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Style rules that we need to break.

Recently, I have been reflecting on my own personal style. It has become apparent to me that the things I wear may have evolved since I was a teen but the essence of who I’ve always been is still alive and kicking (the recent 90s throwback trends have not helped haha). I have always loved a rock n roll tee-shirt, ripped everything, black mini skirts and bright colour in my hair (something the 12 year old me was peeved about my mum not allowing)! I have days where I feel like laying low with a casual look that blends in and I have days/nights where I want to go all out and get glammed up. Sometimes I’m super feminine. Sometimes I just want bad ass grunge.

I’m married, I just turned 33 and I have a kid who goes to a private school. While this shouldn’t factor into my daily wardrobe choices, it really really does (even when my kid and husband are nowhere to be seen).

I get scared of judgement if I go out on a bit of a limb. Obviously I am mature enough to understand what’s appropriate vs what is wildly inappropriate in certain settings, but I’m talking about personal style rather than say a person dressing like a stripper at a school function for example!!

I am constantly surprised by the old school attitudes towards women who dare to dress differently. I’ve seen women torn apart in the media for daring to look sexy – “She’s a mother now! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!”

What year is this???

Like being a parent stops you from ever being allowed to bare any hint of cleavage or to go out and have a good time while looking gorgeous, because for once you got babysitting and time to actually put an effort into your appearance!

Coupled up girlfriends have faced comments like, “If you’re dressed like that, you look like you’re out on the prowl!”

What the actual fuck? Isn’t that a slightly sneaky version of slut shaming???

Can’t a woman dress for herself in something that makes her feel gorgeous without people believing it’s an invitation for men to have a crack?

Sometimes I get scared. Do I look like “mutton dressed as lamb” if I wear that ripped tee? Is it OK for me to wear pleather? Does my hair look ridiculous with the splashes of turquoise? When will I be too old to do as I please?

I’m not actually very wild, by the way. I look quite ‘respectable’ by old school prude terms. I just have a hint of rock chick about me on good days (i.e. days where I feel confident and actually have more than 5 minutes to put myself together). But I want to be braver. I think perhaps I’m too dialled down to the point where I feel like I lose who I am and I get frustrated. I think I could get away with being dressed a little more like ‘me’, but I often don’t out of fear.

I have so many style crushes on women who break the ‘rules’. Sometimes it’s because I wish I had their style, but mostly it’s because I wish I had their courage. I wish I could just not give a fuck what people might say/think if I dare to be different.

I think it’s time to throw out the ‘rules’ based purely on a person’s age, gender, marital or parental status. We should be thinking about what fits, flatters, shows our personalities and makes us feel awesome.

I have a feeling that like me, a lot of my friends dress down when they really feel like dressing up or that they dress up when they really want to dress down. That makes me feel sad. We should dress however the hell we want and celebrate each other for it!

I love when one person has the courage to just be themselves – it makes me feel brave too. I think it’s contagious.

I hate when I feel over-dressed/under dressed and keep comparing myself to other people. I hate when people make passive aggressive remarks about someone’s choice of high heels. Or ask them “aren’t you cold in that?” when the person is perfectly comfortable. Why do we do that to each other?

A friend told me that she was told that mothers shouldn’t wear short shorts. My comment back was along the sarcastic lines of “Yeah, you have to be careful because your uterus might fall out after all that birthing of children.”

Seriously. WTF.

I hate that some men think we’re dressing just for them if we put an effort in, and that women perpetuate this myth by telling each other not to be too pretty or daring or not to show boobs AND legs at the same time – god forbid.

I say that if you look and feel good (whatever your shape or size), if you can carry off a look with an air of confidence and dignity, then fuck the rules! Rules are made to be broken! There are always exceptions!

Every memorable style icon I can think of broke the rules at one point or another. That’s how they stood out and became so admired. Let’s remember that!

Now I must go and try very hard to take my own advice.

What is your personal style? Do you feel like you’re truly able to express yourself? How do you feel about the ‘rules’? 

Hey, Priceline lady. Let me live!

So, recently I decided that I really needed some brown eye liner. Something water proof, retractable (who has time for sharpening that shit). Something that would define my eyes in the day time, without being obvious if it smudged (because I’m always in a mad rush to get ready). Something that would look like I wasn’t really wearing eye make up, even though I totally am. Gotta keep up the illusion that I totally wake up like that, right? OK, so it’s not a very good illusion – not sure I convince anyone – but it makes me feel good, OK?

