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The Happy List #15


Guys. I’m germ infested and it sucks! Not to mention, that time of the month showed her face at exactly the same time. I’m an image of wonder and joy right now. Despite all of that, I have got some things to put on the happy list.

Here goes…

Gossip Girl (xoxo) 

Maybe it’s because I’m only half alive (and therefore only able to use half of my brain – if that), but I am enjoying Gossip Girl for the first time. It’s melodramatic, over the top, far removed from my own world (on so many levels haha) and yet I am sucked in. It’s about all I can handle right now and I am very thankful that there are 121 episodes to keep me company while I hack up a lung. Now, don’t tell me who Gossip Girl is!!! I am fortunate to have forgotten all of the stuff people blogged about when the series ended!

The Little Mister being so understanding that I am feeling under the weather

He’s done such a great job. He’s played quietly. He’s understood when I have to collapse on the couch or if I can’t tend to his needs right away thanks to a coughing fit or a dizzy spell. I feel sorry for him being trapped at home with me, but he’s such a sweet kid and I appreciate it so much! I think all of his experience with coughs and colds this year has given him a good dose of empathy for what others are going through when they don’t feel well. It’s hard to not squish him and breathe my germs in his face as I kiss him for being so gorgeous (I am restraining myself as much as possible – he does not need to be sick too)!

Oh, and a special mention to Mr Unprepared for looking after things when he got home from work too. Very appreciated.

Surprise fruit delivery

I had forgotten that a hamper of seasonal fresh fruit was part of a prize I won a while back. When it was delivered this past week, I was confused. What if all this fruit was for the neighbours and there was a mistake? But no. The invoice told me it was for us! There were the best strawberries I’ve ever tasted, a load of bananas, apples, pears, melons, everything! I don’t know how the hell we’ll get through it all, but I am hoping I’ll feel well enough soon to do something great with the stuff we can’t eat right away – oh the recipes I could bake and create with! We already had strawberries dipped in dark chocolate for a naughty treat the other night. YUM!

Saying bye bye to Tony Abbott as PM

I have never been so happy to see a person ousted from the ‘top job’. I sat there watching the news like it was a sporting event. I won’t get into it (or we’ll be here all day), but let’s just say I was NOT a fan of our speedo wearing, onion eating, boat stopping PM. While I am disillusioned with the fact that our country’s leaders seem to be playing a fast, ridiculous game of musical chairs of late, I am honestly just glad for now that it’s not Tony anymore. I was feeling a bit upset about where our country was going under his leadership. Now it’s Malcolm’s job to prove himself as a worthy leader – surely anybody but Tony is an improvement at this point, right? I hope so. I hope we can look to a future where we vote based on policy and not just based on the (in)stability of each party. Remember, that’s how Abbott got into power. Sigh.

Having ‘real’ sick days for the first time in years

With the Little Mister attending day care a couple of days a week, I felt so fortunate to be able to ‘call in sick’ and actually rest on my own. Like in the BC (Before Child) days. It was much needed. What a relief. What a privilege!

I was a bit annoyed that I couldn’t be productive, but I think that forcing myself to slow down (and ask for/accept help from Mr Unprepared) was good for me. Sometimes we just can’t be on top of our game and that will just have to be good enough.

Other stuff that has made me happy…

  • Miraculously not putting on weight while lying on the couch sick, eating weird crap. Sure, it’s probably just a loss of muscle tone (damn it) but I’ll take it.
  • Making plans for the next week that will give me a real boost – stuff to look forward to when I’m feeling better.
  • A ridiculous snapchat video from a friend who got stuck in the loo at work. Priceless.
  • Snuggles with Mr Unprepared (while I carefully try not to breathe on him) when I’m feeling really ordinary.
  • Online shopping – hello. Sick me is looking after recovered me. Oops haha.

What has made you happy lately? x

How I cope with winter illness stir-craziness.



I am not a winter person. I have learnt how to embrace it and try to enjoy it anyway, but it is a time fraught with danger. Germs flying about everywhere. No place is safe. No person is safe!

It’s just par for the course, really. Winter = cold and flu season.

As an adult, I’ve been getting a flu shot annually and while it doesn’t work for everyone, I feel thankful that it has seemed to work quite well for me. Mr Unprepared seems to have mixed results, but nothing too full on has hit him since he started having them, so that’s probably a positive sign.

