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The Happy List #48

Hello! How are you? It’s been a little while since I wrote a Happy List and I thought there was no time like the present to bust one out! Now and then, I like to take a moment to blog about the things that have made me happy recently. It helps me to focus on the positives and record good memories!

Here are the things that have made the list this time…

My mums’ group

A lot of us got together to celebrate a member’s milestone birthday on the weekend. Things got a bit crazy, but gosh it made me so happy to be with my girls. I still marvel at the fact that we were only brought together because we just happened to have babies at the same time of year in the same place. We are all so different, yet our friendships have survived over 5 years (and counting)! We have supported each other, laughed and drank a bit too much wine together, loved each other’s children like family and waited for each other when we’ve been a little AWOL with the busyness or stresses of life.

I’m so grateful to have such weirdos to be a weirdo with.

Drinking more water

I was really annoying myself because I was struggling to drink enough water to stay properly hydrated (and to help my skin and my metabolism). I’d tell myself I’d do better each day, but then get to the end of the day and realise I’d only had maybe one and a half glasses all day (and we’ve had some hot weather). Anyway, I finally addressed this issue in the most ridiculously simple way: I bought myself a new water bottle. One that my son is not allowed to backwash into. One that ensures that wherever I am, I have filtered water (it has a built in filter). Something I can take everywhere and not end up with 394 half empty store bought water bottles rolling around in my car (*ahem*). Since then, I have definitely upped my water intake and this makes me really happy.

Discovering CC cream

I’ve always given BB cream a red hot go, but I never quite found The One. A while back I was looking for a good green concealer (to disguise redness from blemishes), but the shop lady may have got a bit confused and sold me a CC cream (Loreal Nude Magique if you must know). I never really thought about it, and occasionally used it as more of a spot treatment, thinking the consistency was so not what I was after. I was obviously not paying attention to the fact that it clearly says CC cream on the tube. Recently, I was all like, WHAT? I CAN PUT THIS ALL OVER MY FACE? And then I did. And I’ll never look back. It might be a shit ‘concealer’ but it’s a friggin’ awesome light foundation! I don’t normally rave about specific products (beauty blogger I am not haha), but this one is a game changer! It starts green and it blends to match my skin tone EXACTLY. WTF. Amazing. It’s quick to apply. Not too heavy (but not too sheer either). Perfect for trying to not look like the undead for school drop off and pick up, with that ‘effortless’ ‘no make up’ make up look!

Not being sick anymore

I was sick on and off (mostly on) since the 8th of February. I know. You’ve got to be shitting me. Two days ago, I woke up and I actually didn’t feel like I was dying. There was no sinus pain. No headaches. No painful throat. Far less of an urge to cough. I was so relieved because it was really getting me down! I’d kind of pinned February as my month to be a healthy living machine and when it held me back I got really frustrated. I can’t wait to feel really strong and energetic again (before life’s next curveballs come at me)!

Having a home printer that works!

It’s not a major thing but not having one was really inconvenient (in a first world problems kinda way)! Our old printer refused to work – especially the wifi function. The technology seemed to have aged out and it did not want to play! I would have to go to my mum’s to print and scan everything. It was a bit ridiculous. Mr Unprepared and I managed to pick up a good-but-cheapie the other day and now I feel so relieved knowing it’s sitting there, waiting for me to scan/print something at any given moment that it’s required! Finally! I don’t know why I put it off so long – actually I do. I kept thinking that until I had my home office up and running (although it still needs a few things), I wouldn’t buy anything else to clutter up the house.

Always dream big, people. Haha.

Other stuff that has made me happy:

  • Watching trashy TV. Married at First Sight, anyone?
  • The outfit I wore on Saturday night – it made me feel almost skinny and I felt on trend (a big deal these days haha) and I felt pretty. Definitely a keeper (and I got it for $20)!
  • Watching the Oscars live while blogging.
  • Making a movie date with my mum to see Lion some time this week.
  • Hangover food on Sunday. No regrets!
  • My new activewear shorts. And the fact that I am finally starting to feel comfortable in shorts again after a long hiatus.
  • Getting our summer weather back (even though it’s Autumn in a few days – eek).
  • Avocado. Because it’s avocado.

What’s been making you happy lately? Tell me! 

A piece of cake?



