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Kez’s Valentine’s Day Cupcake Recipe (hrmm).


So, every year my husband and I do the same old dance around what the 14th of February means to us. We bitch and whine about how it’s a big, icky pink and red mess of commercialism at its best, but then we look at each other (usually always at the last minute) with raised eyebrows…could we? Should we? Would it be so bad? Thing is, I’m not one of those chicks who says, “Don’t worry about it this year…you don’t have to get me anything” and then gets mad when their partner doesn’t get them anything. I’m seriously non-plussed about the whole thing. I just read the disgusting dedications in the newspaper and laugh my arse off. Like the one year this guy sent identical messages to three different women…only, because they were identical, they were placed one after the other so it was reeeeeally obvious. BUSTED! Who doesn’t live for that kind of hilarity on Valentine’s day?? I like deciding on the couples with the grossest pet names for each other too. Too many ‘pookies’ for my liking.

*spews in own mouth a little*

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big sucker for love (quite the romantic at heart), but sometimes the scheduled PDAs get a little gross on the 14th. So many mushy, gushy posts on Facebook. There’s always that one person with OTT braggy pictures, “LOOK AT MY FIFTY DOZEN ROSES AND MY DIAMOND ENCRUSTED CUPCAKES, EVERYONE. I AM THE MOST LOVED – THE REST OF YOU CANNOT COMPARE.”

I like to celebrate a bit more quietly, I guess is all I’m saying. It’s gotta mean something to us, the couple, more than it has to mean something to everyone else we know. Who doesn’t like an excuse to show their loved ones that they care? On purpose? A little extra effort than usual? We don’t have anything to prove to anyone else.

Today I decided I had better do something. I’ve been feeling a little lovey dovey towards my husband lately (haha) and I kind of needed the excuse to make some small gestures of love, besides letting him play NBA 2K13 (or whatever it’s called) on his PS3 and letting him watch sports in the commercials of whatever I’m already watching (I am so romantic and generous).

I decided that a card and some special surprise treats would be in order. I almost chickened out, as I stood with the other scared husbands (it’s already Valentine’s Day but I know the hubby will understand because I haven’t been able to get out of the house for a few days) at the almost decimated Valentine’s Day card stand. Yes. I am a stereotypical straight man. I found a nice card that wasn’t hideous and had a nice message inside that I could add to, and the other husbands/boyfriends/booty calls and I scattered suddenly, like nothing had ever happened. I’ll keep your secret, boys. You bought that card WEEKS ago, right? *wink*

I have decided to make my husband our favourite chicken minestrone soup (sounds like a winter dinner but it’s so fresh and perfect for summer) and I am going to surprise him with some gorgeous cupcakes…

Which brings me to this…

Here’s the “recipe”* that I used to make my husband some Valentine’s Day cupcakes:

Kez’s Valentine’s Day Cupcakes (perfect baking for a stay at home mum of a toddler)

  • Consider baking your no-fail, awesomely tasty cupcake recipe from scratch. Remember that you’re kidding yourself, because you have a teething one year old and no other adults in the house, plus you are using an oven.
  • Go to the supermarket.
  • Buy the first obviously manufactured for Valentine’s day cupcake mix that comes with little heart candies to sprinkle on top.
  • Shake off any feelings of guilt at not making the ‘real’ thing – this part’s important.
  • Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celsius. Watch out for stray toddler. He’s distracted and doesn’t notice? You just earned yourself 50 points in Awesomeness.
  • The ‘recipe’ requires butter, milk and 2 eggs.
  • Freak out about the fact that the butter you swore you bought last time you were at the shops has disappeared and someone has replaced an empty container into the fridge. Find the new container of butter behind the beers…
  • Use up the last of the household’s milk. Oh well. Guess we’re not weaning you onto cow’s milk today, my little toddler friend (hehe actually the weaning process has been going great guns – a little cupcake related setback will not kill us). Tell husband to bring home milk. Don’t tell him why. It will ruin the surprise.
  • See the instructions on the back of the mix box that say you need to use an electric mixer. Think “F**k it, instructions are for pussies” and mix it by hand because, hey, you have upper body strength now. Carrying a toddler around is hard work. Celebrate that.
  • Spoon cupcake batter into patty cases.
  • Lick the bowl, because hey, you didn’t have breakfast today. Totally counts.
  • When you hear a knock on the door, rush to it while furiously wiping chocolate mix from your mouth (and surrounding areas). From the amused look of the guy delivering your surprise roses (from the sneaky husband!!!!!), you can deduce that you did not manage to wipe all choccy smudges off your face after all.
  • Place cupcakes into the oven for 20 minutes.
  • Play with your toddler, until the oven time goes off with a “BRRIIINGGGG”.
  • Run after your toddler to the oven (he loves that “BRRIIINGGG” sound) and tell him 10 times not to touch it because it’s “Ouch! Hot!” while making a ridiculous face that is supposed to represent pain. Just when you think you’ll never be able to open the oven safely, you realise that the cupcake recipe states 20-25 minutes baking time. You’ve bought yourself a couple of minutes because you only set the timer for 20. Also, your toddler will suddenly become distracted and run away to play with something at the last second. Another 50 points of Awesomeness. Well done!
  • Place the cupcakes on a rack to cool and take your toddler to bed for a nap. YOU WIN. EVERYONE ELSE CAN GO HOME NOW. YOU HAVE EARNT 100 POINTS OF AWESOME.
  • Later, you can ice your cupcakes with the Betty Crocker frosting you bought earlier.