But the Little Mister? Germ machine.

Since he started day care this year, he’s had a cold almost every second week. Some strains seem really mild and give him nothing more than a snotty nose for a couple of days, others seem to linger forever, along with an annoying cough. I am so lucky I work casually and can be flexible when he needs to stay home, but it’s starting to get a bit inconvenient! If I don’t work, I don’t get paid damn it!


I am very passionate about not knowingly spreading germs around. I hate when I hear about work places that pressure their employees to turn up sick. I hate when someone turns up at the playground or social gathering, casually saying, “Oh man! I/my kids am/are so sick right now!” while their child is practically slobbering all over you/your child or you’ve just agreed to split a plate of finger food with them. A little warning might have been nice!

WHAT THE HELL? GO HOME. Is your FOMO really that bad that you’re willing to infect ALL the people??

I mean, sometimes it’s not a super big deal. Germs are everywhere, anyway. It’s just nice to know ahead of time so you can make an educated choice on how you choose to protect yourself or your child (we personally had to warn my family this past weekend about the Little Mister’s cold and blessings were given for him to turn up with a few extra precautions taken)! But generally? If you’re all germy, then don’t turn up! These things are unavoidable. People will get over it.

I even keep my errands to an absolute minimum. You’ll only ever see the Little Mister having a little cough at the shops if I have absolutely no other choice, but I promise he’ll be coughing into his sleeve, keeping his hands to himself and that pocket sized bottle of sanitiser I keep in my handbag will be making an appearance!!

But I get it when people say they’re stir crazy. It starts to feel like you’ll never leave home again. You can feel very isolated and it’s not great for anyone’s mental health. Not to mention, when your child is bored and unstimulated and it feels like the days are moving at snail’s pace. I was talking to a friend about this and she was saying they hadn’t been out in weeks, due to her son having a lingering cold. I myself had only just emerged from a loooooong week in myself. I remember the days when it would go on for months if you had a bad run of it!! I never feel comfortable asking for babysitting so I can get out either, because I don’t want the Little Mister to infect anyone else! So, everyone at home it is.

It messes with your head. Especially if you get a sick partner too (they always seem to go down first right?).

So I’ve decided to share some ways that I try to minimise the stir crazy factor…

Get some fresh air…somewhere we can be alone together.

If it’s a sunny day, I like to grab the Little Mister, rug him up in his coziest clothes and take him down to our local beach. It’s a great spot that is never highly populated (much less in winter) and we can go for a walk or build a sandcastle together. Obviously we have to avoid anyone getting wet and cold, but it’s totally doable. No-one else gets infected, we get a bit of Vitamin D and the Little Mister feels like he had a fun outing just for him. In turn, I feel like the best mum ever again.

Phone calls/internet time.

This can be a double edged sword. Sometimes these things can make you feel worse, with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) rearing its ugly head, but sometimes being able to chat online with your mates and feel connected can be a lifesaver. You can commiserate with your friends who are also stuck at home and keep each other company, virtually!

I also catch up on my favourite blogs and immerse myself in tales of the outside world when I get a bit of down time. Usually, when the Little Mister is snuggled up watching a movie. Gotta love movie time on sick days, right?

This week I joined Periscope (user name @KezUnprepared) just for the hell of it. Yet another new thing to eat up my down time and get me feeling creative. I feel like this should be its own little point too – try something new (read a new book or learn a new skill you can practice at home or research some stuff or plan a new project you could try during or after the current illness jag).

I like to have a good chinwag on the phone with my mum too. It’s nice to connect. Speak to an adult.


Usually, I am no domestic goddess. But when everyone’s been cooped up for a while and the germs are so irritating, you swear you can see them having a party on every single surface of your home (living or otherwise), it’s cathartic to just start washing and cleaning and tidying ALL THE THINGS.

After the last outbreak of gastro, I went nuts washing bedding, towels and anything my husband had ever touched. Afterwards, the house looked and smelt nice and fresh. Psychologically, this really gave me a boost. I stopped seeing my house as a tiny, claustrophobic germ incubator and more as a sanctuary again.

I will be doing another vigorous cleaning session this week, after dealing with the Little Mister’s latest snotty, coughy situation. It’s gonna be great!

Obviously, it’s a good way to minimise the chances of reinfecting everyone over and over.

Have a secret stash of ‘sick day’ activity materials.

