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Friday feels in gifs #3

It’s Friday. And not a moment too soon! I really struggled this week. Let’s just say it’s almost THAT time of the month. Also, I am not really sure what to expect since my surgery. So that’ll be fun. Wow, I really just dove right into the lady issues overshare right there in the first couple of sentences, didn’t I? I AM NOT SORRY. Because hormones.


Um…happy weekend?

Anyway, sometimes on a Friday, I like to share my day’s feels in gif form. It’s kind of a new thing here. Go with it!

Those feels when you wake up and you didn’t know it was possible to sleep so shitly. Shitly is totally a word. Shut up.



When you convince your child that you’re going to be driving all around town half the day, looking for cold weather gear because you’re going to Melbourne real soon!



I mean, I don’t actually call him ‘loser’ of course, but it’s funny. To me. SHUT UP.

Those feels when you smash back a giant salad as part of Smaggle’s Wholesome Habits Challenge. For the FIFTH day in a row!



It’s actually going well and I love it, but it’s hilarious how I always grab a forkful that is seriously too big for my mouth! Like every time.

When you’re informed that you’ve just sat on your child’s imaginary 16 year old brother who is yet to be named (guilts about him being an only child much?) and you had the nerve to not make it clear you were reading the bedtime story for an audience of two.



Those feels when you realise you’re the only person awake in your whole household and it’s time to shamelessly watch old Fresh Prince of Belair episodes on Netflix in the kind of peace and quiet that the you of a few hours ago (bitching hour – remember that?) could only dream of. Bliss!



And that, my friends, was my Friday in gifs. This post only took literally the entire day to write and put together haha.

I hope your weekend is fabulous! x

Friday’s Feels in gifs #2

I had a lot of fun doing this last time and who doesn’t love a bit of TGIF GIF? So I’m bringing it back. Might make it a weekly thing if I can get my shit together (funnily enough this was the topic of my last blog post)!

So, here’s my Friday (so far) in gifs!

When my 4 year old asks for food and claims he’s absolutely staaaaaarving and cannot go another minute without some kind of nutritional sustenance, even though I’m pretty sure he’s just eaten way more than a normal adult can deal with in one sitting! Damn growth spurt!


That time I tried to sit up straight at a table for more than five minutes like a ‘normal’ person (gauging my ability to go back to work) and realised I’m still too sore from my surgery and that I’d have to return to the damn couch.


When I try to type, but I’ve finally grown my nails out nice and long. I could cut them but they’re so pretty!


When my dogs won’t stop barking at the neighbours and I am all like, “Don’t make me come out there…”


Trying to process a phone call in which suddenly I find myself and the Little Mister (and maybe Mr Unprepared if we can work a miracle) with a quick interstate trip booked for July and I so did not see that coming. But it’s good. So good.


How’s your Friday going? Got any good plans for the weekend? Love a good gif?


all gifs found at giphy.com

Friday’s feels in gifs.

Something dumb I thought I’d do this Friday. Because everyone loves a few gifs, right? Witness all of today’s feels in all their glory. Or whatever the opposite of glory is…

Waking up and realising you still have a cold, even though you’re supposed to be 100% healthy and deemed suitable to be put under general anaesthetic by next Wednesday – no pressure. Not. Freaking. Out.


When you witness your child rubbing the grot from his 2 minute noodle lunch  (don’t even think about judging me for that right now or I’ll cut a bitch) all over the side of his face and in his hair. FOR WHAT REASON?


When you’re hungry for EVERYTHING and you’re too sick to work out. And you know it’s out of control. But. You. Can’t. Stop.


When you realise you were almost so delirious with being stir crazy that you considered downloading all of the Kardashians’ apps. That. Was. Close. It’s OK, guys. I’m OK. I didn’t do it.


When for like the 3rd day in a row you go to turn on your bathroom light and remember that the light globe has blown. FFS.


Those feels when your husband calls to tell you he’ll be late home from work and you’ve already been counting down the hours since he left. HOW COULD HE??


How was your day?

Taking Stock: October 2015



Things have been a little slow on the blog lately, so I thought I’d sit down on this Friday afternoon and take stock. It’s been a big few weeks in my ‘real life’ and I like the idea of just sitting and being. And breathing. Breathing is good.