A while back I’d read that it was a nice way to soften the something something of the eye and bring out the colour in your…something. Look, I can’t remember. All I knew is that it seemed like a good idea.

I could be wrong, but I swear I’ve seen a lot of it in magazine photos and on TV dramas where the characters look flawless and have big, doe eyes – thanks to brown eye liner.

I figured it’s a pretty timeless staple, on account of its neutrality and the fact that the nudes are big in make up at the moment (everything from eye shadow to blush to lips etc etc).

But nope. A visit to my local Priceline told me I was wrong. WRONG!

I asked the girl where I could find a waterproof, brown eye liner. She raised her well styled brows and very black, very winged eyes at me.

“Oh, I don’t know. There’s probably not anything waterproof and brown. Brown eye liner is just not popular at the moment. It’s just not something anyone is buying.”


“Oh, OK…” I replied, “I just wanted something subtle for the day time.”

I glanced at her very Kylie Jenner-esque layers of make up (I once watched a snapchat tutorial where she used 15 products to achieve a natural look) and felt like now we were accidentally appearing to be judging each other.


“It’s just not popular! At the moment!” she persisted.

Shhh, girl. Quit while you’re ahead. Shhhh.

Literally half a second later (i.e. as soon as she started looking), she located one.

“Oh!” she exclaimed in surprise, “Here’s one.”

Fancy that!

As I thanked her and walked away to pay for it, I could almost feel her telepathically still sending the impassioned plea “IT’S JUST NOT POPULAR” at my brain from behind. The poor girl. I hope she didn’t lose any sleep over it.

I’ve never been into blindly following what’s popular or not. I pick trends that suit my style and reject those that don’t. So I wasn’t really that fussed about its popularity and I wasn’t offended (much)!

I agree that black, winged eyes are huge at the moment too, but I just figured brown liner was one of those things that is just always there – the underrated but reliable product. Y’know?

Am I old and shamelessly out of touch? I mean, I was probably almost double the Priceline girl’s age…

I laughed at her youthful disregard for tact and wondered what else I don’t understand about make up and fashion.

Edited to add: I had the best moment of smugness less than a week later when Kylie Jenner spruiked her brown eye liner on Snapchat, calling it her ‘favourite’. I have a feeling that it’s going to sell VERY WELL ? Who would have thought I was so ahead of the curve after all??

What are your thoughts on brown eye liner? Have you ever been informed by a stranger that your choices are ‘just not popular’? Been surprised by fashion/trend developments? 


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Winter 2016: Finding my casual style.

It’s taken me a while, but I am finally getting a grasp on how to dress myself (yes I know how dumb that sounds – I’m 32). In fact, I am actually enjoying myself. I am noticing my style re-emerging after a bunch of ‘lost’ years and I am digging it! I guess I’ve had to lift my game since I became a school mum (I just won’t stop banging on about that will I?) at the beginning of this year. I’ve been trying to nail that whole casual/looks like I haven’t put in too much effort/OK to be seen in public look! I wanted to start feeling like a grown up, but the kind of grown up I feel comfortable being. Which means the ripped jeans and silly tees and ever so subtle rock and roll feel totally get to stay!

I’ve learned a lot this winter and found inspiration in the people around me and on the internet. I haven’t had to spend a lot – I’m learning it’s all how you put it together!

Here’s the stuff I’m loving…

Ripped skinny jeans



I will scour every sale table for a pair of ripped size 12s (they are so hard to find)! I have a pair in black and a pair in denim blue. They are great for being comfy in a hoody with or for pairing with cool T-shirts, plaid button up shirts, and jackets. I love how the ripped effect gives my outfits a little bit of edge and because I’m feeling that my legs are a bit chunky (and short), I love how the rips kind of break up the big blocks of denim.

You can dress them up and down – so versatile!

I used to be scared of jeans because of the constant muffin top situation, but they make them stretchier now (slightly higher rise ones are the best) and I think I’ve finally got the sizing right (don’t always listen when the sales assistant tells you to go down a size to allow for wearing them in)! There are also really clever ways to layer and hide the ‘bloop’ around the waistline – especially in winter!

Footwear: pairing those ripped jeans with sneaks and ankle boots and (wait for it) open toed wedges!

I don’t know what rock I’ve been hiding under, but I only just learned about the ‘rolling the hem of your jeans up’ trend this winter. Not only does it weirdly lengthen your leg (something to do with the showing of some ankle bones – sexy) but it helps you to wear almost any footwear with them too!

Great for a shorty like me!

