from withdrawals is hard, but when you come out the other side you feel so much better. I needed to do this for myself. With the extra weight, I was carrying stress and sadness about my secondary infertility situation. I needed to let it go and start again. I’m getting there.

Thank you for sharing in the (sorry…going to say that word) journey! I mean it. You guys are effing awesome.



Kez Gets Physical: Week 6 update.

Hello, hello.

It’s that time of the week again! The time when I let you know how my efforts at healthier living have been progressing for the past 7 or so days.

I’ve been eating a pretty low carb diet (it seems to suit me) and generally trying to be more active. I’ve been using the school term as a time based motivator. I figure there are more school days than holidays in a year, so being far more disciplined during the term seems like a good idea. It’s also a good time for me to keep my arse in line, because I have to live by a stricter routine then anyway.

So where am I at right now?

So, I only lost 200g this week. I know why too. Fatigue always keeps the weight on me and I was particularly exhausted this week. I was also experiencing more fluid retention and bloating – my cycle has always been like this. I literally am bloated 50% of my life. Oh, joy. I guess all I can do is find ways to minimise its impact and keep on pushing through.

My body fat percentage (something I probably haven’t bothered to mention before) has stayed the same for most of the week (after steadily decreasing for the whole 5 weeks before it) and I really put this down to less exercise. While I believe that diet is at least 80% of the struggle with keeping weight down, there are definitely benefits from regular exercise. I didn’t get to do any proper work outs this week, due to Mr Unprepared having a really full on work week and the aforementioned fatigue. Where I would have normally grabbed a cheeky half hour on the treadmill when he got home from work, I found myself trying to rush everyone through the evening routine.

Still, a weight loss is a loss. I’m OK with that. I suffered from extreme PMS hunger and it was a challenging week. I still stayed on track diet wise when at times I wanted to fall off the wagon. I am proud of myself.

Good choices I made this week…

I went clothes shopping with my mum. It was very exciting. We get to do that – just the two of us – only about twice a year these days, so it’s something we treasure. Nothing like bonding over retail therapy! I was glad for the opportunity to try on clothes and adjust to the weight loss progress I’ve made so far. I was having a really hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I needed to figure out what size to wear and what styles suit me now that I had trouble wearing before. I may not have lost much weight in the big scheme of things, but I am now smaller than I have been in a long time. Being able to try on clothes that made me feel good, for the sake of style, not comfort or trying to hide things, was amazing. My mum was the best sidekick because she’s always honest and supportive. It was a bit of a nice boost to the ego to have her compliment me on how well I’m doing.

A lot of my clothes were starting to look silly on me. Oversized and out of style. I needed the confidence boost of finding things that I can wear right now, without feeling like an awkward weirdo.

I realised that I am no longer an Aussie size 12 on the top half. I am a 10. Even an 8 in some oversized styles! I honestly hadn’t even considered that to be a possibility so soon. I was so used to reaching for the ‘large’ or ’12’ in everything without really seeing how a size down would fit.

This week, I also finally got around to clearing out my wardrobe. I packed away the stuff that doesn’t fit or flatter anymore (for the right reasons for once!) and will decide later whether to donate those items. I put all my new items front and centre. I stashed the winter stuff towards the back. It made me feel so much better. I now look in my wardrobe and feel happy about the outfit choices I get to make each day, instead of confused and dejected!

Things I can improve for week 7…

WEEK SEVEN?! Crazy. Anyway, I know exactly what factors could have given me more dramatic results this past week. It just comes down to more exercise and pushing through the bloat (I handle it by drinking more water and green tea).

Also, even though I have been eating really healthily, I think I could probably reduce some of my portion sizes. I get a little crazy over the coleslaw bags from the supermarket in particular – I could easily single handedly devour a whole bag in one sitting. Oops! Half of that with a decent amount of protein would probably be quite sufficient!

So that’s it for me for today!

How are you doing? 