*It’s not really a recipe. I’m never going to be a food blogger, you understand? Cool.

Honestly, the way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach (well that’s one of two *naughty wink* – don’t read that, Mum), so I think I’m onto a winner. Also? Baking of any description, alone, with a toddler in the house? If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is!

How do you feel about Valentine’s day? Love it? Hate it? Indifferent (that’s us in a nutshell haha)?

Little Mister’s First Camping Trip: During and After.

To see how we prepared, the ‘before’ post is available here x


Seriously, during the Little Mister’s first ever camping experience, the Little Mister had SO MUCH FUN. Surprisingly, so did my husband and I! It was an exhausting experience, but a satisfying one. It was exactly the change of scenery that we needed as a little family. I was feeling like I’d been stuck in a rut for too long (even my blogging inspiration had up and left me) and I felt like the Little Mister was getting restless. It was time to shake things up!

Here’s a little run down of our trip and what we got up to 🙂

Day 1: We arrived!! It was stinking hot and sunny at our campsite, so my husband, dad and brother set up the tent as quickly as possible, while I chased after the Little Mister. I began to wonder what we’d gotten ourselves into, my dreams of the three of us taking lovely day time naps together dashed – too hot!! We walked down to the local takeaway shop on the waterfront (somewhat of an institution) and bought the BEST fish and chips EVER. I had thought I was too sweaty and icky to want food, but it was awesome. The Little Mister squawked like a freakin’ seagull each time we reached for a chip, but we tricked him with morsels of tasty fish instead – sucked in!


The Little Mister struggled a bit that night, because he’d never slept in a tent before and we’d thrown him off with a new environment. Looking back, it also became clear that he was cutting a tooth (his mouth is positively exploding with them at the moment)! It took an hour or so (and a little drive in the car) to settle the poor little guy, but once he was asleep, he slept ALL NIGHT! Even the kookaburras (and possibly all the species of the noisiest birds in the world), the cars driving by and the people talking and moving about didn’t disturb him! It probably worked in our favour that we were sleeping a couple of feet away – made him feel secure.

Day 2: My dad thinks he’s really cool now, because he’s gotten in on the paddleboarding trend (yeah yeah you went to Hawaii without me blah blah). I will admit, it is really fun. We all had a go at it (even the Little Mister had a little ride) and it is pretty addictive. I stopped because I was scared I was going to run over a couple of kids on boogie boards, playing in the shallows, but I really did want to have another crack at it! Also? We ordered fish and chips for dinner. Yep. That’s two days in a row, folks. Nutrition? What’s that? Also, it was an excuse to drive down for it so the Little Mister would fall asleep…he did. And he slept all through the night again. I was impressed!

Day 3: Holy cow. The Little Mister was teething up a freakin’ storm. Despite sleeping for a good hour and a half in the car that morning (his record day time sleep for the whole holiday), he was a little wreck. The day went on for so long that I started to become convinced that we had the terrible 2s a bit early. Thank goodness for Bonjela and Nurofen is all I can say! The poor thing even became upset when we took him to the water (usually it’s all smiles and excitement), so we pulled him out and gave lots of cuddles. We stayed positive and hoped for the best!

Day 4: It rained in the morning. Everything was soggy and muddy, with the Little Mister falling over in a few puddles, so we decided that we’d go for some long drives through the forests and it was beautiful.


Are Karri trees not THE most beautiful trees?!! I couldn’t stop taking photos. You’re lucky I’m only showing you one. Oh, and by the way, the Little Mister returned to his usual, gorgeous self today. I was one relieved mum!