When I planned the Little Mister’s 2nd birthday party, I did not have many big ideas. I just wanted a simple family gathering at our house. I didn’t feel the need to pay hundreds of dollars on catering or decorations. I didn’t want to spend hundreds of hours making some kind of Pinterest fantasy come true. I’ve always considered myself to be pretty bullish*t immune when it comes to this stuff and as my husband and I had exhausted ourselves providing a ridiculous (although successful) sit down meal for the Little Mister’s 1st birthday party, we decided to take it easy this year (we never want to see that much lasagne ever again)!

I’m the kind of gal who rolls her eyes at people who are a little OTT with this stuff. I’m not judging (mostly), but in my mind all I’m thinking is, AS IF I’D EVER PUT MYSELF THROUGH THAT. Maybe I’m just lazy?

Anyhow, a sausage sizzle with a few fun finger foods it would be. Our families aren’t massive eaters (over catering by accident can be an issue), so I knew I wouldn’t have to go crazy. We’d just have to clean the house (no mean feat with a two year old underfoot), buy a few simple decorations and hey presto! Party! The Little Mister would be so busy enjoying everyone’s company (and presents of course) that he’d have a great time. That was all that mattered.


I started thinking about the cake. I could make cupcakes again, I thought. I’m good at those! Or…I could get a cool cake from a cake shop I’ve been dying to try out, I thought! Oh, but the bank balance wouldn’t like that – expensive time of year. I’d rather spend that money on presents. 

Somehow, I started thinking that I could not only bake a proper birthday cake on my own, but I could somehow create the Little Mister’s dream cake! Which in hindsight is a little ridiculous, as any cake is the Little Mister’s dream cake. Because it’s cake. Duh. But it was too late for me to be rational. I had seen a recipe online that looked really easy (as they always do). I would create a car shaped cake. Without the use of a mould or any special tools. All the ingredients required would be easily available at the local supermarket and I would be cheating. I’d use cake mix. See? I’m a no muss no fuss gal. I’m so cool with that. It will be a piece of cake! Yeah, yeah. Lame pun.

I got really excited for the whole week leading up to the party. I thought I could get all clever and change the colour of the car cake, as well as customise the shape (and size – brave). I even had bloody dreams that I was baking, only to wake up and feel sad it was only a dream! Yes. I had become that mum. The mum who fussed too much because of a fear of not doing it ‘good enough’.

Oh, gosh I could kick myself!

I baked the cake the day before the party and I was so excited when it rose and cooked through perfectly. I’m so not a master chef, in case anyone was wondering. This was a big deal. I love baking but I rarely have any idea what I’m doing and I stick to the easy stuff! I’m not usually brave!

The day of the party, Mr Unprepared and I were rushing about doing last minute things before our guests were due to arrive. I had to get on with decorating the cake. It wasn’t like in my dreams. I didn’t have all the time and energy in the world to nail it. I felt rushed, a bit anxious and I didn’t slow down enough to think things through carefully. I cut into the cake a bit too deeply. My husband was buzzing about, with well meaning advice, but I was too ‘sensitive’ (read: cray cray) to listen. I feel horrible but I snapped at him. A lot. Sh*t was tense. I managed to somehow salvage the shape of the cake, but I just had this dreadful feeling this was not the end of my woes. I was right. I rushed through the mixing of the icing. It was supposed to be this gorgeous, thick, creamy, buttery texture. It became more like a runny glaze. I tried to make it thicker, but there was nothing I could do (within my limited knowledge) to really reverse my mistake. I started to apply the frosting. It slid down the cake and was translucent. Because I’d changed the colour from red to green (the Little Mister’s favourite colour of the moment), it didn’t disguise the chocolate cake underneath very well. It looked half done and…pathetic.

Then I did it. I leaned against the fridge and bawled. I was a failure. I’d failed. This cake looked like sh*t. The guests (our beloved families) would think it was so lame. I’d never be able to recover. My cake looked like it belonged on some internet meme labelled “Cake Fail”. I felt like I’d failed the Little Mister. There was no time to make something else. I would have to make it work. I tried my hardest to stand back and see it through loving eyes (and not my own super critical ones). I thought maybe once I attached the liquorice wheels and the special bits and bobs to give it personality, it wouldn’t seem so bad.

I wiped away tears as I kept slaving away. My husband had been banished from the house (so I couldn’t accuse him of anything horrible like LOOKING AT ME WRONG) and the Little Mister was feeling restless and wanted to know why I couldn’t play.

Yeah, in hindsight…bit melodramatic…I’ll own it. But only because I have a feeling I’m not the only one who’s been there at some point.

