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The last 5 shows I’ve binge watched #2

Gosh, I love a good TV binge. I honestly cannot remember life before Netflix and various other catch up apps. Not to mention, I still have an ongoing love affair with my precious DVR!

Here are the latest things I’ve been devouring!

The Wrong Girl

source: Channel 10

Last year, I was unable to ever watch the show while it was airing on TV. I didn’t want to come in half way and have the magic ruined, so I waited until I could binge watch season 1 before season 2 began (it’s still playing weekly on Ten). In the mean time, I read the book and I felt ready.

It’s not my favourite show ever, but there’s a lot of good stuff. It’s Aussie, it’s based on Zoe Foster Blake’s book, the cast is pretty cool. The writers are good. It’s got enough drama but it’s a good light watch.

It basically follows the lead character Lily (Jessica Marais) as she navigates her career in breakfast television and her not-always-nailing-it love life.

Doctor Doctor

I’m not sure if I’ve confessed to this in writing before, but I have this weird crush on Rodger Corser. Like I don’t always like his characters and he’s older (oh gosh I sound awful saying that haha) and definitely not what I expected in a celebrity crush, but there ya go. I think he’s weirdly attractive. Not that he isn’t attractive. He is very conventionally attractive. Just not my usual celebrity crush type, I guess?

Anyway, now that I’ve embarrassed myself…

I will admit that I had no interest in this show whatsoever during its first run on TV, but one day I was flicking through the channels while trying to rest my pregnant arse, when I noticed a re-run. I got a little sucked in. And Rodger Corser. Hello.

So I found season 1 on the catch up app and watched the crap out of it. It’s kind of charming in a cheesy way, but it’s basically about a big time city surgeon who has partied too hard and been sent to his little country home town to repent for a year. It’s basically the kind of thing I’ll probably only enjoy while pregnant and then when I have no brain cells after having the baby. This happened to me when I first had the Little Mister – I actually thought that morning TV was intelligent for a while. WHAT WAS I THINKING.

Z Nation


Netflix has the first two seasons of this zombie show on it (I believe there are at least 4). Mr Unprepared loves a good zombie film or series and I admit I get right into it (even though I can’t watch it alone because I really think I do believe that zombies could be real).

Anyway, our first impressions were OMG this is the worst. It was almost Sharknado bad. But then we kept watching because who doesn’t love things that are Sharknado bad? We were taking the piss, but eventually we got sucked right in.

Gotta love how the show begins with some great accidentally hilarious quotes about a zombie baby eating a dude (trying to avoid spoilers in case you’re considering watching this masterpiece).

I felt like the Zombie-nado (no joke – it literally was Sharknado bad), the nuclear disaster (which was soon forgotten about in subsequent episodes) and the weird ‘themed’ episodes that felt like they were ripped off from other movies or shows (like the alien X files vibed one) were quite naff but it grows on you. I mean, a lot of the laws of zombie culture were broken in this show and some of the extras that played hordes of zombies were not convincing at all. But it just kind of became something we looked forward to each evening!

Stranger Things


OMG. So good. The hype was justified! This show was creepy, it nailed the whole 80s vibe, and while season 1 wrapped up very well, it definitely left things open for a great season 2 which I am very much looking forward to.

And can I say that the girl who plays Eleven is absolutely captivating?! And what can possibly happen next?! Holy crap.

I honestly cannot say much because I don’t want to spoil it, but just give it a go and hope that your lights don’t flicker while you’re watching!

Dark Net


It’s a documentary series about the darker side of the internet and associated technology. The child sex trade, the weird ways in which people can conduct relationships (both for love or for kink reasons), how much people can find out about you, the power of being able to broadcast to masses of people at once, hackers etc.

So, what have you been watching lately? Suggestions? Got any unexpected celebrity crushes?

The last 5 shows I’ve binge watched.

…and by binge watched, I mean the last 5 shows I’ve probably watched about half an episode at a time because I had to wait for Mr Unprepared or because I fell asleep too early or because he fell asleep too early or because the Tour de France is currently happening and a certain *cough* cycling enthusiast is annoyingly preoccupied…

In saying that, I also get to watch some stuff alone that I know I could never convince him about so it’s temporarily a win/win situation…I guess!

Anyway, I am not going to defend all of my choices. Sometimes I’m a little left of centre or even a bit dorky or simply just not that into the same stuff everyone else is (WTF is Game of Thrones even about, peeps). But surely I’m not the only one who enjoys that shit!

