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Inspiration: Living a more authentic life.

Sometimes I like to seek out inspirational quotes that make me feel like I can do this whole life thing. Stuff I can meditate on. And by meditate, I mean think about and reflect on. Not actually meditate. Because I am crap at actual meditation, even though I know I should do it more because it does work. Hmm…maybe I should find some inspirational quotes about meditation. That might help.

But today is not that day (sorry Mum).

Today I have put together a handful of quotes (found on Pinterest) around the theme of living more authentically. I think that living a life where we’re really honest with ourselves and others, is the best way to achieve inner peace and lessen the constant mental turmoil.

Here they are. I think I will let them speak for themselves (I won’t add my own personal notes this time because I think these kinds of things can be quite personal and I’d love for you to find your own meaning for them):











Did any of these quotes resonate with you?

Thursday thoughts.

Whenever I am feeling a bit “off”, be that anxious, a bit down or really frustrated, I like to find great quotes to fill my mind with and get myself headed in a better direction. I really think that our thoughts are powerful. They determine the energy we put out to other people and they can affect our health. Here are the things that are soothing me today…



I’ve decided that whenever I am feeling conflicted or I find myself thinking negatively about people or circumstances, I am going to ask myself this question. Is this worrying/resentment etc good for my soul? Maybe not. I must remember to look after myself, rather than expend my energy on being annoyed or worried about other things or people that I ultimately have no control over.

I must do what is good for my soul and keep it healthy.



I tend to be an over thinker. Which can be a good thing (it’s great for blogging and for having a greater understanding of myself and the people I meet) but sometimes I don’t know how to switch off. I can find myself worrying about the future or over thinking the past. I need to take a deep breath and be here in the ‘now’. Right now is good. Right now I am sitting at my dining table while my Little Mister plays, the sun is out and right here in my bubble of ‘now-ness’ everything is good. What a relief. I must remember to take life moment by moment when it starts getting away from me in my head.



I must remember that those frustrating little hiccups in life do indeed pass eventually. That dreaded task you have to do will eventually be done with. That stressful deadline for whatever it is will come. And go. That miserable weather that’s getting you down will eventually make way for sunny days. That phase your toddler is going through will pass and that will probably be bittersweet so just go with it. It won’t last forever. Some things pass us by quicker than others, but most of those ‘every day’ type stresses will make way for better things. This quote really helps to put most things in perspective. I feel very fortunate that it applies to my life.



Oh yes. Our brains can really play tricks on us. Sometimes we can let our inner voice be really mean. I am choosing to not believe every single thing my brain tells me. My brain can be a lying liar with its pants on f*cking fire sometimes. Especially when I’m anxious or angry. I need to always stop and ask myself – what evidence is there that the worst case scenario is actually happening or going to happen? Am I really as awful as my mind is telling me right now? Let’s be honest, probably not. Being able to recognise when this is occurring can be the difference between sanity and…the alternative! It can make the difference between positive and negative thinking.

I need to discriminate between true intuition and false thoughts that are destructive (and not good for my soul – see above).



Unfortunately, there are people in this world who would rather squash your spirit so that they can feel better about themselves, rather than be inspired to raise themselves up and become better. It can be really helpful to recognise when this is happening. I have made a vow to myself to never lower myself to a level of behaviour that I am not OK with. It’s not worth it just to fit in, make your point or to make peace. The price your soul pays each time this happens is just too great. I am all for compromise, but it must go both ways for the betterment of a situation. NOT because someone wants to put me in my place or make themselves feel taller by standing on my shoulders. Those sorts of people get rather heavy after a while, don’t you think?

I will happily give somebody a hand up or support them as they make great changes, but it won’t come at the cost of my ability to live with who I am.



Here’s a lovely one. As I look forward to Christmas (sorry to mention it before December haha), this is really important to me. I hope that I can show a generous spirit to those around me. The benefits of being generous of spirit are just too good to ignore! Putting all that positive energy and love out there is a beautiful thing. It’s not all about money or material things either. It’s about sharing your abundance, whatever that might be, with others. It could be a donation to charity or a thoughtful Christmas gift. But it can be as simple as a smile, a listening ear or great thought put into what we do for others. These things cost nothing to give.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Some inspiration for decision making.