I love cute little Converse style sneakers for a really casual look and I love ankle boots for a bit of warmth and dressed up style.

Processed with VSCO


I have black boots myself, but you get the idea! Ankle boots are everywhere at the moment so it’s really easy to find an affordable pair that suits your look!

Here’s the surprise revelation I’ve just made…here in WA, we get a lot of sunny winter days. I don’t know why but I’ve always had this stupid fear of being shamed for wearing open toed shoes in winter (there’s always that bitch that says “aren’t you cold in that” implying all kinds of whorish things). Yet there are days where I could totally justify it! If the ground is dry and the sun is out and you are the kind of person who doesn’t care if their feet are a little open to the cool breeze, then why the hell not? I have made the resolution to stop neglecting my wedges this winter and get adventurous (even us short/stubby leg people can go strap happy when pairing with jeans)! Well… maybe when I get a pedicure (it’s not looking pretty right now)!






I love a good tee. For me, the requirements are that it must be juuuust baggy enough that it hides some muffin top (but not so baggy you end up looking bigger), a good quality fabric that can be washed forever because you love it so much, and those cute slightly rolled up sleeves. I pick greys, patterns and dark colours – the best for flattering a slightly bumpy mid section!

If they have cool (or funny or ironic or kitsch) stuff on them, I don’t mind either!

Bright scarves



I often find myself wearing a lot of monochrome and neutrals in winter. It just seems easier, I guess. I like to brighten things up with a pop of colour around the neck! Scarves are great for keeping you warm, they hide the double chins, and they even disguise a bad hair day a bit! Yay!

Black puffer jacket



I love my black puffer. It’s longer than the one pictured here, but it’s great. It will go over any casual outfit and offers an extra layer of much needed warmth! It’s so easy and comfy!

There are so many styles, shapes and prices – there’s one for everyone out there!

Now I want to go shopping more – oops haha.

How would you describe your winter style? What stuff are you wearing the hell out of?


disclaimer: All images originally found on Pinterest. I do not own any of these specific items (just items like them) and this post is not sponsored in any way. I am so not a fashion/style blogger. 

Jeans with holes in them. Thoughts?


Do you know what’s always been fashionable? Jeans. Jeans have always been in style. Sure, there have been many different kinds – flared jeans, 90s mum jeans, dad jeans with white sneakers – WTF, acid wash, entire double denim outfits – but they’ve been an enduring constant. It’s a huge wardrobe staple for most. Male, female, old, young, big and small.


Well…not for me.

I could just never get on board. My mum tried when I was a little girl, but nope. I wanted to wear pretty dresses. When I was skinny as a teen, I couldn’t quite get them to fit me. There’d be that pouchy crotch situation. Or when I put on more weight than I really wanted in my 20s, there was muffin top no matter what size I tried on (still is a bit). I just gave up after a while. I never felt comfortable in jeans.

Recently, I thought – you know what? I might give it another go. If I can get jeans to work for me, my life will be so much easier each day. Normal people wear jeans. I want to be a normal person who has something to wear! Every day!

I was spurred on a little because I’ve managed to tone up a tiny bit since I started working on my fitness. Knowing I’m making great changes gives me confidence that I wouldn’t just wear them twice and then have to throw them into that deep, dark section of my wardrobe where I put all the things that don’t fit anymore until I inevitably have to get rid of them. You know, just because I had lunch that day.

When I got stranded at the shops for hours thanks to a flat tyre recently (that was a fun day), I thought – may as well try some on! Got nothing better to do! And unbelievably I found a pair. I was stoked because even though there was a bit of muffin top happening that day, I knew it wouldn’t be a permanent problem thanks to my hard work on my exercise (I might have eaten some bad food court food before I tried them on – again – nothing better to do haha). I felt like I’d achieved something. I love that my new jeans have ripped knees. So cool.

Since then, I have worn them heaps. They can be dressed up. Dressed down. Worn almost anywhere. It’s so much easier to decide what to wear each day! I feel like a normal person. Normal people wear jeans. Actually, I feel casually celebrity chic – like just about any famous female picking her kids up from school or ducking into the grocery store – effortlessly amazing. I said FEEL like, not LOOK like haha. Oh, paparazzi. Stop it.

But I have to warn you. If you are thinking of purchasing your first ever pair of distressed jeans, there’s something you should know.


Not just from your own dad, but any uncles, granddads, other people’s dads. Even your own kid’s dad (which is a little embarrassing for that guy if you ask me).

They should put that shit on a label somewhere!

