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Mood boosting music.

I know I probably sound like a broken record, but END OF SCHOOL HOLIDAYS – AM I RIGHT? I am trying to find anything I can to keep myself limping to the finish line! I love love love my kid and for the most part we’ve had a lot of fun together since school broke up, but I am tired, I can’t remember when I last had any decent time alone in the quiet and I’ve started to fantasise about doing impossible things like getting my nails done, having a hair appointment (something I rarely do even during the school term), going to the toilet without anyone panicking that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth, time to work out alone, a sleep in, watching TV shows/movies that are rated higher than ‘G’ (yes I have night time to binge but you see I fall asleep so early ?) … you know, ridiculously lofty ideas like that.

I know I’m probably the biggest first world problems whinger right now. I know my life is objectively quite good. So many people have it worse/harder. But I’m betting I’m not alone!! The struggle is real!

Anyhow, one thing that doesn’t cost anything (and may or may not even temporarily drown out the sounds of whining child/ren) is music. I don’t have to be alone to listen to most of it (hastily skips over the cuss heavy songs before my child realises). It motivates me. It lifts my mood. Gives me an energy boost. Hey, sometimes I even get a mini (not really anything close to a real) work out from dancing around the kitchen like a dickhead. My kid doesn’t mind it. YES.

I have thought about which songs never fail to make me feel better when I’m feeling flat or frustrated.

Here are the ones I can remember off the top of my head:

Bliss and Eso – Addicted (language warning)

Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us

The Little Mister calls this song the “Can Holders” song. He thought it was about can holders! What are can holders anyway? Things that hold cans, I guess?

Lion Babe – Impossible

Wombats – Let’s Dance to Joy Division

The line “Let’s dance to Joy Division, and celebrate the irony, everything is going wrong, but we’re so happy…” always makes me grin. Because if everything’s going to shit, you can still dance and take the piss out of yourself and hopefully one day laugh about it.

Sia – Cheap Thrills

Not only is Sia a freakin’ genius, playing this song when I’m feeling a bit strapped for cash makes me feel better LOL.

Drapht – Dancin’ John Doe

Illy – Catch 22

A while ago, I asked my friggin’ amazing Facebook followers for their fail-proof mood boosters and here were their suggestions:

  • The Darkness – I believe in a thing called love
  • Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling
  • Pharrell Williams – Happy
  • Seth Sentry – Vacation
  • Katrina and the Waves – Walking on sunshine

So there you have it. A ready to go playlist! Hope some of these songs boost your mood too!

Anything you’d like to add? 

The Happy List #6



It’s been a slightly unusual week here at the Unprepared household. Mr Unprepared somehow got away for much of it for a boys’ trip to Melbourne (slippery sucker). I’m not jealous. Much. Whenever he goes away, I know I’ll miss him, but I do this thing where I remind myself of all the perks you can temporarily have while your partner is gone. It flips the script from negativity and sadness to make it something to look forward to – hey, it’s only a few days and you have to get through them anyway. May as well find things to enjoy about it!

Here’s what’s made me happy this week…

The temporary bachelorette life

Hogging the bed, watching Netflix in bed as late as I like (within reason because I have to parent), eating weird meals, more time to blog, quieter evenings, the ability to do weird beauty related things without him looking at me like I’m losing my mind, no sports on TV. I also kind of like that no-one snores on me and the bathroom floor is always dry. Sorry, hon. You know I love you. Haha.

A little shopping for myself

Being able to buy myself some new make up and stuff was great this week. I had let things slip in the self care department and it felt really nice to get some stuff to pamper myself with and help me get back out into the world after a few illness ridden weeks in our household. I am so excited to have a couple of comfy hoodies and some awesome sauce PJ pants on the way too!

That one time the Little Mister ate his dinner without any weird complaints

You might know what it’s like trying to eat dinner with a small person. The food can be too hot, too cold, too hard to eat with cutlery. There can be demands that it be cut into smaller pieces, then tears because you cut it into smaller pieces. Yesterday’s favourite food can become today’s most hated.

Well, one night this week, I made macaroni cheese with corn and shredded chicken. Seems like a no brainer when it comes to kid friendly, right? Not always. Nothing is guaranteed. I have served similar dishes before, to just be left broken by his zero star reviews. Like the times he randomly decides he does not like chicken. You know, just for that night because that’s the night you cooked it.

Not this week! I watched in disbelief as he used his fork (as opposed to his fingers), peacefully eating the whole meal. No complaints. No sudden disliking of the ingredients. No weird, drawn out delay tactics between mouthfuls.

“I love corn! I love chicken! Thank you for dinner, Mummy!”

AMAZING. I felt like something magical had happened. Some mystical science fiction shit. I may never witness this again, but gosh it was wonderful. A once in a lifetime experience. No, really. Probably was.

Getting my blogging mojo back

I’m probably jinxing it right now, but something clicked in me after feeling writer’s block for a bit too long. I realised that I was caring too much about doing everything ‘right’ and about the fact that my traffic had been down since I became self hosted and moved my blog to its own site. I had forgotten what I was doing this for. Me. For me. Because I love to write. And because I know I would still do it even if no-one was reading. Once I got back to basics, the words started to flow. I love when my creative side is just busting out. It’s a thrill.

