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A messy girl’s guide to cleaning up your side of the bathroom.

I know this will shock you, but I am not a domestic goddess. And by ‘shock you’ I mean, ‘probably not going to surprise you in the slightest if you even vaguely know me’.

I have a very busy brain and I can lose focus easily. Sometimes this means that my organisation skills suffer a lot little. I’ve had years of practice being me, so I have overcome a lot of these issues by planning better and making things easier for myself in life in general, but things do slip through the cracks. Especially when I’ve been out of my mind busy. Which is very different to being ‘got your shit together’ busy. Ha!

Lately, my side of the bathroom vanity was left to suffer. I’d been rushing around a lot – doing my make-up and then running without time to tidy up after myself. I’d dumped my stuff there rather unceremoniously after we got back from our recent trip to NSW and never really sorted it out. It was a f*cking dumpsite. Very embarrassing. I have photographic proof…

It looks like something from a hoarder’s house. Or one of those ‘rental tenants from hell’ pieces on a current affairs show. And quite honestly, I thought I’d removed any truly embarrassing items from view before taking the ‘before’ photo, but I clearly missed the tiny end of a tampon wrapper. I’m sorry. I can’t believe I’m posting this. Just #keepingitreal I guess!

Also, I should note that the martini glass was not used for drinking martinis out of and then abandoned (geez – I’m not an animal). Once upon a time, I had used it as a ‘trendy’ earring holder because I saw it on Pinterest like a bajillion years ago. You can see how well that went.

Anyway, I have redeemed myself. And it only took me probably less than an hour once I’d picked up a couple of basic things from Kmart (last of the big spenders).

Here is the ‘after’ picture (to help you recover from the awful ‘before’ picture):

I am not a perfect stylist (white flecks on the counter damn it) but I think I did OK! Mr Unprepared will be stoked haha (we have that stereotypical situation where his side is all minimalistic and tidy and mine is ALWAYS a mess).

Here’s what I’ve learned…


I cannot stress this enough. I had make up items that I knew were the wrong shade for me, did not do my skin/lips any favours (i.e. dried everything out etc), or were so old that I could vaguely remember purchasing them before my son was born!!!

I had accessories that had once been really trendy but were now decidedly daggy and hadn’t been worn since forever. There was  cheap jewellery that had discoloured or gotten tangled up beyond recognition. Odd earrings. WTF.

What freaks me out is that this stuff had actually survived multiple clean outs! I do not know what I was thinking. If you think you’ll use it one day, but those days have turned into years, it’s got to go!!

I am going to be far more mindful of what I purchase from now on. I was never a frivolous spender, but I think sometimes when you’re trying to learn about make up or what works for you, mistakes can be made. It’s all trial and error. I think I’ll learn to gift it to someone else when appropriate or just admit that it’s never going to work for me and throw it away!

Be brutal. You can find info on how long is too long to keep certain cosmetics if you do a little internet research too. Helps to have a little reality check.

Put the ‘sometimes’ items away in a caddy for easy access.

I bought a nice open caddy style container (fitting with the theme of the above containers in the ‘after’ pic) to fit all the things that aren’t used daily, but that I go to regularly. Things like extra hair ties (I’m usually a hair down kind of gal but I do up my hair around the house when working out or on hot days), bobby pins, hair removal products (haha), face masks, eye shadow pallets that only come out on special occasions and the like. Everything’s together and easy to grab now. YES.

It’s also great that this stuff is no longer cluttering up my counter space. AWESOME SAUCE.

Group ‘like’ things together so they’re easy to find.

I know you’re thinking, DUH. THIS STUFF IS SO OBVIOUS. But I really hadn’t put any of it into practice before. That’s the key – who knew that actually doing it is just as important as thinking about it haha.

I put all the make up brushes together in one tumbler thingy. I put eye, brow and lip pencils etc in another. I put lipsticks/glosses in a make up stand so I can see them easily. Skin stuff in another container. And so on.

I think this will save me so much time trying to find my every day items. It will also make it easier to tidy up afterwards. It will take me the same amount of time to tidy them up as it would have to throw them down on the bench in a rush.

Now if only I had some sort of inbuilt motivation to clean my brushes as often as I should!

Bring the space to life. 

I’ve been working on activating ‘dead’ spaces around my home. I want every part of my house to feel alive and inviting. I have a long way to go, but I’ve been slowly working on it for a while now. I think that some of the more utilitarian type spaces of the house tend to get forgotten around here and they can end up making you feel flat and unexcited when you have to spend time in those areas and then they start to look progressively shabbier.