If I had a dollar for every time I hear…

“Hey, I like your jeans. Hey, I could rip up some jeans for you for free! HUR HUR HUR.”

“Hey, I have a pair of ripped jeans! I must be fashionable too!”

“Hey, did you know there’s something wrong with your jeans? They’ve got holes in them.” *wink wink*

“I should just rip up old jeans and sell them to young women! I’d be rich!”


I guess that’s OK. I don’t understand some dad fashion myself (ahem socks and sandals *cough* Dad *cough*) so I guess we’re even 😉

Do you wear a fashion item that is always misunderstood? Do you own distressed jeans? Ever had the same problem with ‘dads’ when you wear them? Are you a dad? Are you down with the torn jeans? What do you think of the trend? 

Surprise! It’s Autumn!



I know, right? How did that happen?? It was summer a second ago! Has it really been that long already? Where does time go? I’m not done frolicking at the beach. COME BACK, SUMMER.

This happens to me every year. It’s not that I don’t love autumn. I just wish it wouldn’t sneak up on me all the time. I guess that’s how famous people probably feel about Ellen Degeneres. If you do not understand this reference, shame on you…for probably having a life…that doesn’t involve a love affair with a DVR…and Ellen.


I don’t have a publicist.

Um…where was I?

Yes. Autumn. I love Autumn. My birthday is in Autumn. Easter is in Autumn. Some of my fondest memories come with the sounds, smells and weather of Autumn embedded in them.

My problem is that I am just never ready for it. Ever. You’d think I’d learn, right? Nope. Slow learner right here.

My biggest downfall is my inability to plan my autumn/winter wardrobe. See, the clothes appear in the shops at the hottest time of the year (which is coincidentally usually right before Autumn begins). So I look at that stuff and say, “Pffft. As if I can think of leggings and jackets and scarves right now. You’ve got to be joking!”

The weather in my corner of the world isn’t quite cold yet, but Autumn is in the air. We’ve had some rain, the days feel more mellow and they are getting shorter. So I’m feeling awkward as f*ck, because soon I am going to be that girl who is so obviously wearing her summer clothes for too long, because she doesn’t know what else to do. We’ve all seen that girl before. She’s the same girl who gets too excited for summer and wears shorts too early and everyone is all like, yo, settle down. Y’know? Yep. That’s me.

The only time I feel I nailed Autumn was when I was pregnant with the Little Mister in 2011. Because, hello, when you have a baby bump you can wear anything and no-one thinks you’re fat or falsely accuses you of being pregnant. It’s like the perfect accessory. So fashion tip: be pregnant.

Um…as that is not an option right now, I am SCREWED. I have not done a THING towards preparing a cooler weather wardrobe. NOT A THING. All i have is some worn out tights, some worn out boots and a couple of hoodies – the kind that say you’ve given up on yourself and have nothing else to wear. Oops.

Besides vowing to watch Rosie Rockets’ blog very closely for ideas (no pressure haha), I really haven’t made a plan. All I know is that I’d like to somehow incorporate these things that I thought of in my brain and then found on Pinterest for illustration…

Oversized flannel shirt/dress.


This is my kinda thing. It’s easy. It can be worn with comfy leggings. It doesn’t involve 50 layers of clothing (layers make this 5 foot tall shortie feel like I’m drowning in fabric). It flatters a few extra curves if you’re carrying them (guilty!). It can be dressed up a little or kept really simple. It’s almost an outfit in itself so there’s no crazy decision making every single morning. Get me one in every kind of plaid! Stat!

Burgundy lips.


Something about cooler, greyer weather just makes me want to bring out the darker hues. Strong, warm, matte colours. I love lipstick because it’s a quick way to make yourself look (and more importantly feel) polished, like you’ve made an effort. I kind of let my lipstick wearing slip through the summer and I think that I really need to bring it back. When I’ve got my lippie on I feel so much more sexy and confident. I wouldn’t be surprised if I even carry myself a bit differently (disclaimer: still a klutz forever though). Watch out, world!

Dark nails. 


Gotta match my lips, of course! These hands look a bit over photo shopped, though. Kind of like they’re dead. Let’s ignore that. Gotta love Pinterest haha.


I need boots. To be honest, I do not know where to start. I want black ones. But I’m short and I have short legs so I have to wear a lot of the shorter ankle styled ones over dark tights to keep things flattering. And while I like the ones with heels, I also need to be practical and have some flatter ones or wedges maybe. I don’t want old ‘mum’ boots. I want cool boots. Very ‘now’ ones. Maybe something with a bit of an edge. BUT WHAT IS ‘NOW’?! I feel a bit out of touch. How sad! Suggestions? Links? Pics? Maybe I can get some inspiration in Sydney next month…

Told you I’m crap at Autumn/Winter!!