The time came when I had to down my tools and admit I’d done all I could. I would have to accept it for what it was. I’d have to smile for my family and just get on with it. Into the fridge it went…


Yep. There it is. In all its glory. Runny icing. Lopsided shape.


…That there in the picture is my Little Mister’s finger. He was so excited. THRILLED. You should have seen his face.


He knew what it was meant to be. He loves cars. He loves cakes. In his eyes, I had created a masterpiece.

The liquorice fanatics in the family started putting dibs on who would get the wheels. Anyone else who maybe wasn’t sure what to think was very polite, ate it and smiled.

Everyone was focused on the Little Mister blowing out the candle (with a little help from his dad), and his enjoyment as he shoved an entire (luckily smallish) piece in his mouth with a look of glee. He was out of his mind with happiness.

I realised then that it didn’t matter that I hadn’t created something worthy of the best of Pinterest. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t Instagram worthy. It didn’t matter what anyone thought of it except the guest of honour. It was for him. And I made it.

I don’t know where in the party planning process, I turned into the mum that I vowed I never wanted to be, but it had happened.

I learnt a lesson. I don’t ever want to lose perspective over something so silly again. I am my own worst critic and I shouldn’t have let that get the better of me. The day was about love. Love for the Little Mister and the love of family. Yelling at my husband, being mean to myself, and being so obsessed about making it perfect (which it so never would be) that I didn’t have a little time for the Little Mister was not in that spirit.

The day was a great success and it would have been, whether there was a ridiculously good looking cake there or none at all. To me, the Little Mister thinking the sun shines out of my you-know-what, is just priceless. This won’t always be. I feel so lucky and it has nothing to do with how many decorations, guests, fancy canapés or award winning cakes a party has.

If he, at the tender age of 2, believes in me, then I should too.

My name is Kez and I made a hideous birthday cake for my child. I’m OK with that.

Next year? Simple might be best 😉


In the summer time, when the weather is fine.



It’s finally happened. The weather has changed for the season. It is no longer winter or that frustrating first month of spring where the weather has no idea what it’s doing and no-one knows what to wear or what to do with themselves. It’s that time where I can look at the weather forecast without sighing or groaning, because my “outside of the house” plans have to be changed constantly. Nothing makes me happier than seeing all of those little cartoon like suns staring back at me from my nerdy weather app.

So what’s getting me excited?

Exercise (and hopefully weight loss).

I’ll just say it: I am not a gym person. If I didn’t have to worry about the Little Mister, I’d probably go to a bunch of Zumba classes on the regular, but you won’t find me staring at gym equipment all confused and embarrassed in a gym any time soon (because that’s basically what I would do). Also, it’s a known fact that staring at exercise machines doesn’t actually make you fit, FYI. So I like to build on incidental exercise and get out and about. I’ve started walking more (not as much as I’d like yet but we’re getting there) and eating a little less. There’s something about better weather that stops me from reaching for the comfort food as often as I do in the winter.

I’m a bit obsessed with my new gadget: the famous Fitbit I keep going on about on Twitter. It tracks just about everything fitness and food wise, which is keeping me very motivated. I’m learning lots of cool things the more I use it. Turns out, frantically shopping for dresses which don’t fit (in the knowledge that your husband is wandering aimlessly around the shopping centre trying to entertain the Little Mister) is a ridiculously good work out. I think I should do it more! Maybe eventually the dresses will actually fit me haha 😉

I’ve given myself a goal. I want to lose around 8kg total by some time next February (so far I’ve achieved about 11% of my goal which isn’t much but when you name it as a percentage it sounds really impressive), but I’d be happy to even just lose a couple by the time we have a family wedding to attend just after Christmas! I want to feel physically comfortable, but if I’m truly honest, I also just want to put on a dress without looking in the mirror, feeling bloated and blah. Not to mention my constant paranoia about starting accidental pregnancy rumours – NO! I JUST HAD LUNCH! I really love the party atmosphere that comes with summer, and I want to look my best in a summer dress. Although, I’m not that brave about bathing suits yet.

I love the endorphin rush I get from being out and about more. It really does help my sanity. I’d almost forgotten what that felt like.

More ways to entertain the Little Mister.

I admit, in the winter I get really bored and stir crazy. It’s not so easy to think, “F*ck it – get your sh*t together. We’re going to the park/beach/backyard.” when your toddler is being a little monster. Those little moments are priceless sometimes. Although, you can’t always win. Either the slides at the park are wet (hopefully from rain…), or they’re too hot in the sun! But I’m trying to be positive here 😉

I love that the Little Mister is a November baby because it always feels a bit festive when his birthday rolls around. The weather is nice and everyone’s gearing up for Christmas and fun times.