Kez Gets Physical: Week 5 update.

Hello, peeps! I’m checking in for the fifth week in a row, to let you know how I’m tracking with my healthy living efforts. I’m glad I’m recording this stuff, because I want to be able to remember that all of this was actually possible, after I’d convinced myself over the past few years that it wasn’t.

Here’s where I’m at…

Look, I had a few setbacks in the weight loss department during week 4 and it was a little disheartening. I can only put it down to my cycle (and I am not talking about bike riding) and fluid retention. I felt yucky and bloated too, despite eating all the right non-bloaty foods and being quite *ahem* regular. Nothing seemed to help.

This week, my body made up for lost time!! I lost 1.8kg! I have now lost a total of 5.1kg! I am so excited to have reached the 5kg milestone! It’s definitely worth celebrating. My body fat % has also decreased slowly and steadily along with my weight. I’m now officially less than a third made up of fat haha (my initial goal is 25%).

My step count has been down this week too (I feel like a broken record) with only 41,798 out of the 70K goal reached at the time of writing this. BUT…I did put in some decent exercise 4 times this week and I think it really helped.

Mr Unprepared is starting to notice the changes in my body (and is giving embarrassing compliments – oh stop it – no don’t!) and I am realising with a little bittersweetness that I may have to buy my bras a cup size down! My size 11 jeans fit really well, with little to no muffin top – amazing!

Good choices I made…

The best choice I made was to push through last week. Despite gaining weight and feeling bloated, I made a huge effort to not give up and sabotage myself (something I’ve done a lot in the past when hitting a plateau like that). I kept pushing through and doing the right things, even when it felt like they weren’t working. Seeing the ‘double’ loss this week has proven to me that the hard work pays off and you do see results eventually. That plateau lasted a week – it wasn’t forever. Shit happens. It’s probably going to happen every cycle. At least I’m getting to know my body!

I started to up my water intake. I feel a bit better for it. I have returned to my habit of starting the day with a glass and topping up throughout the day. I wouldn’t say I’m drinking the right amount yet, but I’ve definitely made progress.

I ordered my fish grilled instead of battered from the fish and chips shop on Friday. I also didn’t eat any chips (OK so I stole ONE from Mr Unprepared – had to check that potatoes still taste the same)! I had a side of coleslaw (with minimal dressing I applied myself)! It was friggin’ delicious and I felt so full and content afterwards. Yes!

Things I could improve…

Blah blah step count blah blah – you’ve heard me say it every week, damn it!

Thanks for sticking by me through this process. I don’t mean to sound like a ‘healthy living’ wanker. I just gotta do this for myself, y’know?

How are you going?

Kez Gets Physical: An update.

So last month (on the 11th of March), I set myself a challenge. The challenge was to control my dinner portions (I have a habit of overeating at dinner time) and to exercise properly at least every second day. The point of the challenge was to take a month or so to reset myself and get into a routine with better habits. Habits I can take forward with me for as long as possible (no ‘quick fix’ fads here).

While right now is probably not the best time to check in with you guys (I’ve just got back from living large in Sydney and now it’s my ‘birthday week’ where I’ve been indulging), I am going to do it anyway! Keeping it real!

To keep track of my progress, I used my Fitbit app and a really cool app called HabitBull (thank you to my lovely reader Nicole who put me onto it).

So…here are some of my stats (from 11 March to 15 April)…

  • I started off at 65kg (a physically uncomfortable weight for me – I’m only 5 ft tall and have a naturally small frame) and I lost 2.2kg during my initial month long challenge period. Sure, I’ve put about another 0.5-1kg on since then (told you – living large at the moment), but it gives me confidence that fairly simple lifestyle changes/habits can really help get the weight off. This living large period will end very soon with the start of the Little Mister’s second school term of the year so I feel confident.
  • My fitbit (and HabitBull) registered 11 work outs during that time. Not as many as I would have hoped, but more than I’d been doing before that.
  • I managed to control my dinner portions (with a good clear conscience about the whole day’s eating) 16 times, according to HabitBull. My longest successful streak was 4 days, but I tended to average 3 day streaks, with a couple of days off. Again, I could do better!