I have a craft box full of cheap stickers, pipe cleaners, cotton wool, kids’ craft glue, coloured card, felt animals hidden away for when the Little Mister gets really really bored and I start to feel like a crappy mum because we haven’t done anything but sit around for days. I also have colouring books and other activity books sitting around that he’s not really aware of. I pull something out when things are getting dire (I’m talking all out desperation) and it can keep him amused for ages! None of those things cost a lot and I just throw a little something in my shopping trolley when supplies are a bit low or I see something on sale.


Just give in. The Little Mister snuggles more when he’s not well. He gets so docile and cuddly. I just try to forget everything else and sit and snuggle with him when he needs it. It’s nice. I swear it is easier when I stop fighting it (‘it’ being my busy mum brain).


Kids are such troopers, aren’t they?

Look, my go-to strategies might seem a little obvious and might make you feel pretty stabby if you’re feeling at the end of your tether. Trust me, I get it. Sometimes I try all of these things and I will still feel like absolute shit. Hang in there! It won’t be forever. Summer will come again!

You got this! x

How do you survive lengthy winter sickness jags? Any advice you can add for other stir crazy parents?

The Happy List #4



As I type this, the Little Mister has emerged from his bed with the beginnings of a cold and Mr Unprepared has been quarantined in our bedroom for two nights with a stomach bug. It has not been a very relaxing weekend, with me chasing everyone with hand sanitiser, terrified about the fact that gastro germs can stay alive on household surfaces (or any surfaces for that matter) for two weeks!! TWO WEEKS. Yep. I googled it and I am glad I did, because I don’t think many people are aware of that fact (or was it just me?). I can’t wait to clean everything from top to bottom!!!

So, a happy list is DEFINITELY needed as we look towards the start of a new week…

I have survived the weekend illness free (so far).

While I could still be hit with the scary germs, I have survived this far. Which has allowed me to look after everyone else (lucky me) and has saved me from the discomfort of an awful stomach bug (there’s nothing worse). I am also very happy that the Little Mister has not been affected by gastro (so far – I’m only cautiously optimistic). My heart would break for him and it would be the worst to clean up after, oh my gosh.

Catching up with my parents. 

This past week, my parents got home from their trip away to the US and Canada. It was great to catch up with them and hear about their holiday. I’d forgotten how much my mum and I can gas bag together – I think we’ve made up for lost time…just! The Little Mister is happy to have them back too. He took his cat sitting duties very seriously while they were away.

Photo booth hijinks at a wedding.

Last weekend, Mr Unprepared and I attended the wedding of one of his long time friends (the wedding he was a groomsman for). It was a beautiful day for it (after a week of dodgy weather) and it was great catching up with friends. A definite highlight of the day was the photo booth. We all got to embrace our silly sides and it was fun to have little print outs to take home and keep. I wish options like this were easier to come across back when we got married in 2007 (before Facebook really became what it is today and Pinterest was just a dream – I feel old)!



We had to take at least one serious couple photo, though. I mean, c’mon. We are stunning. I feel compelled to tell you that there were actually nice photos of us taken…we don’t look like that EVERY day.

Yeah, right Kez.


Supermarket success. 

While very recently, I’d vowed to only do online grocery shopping from now on, circumstances conspired to have me running around the supermarket (the one that rhymes with Tool Births), gathering ingredients for the week’s meals last week. I had a strict budget and without doing any mental arithmetic, I managed to get within 34c of it when it added up at the check out. It was a small pleasure but gosh it was satisfying. I felt like some kind of psychic goddess.

Also, I managed to avoid my new least favourite check out attendant, despite there being almost no check outs open. Yay!

I am excited to make lots of yummy meals this coming week after what feels like a disjointed few weeks, where I had no creativity left in me at all. I really like to take pride in my cooking. Even if it’s nothing fancy, I like to feel I’ve put an effort in. It’s the thing that calms and focuses me at the end of a day.

The Little Mister’s compliments. 

He’s a charmer in the making, this kid.

Me: You’re my favourite.
Little Mister: And you’re MY favourite!

(he pretty much copies any compliment you give him but it’s pretty cute)

Little Mister: I like your hair, Mummy.

Little Mister: I love you looking after me, Mummy.

Little Mister: That’s a pretty necklace!

I think I’ll keep him.

So, tell me, what is on your happy list right now?