This year we’re getting him a whole bunch of outdoorsy gifts and I’m so excited for him. He loves being outside and I love that about him!




I am a bit of a Christmas nerd. Not the super organised kind who has all their gifts purchased by July, but the Christmas spirit kind. I love the fact that I have a little one to build memories with and I love spending time with my family, giving gifts and finding ways to show we care and appreciate them all year round. I like looking for embarrassing outfits for the Little Mister (while he’s still young enough for me to get away with it), showing him Christmas decorations and singing the songs with him. Sure, the songs usually sh*t me to tears, but I’ll do anything to give him those memories. Because I’m a sentimental old(ish) bat now.

Christmas planning does not come without its stresses. We’re usually running around between my parents’ place and the inlaws’. My best laid plans to shop way ahead of time, never seem to materialise (despite me thinking of gift ideas all year). Some people don’t feel the spirit in the same way the Unprepared Household does. But we do it anyway and it’s always so worth it.

I feel like the holiday period starts with Christmas and ends with Australia day (late January). It’s a time for family and friends.


Yep. The first experience didn’t scare us enough, so we’re doing it again! This time, we’ll be taking a camper trailer (the type with the pull out ends)! We’re purchasing it from my parents (they’re upgrading) and while it’s a little weird for me (I was the Little Mister’s age when my parents bought it), it’s such a bargain because I know the love and work that has gone into maintaining it over the years. It will help us to contain the Little Mister better and has everything you need in it (fridge, stove top etc).

Not to mention, no blow up mattress! YES!!!

I have such amazing childhood memories of camping each summer with my family and friends. I love the idea of doing the same for the Little Mister.

Early morning sunshine.


I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes I curse it when the Little Mister wakes too early, but it makes me feel better rested (as much as a parent can be) and ready to start the day – much more than a wet, windy, gloomy morning makes me feel! I am that dork who will be driving down the road with a massive grin on my face, just because it’s summer and I’m alive. I can’t help it. Told you. Sentimental (29 year) old bat.

I also love:

  • a cider on a relaxed, sunny Sunday afternoon
  • wearing thongs (flip flops) to the shops without feeling like a total bogan
  • spectacular sunsets
  • tropical cocktails (vodka based of course)
  • the bright colours of clothing, nature and beachy decor
  • good friends returning to our hometown from far and wide
  • eating al fresco
  • mellow evenings
  • pretending I’m any good at water sports



What do you love about summer?

I can’t wait.


So I take it that if you’re reading this post, you survived Christmas. Congrats! Seriously. It’s a crazy holiday season. Now that Santa’s been and gone, I’m just totally, ridiculously, OTT excited about 2013. I’ve always been super sentimental about the new year, but this year feels different. My 2012 was the biggest mixed bag I’ve ever experienced. Highs, lows, you name it. I’ve had a lot of time to think about my life and where I want it to head, as well as having no time at all to think! It’s a really strange thing.

I’m so excited about the start of 2013 because I feel like I’m finding myself again. The first year of parenthood has been amazing, but I felt like I lived up to my blog title so much so that it got a bit crazy! It’s all about flying by the seat of your pants. I looked back on my 2012 diary lately and had to laugh at the obsessive lists I wrote almost every day as I tried to navigate life as a brand spankin’ new parent. Life was pretty full up with feeding times, nappy bag supplies and WHAT IS HE DOING NOW – I CAN’T KEEP UP – WRITE MORE LISTS!!! I CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER MY OWN NAME RIGHT NOW. Now that the Little Mister has seen his first birthday come and go, I feel like 2013 will be a time to start remembering who I am outside of being ‘mum’ as well. My body, mind and spirit. Although, being a parent is definitely a huge (wonderful) part of that, I finally feel like I can look forward to balancing that with my other life pursuits as well (as significant or as seemingly insignificant as they may seem from the outsider’s perspective).

I am finding the end of 2012 to be a time where I know what my body is doing (and while I’m not really liking what it’s doing – I at least have come to feel like I’m back in tune with it haha). I know in my mind what I want out of life. I feel inspired enough to actually make stuff happen. I want to be creative. I want to use my brain for lots more things than just zombie mummy stuff. Dare I say it, I’m ready to be a little selfish. In a good way, of course.

