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Taking Stock: January 2017.

Wow. You guys. We made it through 2016 and out the other side! It was a crazy year for me. Hard work, emotionally. And physically too. I would be lying if I said I’m not hoping that 2017 will be a little easier. Even just a little. I’m kind of tired, y’know? But I did learn so much about myself. I have definitely grown (2016’s manure was definitely a great fertiliser haha) and I think that’s what life’s about. We don’t always get what we want, but we get the lessons we need to learn. I would just like a less jam packed curriculum in the school of 2017, please! Maybe even a bit of a metaphorical summer holiday where everything’s amazing!

Every couple of months I ‘take stock’ and I am so glad that I get to do one in the new year. Feels right!

Making: A final decision on something that I was turning over in my head a bit towards the end of 2016. I think it’s the best thing for me and I’m glad to have some clarity.

Cooking: Nothing. Because I’m sitting in my bed! But maybe later I’ll make some pancakes. I’m just not ready to eat super healthy again yet – damn festive season!

Drinking: Sometimes it’s the only comfort when that time of the month arrives (despite my best efforts). Having a glass of wine or a cocktail is like a big ‘fuck you’ that helps me move on.

Reading: Is something I’d like to do much more of in 2017. I’ve started a Goodreads account and everything. It’s not so much a strict resolution for the year, but just something I’d like to quietly work on. I know this sounds dumb, but I was watching Pretty Little Liars last night (wild NYE obviously) and each time a character held a real, physical book in their hands I craved that feeling. While I do a lot of my reading electronically, I would love to pick up a select few paperbacks just to have that feeling. Might have to get rid of a lot first to make space though haha.

Wanting: Like I said in my little intro paragraph, I want 2017 to be easier. Sure, throw me a few life lessons, but make sure some really big, awesome stuff happens too, please!

Looking: A bit tired, bloated and fed up! I haven’t dressed nice in days or made an effort with make up etc. I can’t wait to return to the land of the living!

Playing: A snapchat video my brother sent me. Of him listening to the Cranberries’ Zombie in a club of some sort in Thailand. It’s kind of a family joke, because when the song first came out in the 90s, I played it over and over (and over and over) and my parents still hate it haha. We send it to them whenever we hear it!

Deciding: that while it really really sucks right now that my shark week is in its worst phase, I will make the best of this day, because it’s a new year and I want to start it with a positive attitude.

Wishing: For everything I didn’t get in 2016. I hope I’m blessed with those things this year. I hope this gets easier.

Enjoying: the fact that it’s 2017. YES. The dying days of 2016 (pardon the expression) were just agonisingly long for me!

Waiting: for the Little Mister to come barging into our room to greet us. I’m gonna yell ‘happy new year’ at him haha. (he did and I did)

Liking: My social life these holidays. I feel like I’ve struck a balance that suits me as a slightly introverted extrovert.

Wondering: If the Little Mister is going to be a furniture removalist when he grows up, because he’s always trying to move stuff and put it where he wants it. So annoying!

Loving: Slow movie days with the Little Mister when we’re all tired. We watched Matilda yesterday and everyone loved it.

Pondering: On what I achieved in personal growth in 2016 and what I can improve on in 2017.

Considering: Whether or not to pause this blog post and lie down or to keep soldiering on. I think I’ll keep going haha.


Buying: My last online purchase was to support #fashionforaleppo by ordering a couple of fabulous tops from the Sunday Soldiers website (they’re an amazing local business)! I think we can all agree that what is happening in Aleppo is awful and Elise from Sunday Soldiers (in collaboration with a couple of other great little businesses) are actually those amazing people who are actively trying to do something about it. Consider making a purchase (literally 100% of the proceeds go to the cause) and help them to spread the word! (not sponsored)

Watching: The Little Mister running in circles around the living area of the house. HOW DOES HE HAVE THE ENERGY?

Hoping: Everyone has a great 2017. Not everyone will, statistically, but I hope that the good will outweigh the bad.

Marvelling: at how much emphasis we all put on a new calendar year beginning. Even though it’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years, it still seems to resonate with us that a new year means a new start. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. Whatever motivates us to keep trying to grow and improve is fine with me! The trick is to keep it up all year long!

Cringing: at the fact that Donald Trump begins his presidency this year. Eep!


Needing: to hire a Lego Nanny (TM). I invented that concept in my head. A person you can pay who will always want to build the more challenging Lego things with your child whenever they nag, so you don’t have to.

Questioning: whether I really should have had pancakes. I feel a bit gross now haha.

Smelling: the scent of pancakes in the kitchen.

Wearing: a massive oversized off the shoulder top because I’m chilling around the house and it’s comfy. It’s amusing how every time I wear it, the Little Mister tells me to put it back on my shoulder because it’s ‘falling off’.

Following: my instincts more would be a good thing to do this year. I ignored them recently on an issue, and learnt the hard way!