I did face some challenges during that time. I’ve been struggling with endometriosis (it can put me out of action for days at a time) and I also learned that running or doing vigorous/twisty/whatever exercise gives me ovary pain. A rupture or other damage to my cyst/ovary is not worth the risk while I wait for surgery (next month) so I have had to limit myself to walking more gently, for longer, or having silly kitchen dance parties after dinner with the Little Mister (during which it is really hard to not overdo it when my favourite songs are playing haha).

Also, changes to Mr Unprepared’s work schedule (and soon mine too), have thrown things out a little. He works longer hours and my time to work out during the week has been limited. I am hoping that the start of a new school term will allow me to find a better routine.

Yep. That’s real life. Shit happens and you just have to work around it! It’s frustrating, but I’ve just gotta make it work. My mental and physical health depend on it!

I’ve got a lot of room for improvement, but I’m being kind to myself and I’ll just keep on trying to better my habits. I really do feel better for it. The past month and a bit have shown me that it’s actually easy to create better habits if you have the right tools to keep you motivated, and accountable, and you keep your goals realistic.

I was nervous about the dinner portion control thing, because I have eyes bigger than my belly, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. I just forced my hands to pick the smaller dinner plate and I never regretted it. If I was actually hungry for real (and not emotionally) after finishing the smaller portion, I’d grab a little more food, but this rarely happened!

I feel like these two habits (portion control at dinner time and regular exercise) have become my ‘normal’ rather than the exception, and even though I’ve kind of slacked off over the school holiday period, I feel myself getting really excited to get back to it!

I’ll try to check in with you in another month or so! Hope you’re feeling fighting fit! x

I’ve moved…kind of.



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Hey, everybody. It’s been quite the week for this little old blog here. Guess what?!

We’re self hosted now, y’all. If you have no idea what I’m on about, don’t worry. That kind of makes two of us. Trust me. I have learnt some things this week, I tell ya.

Basically, it means this space is all mine now. ALL MINE. Mu ha ha. Who knows what further mischief I can get up to now?

I hope it’s not too much trouble to ask you all to make sure that you are subscribing to…


and that the links you have for me are all up to date!

Wouldn’t want you to miss anything (I’m sort of secretly scared I’ll somehow screw this up and all of my lovely people will disappear)!

Because you really are lovely people. And I truly am feeling awesomely unprepared now haha.

I’ll be tinkering away for a little while before I really feel like I’ve truly made this space into a home, so I hope you can bear with me. I’ll be blogging away as usual, don’t you worry 🙂


Lots of love,

Kez xoxo

It’s been one week.


Great. I wrote that post title and now I have a Barenaked Ladies song stuck in my head. Serves me right. Please tell me you get the obscure 90s music reference. Can you believe the 90s were like 20 years ago? I keep thinking it’s only been a decade, but nope. Old. I still can’t understand that there are adults walking among us who were born in the 90s. SO OLD.

But I am getting SO distracted.


So, it’s been about a week since I brought my baby home. My treadmill baby that is. And I couldn’t be happier! I didn’t name her Charlotte (OMG she so needs a name), but she’s a pretty big deal, you know.

I thought I’d give a bit of an update, so you know I actually used it/her! 😉

I am pleased to report that things are going very well. I charged my neglected fitbit (exercise tracker) up again and I’ve been meeting and beating my 10,000 steps a day quota!

Just look at yesterday’s stats (the best of the week)! I am so chuffed.


I bought some new sneakers and everything! I got them fitted properly and even though the first pair I tried on was SO MUCH PRETTIER, I bought the ones that were best for my feet. Because I’m old. OLD. Also, my 5 year old netball sneakers were just not really going to cut it anymore (how embarrassment).