Making change in our lives can be scary and intimidating. It can mean jumping into the unknown (or the relatively unknown). We often have to take some kind of risk in order to reach our goals. Moving to a new town/city, taking a new job, changing your lifestyle, making that big investment. Turning up at those events where we do not know anyone. Sometimes when we know that it’s the ‘right’ thing to do for us, we just have to let go and jump right in. The worst thing we can do is never take any risks at all, because of fear. Sometimes getting out of that rut or that well worn comfort zone can be exhilarating and open us up to new experiences which will enrich our lives. Sometimes we really truly know deep down that we need to do something a bit scary in order to grow and strengthen our character. It can be something huge or it can just be as simple as talking yourself into driving somewhere you’ve never been on your own (instead of making an excuse not to go) or striking up a conversation with someone you’ve never met before. Gotta find that courage!



I think that sometimes we live life on auto-pilot and the result we want is not reflected in our actions. I try to stay really conscious of whether my actions and thoughts reflect the changes I want to make in my life. You’d be surprised how often we can catch ourselves doing the same thing we’ve always done, but just praying it will all miraculously turn out differently somehow! Remember that little saying about the definition of insanity…?



People will always have an opinion. Some people speak from direct experience, but sometimes people are quick to tell you that the decisions you make go against THEIR principles. They might even go as far as worrying loudly about you, because you haven’t chosen the same way they would have (even though you’re really happy with what you’ve decided). Unless they are the ones who live with the results, should they really have a say? You know best what your desires, passions, dreams, and aspirations are. You also know better than anyone how your decisions will affect those closest to you. YOU will have to live with the outcomes of your decisions, so YOU need to be comfortable with them. There’s no point being uncomfortable because you’re scared of what somebody else (who is removed from it) thinks.


Sometimes we are asked to decide things. Tough things. But when we ask ourselves what we value more – what we’ll look back on our life and be glad about – it becomes really clear what we need to do. Do you value family, relationships, career, money, happiness etc etc? What is more important when some of these things are at odds with each other? Hey presto – there’s your answer. I am not saying that executing those decisions is simple and easy, but knowing what you need to do can be if you stay true to yourself and maintain your integrity.


I hope that whatever decisions you face today, you are able to do what is best for you 🙂

Thanks for reading! x


This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge.

Here are some inspirational bits and pieces I’ve found online with the theme of ‘beginning’, and some of my accompanying thoughts x



How I feel about the Little Mister. His joy for life is so contagious.


 Something I wish everyone (including myself) could realise. It can take a crapload of courage but often it can be quite rewarding at best and character building at worst!



Oh yeah. For me, right now it’s how I feel about beginning a new, healthier life routine. It doesn’t come completely naturally just yet, but I’m going to get there. Just gotta keep on learning and doing. Which brings me to this…



This is one of my favourite little personal mantras. It’s never too late to do better. The worst thing I can do is derail my progress at something because of one bad day (or even week or month). Just gotta keep on believing that every thing I do each new day makes a difference. This is especially true when I skip a day of exercise or eating right. Gotta jump back on that wagon tomorrow – not next week or never. Hey, it’s even been true of this photo a day challenge for September! I’ve skipped some days, I’ve forgotten some days, I’ve been too tired or unmotivated some days, but I’ve been determined to not give it up completely. Ultimately, it’s been so great for getting my creativity flowing and it has even introduced me to wonderful new readers and bloggers I might not have known about otherwise.



Whatever they might be.

Do you have any new beginnings (big or small) to celebrate? x

Tuesday thoughts.

I’ve decided I need a hit of inspiration to keep me going this week. Here are the things I am going to focus on…



Sometimes in life we are forced to wait for the things we’d like and just like anything else in life we have a choice to handle it with positivity and grace or we can just be miserable about it and throw our hands up in the air and be shitty about it (making those around us miserable too)! It is what it is, so we might as well find a way to enjoy life in the meantime, see the bright side or even just learn something from it. We are only wasting our own lives if we choose to spend the time waiting being negative, angry or increasingly agitated. If you think about it, we spend a lot of time waiting in lines, waiting on public transport, waiting in peak hour traffic, waiting for someone to call back, waiting for that next great purchase, waiting on someone else, waiting, waiting, waiting! It’s a part of life, because the world doesn’t revolve around me, and I choose to spend it being happy (or at least not an a**hole).