Noticing: That all the Christmas stuff needs to come down today. Or could I make that tomorrow? Sigh.

Knowing: more than ever, who I am, what I want (and will/won’t accept) in life, and what I have to offer has been the biggest gift 2016 has given me.

Thinking: All the time. Overly so!

Admiring: you for reading this. I know these kinds of posts aren’t for everyone! Thanks!

Sorting: my house and my life out will feel really good this new year! I started decluttering both physically and emotionally last year and I will be continuing that process. It’s been so good for me.


Getting: over my renewed carb/sugar addictions will be a massive relief. Let’s just say I’ve partied hard in the food department over the Christmas/new year break and I am not actually feeling any better for it haha. I feel so lethargic and unmotivated and I know it’s because of the stuff I’ve been eating, but I am not quite ready to stop! Oops.

Bookmarking: the website of the new fertility clinic we’re attending this year. We’ve decided to change doctors. Can’t talk about that right now. But it’s a good move for us.

Coveting: more off the shoulder dresses/tops. I am obsessed.

Disliking: Social media people who are all about ‘likes’ and shock factor and clickbait. It gets old. Just be yourself. Don’t sell out. Keep your integrity!

Opening: My fitbit app every five seconds lately. Addicted to syncing it. Even though I’ve been doing crap all haha.

Giggling: on Christmas day while trying to fill my #quickcouch (a weird gift from my brother which brought many priceless moments) with air (and watching my family trying to as well) was probably my favourite memory of the day.

Feeling: tired but OK. And OK is much much better than bad.

Snacking: is a real problem.

Helping: the Little Mister to get ready for bed last night was so lovely. He’d had his first real NYE fun with the kids next door and was decked out in glow sticks and was all cuddly and ready for bed because it was a bit late for him.

Hearing: The damn cricket. Because Mister Unprepared has left it on, even though he’s not even in the house right now. As you can tell, I’m not a fan.

What are you up to right now?

Happy new year!


Reflection on the year that was.


I want 2015 to be as peaceful as this photo makes me feel x

Look, I am a total New Year nerd. As much as I work on self improvement and celebrating moments all year round, I just cannot resist the allure of December turning into January. I get to use a new diary (whatever’s the cutest at Typo – yay) and everything feels like a fresh start. When I discovered these questions over at Maxabella Loves (and some great answers from Kelly over at A Life Less Frantic) I couldn’t resist. The perfect way to spend a little quiet time (lucky me) on a NYE morning.

Here goes!

1. What word do you think best summed up 2014?

Brave. It probably wasn’t very outwardly noticeable to others, but for me it was a big theme. I started to speak up in small ways and to become more assertive. I learnt to be brave enough to say ‘no’ and brave enough to say ‘yes’. I became braver in sharing more of myself and my life on my blog. I stopped censoring so much. I did things that had scared me all my life and I triumphed. I think perhaps this explains my obsession with Sara Bareille’s song which is obviously called Brave.

2. What did you do for the first time this year?

I visited the place I was born. I had so many unresolved feelings about being adopted. Feelings I probably didn’t even fully realise were unresolved until I got there. Stuff that made me sad. Stuff about my decision to not search for biological parents. Stuff that weighed on me. Which brings me to the next question…

3. What is one thing that happened that will have lasting consequences?

Being in Busan, South Korea (where I was born) was HUGE. I finally know what the people of my birth country are like. I know so much more about their customs, their food, their way of living. I also know about the language barriers. The cultural differences between Korea and Australia – as well as some similarities. I see a little of what could have been and I am glad for what has been. Korea is no longer some weird mythical far away place I have to put on every form ever (which still pisses me off haha). I realise more fully that my identity is MINE. It is not defined by where I was born or where I’ve grown up – that is just a part of it. I am ME from wherever I am from and I am OK with that 🙂 This has brought me so much peace (after 30 years). I cannot begin to tell you. HUGE.

4. Was there anything you wish you’d done differently? Why? How?

I wish I had been less affected by the drama of other people. I wish I had been able to practice maintaining my own inner peace. While I am a very compassionate person, some things just shouldn’t be my battle.

5. Do you have a favourite moment from the year? What made it special?

Oh. So. Many. A vast collection of moments that showed me how much I love the Little Mister – any time my heart burst. No better feeling. While there were many mixed feelings about visiting Korea, I am SO glad we went there (and Japan and Singapore). I am glad we travelled. I am glad we had those experiences. Once in a lifetime stuff. A big highlight of the year. Sorry to keep bringing it up haha.

6. What lessons has 2014 taught you about yourself? About others?

I’ve learnt that I am inspired easily. If I have a tough time, I have the drive and determination to turn it around. I rarely just sit there and give up or wallow. I see obstacles and mentally challenging times as a call to action. I realise now that this is a strength of mine, whereas I think I always took this attitude for granted. I’ve learnt that there are people in this world who are ‘dumpers’ and ‘drainers’ and that it’s entirely up to me how I choose to react (or not react) to such treatment. Take it personally or realise that person is being an a**hole and move on? I think I know what I’d rather do. It’s a work in progress!!