Let’s go. I am currently…

Making : sighing noises, because it’s Friday and I’m tired and Mr Unprepared is home from work soon.
Cooking : A beautiful (at least I hope it will be) chocolate cake – the famous ‘Anne’ from the fabulous Baby Mac. It’s going to have Mars Bars on top and everything. We’re taking it to the inlaws’ house tomorrow for my father in law’s birthday.
Drinking : A glass of water. I wanted wine or something else but a) I probably shouldn’t because I had a little procedure yesterday and I am a very sensible girl (sometimes) and b) I might wait until the awesome new bottle shop opens RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER TOMORROW. Exciting times. You have no idea.
Reading : The same first few lines of this blog post over and over because I keep losing my train of thought (and receiving phone calls).
Wanting : Netflix and peace and quiet.
Looking : At my grumpy dog and the seemingly pre-storm weather (which usually amounts to nothing in these parts).
Playing : Several YouTube videos of Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag segments. People are so funny, even by accident. I like funny people. I like when they share that ‘funny’ on Twitter.
Deciding : On whether to see the glass as half full or half empty. I’ve decided to just be glad I have the glass. Cryptic enough for you, huh? Haha.
Wishing : I could do the 5km Colour Run with my girlfriends tomorrow. Still sad I had to pull out. I got the race stuff sent to me and everything. Thinking I should just wear it all while I’m sitting around tomorrow – I paid for it, right?
Enjoying : The sounds of the Little Mister whining at me. Not.
Waiting : For some blogging inspiration to come.
Liking : My new veggie chopper gadget thingy. It makes everything stick/chip shaped and it is totally the key to getting the Little Mister to eat ANYTHING. Today I made him eat an apple because CHIP SHAPED pieces. He ate the WHOLE THING. I’ve also seen him eat carrot sticks. He who declared war on carrots a long time ago. BRILLIANT.
Wondering : if all my recent medical appointments are going to send us broke. Medicare only goes so far, y’all. I feel like I constantly have to make the disclaimer: I’m OK. Everything’s fine. No I am not pregnant because everyone always thinks that everyone is pregnant and the fact that I am not pregnant is actually kind of the point blah blah.
Loving : My friends. You are the bomb.
Pondering : Whether or not it will rain tonight. I kind of hope it will, only because I don’t have to be anywhere (edit: It did!).
Considering : Whether I’ll turn into my parents one day.
Buying : Tickets to see Josh Pyke next year – yippee!
Watching : Play School. 
Hoping : Mr Unprepared remembers everything I put in an sms shopping list for him to get on his way home from work and that he doesn’t eat the Mars Bars I requested for his dad’s birthday cake…
Marvelling : at how such small people can make such MASSIVE noise.
Cringing : because I just banged my ankle into a table leg. I literally just did it then. Best timing for this blog post, really.
Needing : SLEEP. And Gossip Girl. I’m up to Season 4. Go me.
Questioning : My patience levels.
Smelling : the faint aroma of chocolate cake being baked.
Wearing : My “If Britney can get through 2007, I can get through today” shirt (so fitting) and several baking ingredients.
Following : Most of the cast of Gogglebox Australia on Twitter. Because I love them and I not so secretly wish I was on the couch with them when I watch the show and we could drink cocktails and be BFFS and make hilarious witty jokes and biting one liners about high profile figures.
Noticing : The Little Mister rifling around in the pantry and telling him to get out and shut the door! Followed by a lecture on why he needs to stay out.
Knowing : That I know hardly anything about anything and that’s OK.
Thinking : As little as possible. I have reached a point where I am learning to not overthink things and just be. At least I think I am. Kind of. Well, baby steps.
Admiring : Em Rusciano because she keeps it real and she’s so funny and clever and her snapchats are awesome and I wish I had even half of her social media/stage presence!
Sorting : My life out one diary/weekly planner entry/to do list at a time.
Getting : Weird snapchats from a friend and trying to decipher them with my tiny little brain and feeling like an idiot because I know I should know what’s going on but I am a little bit zombified.
Bookmarking : Nothing. I need more time/energy for more reading!
Coveting : SO MANY THINGS for my lady cave, but I can’t get them yet because I have to empty out all the old stuff first.
Disliking : People who don’t understand feminism.
Opening : My Facebook notifications because I just can’t help it every time they pop up.
Giggling : The Little Mister is giggling at something about the cow jumping over the moon and a little dog laughing to see such fun etc. He asked me how dogs laugh and I explained they don’t really, hence the giggling.
Feeling : Crampy and a bit grumpy.
Snacking : on chocolate later. Shhhhh.
Helping : Nobody. LOL. [edit: that turned out to be a lie – I totes helped to get dinner started even though it was my night off – best wife]
Hearing : Mr Unprepared open the front door! OH YES! HE’S HOME!!!!