Let’s just fantasise about these impractical beauties for a second, though…that’s just shoe porn right there.



Biker jacket.


I have had incarnations of this before, but I’ve just never quite nailed it. I am looking for something that I can wear, but that doesn’t wear me! See? This model is wearing the jacket. When I put a jacket of any description on, I feel all bulky and lost in it. Like it never quite sits right. It wears me. I know The One is out there somewhere waiting for me. I must search harder this year!!

Are you ever ready for Autumn? What staples will you be wearing this season?

A person…trying on clothes.

This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge xunnamed

Yesterday I went clothes shopping. Alone. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I made the most of the fact that there’s late night shopping on a Thursday and I was on a mission. I never usually have much time to try things on (a toddler isn’t always the best clothes shopping companion) and I was in desperate need of a few things to wear over the summer.

I had been reduced to one black dress (not as fancy as it sounds and the fabric was starting to take on that ‘slept in’ fuzzy look) and a pair of mummy denim shorts, both of which I had purchased when the Little Mister was a really little baby (he’s three in November). Sure, I’ve bought the occasional party dress (under pressure haha) or bunch of tops since, but my body shape has fluctuated and befuddled me ever since, making it very hard to find the right stuff. I am only now beginning to feel like I’m getting a handle on it.

I have spent a long time feeling like my ‘look’ has been very clumsy and dated. In fact, I’ve felt like I don’t even have a ‘look’. Unless you call it, “I am overweight and I am just trying to hide it all the time with the only two items I own that don’t make me feel TOO hideous.”

That’s not good enough, I’ve decided! Summer is coming and I can’t hide in daggy hoodies any longer!

I know I thought 30 was sooooooo old when I was 29 little, but it’s really not. I still feel young. I refuse to give up! I want to walk down the street, believing that I’m a little bit stylish and not completely out of touch with fashion. When my clothes are all worn out, that’s exactly how I feel. Worn out. I think I’ve earnt the right to feel worn out in nice clothes at least!!! 😉

I’m not talking designer labels and all the latest trends at once. Just a few simple, affordable pieces that let me feel like a part of the real world, while still being practical enough that I can wrangle play with my toddler without exposing anything indecent *ahem*.

Anyway, I picked a great time to shop. Sales everywhere! I got some really amazing bargains. Some casual dresses, some classy looking tops that make my new mummy denim shorts look a little bit more special, and some more work out gear (to help motivate me). I also decked out Mr Unprepared’s wardrobe while I was at it!

I also put a beautiful dress from Portmans on lay-by. When something fits your wonky and wobbly body, you secure it! I know there will be plenty of nice events to go to as the weather warms up, so it will be a great investment.

I probably won’t be able to go shopping for clothes again any time soon, so I am excited to have some stuff to tide me over. I’ve woken up today, actually looking forward to leaving the house. While I am certainly not depressed, nor anti-social, I had started to feel dread at having to put clothes on that are acceptable enough to be worn in public. It could almost convince me to stay in, because it all just seemed so hard. I’m not a superficial person by any means, but my self image has been suffering of late.

Don’t worry about me, because I feel really positive right now. I’ve decided to do something about it. I’ve already lost 1.5kg and I’ve taken some steps to focus more on self care. I have to speak up more and put myself first.

I didn’t buy the top I tried on in the photo, by the way. While the detail in the top part of it is so flattering, I felt like it was another top to ‘hide’ in (with a billowy elasticated hem) and decided to leave it behind. Small steps! 🙂

What little things will you do for yourself this weekend?

Stuff to love this spring.

I don’t know about where you are in the world, but over here I have been thoroughly enjoying amazing bursts of winter sunshine. Gosh, I love that Vitamin D. I actually wake up giddy when I see the sun out. I don’t know if this is all one big tease before the rains come back or if it’s truly the beginning of an early spring, but it is beautiful. It has got me so excited and inspired. I don’t want to see grey and black anymore!

Here are some of the things I am excited about for this spring/summer:

Neon coloured nails:




I used to think that neon was kind of tacky, but when applied on well shaped nails in block colours? Divine! I can have a bit of youth on my fingernails without looking ridiculous (can anyone say mutton dressed as lamb?) and I can’t wait to buy ALL THE COLOURS.