I usually say that I am not into New Year’s resolutions, but this year I say f*ck it. I have some. Deal with it 😉


Look after my body and mind.
Yeah, yeah. Not exactly original. So what? I’m feeling it so I’m going with it! Of course I’d love to lose 7 kg and turn into a hot bikini babe, blah blah (if you ignore the stretch marks and old pregnancy rash scars haha), but it’s about much more than that. I want to book myself regular hair appointments, get my nails done, try nice beauty products etc. I need to spend more time in the kitchen making better food for myself as well as getting a bit more exercise into my busy day. I want to revamp my wardrobe (and give myself permission to spend the time and money). I want to take care of myself. I need to invest in myself. I can’t hide behind the Little Mister’s cuteness forever!! You know when you head out looking like a slob, but you tell yourself everyone will be looking at your baby so it’s OK? Well, I’ve decided it’s not OK to tell myself that anymore!!  Sure, time and money (even energy) can be a factor, but I am determined to make a bigger effort.

Organise gifts/special occasions ahead of time so I can be creative.
Christmas time really brought it home to me that I spent all year playing catch up when it came to gift giving/birthday remembering/any occasion at all. I am determined to try harder this year. Time just passed me by and I want to spend a little extra time showing those in my life that I appreciate them. While budget/time restraints may mean that I might have to be a little selective sometimes, there’s no reason that given enough time and planning, I can’t be creative. I don’t want to get to December 24th, 2013 and be all, “OMG. I haven’t done my Christmas shopping  and I don’t know where to start and I have to go to the crazy shops with the fullest car parks, in the hottest weather…WITH A TODDLER?!”

Yeah, I learnt from that mistake this year…

I’ve already set up a secret Pinterest board with gift ideas, as well as one for party food ideas (that one’s not a secret – it’s just yummy) and anything that will make me into a more proactive friend/family member throughout the year. I want to dangle at least one foot out of the mummy whirlpool I’ve been in for the past year and rejoin the rest of the world without feeling guilty or neglectful of the other areas of my life. I am sick of scrambling about at the last minute (I’m sure I won’t be perfect at it but I’m going to try harder – let’s be realistic).

Improve my blog.
Of course, I’ve told my husband (and anyone we know who might have a rich uncle) that I could totally do this if I had a MacBook Air…but jokes aside, I just want to update the look of this little space, invest in making it appear more professional (even if the content is totally unprofesh’ hahaha). I love writing. I love the support my readers have given me throughout the year and I just want to keep making this a great place for everyone to come and hang out in. Of course I would love to see my readership grow and maybe make something good out of it all. I’m not in it for money or fame (which is lucky really), but I want to keep ‘working’ on something I love to do.

Home Makeoverrrrrrrrr!
Nothing drastic. I just want to follow through with all the ideas I keep getting. I seem to think of something, then promptly decide it’s too hard or too expensive. Nothing’s too expensive if you do it right, so that excuse can go you-know-what itself. Also, it’s time I really got my creative spirit going. A beautiful home that reflects my little family and who we are is something I really want the Little Mister to grow up in and remember. We may not live in this house forever, but I’m going to start making it into our family home. I say this almost every year and take tiny steps towards the goal, but I never follow through. This year it’s going to be different. I feel like we’re going to be more settled and stable. I like that. I also hope I didn’t just jinx myself…

I just feel like it’s time to shake things up. Make ‘home’ a really interesting and vibrant place to be. Fresh and energised.

Date nights/days.
Sometimes my husband and I can get really busy (and so can our babysitter extraordinaire parents) and this past year we completely neglected couple time. We had some bumps in the road, but now it’s time to focus on ‘us’ more. I hope that at least once every couple of months (minimum), we can go watch a gold class movie or head to a gig/show somewhere. Nothing has to cost a lot. It doesn’t even have to be night time excursions. Just has to be us doing something that is purely for us.

We did spend 2012 using our babysitting favours to attend weddings and other social events with friends, but we need to acknowledge that it’s not the same as taking time purely as a couple.

All in all, I feel a lot of hope for the year ahead. Life will always bring the unexpected hiccups and roller coaster rides and I might laugh at these resolutions in a few months’ time when I realise something ridiculous has completely thrown everything on its head, but for now I am enjoying that optimistic feeling. To me, that hope is the most beautiful part of looking towards a new year. Also, I get to use new stationery. I’m looking at you, brand new totally cute planner from Typo!! So there’s that 😉

It probably goes without saying, but I also can’t wait to keep watching the Little Mister’s journey into toddlerhood roll out. Lots of surprises and new experiences in store for all of us. I love that little dude. I just want to keep being the best parent I can be. I want to be kind to myself as a parent and much less insecure than I have been since he was born – gotta keep remembering to trust my instincts (it’s always a work in progress). I want to teach my little man how to be the best Little Mister he can be.