Any excuse to buy a new pair of shoes, huh?

Of course, coinciding with the purchase of my treadmill, the Little Mister decided to give up his day sleeps (yeah yeah I know everybody else’s kids gave up their day sleeps when they were like zero years old and I’m spoilt blah blah 😉 ). So I’m finding it a little harder to find the time to exercise! I haven’t really nailed it just yet, but if we have dinner early, I get a bit of time before the bath/bed time routine begins for the evening. Because, if I’m honest with myself, I’m not as likely to get up early (not that it would work because the Little Mister would just KNOW) and once the Little Mister is in bed for the night, I just want COUCH. And on weekend nights, WINE.

On the weekend, I get more time which is awesome. I really try to make it count. Mr Unprepared is training for a charity bike ride later this year (more on that later I’m sure), so fair’s fair!

Stuff I learned this week:

I can move like the wind when I’m angry. What a great way to burn off all the annoyances of the day!! One day I was feeling so mad. I jogged like a crazed woman for the few minutes I had on the treadmill. I was feeling so god damn pissed off. I probably mentally murdered a few people. But when I was done, not only was I less mad (hello endorphins and the good kind of fatigue) but I was pleasantly surprised by my performance.

Music works wonders. While I LOVE Netflix time, I have to be honest in saying I push myself harder when listening to music with a quick tempo. I looked up work out music mixes on YouTube over the weekend and they really got me moving. I was marching along like a total bad arse. Also, it turns out, I don’t even have to like the music. If it has the right beat, I’m like a machine! I think I’ve been listening to all the club remixes I’ve missed out on in the last 5 years. I’m getting really educated. It’s like, hello Kez. You are finally getting enough of your life back that you have time to exercise properly. Here is all of the music you might have missed while you were listening to the Wiggles (or the songs on your iPod that haven’t been updated since you were without child).

On a side note: rap makes me walk like I’m about to bust in on an underground dance battle and teach those punks how it’s done. Which both fascinates and horrifies me.

My diet really really sucks in cold weather. While I was so excited to get moving, my nutritional intake has been shot to pieces! Friends with salad…let’s just say we’ve been nothing more than acquaintances in the past week. FAIL! The weather has suddenly cooled in these parts and I am craving mashed potato and big, hearty meals. My portion sizes are shocking because the exercise has made me hungrier (I know I’ll get the right balance as my body adjusts to a new regime) and the content is…not exactly weight loss inducing. I am going to have to try harder and get more creative.

It’s all still fairly new to me and I am very determined to stick with it long term. I can’t wait to see what my treadmill’s settings can really do and to get faster and fitter each week.

Do you eat more in winter than you do in summer? What should I name my treadmill? Have you recently started a new exercise regime?

So, what’s been happening? April-May 2014.

Some of you may be familiar with these sporadic, “what we’ve been up to lately” posts. I write them to remind myself of precisely that, in the hopes that when people ask me I will actually have an answer and not just an awkward, “not much…you?”
While my life isn’t overly exciting (I haven’t trekked Everest or saved any orphan dolphins lately), it is full. So here goes…

(and please try to ignore the fact that I last did a March-April post and that it overlaps with April-May and I will try to get everything in order at some point but truly who cares because it’s my blog haha)



Every year we go to one of our favourite holiday destinations to spend Easter Sunday with our long time family friends. As in, they truly are friends who are family to us. We used to actually stay there all Easter with our families (since I was a baby/toddler), but now with our busy lives we manage a day trip which makes me so happy. I am so excited that the Little Mister gets to be a part of the tradition. This year he had his very own Easter egg hunt around our house and then we headed off on our day trip. Where he was fed MANY roasted marshmallows. Which made him so so so happy. We spent the car ride home trying to keep him awake so he wouldn’t wreck his night sleep and had that deliciously tired and satisfied feeling when we got home. Don’t you love those kinds of days?