7. How will the lessons from this past year change the way you approach the new year?

I just want to keep building on my personal strength and courage that I have found in the last year or two. I want to be less ruffled by things that do not matter. I want to beat my anxiety.

8. What do you most want to do in 2015?

Keep blogging, have a happy healthy family, watch the Little Mister grow. Chase whatever wonderful opportunities come my way. I love that I don’t know what those are yet. I want to say yes more but I want to say no more. It’s all about getting them in the right balance 🙂

9. What do you most want to change about yourself? The world?

*best beauty pageant voice* I want peace. Peace for the world. More compassion. I want for us to all become less self absorbed and more mindful of others. What we do/say/write affects other people. While we shouldn’t worry too much about what others might think of us when we make the best decisions for ourselves, we should be considerate and kind. A lot more considerate. Remember our manners. There’s a difference between being honest and being an a**hole about it.

10. What one word do you hope will sum up what you hope to achieve in 2015?

You could probably sense this, but my key word will be ‘peace’. Peace in my mind, peace in my family, peace in my community, peace in the world.


OMG ‘peace’ is a weird looking word. I think I have officially typed it too many times – ever have that happen? Haha.

If you want to answer these questions too, please let me know where i can find them – or you can leave your answers in the comments 🙂 I don’t care if they’re super long x




As I wake (far too early) this morning, after a crazy Christmas period (did I mention there’s also a family wedding today??), I am smiling because of something the Little Mister has started to do.

He has learnt the word “happy”. It came out of nowhere a couple of days ago when he pointed out a couple of characters in a book who were smiling. I asked him to show me a happy face and he gave me the most hilarious, exaggerated, gorgeous grin. His eyes wide and his mouth turned up. I thought it was so cute, but thought not much more of it. All he’d done is learn a new word and besides, I think almost everything he does is cute because I am a biased wreck of a mother. Right?

The Little Mister has started to insist that I record moments of his day on my phone through photos or video (oh no – not a little show off AT ALL). Like last night when his dad was away at bath time. He knows that when one of us is away, we send each other a cute bath time photo (of the Little Mister not ourselves haha). It’s a way of connecting as a little family even when we’re not in the same place, living the same little rituals together. The Little Mister prompted me as he sat in the bath – “Phone! Phone! Phone!”

Then he posed with a big grin.

Turns out this kid doesn’t say ‘cheese!’

He says, “Happy!” and he grins for the camera. I like that 🙂

…although, I’m a little scared about what he’ll be like when he learns how to take selfies haha.

I thought about it more and the thing that blows me away is that he will choose to be “happy” on cue and he genuinely is – it’s no act. He just decides to be happy and he is. Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that a magical thing? Not everyone can do that. Especially as the weight and responsibility of growing up starts to affect us.

Sometimes he just wanders around the house (with that funny swagger that only toddlers have) and chants “happy happy happy!” as he smiles his little face off.

I am inspired by that little man.

So I’m going to try to remember to be “happy”. Whenever I have a choice in the matter (i.e. for as long as my mental health allows), I am going to choose to just be “happy”. I’m going to stretch those little corners of my mouth upwards and I am going to get a silly twinkle in my eye. Just because I want to. Because I need to – it’s good for my health. Because I am lucky enough that I can. And if I should ever not be able to just turn on the ‘happy’ (after trying really really hard), I will make sure to get some help or talk to someone about it or change something in my life.

If I had to sum up 2013 in a word, it would be growth. Hard work, at times quite painful. All necessary. But now I want to focus on happiness. I want to enjoy what I’ve grown to be and where I am now. I want to keep growing, but I want it to have a sense of ease about it. I want to be more *happy*. While some things in life (a lot of things) are out of my hands, I am going to work harder on maintaining my inner peace. I want to remember my inner child.

So maybe that’s my new year’s resolution for 2014. Of course, I have specific goals in mind to achieve this, but I won’t bore you with the details 🙂

May “Happy New Year” not just be an overused platitude. May it truly be happy for all of you.



New Year’s Resolutions 2013: How did I go?



As 2013 rapidly comes to a close, I’ve been thinking about whether I lived up to my new year’s resolutions. I’ve never really made any before, because I’ve always believed them to be bullsh*t. I’m usually the chick who goes on about how we should make resolutions and improvements all year round blah blah, but I must have been in some kind of post-Christmas cheer fog or something! I don’t regret it, though. I must have made them because I really needed to at the time. So, here’s how I went:

Look after my body and mind.

OK, so I didn’t lose 7kg. In fact, from day 1 of 2013, I have only lost about 2kg all year. My weight fluctuated as I comfort ate my way through some stress – something I’ll always be working on (and currently am with the help of my fitbit which I purchased to help me track everything).