Bright lips:





I always love a good red lip, but I’m really into the idea of trying some pink and orange hues. A bold lip is really in right now and I love that everyone is getting adventurous. While the models pictured above are blonde and well…modelly and I am not, I would love to find the right  shades of pink and orange for my warm skin tone. I love the way a bright lip always makes me feel confident and polished. Like I’ve finished my look. It dresses you up instantly. Also, lipstick doesn’t care how big you are (and let’s face it I am carrying a few extra kilos – oops). It will always fit and make you feel great!

Gorgeous sandals/flats:





I am in love with the Galibelle brand right now and I just ordered the sandals above! The cool thing? Those straps with the beautiful butterfly like design are all detachable and swappable! I am so stoked because I am going to be wearing all three colours (plus a black one) this coming summer! I love that I can swap the straps to match my outfits. Also? The straps come in small, medium and large which is amazing news for my broad feet (I’m a medium FYI). Some dear friends have brought the brand (which is Brazilian) to Australia and you can find out more on their Facebook page. These are seriously heaven sent because I can never find summer sandals that are both attractive and fit my short, broad feet (because of the designs I imagine they would be just as heavenly for a slim footed person too – magic). I am not being paid or sponsored in any way to promote this (and have not been approached), but I genuinely am in love. Usually I hate when friends try to sell me stuff but this is not one of those times. You do not know how long I have been wearing ugly sandals because that was all I could get. We’re talking YEARS. YEARS! It shouldn’t be that hard, shoe makers. It really shouldn’t. I am beyond excited.

Not wearing stockings/tights/sleeves/jackets if I don’t want to: 

Seriously. I want to go out and not feel like a freak because my legs are bare (in clothing of an appropriate and tasteful length of course haha) or I don’t have a jacket on. If there’s anything that annoys me, it’s winter clothing. I’m not a winter person. I do not do winter clothing. I feel frumpy in too many layers (I think my height and my current weight do not help my cause). I feel like jackets/blazers etc never fit me quite right (I have narrow shoulders but I’m bigger everywhere else and sleeves are always too voluminous or long). I hate trousers, because of muffin top (and yes I have tried every kind of style and taken every piece of anti-muffin top advice and it still doesn’t seem right – except for ONE pair of pants from Target that I daren’t ever wreck). I wreck stockings and tights constantly, despite having worn them successfully all throughout high school. Oh, and most of my shoes are peep toes and while I know that they sell tights with no toes just for that reason, I am never convinced I can pull them off.

I also loathe the passive aggressive comment, “Aren’t you cold in that outfit?”

I’m always, “What? What are you saying? Are you saying I’m slutty because I’m not cold? Are you saying I’ve made a very bad decision?”

*head explodes thus keeping me warm*

So I do look forward to leaving home in nothing but the one layer of clothing. Legs out, just doing the whole walking around thing.

Play time:


I just love the fun that can be had in the sunshine. I look forward to beach time, playground adventures around the neighbourhood, long family walks, and checking out the local markets on the foreshore on a Sunday. Sitting out in the backyard having a quiet beer/cider, listening to music and watching the Little Mister play. I can’t wait until it becomes more of a regular thing 🙂

What are you looking forward to this spring? x

My spring ‘style staples’ wish list.

I recently did a MASSIVE wardrobe cull and damn, it felt good. I ditched the crap I wore while pregnant – the stuff that wasn’t maternity wear, but gave me god-awful flashbacks every time I looked at it. The stuff that we all know I’m never going to fit into again, so there’s no use being in denial. The crap that I wore around the house as a teenager (think daggy old souvenir tee shirts and those over sized ones that have art work with wolves and whales on them – only I wasn’t wearing them ironically). The stuff I’ve bought on a whim (probably while tired and hungry and rushed) and never worn, because in the light of day it turned out to be horrible. I had about three large, stuffed garbage bags worth of terrible things in my wardrobe/floordrobe. There was even the stuff that had sat in the bottom of my washing basket for goodness knows how long because I never knew what to do with it. I got rid of the shoes that hurt me. The shoes that I’d worn out and wrecked long ago. At the time I wondered if I was doing the right thing. I mean, money doesn’t exactly grow on trees. What if I threw everything out (read: good stuff went to charity) and then couldn’t afford to replace it all and ended up with nothing to wear but garbage bags? I thought about selling some of the items on eBay or somewhere similar, but I knew that if I told myself I was going to sell the stuff, I would never get around to it in usual Kez style.