Day 5: Went for a big hike. Little Mister fell asleep for most of it, in the baby carrier my husband wears on his back. He (my husband) feels like it’s good training for a huge 5 day hike he’s planned for later this year, but I don’t think he counted on the Little Mister leaning at funny angles the whole way…the weight distribution was…interesting…

After our 6km walk (which covered almost any kind of terrain you can think of), we felt so good about ourselves that we plonked ourselves in the local cafe and ordered some replacement calories…oops. That’s not how you do it? Oh well. haha.

Day 6:


Started at 3am. I awoke to hear our chatty campsite neighbours talking (tents are good for eavesdropping from BTW). I was like, “Urgh…shut up…”, but then I heard what they were saying….smell of smoke…fire vehicles…loud hailers and two way radios going off…UH OH!

Suddenly I smelt the smoke and realised my husband had been awake listening too! We eavesdropped some more and realised the fire was RIGHT WHERE WE HIKED THE PREVIOUS DAY (only a little way up the road). Some awful little arsonist had decided it would be fun to wake the whole town, it seemed. The fire was quite close to where we were staying and we were alert, but calm. I checked the website for fire warnings and the situation wasn’t too dire yet, so we tried to get some sleep, while keeping one ear open.

Oh, and the Little Mister slept through all of it…we were on a roll!

We woke with ash on our tent and everything smelt…smoked.

We didn’t want to stray too far today, because we wanted to know the fire was contained before abandoning our camp. We drove up to a look out and watched where the fire was. Thankfully, it wasn’t a big, angry fire like we’ve seen before (my parents had a close call a while back) and the fire emergency people were really amazing, giving it everything they had from the get go. We went for a drive to a famous local surf break and I had to block out my mum’s voice as she kept saying, “This is so much better than Waimea and California…”

Travel brag. Bah humbug!

Day 7: Our last full day at camp. I was starting to feel the ‘last day’ blues. They’re totally real, guys. I was a bit grumpy and tired – to be honest, the fire had killed some enthusiasm with the middle of the night adrenaline rush and the lack of sleep. I was starting to fantasise about my comfy bed at home (after rolling off the air mattress a couple of times) and the simple creature comforts that make life with a toddler a bit easier. I’d had an amazing holiday, but like most camping trips, you end them at the right time, when you start to appreciate what you have at home again. Luckily, my mood was lifted when my parents said, “If you want to go kayaking, we’ll look after the Little Mister…”

My husband and I were out of there LIKE A SHOT. I was all like, “Here’sasnackandhissippycupandasparenappyandsomewipesseeyalater…”

I think we left behind a dust cloud and some tumbleweeds rolling about hahaha. This little break lifted my mood considerably and my husband and I pretended we’ve been kayaking experts all our lives, while trying not to feel self conscious when people on motorboats cruised by, having a little stare. Tick that off our long list of physical activities for the holiday! I was starting to fool myself that I’m a sporty person. Let’s just ignore the fact that we ate double our body weights in soft cheese, dips and crackers…don’t even mention the wine… 🙂

Day 8: Packing up the campsite was a little more time consuming than we’re used to! It was hard to do things together, so we worked in tandem. My parents were great because they were able to look after the Little Mister while we shoved the tent back into its bag (why are the bags always THIS much too small????) and packed the last of our things.

We got in the car, said goodbye to my parents and before we’d even left town the Little Mister was fast asleep. Bliss. We were so happy to get home after a weird drive (we had witnessed a bizarre accident and people were not driving like they’d earned their licences).

I have to admit, I am missing my holiday a bit now that I’m home with my wifi, air conditioning, solid walls, separate sleeping space to the Little Mister, my laptop, my DVR and my kitchen appliances! There was a lot of good stuff we did – we were more physically active: paddleboarding, hiking, kayaking etc. We were able to devote quality time to each other as a little family much more than you can when you’re running your daily home life, and there was no television to inhibit our interactions. The Little Mister was making massive progress in his development (I’m sure it’s his age too but he just thrived), and life just felt really meaningful. I want to take this experience with me throughout the year and try to hold onto the spirit of it.

What did I learn?

– It really pays to have a supportive partner/helping person. If my husband hadn’t been a really involved, hands on parent too, the trip would have been a nightmare. We tended to work in tandem (sometimes giving each other time to shower or just have five minutes to themselves) and fell into a great rhythm. It was more intense than being at home, because you can’t childproof the outdoors (I’m sure some of us have tried) and it would have been tough without any support. Of course, my parents were brilliant also.

