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Better Together.




Today marks the 6th anniversary of marriage for Mr Unprepared and I. We’ve been through a lot together (and even for a small not so talked about time apart) over the years and it has only been because of our hard work, determination and commitment to each other that we have found ourselves where we are today. Really tough things have happened to both of us over time and we have had to learn to be strong – not just as individuals but also as a couple.  It hasn’t always been easy. As long as we keep growing and learning for the rest of our lives, I know there will always be good things coming to us.

We celebrated this year, with a picnic at an outdoor concert (Jack Johnson – AMAZING). I spilt my sparkling wine on myself several times and tripped over some poor innocent people (not from being drunk on either account – just clumsy in picnic situations). Mr Unprepared wore his sunnies and hat even when it was dark. We sat on uncomfortable low backed beach chair thingies (I can’t remember what they’re actually called) until our bums and our legs were numb. Mr Unprepared had to restrain me from calling my mum to ask how the Little Mister was. I tried not to cry several times when I was having a magical music appreciation moment (music moves me – what can I say). Mr Unprepared ate camembert on corn chips just because he could (they came with the exorbitantly priced hamper we’d pre-ordered). It was perfect.

Jack Johnson even played our wedding song to end his show (the title of this post).

All of the every day stresses of life melted away right when I needed them to (don’t ask haha) and we were just there in the moment, remembering fun, remembering our life as a couple (and not just as parents), remembering what’s really important. All the noise of the draining week we’d had faded out and was replaced by Hawaiian musical love.

On the way home we reminisced non stop about our favourite live music moments. All the memories certain songs or artists evoke. We relived the night and what it had meant to us. We laughed about the 90s. Who doesn’t? It was awesome.

I feel so excited about seven and the journey there. Hell, I even feel excited about next week just because it’s next week and I’m in a good mood thanks to this weekend!

I love you, Husband.

What we’ve been up to lately.

“So…what have you been up to lately?”

Ugh! Every single time somebody asks me this question in person, I am stumped. I have no idea what to say and then I sound like the most lame stay at home mum in the world when I shrug and mumble, “Just boring stay at home mum stuff…”

Now if that doesn’t kill a conversation, I don’t know what will! And it has in the past. While the people who helped let it die probably just didn’t value my role as a parent full stop and prefer to speak about paid work, I know I need to take responsibility for selling myself a LOT better too!! Maybe I just psych myself out, thinking that no-one wants to hear about me and my kid (it’s this weird thing where we’re legally bound to hang out with each other a lot at this point so the topic is bound to come up). WTF? It’s my life. I’m proud of it and now I have to act like it. That is not to say that I am incapable of talking about other topics. I totally am! There are many sides to who I am.

To say I’ve been doing nothing interesting is crap. Things happen to me. I do things. I think about things. I plan things. I see people. I just blank out whenever someone asks. Like I completely forget anything even remotely kind of sort of interesting that has happened in the past million years. WHY IS THAT?!

So I’m considering doing a bit of a “catch up” post every month or so, where I tell you guys exactly what the hell I’ve been up to. Then when someone asks me, I’ll remember what I blogged and actually have something to say. It won’t always be scintillating stuff, but it’s STUFF. STUFF helps conversations to become interesting and gives people something to work with!



So both my husband’s parents and my parents decided to go travelling (separately) at the same time recently! This meant that we had limited babysitting back up and a lot more time to have to make our own fun as a family. This was great, but also challenging! There were times when the Little Mister didn’t sleep at all, got scared of the dark and entered the Terrible Twos! What I would have given to call my mum for a heart to heart and some great advice (not so practical when she was living it up in Italy and Switzerland)!!! However, this period of time really did make me grow stronger. I had to keep myself busy during the week, knowing I couldn’t rely on a spontaneous catch up with my mum to help fill the time as a stay at home mum. It was a great challenge and I think I rose to it as best I could.

My husband and I are excited because we’ve purchased Jack Johnson tickets for our wedding anniversary later this year. We have greatly differing music tastes (Aussie hip hop makes my husband cringe and my lack of interest in Mumford and Sons or Kings of Leon just won’t change), but the one artist we both enjoy is Jack Johnson. We’ve seen him live at least a couple of times together (and I snuck in once more when he performed with Ben Harper) and our wedding dance song was Jack Johnson’s Better Together. 