BUT… I did make more regular hair appointments than usual. If by ‘usual’ I mean more than twice a year. Still. An improvement. It can be difficult to remember/plan/find appointment times that allow me to leave the Little Mister. But I did it. Go me! I couldn’t find time/money to get my nails done professionally, but I did do my own nails all year. I treated myself to some bottles of OPI polish every now and then, and made sure to replace chipped (or more likely obliterated) polish with fresh home manicures/pedicures (some more aesthetically pleasing than others). Just that small gesture towards myself did actually help me to feel good.

I bought more make up products (lipsticks and eyeliner) and used some nice facial scrubs/cleansers, but I know I could definitely invest in myself a bit more. I did finally (this month – scraping in there) purchase some much needed bronzer and mascara though. Yay.

Overall – a win 🙂

Organise gifts/special occasions ahead of time so I can be creative.

Look, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t as awesome at this as I hoped to be, but I did do marginally better. It might have been borne of necessity as you have to manage your time better when you have a toddler in your midst. I haven’t felt as out of control of it all as I did last year, so I’d call that a win.

I bought my November child his birthday (and some of his Christmas) presents MID YEAR at the toy sales. So that’s something. While I didn’t do so well with gifts for friends, I did budget more carefully so I could contribute to group gifts for friends a bit more often. I do have my Pinterest board of cool gift ideas, but to be honest (as happens with these things), it’s not really gone anywhere.

I don’t feel guilty about everything anymore, which I think is the key. I think the guilt was the whole motivation behind this resolution. I’ve realised that while there are some “super mum” types out there who can coordinate parties and gifts way in advance, somehow appearing to be everything to everyone, I am not one of them. I do my best because I care, but I don’t beat myself up as much as I did last year when it falls short of my own expectations. I can always improve, that’s for sure and I am appreciating that with the Little Mister getting older, I do find I have the ability to use BOTH of my hands (and a percentage of my brain) to get stuff done as time goes on.

Improve my blog.

I made a joke about how having a MacBook Air would change EVERYTHING, thinking it would never happen on our budget, but lo and behold, my April birthday brought with it the very baby that I am typing this post on now. Mr Unprepared did a little crowd funding (i.e. asking all our family members for a little help) and I was so grateful to everyone. I now can blog on a little laptop with a reliable battery. It doesn’t take 50 years to start up or shut down like my old dinosaur laptop. I can sit anywhere with it (yeah yeah I know that’s the point) and still keep an eye out for the Little Mister while I quickly post something or take care of some home admin. Also? Everything looks pretty and I kind of like not using Windows anymore. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw (but with less shoes and a kid and …OK so we’re nothing alike).

I asked my gorgeous interwebby friend Em to help me design some bloggy things and it took a little tweaking but I’m really enjoying the look of my blog at the moment. So much nicer than what I started the year with. Thanks, lady!!

I also started submitting some of my posts to iVillage Australia’s iBlog Friday round ups. I was a winner twice and that meant being republished in full twice too (not to mention some cute prizes). It felt really nice to share my writing with a wider audience and I am grateful for the other blogs I’ve started reading as a result.

I finally found the courage to invite more ‘real life’ friends/family to follow me and it’s kind of fun not being completely anonymous anymore. I feel like I’ve grown into myself a lot more since starting the blog. As for its Facebook page, I’ve got a whole entire hundred and thirty something followers haha. I might still be a very small fish, but I am grateful for all of you. It’s more than I started the year with! 🙂

Home Makeoverrrrrrrrr!

So…what did I get done?? Not a whole lot. As usual, I had ideas. As usual, I didn’t follow through as life got busy or unpredictable. So…we removed a garden bed and let the grass grow over it? I bought some new fabric to re-style some canvas wall hangings and then decided it wasn’t right? I vacuumed a few times? I pinned stuff on Pinterest?

Don’t worry. I’m still super excited about making our house better. We’re going to paint the whole facade in new colours and I’m going to make the Little Mister an awesome ‘big boy’ bedroom in 2014. Honest. I mean it. Truly. We will.

Date nights/days.

It’s hard to find time to date each other, but Mr Unprepared and I did focus more on ourselves as a couple this year. We went on a couple of dates at least – mostly during the day haha. This meant saying no to other people a bit more (something we found hard at first) and asking for more babysitting favours (also hard to do because I hate asking for help – I hate putting people out), but all in all it was an improvement.

Even though getting out as a couple (child free) can prove challenging, I think we did try harder to focus on couple time and improving our relationship. So I think the spirit of this resolution definitely shone through. As funny as it sounds, spending dedicated time as a little family even felt like dating because it was always time spent out of love. Focusing more on quality time has been so nice.

I don’t regret putting “us” first at all.

Overall, I think I did fairly well. Even though I didn’t quite nail a couple of the resolutions I made, I still feel a shift in my mindset towards those goals. I think having resolutions did really help me focus on where I wanted to be by the end of this year. The jury is still out on whether I’ll make resolutions for 2014, but I know I can continue to improve on the ones I made for 2013.