The Little Mister being BFFs with our dog

The other night, Mr Unprepared took pity on our little heeler Heidi and let her in the house for a while. She’s getting older and she feels the cold. She was allowed to sit in the Little Mister’s play room by the door. Of course she crept closer and closer to him as time went on. He made her a little ‘home’. He showed her his favourite toys. He said sweet things to her and gave her loving pats. He talked to her like she was one of his human friends. It was the sweetest thing EVER.



So, that’s my list! What would be on your happy list this week? x

When the universe laughs at your plans.



I was on a high today. Everything felt smooth and easy. My internet was still here when I woke up in the morning. I slept through Mr Unprepared leaving for work really early (usually a difficult thing for me). The Little Mister was being positively angelic (despite weirdly not going to sleep until 10pm the night before). We had plenty of time to play and be together. We sat outside and the sun was shining. A nice little trip to the new corner store first thing. I got some baking done – healthy stuff you can be smug about. I had the slow cooker going and dinner was going to be right on time, instead of some horrific rushed thing during witching hour. I even enjoyed playing around with my blog a little. I felt like I was making up for the past week, where I’d felt distracted and rushed and stressed and guilty for not being able to be as present with the Little Mister as I’d have liked.

Let’s face it. I was feeling like I was nailing life.

So when Mr Unprepared called to tell me his bike had a flat tyre, I wasn’t fussed. I’d have just enough time to drive down the road and get him – save him an extra half hour of walking along the road with his bike. Why not. It would be a little adventure for the Little Mister and we’d be back in time for our slow cooked meal. I’d feel like the best wife ever. Still nailing it. Go Kez.

That was until I drove past the point where I thought I’d see my husband waiting for me and he wasn’t there. So I went a bit further. Might as well save him a little more walking distance. If I didn’t see him then, it would be easy and quick to double back again. Do a quick u-turn and all would be well.

So…I went to do that u-turn down a little residential street.


My car was not coping. I pulled up quickly and got out of the car with a sinking feeling. I knew I’d done something. And there it was. A flat tyre. I’d done a good job of it too. Turned out that as I was turning, that simple little kerb I thought I was gently nudging over was not so simple. There was a big concrete guard for a drain. A sharp, evil looking thing. I hadn’t seen it. It was in just the wrong spot. I thought about how much tyres cost and I wanted to roll my eyes so hard. Bloody hell.

I called Mr Unprepared and broke the news to him. He’d have to walk his bike (with the annoying flat tyre) back to where I was. The rescuee would have to become the rescuer! I had a pretty well equipped car with a brand new spare tyre and a jack in the back. I just needed a hand.

My mind flashed back to leaving the house with the Little Mister. I had said, “Don’t worry about shoes – we will just be making a quick trip to get Daddy. We won’t even be getting out of the car.” I never say that. I always get the shoes anyway, because my mind says, “What if…”

Not today! HA HA HA.

At this point, I realised I had two choices. I could be mad that a stressful few weeks wasn’t letting up and indulge in the drama, or I could laugh my arse off. I mean, what are the odds? My husband calls me about a flat tyre on his bike and I get a flat tyre trying to rescue him. I mean, come on! It was kind of hilarious how ridiculous it was.

All was well in the end. My parents did need to come out (they live close) because the tools that came with the car’s emergency kit were quite crap and the wheel nuts were on super tight, but Mr Unprepared was able to change the tyre fairly easily and get us home eventually. My slow cooking meal was not wrecked (despite my belief that surely it would be). We had a pleasant evening. Everyone was OK, despite it all.

Tomorrow I will have to call the tyre place and it’s going to sting having to replace the two front tyres (especially when one of them is still just fine), but thankfully it’s a day when the Little Mister is in childcare. Sure, I’m supposed to start work for my parents, but at least they are very understanding. I’m sure I can work the afternoon instead or something. Everyone will pitch in where possible to somehow make it all work. I’d say having support like that is a win.

I can’t help but find my sense of humour. The universe will always laugh at our best laid plans. May as laugh with it!! We joked that I was so excited to have the internet back that I needed to do something drastic, so I’d have something new to blog about. I can’t help but see these kinds of mishaps as blogging material! There’s a positive!

I also can’t help but feel that we still had a really good day. Because we laughed about it and looked after each other. And because shit happens, but it’s all about how we react to it. Today I chose happiness. We did good. I’m grateful.

As a friend said on twitter, we aren’t called the Unprepareds for nothing! x


It’s only Tuesday, but I’m quite exhausted. Usually this kind of fatigue doesn’t hit me until at least Thursday, when I grab my husband by his imaginary lapels and gasp “TGIFT” – Thank God It’s Friday…Tomorrow as he walks in the door after work.