– You have to be willing to break the ‘rules’ and routines. The Little Mister napped at all different times, for not long at all. He scoffed a few more hot chips than I would allow at home and ate a few more pre-packaged meals than usual. He was occasionally bribed with snacks and he was driven around in order to fall asleep on a few occasions (something we’ve never done at home). The Little Mister even had bath time much earlier than usual, because it was just easier to take him after a swim or an activity when the other babies/toddlers at the caravan park weren’t forming a peak hour bath time line! We surrendered ourselves to this, as we were in a different environment and trusted that the Little Mister would know the difference once we were home. I hope I don’t sound like a wanker, but if you hear me out, the point is that it was important to relax. If we’d tried to be as strict as we are at home, none of us would have had any fun! We’d be stressed out to the max, because it would have been almost impossible to recreate home in a tent! We adapted to what was best and if something didn’t work, we were flexible. It paid off. It was actually fun to not be in control of everything. I’m going to relax more at home now. I realise he CAN sleep if I don’t just shoosh everyone after 7pm (note to my husband: I’m not a miracle worker – stop banging the freakin’ kitchen cupboards!). I am NOT going to wreck him if I take him out at nap time occasionally. He proved himself over and over and now we’re home he’s settled back in with almost no fuss (I say ALMOST – perhaps a little understandable anxiety at nap time). I should give us all a little more credit 🙂

– A change of scenery is not just good for the Little Mister but for my husband and I. We came home happy and giddy and ready to connect more as a couple, not just as co-parents. Those short moments alone in the evening where we held hands and walked to the toilet block (haha how romantic), sharing our reflections on our day – just awesome. We were reminded of how well we can work as a team (usually erecting a tent – not a euphemism you pervs – or paddling in a kayak IN TIME WITH EACH OTHER are our weaknesses LOL). I hope that we can recreate this nice feeling with more us-time and date days/nights as we’ve had very few of these since the Little Mister was born.

– I know I’ve joked before about the ‘children should not ever be exposed to the evils of television before the age of 2 – or ever’ people…but I did see how less television benefited the Little Mister. While he needed some Giggle and Hoot on my mum’s tablet sometimes before bed (quiet time and something familiar), he really did thrive without it. I loved that without any at all, we all chatted more. We’ve never been excessive with the TV around the Little Mister (I do agree that moderation is best), but I am seeing where I could cut back (except for when I need to go to the toilet!!!).

– I am strong. Not mentally (I know that already – some call it stubborn but I disagree – of course). Physically! I mean, I know I’m strong in relation to being a mummy. I lift the Little Mister a million times a day after all! I mean me as an individual! All my life I’ve struggled with a lack of upper body strength, but on this holiday I paddled the sh*t out of everything and I walked kilometres without feeling like dying! This made me feel all empowered and womanly – HEAR ME ROAR! 🙂 I needed that boost.

– I want to do it again.


You can read about our camping trip from the Little Mister’s perspective here!

Have you camped with a toddler (or toddlers, you brave soul) before? How was your experience? Are you considering it for the first time? Share by leaving a comment x

The importance of me-time.


Life can get pretty hectic these days (and I’m not just talking about the Christmas silly season). Everything’s a fine balance (where possible). Gotta have quality mum and bub time, every day getting sh*t done (usually with toddler in tow) time, couple time, being with friends and family time, me-time for the husband and me-time for the wife lady (that’s me). I think you can guess which items usually get left off the list (hint: it’s not the mum and bub time one or the getting sh*t done one).

Sometimes achieving this balance can seem easy. The social opportunities come rolling in, things just seem to fit in with our crazy daily schedules, everything just feels right. Other times it’s just go go go. Hitting the daily grind. Add to that a lack of quality sleep and it’s nutso zombie lady time.

For most of us, me-time can be a massive luxury, but every now and then we really need to take a stand and ask for it. I usually see the red flags not long before me-time becomes not just a luxury but a necessity. It can be a slow burn (sometimes even months), but eventually everything catches up with me and there is no denying that I am *this* close to taking a one way trip to Crazy Lady town.

What are my red flags? Insomnia. The kind where you have been so busy that the only time your brain has time to process anything is that moment after you’ve woken up for a middle of the night toilet excursion. I can be awake for hours thinking about the day I just had, current world events, the days ahead. When I haven’t had time to think (or even feel) during a day, this becomes my nightmare because then I start the next day feeling exhausted, unable to think straight and the cycle continues. It can take about a week for this to become a massive problem!