How did you go? How do you feel about new year resolutions? x

Pinning at life. Well, before I ‘pin out of control.


Hmm. I usually try to blog at least once a week, but I must admit I’ve been preoccupied. I’m feeling that honeymoon phase of the new year where you try to put all of your resolutions into action all at once and it’s too early to be disappointed in myself! It’s great! I mean, check in with me by say, March, and I’ll let you know if all has been abandoned, but so far so good!

I have a confession. When Pinterest started to get all like a big deal and shiz, I just kind of pathetically signed up, pinned a couple of things and promptly lost (p)interest. I’m not really a stayer when it comes to that stuff. I didn’t really get why every person with a house/child/body/cat wearing mittens really got so into it. Now? In 2013? I’m kind of addicted. Not like fully addicted, spending all day every day looking for a Pinteresty hit. I’m really still just dabbling and kidding myself that it won’t take over my whole life one day and then I’ll have to go to Pinterest rehab (after a Pinterest intervention where my loved ones are all, “At first we understood the allure and loved that you were so inspired, but babe, when are you actually going to do all the sh*t you’ve pinned?”) and I’ll be all like, “No, no no”, which will ultimately lead to my demise where I am found clutching my iPhone in one hand and a failed craft project in the other, the life gone out of me and all I can hope for is that someone will say (as they shake their head sadly), “A tragedy. But at least she lived a (p)interesting life…”

Wait, what was I saying??

Anyway, the simplest things have got me thinking about my house. My home. What I want it to say about itself and about my family and about where we live. Quite simply? It needs to say COASTAL BEACH PARADISE SANCTUARY. Which isn’t an actual sentence, so much as words strung together, but it paints a nice picture. I’ve always tried to achieve this look, but fell short when it came to dedicating the right amount of time, money and energy to the cause. I don’t want to get my real estate mad husband excited, but the idea of one day selling the place is at the back of my mind and I really want our house to be something we’re proud of and that will look like something someone would want to buy. Also? I want it to be a place where I really want to be. Like having a dream holiday house that’s actually… your house!

It’s so great. I’ve totally got the bug and it only took a couple of things to make me all excited. I found a gorgeous canvas at the local markets for only $39 and it has gorgeous shells, sand and beachy things on it. The colours complement my home (and my living room’s basic colour themes). I am still congratulating myself on actually buying it. The old (soooo 2012) me would have talked myself out of it for no bloody good reason! Another thing was my husband’s motivation to finally put some new plants in the planter at the front of our house. Guess weeds aren’t really that fashionable these days. I was being a picky little monster about it and forced him to google images of every known plant to man before I would make a decision. Most of this search consisted of him showing me a picture of some grassy thing and me saying, “That is going to just be a feral mess one day. I am not going to have a feral mess out the front of my damn house.”

Finally, we found these:


Apparently, they’re called Silver Cushion and are just gorgeous! They flower with little yellow buds, but what I love is the silver foliage. Why? It reminds me of beach holidays, where the coastal scrub is everywhere and you just know you’re near the ocean. This sent me on a Pinterest rampage last night, let me tell you (might even explain my lack of blogging lately).

Now I just have to keep those bastards alive. Wish me luck. Apparently plants need water and stuff to survive? Who knew.

Here is some of the stuff I’ve been pinning:

Source: curbly.com via Kez on Pinterest

Source: jossandmain.com via Kez on Pinterest


Yep. And that’s only the beginning!! My creative juices are well and truly flowing (ew)!!!

How would you like to decorate your dream home? What do love about your home?

I can’t wait.


So I take it that if you’re reading this post, you survived Christmas. Congrats! Seriously. It’s a crazy holiday season. Now that Santa’s been and gone, I’m just totally, ridiculously, OTT excited about 2013. I’ve always been super sentimental about the new year, but this year feels different. My 2012 was the biggest mixed bag I’ve ever experienced. Highs, lows, you name it. I’ve had a lot of time to think about my life and where I want it to head, as well as having no time at all to think! It’s a really strange thing.

I’m so excited about the start of 2013 because I feel like I’m finding myself again. The first year of parenthood has been amazing, but I felt like I lived up to my blog title so much so that it got a bit crazy! It’s all about flying by the seat of your pants. I looked back on my 2012 diary lately and had to laugh at the obsessive lists I wrote almost every day as I tried to navigate life as a brand spankin’ new parent. Life was pretty full up with feeding times, nappy bag supplies and WHAT IS HE DOING NOW – I CAN’T KEEP UP – WRITE MORE LISTS!!! I CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER MY OWN NAME RIGHT NOW. Now that the Little Mister has seen his first birthday come and go, I feel like 2013 will be a time to start remembering who I am outside of being ‘mum’ as well. My body, mind and spirit. Although, being a parent is definitely a huge (wonderful) part of that, I finally feel like I can look forward to balancing that with my other life pursuits as well (as significant or as seemingly insignificant as they may seem from the outsider’s perspective).