I bought me some cheapy fake succulents in cool geometric vase thingies and put them on a shelf that is usually strewn with clutter. Voila! Suddenly, I feel a teensy bit more house proud and happy when I look at them. They also serve the purpose of stopping me from mindlessly cluttering up the shelf from now on. It was a real problem spot!

Be on the look out for inspiration.

I love to get ideas from Pinterest and Instagram when I am not sure where to get started. I saw so many great ideas to draw inspiration from before I purchased some of my storage stuff for the ensuite. With so many on-trend items available at affordable prices these days (as well as great online tutorials on how to do it yourself if you’re crafty), it can be really easy to recreate your favourite looks/ideas. Just be sure to update things every now and then *cough* martini glass *cough*

So, tell me.

How’s your bathroom counter looking?

Got any amazingly spectacular/terribly awful pics to share with me? 

The Happy List #19


I kind of hoped I wouldn’t have a blog that consists of nothing but happy lists (as positive as they are), but that’s what’s happened between last week and this week. I mean, you might not have noticed if I hadn’t said anything…so maybe I should just shut up haha. I had a bit of writers block, OK? Geez.


Now let me just launch into the list of stuff that has made me happy in the last week or so…

I didn’t let Patrice beat me

Who’s Patrice, you ask? Well, she’s my anxiety. She’s a crafty bitch and she tries to sneak into my mind when I am tired or PMSing or if something triggers me. I had days where I caught myself thinking too much (yes – it happens) and I am so proud that I stopped myself when I realised it was pointless chatter inside my head (my usual precursor to a Patrice attack). I wrote a page in my new journal and I then decided to stop thinking and let everything go. Like literally sit there for a minute and zone out watching TV or putting my energy into other things. No trying to analyse why I was overthinking or why I felt a bit…off (hopefully my fellow anxiety peeps will get this as funny as it does sound)!

I also tried hard to remember to communicate my anxious feelings to Mr Unprepared better. I was feeling anxious about a certain situation so I texted him my questions (with the explanation that I know Patrice can be annoying but did he mind?) and he was really supportive – by the end of the day he had answered every single one (that makes me sound really full on but there weren’t that many and he needed the answers too anyway). They were all practical details and it really helped me to support him in return. Yay teamwork.

A big weekend full of great friends

This weekend was huge. Usually the introverted part of me would be screaming on the inside by the end of it, but I really feel like it was just what I needed this time around. The Little Mister went to a fantastic birthday party, a great group dinner was had (it’s a long story but Mr Unprepared has just completed ANOTHER fantastic charity bike ride – he was a last minute fill in and he got to do it with two good friends – very proud of them), a DELICIOUS Sunday breakfast with the girls…

My waistline might not be thanking me, but my heart is full 🙂

Seeing my re-found organisational skills paying off

So I know I’ve gone on a bit about how I’m trying to live a little bit more intentionally and have tried harder to be organised, but I’m going to have to mention it again! It’s so great having a big weekly planner up on the pantry door. I’m seeing that Mr Unprepared is totally on board and knows what’s going on each day without having to ask me. He’s being more proactive telling me what he needs to do and can see for himself if it fits in with our schedules, without having to bug me haha. It’s so good – less nagging required from either party! Wife win!

Date time with the hubby

Sadly, these days a ‘date’ with Mr Unprepared involves staying in after the Little Mister is in bed and ordering a pizza to be delivered (ROMANTIC OR WHAT). If we’re feeling fancy we might splurge on renting a movie through iTunes or even have a wine or beer. So when we got an opportunity to take some time for ourselves – child free – last week, we were excited. Sure, it had to work around the Little Mister’s day care hours, but we made it happen!

We celebrated being together for 13 years with a lovely breakfast, followed by a nice walk along the foreshore, followed by mini golf, followed by a viewing of The Martian at the cinemas (and man I loved it – was SO good – I’d see it again), followed by a spot of shopping (not as romantic but it was nice to have time to ourselves to wander around)! I feel like it really refreshed us – yay for being a couple! 🙂

Seeing people do good things for other people

This past week it has made me feel so mushy and heartened. Whether it is people reaching out to others on social media to show their love and support through tough times, Mr Unprepared and his friends riding for charity, or the great work that is done each year for Telethon. It can be that family member or friend who is always there no matter what. Bad things happen to good people all the time, but so many good people give back and it is truly inspiring. I am thinking of everyone who is struggling right now and I am thankful for those who help them through. Props for making the world a better place xxx

Other things that have made me happy: 

  • When TED talks motivate me to do my housework haha
  • Online grocery delivery – yay!
  • Play time with my friends’ kids – so cute – all of them.

What’s on your happy list this week? x