We were a little late to get tickets (my husband was eligible for pre-sale tickets but we didn’t realise until too late), so we’re looking forward to sitting a mile back from the stage eating our way through an indulgent hamper that we ordered along with our tickets! Yes. To answer your questions, there is indeed a cheesecake in that hamper. And CHEESE just for the sake of being cheese. And wine. WINE.

I’ve lost weight, then gained it back. So I’m working on improving my health. Again. I’ve ordered a fitbit online which will help me to track calories burnt, figure out my sleep patterns and count my steps etc. I’m so excited it’s not funny. The fitbit is on back order and I’m trying not to think about it too much in case I die of impatience. I think this will give me the motivation I need to really take things up a notch.

I recently caught up with a couple of amazing high school friends. We’ve seen each other separately over the years since we left school, but the three of us had not been in the same room at the same time in at least 13 years! It was a hell of a reunion and we really hit it off (as usual). It was a great night and reminded me of the bond we’d all had back in the day. It’s still there, even though we can’t always catch up regularly. I’ve really enjoyed strengthening my friendship connections recently and it’s been so nice to escape every now and then for dinner with some girlfriends.

We’re going camping again next year and we’re looking forward to planning the trip and we’ve got some ideas up our sleeves that I will have to reveal later 😉

This last weekend we got a bit excited because we’re old and boring there was news that a dam about an hour’s drive from our hometown had overflown for the first time in years.


Thrilling stuff! I spent most of the time worrying that the Little Mister would try to dive over the safety rails at the viewing platform, so that was a nice thing to do on a Sunday! As much as I laugh at what we find interesting these days, I am enjoying the ability to find things like this to do on a quiet weekend. I like getting out and about as a family and showing the Little Mister new things. It’s something I’m really taking pleasure in as he gets older. It’s also great to escape the craziness and just spend quality time as a little family. It doesn’t have to cost anything to do these things – even better!

I’ve had some pretty annoying writer’s block the last week or so, but I’m enjoying having my blog as my little creative outlet. I’ve also enjoyed the excuse to go shopping for some summer clothes for the Little Mister as the weather slowly gets better!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. How about you? x

Nostalgia…or a 1/3 life crisis.

Ever since my little music festival jaunt, I’ve rediscovered my love for live music. For that, I am very grateful. It’s like a spark in me has been re-ignited and I’m seizing what’s left of my youth (if anything haha). I’ve decided that I need to see more live acts and feel that electric atmosphere when a band begins to play, the crowd goes off and even the music that can seem lacklustre on your radio, suddenly becomes the BEST SOUND YOU’VE EVER HEARD.

I’ve also been having my 1/3 life crisis (let’s face it, I’m too old for a quarter life crisis and too young for a middle aged crisis), while enjoying national radio station Triple J’s awesome flashbacks to the last 20 years of Hottest 100 songs recently.

This got me thinking about the bands I’ve seen live. I’ve never made a big list. I’m sure it’s a lot more extensive than I think it is. Here are some of the acts I could see over and over. Some highlights.


I was never into Hanson, the Backstreet Boys or whoever the young, fresh faced boy bands of the era were. I was into Nirvana and Silverchair. Grunge, baby. To this day, I am quite proud of ‘past’ me. I had THE biggest crush on Daniel Johns (lead singer/guitarist). I knew everything there was to know about the band. It was ridiculous.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZD982yrmx4]

Ben Harper

My husband and I walked down the aisle to this song at our wedding. Mr Harper is seriously talented. It’s ridiculous.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHzAVDg4m1Q]

Jack Johnson

My husband and I took our first dance as husband and wife to this song. Now, the Little Mister likes Jack Johnson’s music. I’ve played it to him since he was in my belly 🙂

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u57d4_b_YgI]

Mat McHugh (The Beautiful Girls)

I could sit on a beach and listen to Mr McHugh’s tunes (in all his incarnations) forever. This music is infused into my soul, I swear.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ss9XSirBWI]

Veruca Salt

Look, there’s a girl rocker in me from way back. It was Veruca Salt and Hole. I would screech along like a mad, angsty teen (I was one) until my mum would quite frankly tell me I’d need a day job. I got to see Veruca Salt at a music festival and I was in girl crush heaven. I was also probably one of very few punters there who knew all the lyrics to all the songs. I felt old even then (maybe 10 years ago?).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyVSKydUxKk]


Who are your favourite bands to see live? 

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