There’s a saying that ‘there’s more than one way to skin a cat’ and while that’s a horrendous saying (am I right?), it basically means that there is always more than one way to do something or to solve a problem. Our way is not the only way and we needn’t despair if something we try doesn’t work out right away. Perhaps someone else might have a great solution we’ve never thought of before. Sometimes being open minded and having a little bit of respect, tact and sensitivity with others can go a long way in achieving what we want to achieve. You never know just how refreshing another person’s approach might be. It’s good to remember where another person is coming from in a situation. It can prove very helpful when dealing with others. Don’t be too quick to write off somebody else’s perspective. You never know what they might be able to bring to the table.




It’s so important to look for the good in the people we care about. It can be easy to get bogged down in our own concerns and feelings, but sometimes it can really make another person’s day if we pay them a compliment and really notice and appreciate their strengths. It can really enrich any kind of relationship.



Sometimes we focus so much on the superficial that we forget about what’s really important. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others who appear to have it all and start appreciating what we have. It’s not about always thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Maybe the grass on the other side has just been spray painted green – we’ll never be able to get close enough to see the truth, because it’s not our grass and it’s aaaalll the way over there. That’s someone else’s grass, man. Maybe it’s time to make your own grass as green as you can. For real. Water that shit and make it grow into something you can appreciate for yourself, not just for how it looks to everyone else. All that stuff about not comparing your life to someone’s highlight reel yada yada.



To me, a person isn’t just who they think they are. Who I am is what I do and what I say to people. My actions. Just because I appreciate someone or love someone inside my head, does not mean I am showing it to them or making them feel appreciated or loved. Over time, it’s those actions that really prove who the real person is. Gotta make those things work together so they translate to those around me.It’s so important to be as authentic as we can be. To say what we mean and SHOW how we feel. To use our words wisely and sincerely.

Hope you have a great week, full of positive inspiration xx

All images sourced from Pinterest. I have posted them (with links to pins) in good faith that they have not been doctored or stolen from others x 

Thought sorting.

I’ve had a lot on my mind recently. Sorting out thoughts. Figuring stuff out. Here are some quotes that are inspiring me or making me think.




I need to remember that I am not responsible for these people’s storms. I do not need to be their umbrella all of the time (even if they want me to be or even if I feel compassion for them).



Sometimes I get overwhelmed when there’s a big life milestone or some dream I’m trying to turn into reality. For me, at the moment, it is definitely the trip to Korea and Japan that is getting all too real! I have found myself with seemingly never ending to-do lists, the scary task of packing (why is it scary? I just have this irrational fear of not taking the perfect items with me) and the emotions that may come with visiting the country I was born in (but have never been to). I need to remember to calm the f*ck down and remember it’s all a ridiculous adventure – something that is once in a lifetime. Just do it.



Yes. Yes. Yes. I don’t want to stand outside of my own life constantly trying to figure out how I fit in or whether I am worthy. That’s no way to live your life. I want to be the star of my own life. Secure and rooted (haha ‘rooted’ – someone’s been watching too many Puberty Blues episodes) in my own story. Too many of us spend our lives reacting off our own insecurities and fears, instead of owning our destinies. Walking this world with confidence – living our truth.



We can’t control the behaviour of others, but we can control how we conduct ourselves. I hope I can live a life where I take responsibility for my choices and even if nothing goes to plan or other people/circumstances try to thwart me or make me feel bad for doing what’s best for me, I will be able to sleep at night knowing I did the right things for me and those I care about.



I never want to lose my sense of fun and adventure. I want to find joy in life, wherever it is to be found. There are positives to be discovered in even the most seemingly mundane parts of our every day lives. Sometimes joy can be found just trying something new. Eating something you’ve never tasted before or seeing a movie you didn’t think you would like. Some things work out better than others, but I want to keep surprising myself. I would rather say I gave something a go and embraced the experience, than to wonder what would have happened if I’d done it…or to set myself up for disappointment with a negative attitude going in.