Lack of enthusiasm/energy. I hate this one the most. It makes me feel like a terrible mum and then the guilts just eat me up inside. I usually find a lot of joy in being a very hands on, interactive parent and when I find myself flopped on the couch just staring into space, while the Little Mister plays around me, I know it’s time to do something about it. I’m all for him playing independently (and he is getting really good at it), but sometimes when what feels like a whole day has passed and I realise I didn’t read him a book, take him somewhere or even just sit down with him for a while, soaking up who he is and where he’s at, I start to feel bad. The whole point of me being lucky enough to be a stay at home mum is to be able to be there for him. This is probably my biggest red flag of all. I hate knowing I went through the motions of the day, staying vigilant, feeding him his meals, changing his nappies etc, without actually being there.

Withdrawal from the world. I am usually the first person to jump at any opportunity to head out and do something each day. If there’s some task that involves leaving the house, whether it’s a lovely opportunity to catch up with friends/my mum, an activity for the Little Mister to participate in, or even a trip to the shops, I am all for getting us out of the house at least once a day if we’re able to do so. It’s when I start to feel overwhelmed, like it’s all too much to just drive five minutes down the road, that I have to tell myself that something needs to change.

Getting stuck in my head. These are the days when I start to feel a bit down or a bit anxious. I’ll find social networking (usually such a great support and connection to the adult world) too much to bear. I’ll start worrying about things that I shouldn’t waste my energy on and I’ll generally just be doing a bit too much navel-gazing. Luckily, over the years I have learnt how to recognise this and I don’t let it spill out into my relationships (except the occasional slip up where I have a little bitch to my husband about the silly thing that’s bothering me – that’s usually also a red flag for him to give me some space). I know that the things I am worrying about are just me getting stir crazy and I just need to get out for a bit (by myself). Regain some perspective. It’s important to not let molehills become mountains.

Anyone recognise these red flags????

Often, it can be hard to use opportunities to take some me-time. I will either feel guilty and start ‘doing stuff’, while my husband protests (he knows how much nicer I am to be around when I feel energised and inspired – the same way I feel about him having some space for himself too), or I will feel like I’ll never get an opportunity to just feel some quiet. Sometimes I fill my ‘me’ time with friends (trying too hard to capitalise on free time), and while I have the kinds of friends who make you feel amazing after being with them, I find it doesn’t fill the void in my life where true me-time should have occurred.

I know when people think of ‘me time’ they can have this vision of a selfish lady of leisure being pampered all day in a spa type situation. That can be totally awesome on those (rare) special occasions when you have the time, cash or a gift certificate, but sometimes it’s the little things. Sometimes we can only grab an hour here or there. I find that if I use that hour right, and have the right support (read – care of the Little Mister) during that time, it can make a hell of a difference until that next spare hour.

Recently my husband has been working his butt off. He’s been on a wonderful work roster where he gets to see the Little Mister every single day, but he hasn’t had much time off (last minute extra shifts etc). It’s been almost a month of him working non stop, with me negotiating the silly season, and dealing with a little bout of PMS and we are both exhausted! Yesterday I had to put my hand up and let him know that I felt really selfish, but I was struggling (obviously I recognise he’s not had me-time either for a long time). I was willing to soldier on (just one more day to go until he has time off), but I just had to let him know where I was at.

He was amazing. He took over all the late afternoon/early evening chores, played with the Little Mister (this warmed my heart to hear them hanging out together – just the two of them having a giggle) and ordered me not to lift a finger until the Little Mister was in bed. At first I emptied a few bins around the house and took the rubbish out, before attempting to put some dishes in the dishwasher…but then my husband said, “Get out of here! You need to do NOTHING. Just do something that makes you feel nice. It’s obvious you need this time. I can’t have you feeling mental for another day!”

I’m sure his motivations were partly selfish (hello – who doesn’t want a sane wife to deal with?), but in that hour or so I was able to paint my nails, watch Ellen and read all about Hamish Blake’s wedding to Zoe Foster in Woman’s Day magazine (I’m soooo embarrassing). By the time the Little Mister was out of his bath, I was in his bedroom wanting to give him his night time bottle, despite my husband offering to do that for me.

I felt a little bit more relaxed, but wondered if it had made that much of a difference. Turns out it did. I slept better last night (despite my husband’s erratic snoring habits). I woke up this morning feeling inspired, rather than hit-by-a-bus. My brain actually feels like it has room in it again! A day in with the Little Mister feels like just what the doctor ordered (rather than a prison sentence). Housework feels like an achievable undertaking! I put it down to this: I had been staring at my nails for weeks as they got all raggedy and the remnants of a month agos’ home manicure looked sad and trashy. I felt like crap that I hadn’t been looking after myself. Having bright, red coral nails that are all the same shape as each other, looking kind of festive has made me feel like a woman who’s got her sh*t together. Such a small thing can make a huge difference. Also? My husband was so kind to me that it made me feel happy about our relationship (we’ve come a long way over the years). That’s always something nice to be feeling.

