F*ck yeah, self care!

Oh, hey! How are ya? I’m pretty good because this week is my birthday week. You’ll find that I’m not one of those¬†shy, don’t like to celebrate types. I think birthdays are frickin’ rad and that everyone deserves to feel a bit special as they reach the milestone of being alive for another year! I’m […]

The Happy List #39

Aah, the joys of parenthood. The Little Mister is home sick from kindy today. His fever from yesterday is still lingering (although he’s not as hot as yesterday thank goodness – he was almost in the danger zone) and he claims to have a ‘wobbly head’, which is actually the cutest thing for a sick […]

The Happy List #38

It’s the Monday of a long weekend here in WA. That alone deserves a spot on the happy list! I love the feeling that we’re counting down to Easter and then the school holidays. Yay! So, sometimes I really suck at the whole pre-amble thing. Let’s just get right to the good stuff. Here are […]

The Happy List #34

Holy crap, it’s been a big week! I’m still trying to find my groove, now that the Little Mister has started kindy, but I am oddly excited about getting organised and starting a new routine. Oh, and time to myself will be great – however fleeting it will feel between work and school drop offs […]

The Happy List #27

This past week has been a mixed bag. Some things have brought great joy and others…well, they can stay in last week, thank you very much! I am so glad that I write this list every week (and grateful to those who read it), because I really do think that it has helped me to […]

The Happy List #18

While this past week included some disappointments (a long story about a 5km run I have had to pull out of) and some frustrations (a very curious and permanently hangry little ‘scientist’ who has been driving me bonkers with his unauthorised ‘experiments’ around the house – any other parents of almost 4 year olds who […]