Orange is the New Black (OITNB)


I cannot even begin to rant enough about how good this show is. I love everything. The confronting stuff. The outright sick shit. The back stories of each character – the stuff that led them to the place they are today (Litchfield Penitentiary). The attention brought to real social justice issues we face in current times. The diversity of the cast. The writing. Sharp wit. Dark humour. Amazing. I won’t go deep into the premise of the show because we all have google, but it’s so worth a watch. Problem is they only release new seasons June of each year. Now I know I have to wait another year to see what happens next damn it! But can I just say – avoiding all spoilers – that very last scene of season 5 – POWERFUL SHIT. OMG. I can’t even.

I was a little late to the party on this show (it was about 2 seasons in when I decided to start watching) and it was one of those things where the hype is actually justified. It took me by surprise and I was actually stoked that I was ‘behind’ because I could binge for longer!

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


OK, so the premise of this show is that Kimmy was basically abducted by a loony (played by Jon Hamm) with three other women. They were convinced by him that the apocalypse had come and everyone else in the world was dead. They had to live in a bunker underground for 15 years. The show picks up when the women have escaped and Kimmy decides to move to New York City to start a new life.

It’s actually a really cool idea for a show as Kimmy is so naive to how the world has changed in the time she was underground (but has also experienced crazy and probably awful things) and her eternal optimism is quite ‘adorkable’ and is obviously what got her through the tough times.

The show is quite kooky and light and full of other oddball characters. If you have a weird sense of humour like me, then you’ll love it. I have a feeling it’s the kind of show you either love or hate.

Designated Survivor


I think this show has been quite underrated (i.e. I haven’t heard much buzz about it). It stars Kiefer Sutherland – a ‘designated survivor’ – someone who is picked to sit sequestered in a safe room somewhere during a State of the Union address – in case some kind of tragedy should wipe out the government. Basically, by default he becomes the President of the United States when a terrorist attack takes out the president and most of the cabinet.

He’s just a lower level cabinet member and a genuine and very likeable guy (i.e. not your stereotypical politician) who has to suddenly save the world and make people feel safe again.

It’s the kind of show that has you wondering who he can trust and who is behind the attack. It’s kind of scary how things like that could happen one day. I was hooked on this one – it was good for the suspense. I don’t know if I’m good at predicting things or not, but it had me guessing a few times.

I am so not into political TV dramas but this one sucked me in – I think I liked the premise. He was a much better (albeit fictional) president than the current offering the US has to deal with! Just sayin’!

Party of Five (yes – that show from the 90s)


Holy shit. I was so excited when this popped up on Netflix one day! When it first aired on TV, I was a bit young to be watching religiously each week (I probably thought I had better things to do like listening to Silverchair and trying to get my hands on all the Hole albums and writing emo poetry), but I had definitely watched. It was all tucked away in my memory banks (the memory banks that should probably be saved for important world history or philosophy or something).

From the second the opening song kicked in, I was transported back to amazing 90s nostalgia in all its glory. The fashion. The hair. The music. The teen brooding. AH-MAZE-ING.

It was a bit full on for a show to binge on episode after episode – the drama was intense and seemed never-ending. Like couldn’t any of them figure their shit out, even just a little bit? And why was everything always happening in the dark? Even the day time scenes? But it was cool to see it again through adult eyes. I felt like some of the issues they dealt with were a bit ahead of their times – progressive. Like how characters dealt with abortion, infertility and IVF, the treatment of openly gay characters etc.

After watching, I may have started stalking the actors online and I am now convinced I want to be friends with Neve Campbell in real life. She seems so NICE. Her hair is so much nicer now too 😂

Filthy Rich and Homeless


OK, so this isn’t your typical Netflix type binge and there were only 3 parts (plus a live talk show style follow up) but I watched it all at once recently and it had quite an impact on me.

It was aired on SBS and you can catch up on it via their On Demand app.

Basically, 5 well off Aussies were challenged to live on the streets of Melbourne (and in crisis accommodation and boarding houses) for 10 days to see what it was REALLY like for those who are homeless.

While the show did draw some criticism for being applauded for rich people slumming it for 10 days, while actual homeless people get no positive attention most of the time, I still thought it was a valuable social experiment – provided the participants and people who watched it DO SOMETHING afterwards.

I consider myself to be a pretty compassionate person who has a bit of awareness of how the ‘system’ works for a lot of people who do it tough. I have a passion for social justice and I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before watching.

It was an eye opener and very powerful. I highly recommend it.

Edit: Damn it – I’ve been informed that this show is no longer on the SBS On Demand app. That really sucks! Hopefully it will be released on DVD or digitally later in the piece because it’s really worth a watch x

What have you been bingeing on lately? Suggestions?