I am still tired, but I am now feeling re-energised and able to take on the next few days before Christmas. I will be reminding my husband how important his me-time is too (he really does need it as he’s very helpful around the house and hands on with the Little Mister when he can be).

I hope that everyone who reads this will be able to find just a little bit more time for themselves (guilt free). Perhaps it’s a good New Year’s resolution? xo

What is your favourite me-time activity?

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems…SOLVED!


Today is the first day of November, or as it is now known, Movember. Why? Because every bloke who’s ever heard of it (and is able to grow facial hair into…shapes) loves the excuse to grow a moustache and tell their reluctant partners that it’s all for a good cause.

Here’s a little description of what it’s all about taken straight from the Movember website:

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in Australia and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health.

My husband LOVES it. People who already sport questionable moustaches all year round probably hate it.

“Um…no. Not Movember. What is Movember?”
“…um…never mind…have a nice day, Mister…”
“Mister? But I’m a lady…”

At least that’s how I envision the awkward interchange…

Now, as I stated, my husband just adores Movember. I am one of those ladies who prefers a clean shaven face on a man. I’m sure he often wishes I was one of those hip, young things who think scruffy beards on a guy are all the rage, but tough luck, tiger. So his only opportunity to grow a hideous, spiky thing on his face is the month of November. To him, this is his big, shining moment to just be wildly hairy. He just loves to bathe in the warmth of his newly acquired facial hair and not be told off for it! I mean, he tries it on with me occasionally when he’s gotten a bit feral after working for a few days. He’ll just shave everything on his face except for a pencil thin creeper moustache and then try to get away with it…let’s just say he gets rid of it a few minutes later with a sad, sad look on his face. What? You really think you’re gonna get that past me, Mister?? Hmmph. Not likely. You don’t know who you’re messing with.

Last year he raised hundreds of dollars for the cause and this year I hope he can do the same. Especially as it is in memory of his brother who passed away from cancer in 2010. I also think that any time men are responsible for promoting men’s health and talking about mental health in particular, we should encourage it.
I mean, protect your bits and look after your mind…in some blokes it’s practically the same thing…boom! Bad sexist joke. I went there.

This year, my husband has been told that he cannot officially start his Mo’ growing until after the Little Mister’s first birthday. As we have a November baby, I have voiced my concern that every year his birthday photos from his childhood will feature my husband standing/sitting beside him sporting a furry upper lip like some crazy throwback to the 70s. I’m scared the Little Mister will turn 18 and look back on our photos of his birthday parties, believing that his dad had a dodgey caterpillar moustache above his top lip ALL YEAR ROUND. Eek.


This will only put him a week back and he grows facial hair like there’s no tomorrow, so he’s gonna do fine. You know, in case you were really concerned for him. I know you were.

I think that this year I would like to encourage my hairy spouse to mix it up a bit and go international…


I mean, I’ve seen him do this:


And this:

And this:

Yeah…variety hasn’t really been his strong point…

If you would like to donate on behalf of my husband’s dodgey mo’ growing efforts, click here and leave a message to let him know you found out about his mission via my blog (just quote the words “Awesomely Unprepared”)! I might get major brownie points 🙂

You don’t have to give much. Every dollar counts.
If we get even one donation from a blog reader, I promise to post photographic updates (even if the husband doesn’t know it yet haha).

If you are participating (you can register at this link), then by all means send me your pics too!

Click here to like Awesomely Unprepared’s page on Facebook x

It’s been one hell of a decade.



Today marks 10 years of my relationship with my husband. I’m going to be honest. It’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride. There have been highs and lows as we’ve grown up together. We started out as friends, becoming crazy annoying lovebirds at the ages of 18 and 20 in 2002.

When we jumped in head first, “I love you”s at 3 weeks, moving in together at 3 months, we had NO idea what we were getting into. It’s safe to say that we were awesomely unprepared for the crazy that was to follow. We just knew we were meant to be together in some way.

We’ve endured a lot in our relationship and all of the other things that life has thrown towards us. We’ve had to learn how to grow together and become proper adults – we started this adventure as not much more than kids, really. We’re still learning a couple of houses, a couple of dogs and a baby later! We’re doing everything we can to develop as individuals who each bring something unique and special to our relationship and I hope we can continue to carve our own way as a little family, with new traditions and amazing memories.