What are your hopes and dreams for 2013?


It’s that time of year again!


So last Christmas was the Little Mister’s first Christmas ever. So that was really cool. I dressed him in a cute outfit (it was wrecked by lunchtime probably) and everybody clucked over the new addition to the family. He was probably around one and a half months old then (I’m no mathematician). He slept and had his milk. Cried occasionally. The usual newborn baby thing. You know how it is (or not – how would I know) haha.

I like to think of this Christmas (2012) as his second first Christmas. This year the Little Mister is a toddler! He is moving around by himself (when he’s not crash tackle hugging people), he’s eating new foods and he’s ‘talking’ a lot. He understands when something exciting is happening (cue clapping and smiling and whole body wiggling) and he can take in so much more of his surroundings! He wants to know what the world is about and he’s so curious. This has really brought out my Christmas spirit. Last year I felt the excitement of our first Christmas as a little family. This year is all about sharing it with the Little Mister 🙂

I’m really excited about the fact that he can stay awake (sometimes painfully so – but we’ll look at the positives) more, feed himself (my husband and I may not have to take turns not eating on Christmas day this year – a true gift), and run about exploring and playing. SO COOL.

OK, so I haven’t really bought many presents yet (despite the usual good intentions to start earlier – we all know how that works out), but I have really enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree. I might have bought over 150 new baubles this year. Despite already owning a full set. I’ve become a little bit more nuts than I already was last year. I’m starting to get delusional ideas that I might be able to change colour themes EVERY YEAR. However, the storage space in my house (and probably my husband) say “not so much”. However, I am pretty sure this problem will take care of itself, because so far we have lost a few baubles to the bin fairy on account of *ahem* vigourous handling…who could be responsible for that? I don’t know…

The Christmas tree is encased in a big, colourful play pen. Next year we need a bigger play pen. The branches stick out a bit at the bottom and I’m not entirely sure there’s enough room in there for all the presents. The tree looks AMAZING (if I do say so myself) …well, until you glance about half way down, where the decorations suddenly become very sparse. It is the epitome of a childproofed Christmas tree. Maybe someone should invent festive tree decorations that also double as child safe teething toys (BPA and chemical free blah blah blah). Problem solved. SERIOUSLY. SOMEONE SHOULD REALLY DO THIS. DO I HAVE TO THINK OF EVERYTHING?!?!?!

tumblr_me09wqoOGH1rlf48uo1_500_largePic: That kid is about to eat or break something. I just know it.

On another note, it turns out that Santa is just some scary individual who hangs out at the shops tormenting toddlers and babies. His big fake beard and glasses ensure that your child cannot tell if he is friendly or not, so worrying about whether you want the cute photo package that includes wallet photos and a keyring vs just the standard six photo prints becomes the least of your concerns when the bawling begins!

Also turns out that the jolly sounds of “Ho Ho Ho – Merry Christmas” are actually a deep, intimidating boom to a toddler and doesn’t actually make them feel any more joyful. In fact, picture the opposite result.

While other sensible parents might just say, “OK, let’s just avoid Santas from now on”, my husband and I (after awkwardly abandoning the photo shoot with shopping centre Santa) decided that it’s time to desensitise the Little Mister. You know, because we’re totally child psychology experts (don’t ask me about my actual real life degree in behavioural science and my half a degree – totally counts – in childhood education because I’ve just blown all credibility by writing this blog). He clearly hasn’t had enough Christmas-ifying yet! We started saying “Santa” repeatedly while looking positively, dementedly could-possibly-be-smoking-crazy-drugs-but-we-wouldn’t-because-we’re-responsible-parents happy (hoping it will create a positive association). We bought a Santa hat at the supermarket and started saying, “Ho Ho Ho” in various voices and tones to him, while wearing the hat. This brought mixed results. As well as the sight of us being ridiculous.

We started saying “Merry Christmas” a lot and clapping, because clapping means you’re happy. I started showing the Little Mister Santa movies (still waiting for Elf – my FAVOURITE), even though I’m a perfect parent who NEVER lets my child watch a television (hahaha I’m hilarious).

May I add that my father in law wants to dress as Santa for Christmas this year to hand out the gifts?

I’ll let you know how it all works out.