True crime obsession confession.

OK, so I wanted to title this post Netflix and Kill, because I thought I was really funny and original. But alas, google (and my gut feeling) just told me that this is not the case. In fact, Urban Dictionary describes ‘Netflix and kill’ as, “Going over to someone’s house while they are watching Netflix and killing them.”

Which is creepy. And now I’ve googled it twice to give you that definition, so if anything happens to anyone while they’re watching Netflix today, I am going to be a suspect.

Anywaaaaay…now that I’ve rambled about why my blog post title is not more witty, I’ll get to the point.

I love true crime stories.

OK, so love is probably the wrong word. But I am obsessed and fascinated. Which is probably what they say about people after they’re found guilty of horrendous crimes haha.

That ‘haha’ was a nervous one. I’m innocent!

I do love that Netflix has a whole lot of series about true crime on it. And I also love that a lot of them are kind of dated. Like they have clunky theme music and bad 90s fashion. And the voiceovers are really hilariously dramatic, using awful murder related puns.

A lot of these shows often feature re-enactments. Which add a certain creep factor to them, but also involve a lot of bad wigs and probably a lot of badly paid actors. Sometimes when the actors are trying to play dead, while wearing ghastly ‘I’ve just been pretend murdered’ make up, they move a lot.

I don’t know what exactly draws me to this stuff, but I’ve always been fascinated by the mind and by how society works as a whole – our attitudes, how we view the justice system, why people behave the way they do – their mental states/conditions. What could motivate people to do such awful things – things a ‘normal’, well adjusted person would never in a million years be able to find it in themselves to do. Like how do people get to that place where such crimes seem like a reasonable solution to their problems??

I used to read true crime books a lot, but I find that harder to do since having a child. Firstly, it’s hard enough trying to find time to read a book uninterrupted around here, and secondly, I find a book a bit too all consuming and creepy – it’s just you sitting in the quiet with nothing but morbid stories and your imagination. If the crimes involve children, I am out. I have definitely softened (not a bad thing) since having the Little Mister! I just can’t even go some places in my mind anymore.

Which brings me to the fact that I make up the most ridiculous rules for myself when viewing these kinds of things on TV, because hilariously, I am actually a very easily creeped out person.

Kez’s never before shared rules (because embarrassing) for watching true crime shows:

  1. Watch these shows while doing something else. I might be doing housework (home alone of course – impressionable child and what not), catching up on filing/scanning at work (I work pretty much alone so I’ll mostly just listen to it like it’s a podcast), sitting down with my laptop open – catching up on the day’s internet. That way, I figure I am not too absorbed or invested in a horrible crime story, and can easily glance away or distract myself if some of the facts or photos/footage gets a bit too disturbing. I feel like I’m only half poisoning my brain with awful stuff. You know, as opposed to going with a full metaphorical poisoning. Because science. OK, so not science. Just my weird rationalisation that doesn’t make sense haha.
  2. Only watch stories on cases that have been resolved. I cannot watch any story that is still an unsolved mystery to this day, or where the unknown offender is still in action. Because creepy. And scary. Same goes for if the murderer/offender is still walking free in society or the justice system failed miserably in their case. Even worse if it’s happened in Australia. Because I live in Australia and holy shit I can’t handle it. Only exceptions I can make are for the Serial podcast (season 1) and maaaaaybe I could be swayed to watch How to Make a Murderer (although I think I would find it far too frustrating).
  3. Never fall asleep with a true crime doco on. I can’t do it. I am a very sensitive dreamer. I don’t want to dream about that shit. If I do, I will literally freak out in the middle of the night, have to turn on every light in my bedroom, and freak out about negative energy invading my sanctuary. So instead, I cleanse with a comedy. I do a comedy cleanse. I watch something hilarious and harmless, with lots of bright colours and daylight in it. Works like a charm.

In a nutshell I know way too much about serial killers for someone who is not  a serial killer, or in charge of catching them (but ignorant enough of the full horror that I can sleep at night – let’s be honest).

Also, sometimes when I have PMS I like to watch documentaries on ladies who kill (I recommend Deadly Women on Netflix) and pretend I’m taking notes, just to freak people out. By people, I mean my husband. And to be honest, he only really rolls his eyes and asks how I can watch that crap.

Sooo…is anyone freaked out by this knowledge about me? Or are you a fellow true crime obsessed freak? And by freak, I mean not truly a creepy freak, but like a well adjusted, slightly weird freak like myself. Because if you’re truly a creepy freak, I won’t sleep for days knowing you’re out there. OMG.