I am finding the end of 2012 to be a time where I know what my body is doing (and while I’m not really liking what it’s doing – I at least have come to feel like I’m back in tune with it haha). I know in my mind what I want out of life. I feel inspired enough to actually make stuff happen. I want to be creative. I want to use my brain for lots more things than just zombie mummy stuff. Dare I say it, I’m ready to be a little selfish. In a good way, of course.

I usually say that I am not into New Year’s resolutions, but this year I say f*ck it. I have some. Deal with it 😉


Look after my body and mind.
Yeah, yeah. Not exactly original. So what? I’m feeling it so I’m going with it! Of course I’d love to lose 7 kg and turn into a hot bikini babe, blah blah (if you ignore the stretch marks and old pregnancy rash scars haha), but it’s about much more than that. I want to book myself regular hair appointments, get my nails done, try nice beauty products etc. I need to spend more time in the kitchen making better food for myself as well as getting a bit more exercise into my busy day. I want to revamp my wardrobe (and give myself permission to spend the time and money). I want to take care of myself. I need to invest in myself. I can’t hide behind the Little Mister’s cuteness forever!! You know when you head out looking like a slob, but you tell yourself everyone will be looking at your baby so it’s OK? Well, I’ve decided it’s not OK to tell myself that anymore!!  Sure, time and money (even energy) can be a factor, but I am determined to make a bigger effort.

Organise gifts/special occasions ahead of time so I can be creative.
Christmas time really brought it home to me that I spent all year playing catch up when it came to gift giving/birthday remembering/any occasion at all. I am determined to try harder this year. Time just passed me by and I want to spend a little extra time showing those in my life that I appreciate them. While budget/time restraints may mean that I might have to be a little selective sometimes, there’s no reason that given enough time and planning, I can’t be creative. I don’t want to get to December 24th, 2013 and be all, “OMG. I haven’t done my Christmas shopping  and I don’t know where to start and I have to go to the crazy shops with the fullest car parks, in the hottest weather…WITH A TODDLER?!”

Yeah, I learnt from that mistake this year…

I’ve already set up a secret Pinterest board with gift ideas, as well as one for party food ideas (that one’s not a secret – it’s just yummy) and anything that will make me into a more proactive friend/family member throughout the year. I want to dangle at least one foot out of the mummy whirlpool I’ve been in for the past year and rejoin the rest of the world without feeling guilty or neglectful of the other areas of my life. I am sick of scrambling about at the last minute (I’m sure I won’t be perfect at it but I’m going to try harder – let’s be realistic).

Improve my blog.
Of course, I’ve told my husband (and anyone we know who might have a rich uncle) that I could totally do this if I had a MacBook Air…but jokes aside, I just want to update the look of this little space, invest in making it appear more professional (even if the content is totally unprofesh’ hahaha). I love writing. I love the support my readers have given me throughout the year and I just want to keep making this a great place for everyone to come and hang out in. Of course I would love to see my readership grow and maybe make something good out of it all. I’m not in it for money or fame (which is lucky really), but I want to keep ‘working’ on something I love to do.

Home Makeoverrrrrrrrr!
Nothing drastic. I just want to follow through with all the ideas I keep getting. I seem to think of something, then promptly decide it’s too hard or too expensive. Nothing’s too expensive if you do it right, so that excuse can go you-know-what itself. Also, it’s time I really got my creative spirit going. A beautiful home that reflects my little family and who we are is something I really want the Little Mister to grow up in and remember. We may not live in this house forever, but I’m going to start making it into our family home. I say this almost every year and take tiny steps towards the goal, but I never follow through. This year it’s going to be different. I feel like we’re going to be more settled and stable. I like that. I also hope I didn’t just jinx myself…

I just feel like it’s time to shake things up. Make ‘home’ a really interesting and vibrant place to be. Fresh and energised.

Date nights/days.
Sometimes my husband and I can get really busy (and so can our babysitter extraordinaire parents) and this past year we completely neglected couple time. We had some bumps in the road, but now it’s time to focus on ‘us’ more. I hope that at least once every couple of months (minimum), we can go watch a gold class movie or head to a gig/show somewhere. Nothing has to cost a lot. It doesn’t even have to be night time excursions. Just has to be us doing something that is purely for us.

We did spend 2012 using our babysitting favours to attend weddings and other social events with friends, but we need to acknowledge that it’s not the same as taking time purely as a couple.