So what’s inspiring you today? x

Sunday Self Improvement.

I’ve been contemplating some things this weekend. Doing a little soul searching about who I am. Why I think and feel the way I do – what makes me tick. What I can do to keep improving as a person. What I should care about and what I should let go of. I think I’m making some headway on a couple of issues and it feels good because these issues have bugged me all my life. Of course I had these revelations in the middle of the night instead of sleeping, but I am grateful for them nonetheless.

Here are some quotes to get you thinking too x





For my sake. Not anyone else’s. I have to bring a sense of peace to myself. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, I can be a chronic over thinker. Nothing has helped me more than making the realisation that I can just let it go. I don’t have to solve all the world’s mysteries. I don’t have to agonise over finding answers within myself when something makes me feel ‘off’ or hurt or confused. Just let that confusion be. Let the dust settle. The answers can come at the most unexpected moments if you just settle the f*ck down sometimes.





Oh yes. I am so terrible at this. I am very hard on myself. When a situation goes a bit awry and my feelings are hurt, I jump in beat myself up even more – finishing the job of the person who (probably unintentionally) started it. I question myself. I get angry at myself for not avoiding the situation. I lose sleep listing the reasons I have no right to stand up for myself – because I tell myself I didn’t handle something perfectly. I tell myself that my voice isn’t worth hearing. That no-one will like me if I speak up. I agonise over whether I am a hypocrite. I then get mad at myself for feeling things I don’t have the right to feel. I don’t validate my own feelings. I get mad at myself for NOT standing up for myself more. I get mad at myself for EVERYTHING! What a waste of energy spent on not having compassion for myself!!



This is a big one. Happiness should come from the inside and radiate outwards. I shouldn’t give power to external things or people over whether I get to be happy or not. I need to maintain my inner peace. I shouldn’t waste my time feeling icky feelings that are only hurting me. I could be busy feeling happy!

I hope everybody has a very happy week x

Brave. Strong. Motivated. Let’s do this, 2014!

OK, so this morning I woke up from the most powerful dream (don’t worry – I won’t be THAT person and bore you with the details). I know I might sound a little airy fairy but occasionally a dream will just slam me right between the eyeballs (or right in the heart) with a message for my life and I just know I have to listen. Did you know that occasionally I am accidentally psychic too? Freaky.

So today, I am feeling really philosophical and very determined to take this new year by the horns and live the best life I can. To be brave and strong, but also to cherish those I love and not take them for granted.

I might let some quotes do some of the talking for me.



We can only do our best in life, based on what tools and skills we have at our disposal. Some of us are better equipped than others for many different reasons. However, I do truly believe that it is our duty to always seek out new information and new ways to solve our problems. To work on the skills we need to improve on. To actively seek help when we are struggling to do better. To help others when they reach out (if someone really really wants to change we need to help them embrace that because dammit, change is hard sometimes). We should always strive to ‘know better’. Once we do ‘know better’, I feel it’s our responsibility to ‘do better’. We should never pretend to un-know something. We have to work hard and do some tough stuff to get to better places in life. We owe it to ourselves for happier lives and also to our loved ones – especially our younger generations.



I don’t want to get too dramatic but sometimes it feels like our lives depend on it.



It’s time for us to be good people. The world needs more good people. We need to inspire those around us and surround ourselves with other good people so we may stay inspired too.



We can all be good at talking about an issue forever, but can we put those words into action? I want to only trust the actions of others (rather than constantly believing in their words and than inevitably despairing at their lack of action) and to hold myself accountable too.



It can sometimes be much easier to maintain a status quo and not question it. It takes a lot of courage to stand out on a limb and do what feels best for you. It can feel scary and it takes courage, because sometimes people don’t understand what you’re doing or they don’t like how it makes them feel when you better yourself. It’s worth it, despite the hard work and the doubters. Stay strong and maybe you’ll inspire someone else. Maybe your new trend will catch on. Stay true to yourself. Here’s to being brave.