Also, the sunset on the drive home!!!



I turned 30

My birthday was on Easter Monday so we backed up our big Easter Sunday with a low key family feast at my parents’ house. It had a bit of a high tea theme (with cucumber sandwiches, gourmet roast beef sandwiches and lots of sweet treats). Another lovely lazy day with my loved ones. Only two days into the food fest that is Easter, I felt like I could fall into a food coma forever.

I later had dinner with a handful of girlfriends, but I didn’t mind keeping it understated. Relaxing was my main priority haha.

I got new glasses. 

Now I can SEE! I think it may have been an oversight (or lack-of-sight) that I didn’t wear glasses before while driving. Don’t worry. If you’ve accepted lifts from me any time in the last 8 years or so, you’re alive. So no complaining, OK? And don’t worry, I’ve received a few lectures!

…and a haircut. 

I felt like I needed a change for the big 3-0. So I lopped off my awkwardly medium length balayage locks. Well, I didn’t do it. A professional hair dresser did it. Which is lucky, really. I had my hair dyed very black (as opposed to my normal medium black – there is totes a difference guys) and cut into a really nice asymmetrical bob. I feel so classy, y’all.

(although that was not a classy paragraph).

I baked some cookies using left over Easter eggs as choc chips (upon the advice of Twitter).



They were delicious. Thank you for asking.

I started ticking things off my massive pre-travel to-do list.

Holy crap. With not long until our massive journey to Singapore, Korea and Japan begins, I have realised that there is so much pre-trip stuff to get done. Every day I have been writing lists in my diary. Lists that keep getting bigger all the time! I’ve been dragging the Little Mister all about town doing errands, making important phone calls and watching Walter Mitty (OK so that’s not an essential but we watched it last night and it totally got me excited to have my own crazy adventures into the unknown).

I’ve still got a bunch of stuff to do…packing might be useful (it’s a little overwhelming when there’s the transportation of a toddler and a lot of days in transit on trains etc to think of). I’m sure I’ll figure it all out soon. When I stop procrastinating. Might have to call my travel savvy mum around so she can sort me out. She has a way of kicking my butt (in the nicest way) haha.

So that’s what’s been happening lately. What have you been up to? Give me the goss! x

It’s taken 10 months for the crazy to come out.

Pic: Insert metaphor about growth here

Oh my gawd, you guys. Sh*t’s getting real around here. The Little Mister is now a fully fledged ten month old. He’s doing stuff that’s freaking my husband and I out. I’m finding the strangest things coming out of my mouth – stuff I never thought I would ever hear myself say. Everything from the simple stuff…

“No, Little Mister – you’re not allowed to stand up in the bath. You’ve gotta sit down, OK.”

“No, Little Mister – don’t play with the rubbish bin. It’s all icky!”

“No, Little Mister – step back from the television. You’ll get sore eyes.”

…to the weird…

“Little Mister, staring at your mummy very intently while discovering your private bits in the bath will be very embarrassing to you one day.”

“Little Mister, don’t eat your nappies. They go on your bottom to catch your poos.”


“Little Mister, Mummy appreciates your offer greatly, but I will just let you eat that soggy piece of food by yourself.”

“Why are you eating my sock?”

“Furniture is not food!”

It became apparent not very many weeks ago that the Little Mister is getting clever. I mean, I am biased so of course he’s the smartest baby in the world (and good looking to boot), but there’s come a point where slowly, I’ve realised that life will never be the same. I mean, it was never going to be, once he popped out of me and into the world, but now I GET IT.

This realisation started when he began to crawl. Moving about, investigating everything. Making faces at me and waiting for a reaction. Getting mad when I don’t follow him somewhere or I decide to go to the toilet (something I’d stupidly assumed a human adult just does by themselves – dudes, I’m getting schooled). Waking me up in the middle of the night because he thinks it’s a good time to play (I think he’s found my reaction very disappointing). Pulling himself up on furniture. Staring at the television intently – from about an inch away. Guess I won’t be catching up on Law and Order: SVU or Criminal Minds in the daytime anymore. Not wanting to scar my kid for life and all. In fact, there isn’t much TV watching at all anymore…my poor DVR. OK, so true to stay-at-home mum style I do sneak in some Ellen during my “lunch break”. If you can call it that.