All in all, I feel a lot of hope for the year ahead. Life will always bring the unexpected hiccups and roller coaster rides and I might laugh at these resolutions in a few months’ time when I realise something ridiculous has completely thrown everything on its head, but for now I am enjoying that optimistic feeling. To me, that hope is the most beautiful part of looking towards a new year. Also, I get to use new stationery. I’m looking at you, brand new totally cute planner from Typo!! So there’s that 😉

It probably goes without saying, but I also can’t wait to keep watching the Little Mister’s journey into toddlerhood roll out. Lots of surprises and new experiences in store for all of us. I love that little dude. I just want to keep being the best parent I can be. I want to be kind to myself as a parent and much less insecure than I have been since he was born – gotta keep remembering to trust my instincts (it’s always a work in progress). I want to teach my little man how to be the best Little Mister he can be.

What are your hopes and dreams for 2013?


2011’s (un)Forgettable, Unbloggable Moments!

Pic: Yes, thankyou 2011 for kicking 2010’s butt.

As New Year’s Eve approaches, everyone is scrambling to write their highlights of 2011 posts and record their New Year’s Resolutions, which will inevitably include things like weight loss, quitting bad habits and “having new adventures”. In all my past bloggings it has been my tradition to record the moments that were less impressive or didn’t really make the blog. The random stuff that I’ve found scribbled in my diary or day planners.

So here goes!

This month my husband and I went camping in Yallingup. We booked really last minute and traipsed down there with our tent and our camping “kit” which hadn’t been used in a terribly long time. We couldn’t agree on how to put the tent up (I was right of course) and where to position it (I was right again – well in my version of the story anyhow). Then we realised after two days of showering in the grossest ablutions block ever that there was a shiny new one at the other end of the holiday park…all of that time trying not to touch the taps and become tangled in clumps of other peoples’ hair for nothing! NOTHING!

We also ate disgusting food – which always tastes better when you’re camping.

Other forgettable moments: My parents went on holiday and I had to feed the cats, I returned some library books, attended both a baby shower and a wedding and presumably did housework on the 9th…

This month the hubby and I booked the Contiki tour of Europe we never ended up going on (due to my pregnancy). I don’t know whether we were sucked in by the brochures full of happy, clean looking young people wearing brightly coloured T-shirts and the types of shorts that only tourists wear, while posing in front of the Eiffel Tower… or the perky travel agent who like totally became our Travel Expo BFF, but we were excited! My husband was going to be in Monaco on his birthday and I was going to eat my way around Italy. And France. And Germany. Basically, I was going to eat ALL OF THE FOODS IN EUROPE!

Other forgettable moments: I applied for jobs in my field that I never got, I bought potatoes and bread on the 16th, I made a sh*tload of gingerbread men and somehow I still lost weight. What the hell?

This month we were attending an engagement party for one of my closest friends (I am a bridesmaid – that’s how much we like each other)! I wanted to know if I could drink at this party or not so I took a pregnancy test that day. I guess the rest is history. Great to know that my motivation to take the test was the possibility of drinking alcohol. At least I was responsible, right? The positive test made for an interesting evening as no-one knew our secret news as we sat across the table from our openly pregnant friends and said things like, “Contraception is awesome, yeah!”
We maaaay have offended a couple of people but our secret was safe! I think we were forgiven once our own awesome news was revealed as it all made sense! Yeah, we’re douche-bags.

Other forgettable moments: I won Ke$ha tickets by accident after doing some marketing survey for a radio station (after months of making it very clear to everyone I knew that I cannot stand her music). I sold two of them for $40 each and then on the way home from dropping them off, I had to fill up my car with fuel, which cost $80. Sigh.

This month I had my first pregnancy ultrasound. I was told to drink two large glasses of water before we went to the appointment. Combine my small bladder with a bunch of nerves and you can imagine the most uncomfortable Kez ever! I have never felt the relief I felt afterwards when the lady let me pee. Oh yeah, and the relief at hearing our baby had a good heartbeat and looked strong even at such an early stage…but really, peeing afterwards was AWESOME.

Other forgettable moments: We cancelled our Contiki tour the same week that our friends left for a holiday in Europe. Sucked to be us! On the 27th I bought self raising flour and black ink for the printer. I guess I was printing out a lot of recipes that involved flour.

The hubby and I took a short holiday in Melbourne. I was excited about it because it would be the last time I would fly while pregnant. On the way home we were offered those seats by the emergency exits (the ones with lots of leg room) and I jumped at the chance. I wasn’t supposed to sit there, but the attendants didn’t notice my baby bump under my big hoodie and I figured if there was an emergency where I had to help people get off the plane, we were pretty effed anyway, so I may as well pitch in.

Other forgettable moments: There must have been many because other than the Melbourne holiday, I didn’t write a single thing in my diary that month!

This month my boobs started leaking. I was so not ready for that at 19 weeks pregnant – none of the pregnancy books warned me about that! That sh*t freaked me out so bad that I googled the hell out of that issue and then I was too scared to leave the house so my hubby had to stop at the shops and bring home nursing pads (which was just as scary for him)!

Other forgettable moments: I saw a lot of friends for lunch. It seems everyone came out of the woodwork once they found out I was “with child”. It was a yummy month, I must say!