What are you doing right now (besides reading this)?

When you’re in your PJs by midday. Winning.



Have you ever had a sudden revelation that changes your life forever?

*smug face*

I have. I had a revelation late last night. I’d turned everything off, was ready to go to bed and then I remembered my earlier intention to buy some cheap hoodies online, so I don’t have to wash the same two over and over to the point of ridiculous. Out came the laptop and I managed to grab a couple that were on sale. While this was going to make my life easier (and comfier), this was not the revelation. The revelation came when the website told me that if I just spent $20 more I would get free postage. Everyone loves free postage, right?

So I thought I’d have a look at some PJs. I had been wearing the same long sleeved nightie to death, because it was the only thing I felt comfy in. I have winter PJs but the pants kept annoying me. They were a bit loose so when I was sleeping, they bunched up at my knees or into my crotch (TMI?). I’d resorted to my trusty nightie, but my legs did get a bit cold and Mr Unprepared isn’t always stoked when I use his legs to warm mine at night (“Get off! Your feet are FREEZING!”). I admit I do it on purpose just for a bit of a shit stir sometimes – never gets old. For me, anyhow.

I did see a lot of ‘loungewear’ that confused me. Are they clothes specifically for lounging about in? Can you wear them in public? How does it work? What is ‘loungewear’? It kind of seems like when pyjamas and real clothes have a baby and they name it loungewear. Does anyone ever wear it? Tell me how/where/when, please. It seems kind of like a fancy thing to do.

Anyhow, back to the pyjama situation. I saw these PJ pants that spoke to me. I must point out that while they are an absolute revelation to me, they are not at all a new concept. They’re basically long johns (but not thermal – not the ones I bought anyway). Leggings that you wear to bed, if you want to nitpick. They’re made in the softest fabric, they stretch with you and because they are very fitted, they don’t ride up. They’re kind of like the bottom half of a good pair of onesies. Without the butt flap.

Only the day before, I had got into my bed in a fit of wishful thinking (I have a kid and it was not night time yet). I thought, “I wish I could wear leggings to bed”. And then I got straight out of my bed, because I have a kid and I didn’t want to make my leggings all fluffy and gross.

So you can imagine my excitement when I realised that all my life I had failed to realise the existence of these amazing pyjama pants.

Earth shattering, I know. You’re shocked too, and not at all rolling your eyes at how late I am to this glorious soft panted party, right?

So I ordered them. And then today I found some in Big W and I bought them, because they were cheap and colourful and I couldn’t wait any longer.

I got home and all I wanted to do was put them on and swan about my house in them for the rest of the day. I waited until I’d done all of my ‘need to go out the front of the house’ tasks, and then I could not resist for even a moment longer. So basically, this all happened before 1pm. The Little Mister thinks I’m bonkers, but DAMN I’m comfy.

My excuse was, that it’s Friday. Magical things happen on Friday. Friday is a beautiful unicorn riding on a rainbow.

But I later found out that there was actually an even better excuse! Today is National Pyjama Day! How’s that for the best ever accidental coincidence?

I decided that I couldn’t know that this wonderful day was happening without donating a little something to help the effort to raise awareness and funds for foster kids (through the Pyjama Foundation).

If you’d like to have the best excuse ever to chuck on your PJs in the middle of the day too, then just do it! You can donate here if you like 🙂

Happy Friday!

Are you wearing your PJs too? Do you have any silly Friday traditions? What are your pyjama preferences?