Besides, I kind of loved the idea of some pretty pieces making someone less fortunate’s day when they visited the op shop, praying to find something that wasn’t poofy or old ladyish. None of the things I gave away were horrible – they were just horrible on me!

I am so glad I cleared everything out. Now I look into my wardrobe and I see nothing but wearable items. I have one aspirational LBD from a fashion week sale in Sydney and a couple of higher end party dresses which I don’t quite fit in, but hope to again. But otherwise, it is all stuff I can throw on almost every day. It makes me feel good because I know everything fits and flatters, and it saves me time!

I’m enjoying (very) slowly building my wardrobe again with fresh, new pieces. Lots of cheap and cheerful basics, mixed with the (very) occasional label splurge and I think I’m hitting the right balance.

I’ve got a bit of a style hit list I’m hoping to achieve this spring and even though I am so not a style blogger, I thought I’d share my ideas.

Warm, bright lip colour



I got hooked on this look during the winter. It’s amazing what a bold lip can do for your confidence. On days where I felt a little flat or boring, I painted my lips a bright red and felt like a rock star all day. Gwen Stefani, eat your heart out. I used to think that lipstick made me look too dressed up for day time errands, but now I feel under dressed without it! It’s a small thing, but it really makes me feel good. Like I’ve got my sh*t together and I’ve gone that extra mile.

Stretchy mini skirts



While I won’t be wearing mine with flannelette any time soon, I am looking forward to getting my legs out (they need a bit of sunshine). Sure, I have the staple mum shorts and denim cut offs (still a necessary practicality), but some stretchy, easy to wear minis will be another great basic to add to my outfit rotation. They’re not expensive to buy, if you know where to look and they go with almost anything! Dress them up or dress them down – winner! I love that I’m a short arse because the average mini skirt sits at a reasonably modest length on me, so I am not as at risk of “showing what I’ve had for breakfast” as my mum likes to say.

Flowy tops



When the sun is out, nothing makes me feel more cool and breezy than a bright, flowy top. These can be layered over singlets or as a single layer (probably depending on how sheer they are or how brave you want to be). They go beautifully with the aforementioned mini skirts, or with almost anything, really. They are forgiving during the festive season or more importantly they help hide that bit of winter flab when spring arrives! I always feel good in these tops. They move with you, you feel like you can relax in them (breathe out!) and they flatter almost anyone.

Flat sandals



I love my heels and wedges but I only get to wear them sometimes. They’re just not practical when you’re running about after a toddler. I know that there will be a lot of day time events as the weather gets better – barbecues, childrens’ birthday parties, casual dinners etc. A cute, flat sandal can add a bit of style. I would choose something in gold, just because it’s great against my skin tone and I tend to favour gold accents and accessories these days, as opposed to silver.

Sparkly nails



I’m loving a sparkly nail polish right now. The glitter hides the imperfections of its application and it’s cheerful and bright! I’ve been lazily topping up the glitter on my nails every couple of days and you can’t even tell where the chips have been! While glitter can seem a little OTT for some, it suits me just fine because I am usually pretty dressed down in my day to day life so it just adds a little bit of pizazz without being over powering. If I do get a rare chance to dress up, my nails are all ready to go (great when time really gets away from you).

I’m feeling quite enthusiastic about the change in season and I think I’m going to enjoy fashion/style for fashion/style’s sake. The first summer the Little Mister was born, it was all about slap dash improvisation. Fashion was the last thing on my mind. Last summer was all about practicality (I had a little one who was always on the floor and grabbing at my neckline and pulling) and trying to get my bearings – I had a whole new body and was trying to regain confidence after having a baby. This spring onwards, I feel like I can just enjoy working on my ‘look’ and let loose just a little.


I now know my bra size again. Since I got pregnant, I lost confidence in knowing my body. I had no idea what my bra size was. I kept forgetting. It kept going up and down. It’s nothing like what I was before I had a baby. I had a fitting the other day and I feel so much more comfortable and happy (I was wearing a cup size too small). It’s the simple things. I highly recommend you do the same if you are in the same boat as me.

Wear some nice sunglasses. Last summer I kept forgetting. I now have little sun spot type sun damage around the corners of my eyes. It seriously only took a year for it to appear (and I have naturally tanned skin that hardly burns). I let time get away from me and I was always on the go with the Little Mister. I would do everything to make sure he was safe in the sun and his needs were looked after when we left home, but I forgot myself. Lesson learnt. I have resolved to wearing them when I go out. It’s not the kind of risk I want to take, when it comes to sun safety. For vanity’s sake, it’s also not the best look. I want to age gracefully thank you very much!