I am thankful for the fact that our relationship has brought us our beautiful Little Mister. I am thankful that we’ve never given up on each other when times are tough.

I hope that our future will glow brighter and brighter with each year that passes.


Today is brought to you by the number 30 (and some very bad Wikipedia facts).


This post is dedicated to my husband. Great gift idea, right? He’ll thank me later, I’m sure. Well, pretty sure…

The reason? Today he turns the big 3-0. That’s right. He’s been alive for three decades. He’s halfway to 60, so yeah, that’s pretty impressive. Also, he will always be 2 years older than me and I quite like that. He breaks in all of the scary ages before I get there so it’s not so scary. OK… also I like it because I get to make fun of him forever. Old fart.

I like today because for all of 2012, he has been very quick to point out, “I’m not 30 yet! STOP SAYING I’M 30!!”
Even yesterday and the day before he held onto this for dear life.


Anyway, I googled the number 30 (what the hell did we do before Google?) and it came up with some very very scintillating boring facts (as well as a ridiculous number of hipster photos of Jared Leto from the band 30 Seconds to Mars). Anyhow, Wikipedia did say that 30 is a stage in young adulthood. YOUNG adulthood. That should make my husband very happy. You’re welcome, dear! Haha, only old people call other people “dear”. Oops. I’m supposed to be the young one! Um…You’re welcome…man guy.

Also, Russell Crowe had a band called 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. And they were…well, they’ve broken up now. So, I guess that’s quite an average fact. Woo. Hoo.

Apparently in the 1960s there was some kind of rally/protest/movement to do with students and young people. Their slogan for the movement was, “Don’t trust people over 30“. That’s very wise advice. I mean, because all of the people I know who are under the age of 30 are just so responsible and levelheaded…

As my now 30 year old husband would know, the NBA has 30 teams. I don’t really know much about them. I only know the players who are married to, were married to, or are going to be married to Kardashians. Sometimes I even know which basketball stars are guilty of breaking the law in their personal lives – because it’s totally my business. My husband has some kind of phone app which actually tells him proper game stats and player facts that are actually relevant to the sport of basketball. He likes to scroll through these while I’m watching terrible reality shows which I know are terrible, but cannot tear myself away from.

So now that I’ve bored you tremendously (and I didn’t even mention that 30 is a magical number full of mathematical qualities that I don’t even understand) and if you’re over 30, you probably need a nap now, I’ll regale you with some facts about my husband’s birthday. You know, because 30 seems to be quite a boring number… 😛

On this day in:

1938: English cricketer Len Hutton set a world record for the highest individual test innings of 364 while playing a test match against Australia. Yes, this fact really does bore me to tears, but my husband quite likes the cricket. Perhaps I should have shared a fact that portrayed a cricketer having success over the English, rather than an English cricketer having success against Australia…but never mind.

1996: Osama Bin Laden declared somewhat of a war against America. Well, that’s cheerful.

…and a whole lot of other military/war related sh*t happened over many many years. As with any date in history you could probably pick out of a hat.

My husband shares his birthday with:

– King Louis XVI of France (and is almost as old as him by now bahaha)

– An American rapper called “BoneCrusher”

– Scott Caan (that hot guy from Hawaii Five-O)

– Kobe Bryant (NBA FACT – NBA FACT – are you impressed???)
Also, today is the day of the annual traditional Umhlanga ceremony in Swaziland. It’s lucky I’m letting you all know this, because let’s face it, last year you guys totally forgot about it and I turned up with my reeds and everything and no-one was there. I mean, geez, I spent forever cutting those things down and bundling them up…and for what? Just put it in your bloody diaries this time, will you? I refuse to repeat such a shamozzle this year. Sure, I’m married and I’m not childless…so maybe that has something to do with it, but dammit I was hoping the king would choose me as his wife anyway. Sheesh. I had my boobs out and everything.

Anyway, this crazy post is my weird way of wishing my husband a very happy birthday. I hope that your 30s are amazing and bring you all the good stuff that the world/universe has to offer. I love you (even if this post doesn’t really portray that in the most effective way).

I shall sign this post off with –30– because that’s the way that journalists signify the end of a story in shorthand. I don’t know why this is, but perhaps it’s like they’re saying that 30 is the end of everything. Like, your story’s over now, man. You’re –30-.


Who’s your daddy…blogger?