What’s inspiring you as we see in 2014? x


Getting sick this week has given me the opportunity to reflect on some things. I think some of the things that have been on my mind have contributed to me being so run down and not so immune to the germs flying around (I’ve heard this thing I’ve got has been doing the rounds). I’ve thought about some of the quotes I’ve found lately that inspire me and resonate with me.



I am in a good place and I’m very protective of the hard work I’ve done to get  here. I will not give that up easily!

I need to remember that I am in charge of my happiness. Everything is about attitude.



I don’t know why people view change as a negative thing. Sure, some people do make changes for the worst (in which case we should show compassion), but when someone steps out of a comfort zone and changes for the better, we should celebrate them. Not resent them for becoming a new person or for revealing a side of themselves that we are not used to. Or worse putting them down because it makes us feel uncomfortable. Our fear of being left behind or finding ourselves at odds with that person are our own insecurities and should not take away from someone else’s wonderful achievements. Maybe we can be inspired by them.

I know we’re so good at the Tall Poppy Syndrome in Australia. It infiltrates all levels of society from celebrities and national heroes to every day families or friendships. There’s nothing wrong with wanting people to stay humble and remember where they have come from. It’s another to simply hate that they’ve grown or changed, just because.



I’ve seen a lot of people online competing about who’s got the most dramatic life. Who’s been through the most. Who has the hardest job. Who is more tired – parents or non parents (um – who cares?). Why are we so determined to prove to each other who is the most stressed and who has the most right to complain or not complain? It’s OK to admit you’re happy or that you like to keep things chilled and calm. Doesn’t mean your life challenges are any less…challenging. Doesn’t mean you’ve got a perfect life either. Or even a boring one! But let’s spend more time celebrating the good and the peaceful. World peace starts at home, ya’ll.



There is nothing worse than someone confiding in someone else a wonderful dream that they have…only to have someone react with, “That’s not possible.” Or “That will end badly.” Or “You can’t do that”. Or “Don’t stick your neck out. It will get chopped off.”

No-one makes their dreams into realities by flying under the radar or living without risk. I want everyone near and dear to me to dream big. I am a realist by nature, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Dreams can evolve or change shape until they’re possibilities. I want to support everyone I love who has a ‘big’ dream. How exciting for them 🙂



RIP to the wise and revolutionary Nelson Mandela. He said many important and inspirational things during his lifetime. This is one of them. Whether we’re talking about civil rights issues, political issues (and there have been a few of late) or about how we ordinary people live our every day lives, this is very important advice. I don’t want to spend my life reacting to things I’m afraid of. I want to aspire towards great things. I’ve done the fear based decision making thing before and it’s no way to live. As a parent of a newborn, I made choices that were based not on my hopes and dreams for my child, but in reaction to the fear of what someone might think if I did a certain thing in public etc. I’ll tell you now – no happiness was to be found in living like that. I am so glad I’ve moved past that way of thinking for the large part (no-one’s perfect – it’s a process). I need to make choices that reflect my hopes for my family – how I can make our family’s dreams come true. I don’t want to just do things because I’m scared that if I don’t do them, I’ll be judged or rejected or less popular. We can’t change our lives (or the lives of people we care about) if we aren’t strong and keep a positive mindset instead of a fearful one. Gotta keep our eyes on the prize and not forget the bigger picture.

So that’s my dose of inspiration for the week. What is inspiring you? x

Some words I didn’t write.

OK, so last night I went on a bit of a pinning spree (referring to Pinterest by the way). The X Factor grand final was on and I had locked myself out of social media such as Facebook and Twitter out of fear of having the winner revealed to me ahead of time. What else was I going to do?? 😉

Also, there have been a few things on my mind and while some would find it really obnoxious and cheesy, I like to look at inspirational quotes when I feel feelings.

Here are some of the things that resonate with me right now…











What’s on your mind this week?

Sorry this post is just reposted Pinterest sourced quotes, but I thought I’d just leave it without adding my own comments. I did write some, but thought better of it. I will leave it up to you to take from them what you need most in your own situation xx