I realised that the Little Mister has finally reached the age where I have to consider…discipline. Discipline! You mean I can’t just put everything he does down to innocence and cuteness anymore?? He’s actually starting to *gasp* KNOW BETTER? I have to actually say NO? I have to lay down ground rules? I have to be MEAN MUMMY occasionally? I’m being watched now. I have to lead by example. Be consistent. Try to swear less (it’s a work in progress). The pressure! I mean, I dropped out of teachers’ college in my early 20s because I couldn’t handle the pressure of being an every day role model (that and I sucked at maths). What was I thinking having a child of my own?!

I thought that teething was the biggest problem in the world. Now I’m spending every day hiding my valuables (dirty little thieving mongrel) and cleaning up food disasters of epic ‘crime scene’ proportions! After that there might be time to have a shower, scratch myself or breathe a little.


Luckily I talked him out of it. Things got a little too screamy and screechy and clumsy in the afternoons so he has agreed to trial a second nap once more. So far, so good.

One night my husband and I were sitting on the couch, enjoying the silence, adult dinner, and television that isn’t animated (or featuring a puppet owl with a high pitched voice), when my husband stopped and looked like he’d seen a ghost.

“I just had a thought…” he said. Uh-oh, I thought. Out loud, I am sure I said, “What about?”

“What…what do we do…when the Little Mister uses a toddler bed…and he figures out how to open doors? Like in the middle of the night – what if he wakes up and gets out of bed and just starts wandering the house? How do we keep him safe? Do we lock him in his room? Do we let him wander – I mean, is locking him in his room bad? How would we even know he was up?? WHAT DO WE DO???”


Yep. You thought just having a baby – like giving birth and being allowed to bring it home from the hospital and everything – would be crazy and new. Turns out you just find new things to worry about until forever. I mean, my mum warned me this would happen but stupidly I didn’t really believe her…

SO WHAT DO YOU DO? I’m probably just gonna stay Awesomely Unprepared until that time sneaks up on me. Unless you have any suggestions…

Of course there are some amazing moments with the Little Mister. He loves playing “copying” games. He’s so quick to learn and he loves to copy us (yes – I am aware of the dangers of this) or be copied. He will bob his head from side to side and wait for us to imitate him. I’m trying to encourage him to perhaps try more of a nodding type movement…so when he gets even smarter, I will at least feel like he’s saying ‘yes’ or agreeing with me…it will be a sweet, sweet lie that I can tell myself…

Today my heart just about melted when my husband was giving him tickly kisses on a part of his neck/cheek area (he’s kind of chubby so they’re basically the same thing) that makes him giggle like a little lunatic. The Little Mister tried to do it back to my husband and when my husband pretend-giggled as if he was ticklish too, the Little Mister was SO HAPPY I THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO SHAKE RIGHT OUT OF HIS OWN SKIN WITH LAUGHTER AND JOY. I know, right?

I might get kicked in the boobs whenever he’s on the change table, he might test me in the middle of the night (although I’ve been implementing something I like to call “Sleep School” where I have this whole system I’ve devised in order to teach him to shut up and sleep, in which he’s responding very well – thank goodness – don’t worry, it’s very humane and lovely), he might keep trying to steal my food and the food of my family and friends when we’re in public, and embarrass the hell out of me when he thinks squealing is an appropriate way to make friends. His interior decorating ideas may differ greatly from mine – everything seems better pushed as far away from its original place as possible or on a tipped over angle – but I am having a blast.

My little baby boy is fast headed towards toddlerhood and I could not be more terrified excited 🙂