The last couple of mornings my day has started at roughly STUPIDF*CKINGam (the time that Mr Unprepared gets up for work – not a coincidence AT ALL). I can usually handle this a couple of days a week (the rest I am tired enough to sleep through my husband’s early morning routine), but sometimes it’s all a bit much and I start to feel like a zombie, the Little Mister’s sweet voice grating on me like nothing else (not his fault at all). Well, his voice isn’t always sweet. He’s developed a really weird, dirty old laugh from somewhere which is amusing and disturbing at the same time. Kind of like the laugh you would imagine when you think of a stereotypical fat French man. I don’t know if French people are fat. I heard there were books about how they are skinny, but imagine it anyway. I think I may have offended a lot of people just then. I should just shut up. I guess I’m not thinking very coherently because I’m so tired…

Where were we?

So anyway, I thought I’d collect a few quotes to keep me going with a positive attitude, because let’s face it: ordinarily, I get very grumpy when tired. It’s only Tuesday. I’ve gotta do something about this. I can’t spend another 3 whole days grumpy – that just takes a lot more energy. I’ve gotta be positive!


This first one is just a little incentive for my husband to be a teensy bit quieter in the mornings haha. I know he has his work cut out for him with an ensuite that doesn’t even have a door on it and a lot of other factors that cannot be avoided, but just remember, Mr Unprepared, more sleep for me means a happier wife. Happy wife, happy life? 😉



I can choose to whinge, moan and mope about how tired I am and how “ick” I feel, but to be honest, from experience, I know that will only make me feel worse. I need to make a choice to be happy and thankful. I need to choose to be excited about my day and look for the positives. Sure, I feel a bit crap and a bit “over it”, but I can do this!



When I’m tired I need to make good decisions. I need to not let my fatigue affect the Little Mister’s or my safety. I need to try reaaaally hard not to take my tiredness out on anybody. Which brings me to this…



When my body has had enough, it tries to tell me. A tell tale sign of exhaustion for me is a woozy feeling that won’t let up until I take a break and literally lie down and sleep. My job (as a mum who is responsible for another person) is to not let myself overdo things. I can’t get to that phase. I need to listen to my body, slow down, not try to do too much (easier said than done) and take the right opportunities to rest. Take a nap when the Little Mister naps, take a few minutes when my husband is home from work. Get an early night if all else fails. To me, being in tune with your body is one of the most important things you can do for your health.



Some weeks days when I’ve been tired for a while, it can be easy to let guilt and frustration take over. Instead of beating myself up over yesterday’s less than stellar energetic performance (a waste of energy in itself), I can remember it’s a new day and give myself a new chance to get out there and kick arse (in the most positive way of course).



It takes some grit, but YOU CAN DO IT. Just gotta push myself through that first, “OH WHY WHY WHY DO I HAVE TO GET UP NOW???” feeling/thought each morning and motivate myself to do my best. Work hard and survive the day. I’ll only feel awesome at the end of it, if I’ve tried my hardest. 🙂

How are you today? 


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Some thoughts for the week.

So, it’s Monday again! It just keeps on coming back around faster and faster these days! I’m exhausted! I’m trying to muster up my energy and positivity for the week, as I have been doing for a little while (here and here so far). I find it gets me out of that Monday-itis funk 🙂



I’m struggling with the ability to forgive in a particular situation – not so much for the other person’s sake, but for my own sanity. I don’t ever want to be an uptight, burnt out person with a chip on their shoulder. I want to choose love and positivity. I believe that is the way to live a great life. I’ve been through a lot more than people probably realise and I just want to be stronger every day. I don’t want the challenges I’ve faced to forever change me for the worst.


Sometimes it’s easy to get dragged into a competitive approach to life and the people around us. That’s great when it comes to getting that promotion at work or if you’re running a race, but sometimes it’s easy to try to find comfort in being better than somebody else. Having someone to look down on. That is a lazy approach to life and I think we should be competing with no-one but ourselves. Being our personal best. I wonder how I can better myself this week?


This idea of mindfulness is so important in my life. Especially now that I have the Little Mister running about. I may be tired, but I don’t want to go through the motions of a day, like a zombie, without being aware of each moment. I want to make my decisions (even the really little ones) with greater consciousness. I want to look back on a day, week or month and know that I drank in every moment I was supposed to.


I chucked this one in, because today I am very very tempted to eat naughty, fat filled food for lunch. I am fighting the urge, because I know it’s just a reaction to being tired and feeling like I want to comfort and reward myself with food. Wrong reasons, y’all! I must stay strong!! Hopefully I will find the energy to work out later too, but I’ll just start with being mindful of the calories I’m ingesting first – see how I go! Just ignore the fact that this girl appears to have no pants on and is groping herself…


This is a big part of the way I think about social justice (and in my own day to day situations). Some of us need more help in life to get an opportunity to live a better life. People might whine about how all slices of a metaphorical pie must be absolutely equal, but what if one of us is of a healthy weight and lives a fortunate life, but the person next to us is malnourished and stick thin? We need to redefine our definitions of what is fair and equitable for this to be a better world. Also, now I’m thinking about pie. So I’d better stop right here haha.

I hope you all have a wonderful week xo