This month was my dad’s birthday. I decided to get my craft on. I should mention that I was nesting in the craziest way at this point. I scrapbooked his and Mum’s whole Bali holiday in one evening – I think I got to bed at 1am. I was cutting up paper, sticking sh*t down and designing everything until it was perfect. I also had to resign myself to the fact that I had just scrapbooked something and enjoyed it. I was now one of THOSE people.

Other forgettable moments: We bought a new fridge – very exciting. Best part was that the light inside it actually turned on when you opened the door and this fridge was actually cold. I also tried about 50 types of creams and treatments for my damn pregnancy rash. I wrote so many things to try in my diary, my mind boggles.

In August my husband had to have wisdom teeth surgery. It was quite inconvenient as I was having a rough bout of pregnancy, but we decided he should have the surgery done earlier rather than later! When I picked him up from day surgery I found out that he had talked the nurse’s ear off about football as he came out from under the general anaesthetic. He mentioned that he was having a baby second. I think this revealed a lot about his subconscious! He was told to keep talking to a minimum but he wouldn’t shut up in the car all the way home!

While he was recovering, he would whinge about his back being sore (after surgery on his mouth – go figure) and about having a limited diet. Poor bloke got very little sympathy from his pregnant wife!

Other forgettable moments: I bought heaps of stuff for the baby’s nursery, I said no to a bunch of social events on account of feeling awful due to my rash and I booked into the hospital for whenever I was to give birth. The lady who registered me asked if I spoke English or needed a translator (despite the fact that I spoke in a clear Aussie accent and had talked to her for five minutes before she asked). I didn’t think of any good comebacks to that until afterwards, which is probably a good thing as these people were going to be responsible for my wellbeing in a few months time!

The IKEA catalogue arrived. OMFG. I got my biro out and started circling the items I wanted to my heart’s content. Then we went to IKEA. Then we found out that all the items we wanted were out of stock. Then we bought a bunch of crap from the impulse shopping racks by the check out counters and then we went home to plan the next time we’d come to IKEA to get the stuff we wanted.

Other forgettable moments: My husband did a fatigue management course for work on the 22nd. The future me would have just told him, “Have a baby.” I downloaded Nicki Minaj’s song Superbass and then regretted it.

I had my baby shower. It was amazing. I was so spoilt and all the ladies in my life who I adore turned up to my house bearing gifts! I had organised a dessert buffet with my amazing friends who run Finn + Evie (a really awesome party styling company), who went to so much effort and did it for free!! All of this before I found out I had gestational diabetes! So on the day I didn’t want to deprive my beautiful diabetes free guests of yummy cakes and biscuits so we went ahead with it! That day I ate two carrot sticks and one mini quiche. Go me!

Of course there were plenty of leftover treats and my husband got them all! He had amazing lunchbox treats and snacks for the next week! Once I almost killed him with a death glare because he casually picked up a giant cookie made to look like a blue baby jumpsuit and started to eat it while sitting Right Next To Me. He didn’t do that again. Actually he did. With a yummy looking cake pop, which is essentially cake on a stick. Which is like totally awesome. That guy really lives on the edge.

Other forgettable moments: I bought sh*tloads of baby stuff. It was mental! This whole “could have a baby any moment” stuff was beginning to get real!! Also, my inlaws got back from a trip to Europe and we saw all of their photos and I got so jealous it’s not even funny.

I was 37 weeks pregnant, having blood tests daily due to complications and having the baby’s heartbeat and movements monitored every second day at the hospital, but I was determined to get to an Arj Barker stand up comedy show in my hometown! I figured he was funny and that was good because I hadn’t been laughing much due to stress and discomfort. I wanted to be there and I figured the show venue wasn’t far from the hospital anyhow. I had my bag packed. What harm could it do? In fact, I hoped my waters would break (slowly enough to not wreck any seats or gross anyone out) while I was laughing away at some stupid joke. What a story to tell our child when he grew up!

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. However, the Little Mister was born 3 days later so I can’t complain!!! But that’s an unforgettable moment so you may have already read all about that!

Other forgettable moments: I attended my 10 year high school reunion and spent the time hanging out with the people I hang out with anyway…

Let’s just say December was CRAZY! The husband and I practically forgot about our 4 year wedding anniversary!! I did grown up things this month like drinking a babycino. In public. Those mugs are TINY!

I got peed on by our baby in public. I decorated the Christmas tree on time. We took the baby everywhere until I cried from exhaustion (he was fine).

On a serious note, I had a good year. It had its challenging moments but I’ll never forget the good stuff 🙂
Compared to last year, well let’s just say this was wonderful! Lots of joy and new beginnings instead of endings and grief. I wouldn’t take any of it back (although a smoother pregnancy would be lovely next time)! xo

So, how was YOUR year? What are you looking forward to in 2012?

PS. I don’t know why everyone’s so worried about the world ending. We’d all be together in hell anyway 😉