Look, I still have trouble admitting this to myself, but if you were to label me as a blogger, I would definitely be a “mummy” blogger these days. I am a mummy who blogs. About being a mummy. I try to think of other things to blog about, but being the biggest job I’ve ever undertaken, all the “mummy” stuff seems to dominate! I guess I’m reluctant to label myself (or be labelled) because I worry that I’ll just be one of the million bajillion parents out there who is trying to make something of themselves in the blogosphere (is “blogosphere” a naff thing to say?) and it’s not exactly an original or unique idea. I want to show that I have more than one dimension, I suppose. I feel like I’m a happy new parent, but I am also more than that. In saying that, there will always be mummies (not the toilet paper wearing zombie ones – no wait…) in the world. Billions of them. Reaching out for support, advice, sharing of funny stories and enjoying new perspectives on parenting. Each parent is a different person who offers something slightly new, with their own back story to tell and build on. And gawd, it’s therapeutic to blog about the experience. Who am I to stand in the way of myself and millions of others who stay sane this way?

I guess I can live with that. I shouldn’t try to be a total wanker about it.

Moving right along…

I love reading mummy blogs (or posts about being new parents). Let’s face it, I belong to the right demographic. However, I also really, thoroughly enjoy a good daddy blog. It’s fun to find out about the “other” sex’s perspective on parenting. Also? I kind of secretly think it’s cute that these days dads can write all about their parental exploits and it shows how far we’ve all come in sharing parenting roles and experiences. It sure ain’t the 1950s anymore and aren’t we glad?! Also, I like to email all the good daddy posts to my husband. Not sure if he enjoys my forceful sharing of dad experiences with him (he doesn’t have the same non-sports related blog reading addiction I do), but I haven’t yet received any criticism for it…unlike the backlash I get for sending celebrity baby gossip to him…he’s not really that fussed about Blue Ivy, I must say. I also get a lacklustre reaction when I send him NBA news. Not NBA sports news. Just gossip about Kardashians and stuff, which he really says doesn’t count as NBA news. Then I reply that I was being thoughtful keeping him up…with the Kardashians mostly. I really am so amazingly thoughtful. Oh and any cute pictures of labradors being cute (as labradors tend to be) are also important email correspondence between us. For me. Well, I have fun.

Also, I must add that he’d rather chew off his leg after a freakish bobsledding accident than write his own blog (a real tragedy I say). He doesn’t actually bobsled, but I thought that was a fun visual. Also, he’ll read this and I think we can agree that it will get a good reaction. Also, I watched a bit of Cool Runnings on TV the other night…

Unfortunately, daddy blogs are in the minority these days. For every gazillion mummy bloggers, you will find one daddy blogger. That figure may or may not have resulted in me doing guesswork and not any actual research.

I just finished reading a guest post that Aliya from Double the Fun commissioned from her husband (the ‘Hubs’) and thoroughly enjoyed his dabbling in a bit of daddy blogging. It made me think of the other dad blogs I enjoy. I shall share them, shall I?

How To Be A Dad
Follow Charlie and Andy in their day to day experiences as dads “in the field”. They claim vehemently to not be parenting experts but rather to provide a humourous “how not to” guide to being fathers. They aim to entertain, and I’m certainly entertained 🙂

They share lots of funny parenting anecdotes (but only the ones their wives will allow). It’s all in good fun!
As another parent who also claims adamantly to not be an expert, hence my blog title, this is a blog I relate to (as much as a non-dad can)!

Also, every time I’ve ever commented, I’ve received a comment reply which makes me feel warm and fuzzy like my visit means something to them. I think I should probably start doing that more on this ol’ blog.

BIG FAMILY, little income
Ah, Bruce. That’s this dad’s name. Which is also the name of my late goldfish. Don’t ask. Moving right along…

This guy cracks me up. Also, just quietly, he’s nuts. He has SEVEN CHILDREN. Which as you can imagine makes for a LOT of great blogging material. I usually find funny stories about his kids (or his parenting skills) and he shares tips on saving the moolah so he can feed his MASSIVE brood!

Busy Busy Busy
I’ve been reading Jacob’s blog since before he was a dad and now that he is, he is just as funny and lovely to read about! He draws really hilarious little pictures to go with his posts and his experiences as a first time parent to a little boy make me do that whole, “I totally get this.” thing while I’m reading. He’s a few months ahead of me in this whole parenthood thing, so I like to see what I’m in for.

He’s one of those bloggers who make me get excited when I see a post pop up in my googlereader and I always make time to read everything he writes.

Well, those are my favourites. Know of any more I can read or share? x