I am definitely not at my best weight, but I refuse to let it stop me feeling good about myself. I will continue to try to better my diet and exercise habits and I will celebrate my progress with taking pride in my appearance from day 1 (rather than telling myself I can’t be happy until I reach my goal weight).


What’s on your list for spring style this year (or what was on your list this past spring/summer if you’ve been in the northern hemisphere)?


Blogger’s note: All pics have been sourced from Pinterest (links are all included) and I have not been sponsored in any way to promote any of the items shown. 

But I have NOTHING to wear!!!

Pic: I think the key is to avoid this.

Lately I’ve been feeling a little fashionably challenged. I swear that no matter how many items of clothing sit in the bottom of my wardrobe on the floor, I still only manage to rotate between the same three damn outfits day in, day out! I’m starting to feel a little bit depressed about it! Literally months ago, I decided to start clearing out my wardrobe, with the purpose of only keeping the things I will actually wear (and that will fit me). I am yet to actually finish the mammoth task! Or at least it feels like a mammoth task when you have an 8 month old baby hanging from you constantly! I feel like I’ve been through so many changes in the last year, physically and lifestyle wise, that it’s impossible to maintain my old way of dressing!

Necklines get pulled down until you could be arrested for indecent exposure, shoulders get dribbled on, jeans fall down when you’re constantly bending down to lift a baby or something they’ve dropped on the floor (plumber’s crack anyone?), maxi dresses can be tripped over while carrying a 10kg baby, fancy short skirts are dangerous (and cannot easily be pulled down to a proper length while holding a child, meaning constantly looking uncomfortable).

Maybe I’m just incapable of wearing clothes properly anymore and all the other mummies are doing fine…but I really do have issues. While it is tempting to become one of those bedraggled mothers who wear old men’s tracksuits every day (in private or in public), like the ladies on Oprah who got free makeovers all the time, I am determined to not do that whole “letting myself go” thing.

My wardrobe is filled with I Could Never Leave the House in That items that are strictly for housework or painting in (neither of which I’m very proficient at as of late), party dresses, and clothes that remind me of my pregnancy and threaten to give me nightmare flashbacks when I put them on. I get paranoid that certain items of clothing will make people speculate that I must be pregnant again, when really I’ve just been comfort eating a bit too much…

I really would like to win the lottery and start over again. Nothing feels like it fits in with my life as it is today! I need a fresh start! Or Oprah (she’d bring her show back just for me, right?)! I want to be fashionable, practical and my clothing needs to be classy but casual enough that I can meet a friend for lunch, grovel on the floor at several baby friendly venues (the library, friends’ houses, parks etc) without getting arrested for public indecency or scaring anyone and I want to look like me! I want to not look like a cookie cutter mummy who had to wear everything everyone else has because there was simply no choice available! I don’t want to look like a slob either!


Pic: Easy, casual, practical and fashionable!

Pic: I would add a scarf to disguise any pulling down of my neckline, but that’s the basic idea!

The key here seems to be simple dresses, scarves, opaque tights or leggings, stretchy blazers, oversized tee shirts and well fitted jeans (unlike the ones I am currently wearing which fall off my hips no matter what I do and I am only wearing them because I have nothing else). I am thinking accessories can mix it up too 🙂

Besides spending a while googling “celebrities with babies” to see what they’re wearing (I’m totes good at research), I also consulted the most fashionable, hip population of 20 something bloggers on what the “don’ts” of fashion are today (just to make sure I’m on the right track) and here are my top findings:

Leggings are NOT pants (unless you have Barbie doll parts in your knickers which will NEVER ever reveal camel toe from ANY angle on any day in any location guaranteed). Leggings should be worn with tops or dresses that cover both camel toe (comprehensively) and possible cellulite. I agree wholeheartedly.

Crocs worn by adults – don’t. I can’t even.

Pic: No. Just no.

Leggings with shorts are apparently a hot topic of contention. I have always wondered if I could, during my desperate moments, but never went through with it. According to some of my blogging peers I seem to have made the right move?

Ill fitting clothes of any description. Which is why I am so at odds with my wardrobe right now! Basically, what I think everyone is saying is be real. Accept your real clothing size, wear something that flatters and save everyone’s eyeballs.

With all of this in mind, I think I’m gonna be OK. Now all I have to do is find some moolah, some time and some energy! Piece of cake….right?