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The Happy List #38

It’s the Monday of a long weekend here in WA. That alone deserves a spot on the happy list! I love the feeling that we’re counting down to Easter and then the school holidays. Yay!

So, sometimes I really suck at the whole pre-amble thing. Let’s just get right to the good stuff.

Here are some of the things that have made me happy in the last week…

Having an extra long weekend

It’s been fantastic. We haven’t done much (funds are a little low and we’ve all been a bit tired), but Mr Unprepared took Friday off work and the Little Mister doesn’t have kindy again until mid week! I’ve been relishing in the fact that I have had a sweet, sweet break from school drop offs and pick ups.

It’s also been nice to slow down and finally beat some of the ridiculously persistent exhaustion that has been plaguing me for the past 6 weeks or so. By no means will this weekend be a miracle that will stop me from being tired forever, but it’s nice to refresh a little while I can!

I figure that by the time he does get back to kindy, I will be ready for a break, so it works out for all of us!

Ross Noble

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the UK comedian Ross Noble, but the guy is super funny (as comedians should be). His improv skills are just unreal. I was lucky enough to see him with a bunch of friends last week. It was a bit full on for a mid week night time outing and I was really tired (the day had been the most intense emotional roller coaster let me tell you), but I was so happy that I pushed through it and went for the therapeutic laughs. Laughter really is the best medicine.

A bonus of it all was that my fitbit even recorded an hour’s worth of my laughter as a legit fat burning work out!! Nice! I think I need to see more comedy haha.

Beach time

I am a beach person. I don’t get there as much as I’d like, but I am the kind of person who needs to feel the comfort of not being far from the ocean at all times. I need my fix of fresh, salty ocean air and cool blues and greens. The sound of the water.

I was glad to get much needed time at our local this weekend. I took a dog and ran/walked/struggled there, meeting Mr Unprepared, the Little Mister and our other dog (they went in the car). Here’s the proof haha…


We made sandcastles (which the Little Mister took a lot of delight in smashing) and paddled in the white wash and laughed as our dog swam for a stick, learning the hard way how to surf her way in without getting dumped.

There was nothing like watching the ear to ear grin on the Little Mister’s face, the entire time we were there. He just exuded pure joy. I think he loves the beach as much (if not more) as I do!

Taking my time painting my nails

I am usually in a rush when I do my own nails. There’s usually an event I have to do them for, with limited time and I’m usually so bone weary I can’t enjoy the ritual. I usually just want to get straight to bed (but not before botching my left hand). This week, I was able to take my time and enjoy it.

I now have the fingernails of a 5 year old girl haha. Sure, I didn’t quite nail (pun unintended) the application of the nail wrap this time (a popular brand that shall remain nameless) and I always flood my cuticles, but it was fun to do anyway (and saves the moolah on expensive manicure appointments)!


I always feel more polished (pun intended) when my nails are done.

Random compliments from the Little Mister

This morning, while sitting at the kitchen table, wearing my hair in a daggy ponytail, my muu muu nightie and (obviously) no make up, I got told, “Mummy. I think you are very beautiful.”

Now tell me that doesn’t feel good!

He then drew me a picture of a love heart because “You love me and I love you.”

Even though he screamed for me about 1000 times when I tried to go to the toilet alone earlier, I think I’ll keep him.

Other stuff that has made me happy:

  • When people tell me that they appreciate me ‘keeping it real’. I think that’s a big compliment.
  • Bonding with my big boof head dog while out running/walking/struggling.
  • Being able to wake up in the morning after a tough time and remember that life is good and people are good.
  • Wine. Bacardi. Cider. Not all at once haha. But it’s nice to enjoy a quiet drink. Especially when you’ve been so good.
  • Being able to watch movies past 8:30pm because old.
  • Drinking more water.
  • When timing is everything.
  • Cooler nights.
  • Feeling like autumn is coming – my favourite season.

So what has been making you happy lately? 

The Happy List #29

My Happy List is a day later than usual. Patchy internet and a busy schedule had a lot to do with it! I know I could have taken a break over the festive season, but I really didn’t want to because there’s been so much to be happy about.

Here are some of the things that have made me happy…

A relaxing Christmas/Boxing Day

For the first time in the 13 years Mr Unprepared and I have been together, we managed to finally realise the dream of only attending one location per day. We had our first Christmas on the 25th at my parents’ house and then a second Christmas on the 26th with the inlaws. So nice. We were able to have slow starts each day (which were much needed!) and a couple of times Mr Unprepared and I even had an accidental nap/food coma on the couch. There were great, thoughtful gifts, huge pavlovas and lots of quality family time at both.

The Little Mister’s excitement about Santa

I absolutely loved helping the Little Mister to prepare for Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve. We put out a carrot for the reindeer (something pulled from the bottom of the veggie drawer in the fridge), some cookies, rocky road and choc truffles – Santa was so freakin’ spoilt! We also put out a special key for Santa so he could get in our house, even though we don’t have a chimney. I had tried the whole ‘he can magic his way into anywhere’ thing but the Little Mister had been so worried about it that I’d caved and ordered a special key ahead of time this year!

On Christmas morning it was so awesome to see the Little Mister’s awestruck face when I told him Santa had come. I seriously love doing Christmas with a kid. So special. I hope we’re giving him some awesome memories.

Catch ups with one of my besties (and co)

I get so excited when my friend comes out from the US. It’s one of those drop everything – whatever it is – and catch up scenarios. So much fun is had. Yesterday we were able to celebrate her marriage to her great dude. They’d got married in Hawaii much earlier this year, but had a lot of loved people from home to share it with. We got to watch the ceremony video and I was all, “OH MY GOSH – THIS IS WHY I WANT TO GO TO HAWAII” and TRYING NOT TO BAWL. Even though it was only a video, it was just gorgeous and when my lady love got all choked up saying her vows and I saw the absolute grin on her husband’s face I became a ball of mush. They truly are good peeps.

Of course, afterwards things went a little nuts. We hit the town. Hard. I don’t want to alarm you, but there were mojitos and there was dance floor action. We are too old for that shit. But oh my goodness, it could only happen with them. Arguments were had over who is the worst influence (I am most certainly not interested in telling you what the majority consensus was) and I don’t think I’d laughed so hard in forever.

Let’s just say that this morning was not kind to me. Props go to Mr Unprepared – a great support in times of need!

Also, if anything about this post seems a bit off, like my brain has malfunctioned – it probably did.


This year, the Little Mister graduated from the larger Duplo to the real deal. I love it for so many reasons (not sponsored haha). It gets him really creative and I get such a kick out of seeing the things he makes. I also love that he can literally sit there for hours playing with it quietly. It’s been so great when he’s needed some down time and when I was baking like a crazy woman before Christmas, he would sit at the breakfast bar and make some so he could be close to me. He was so well behaved and I was able to get so much done! It’s eclipsed the TV for babysitting rights, which is awesome haha.

A well earnt lazy day at home with the fam

I am so stoked to be able to chill all day at home with my little family. It’s been a crazy week month! It’s nice sometimes to just drop your social mask (and bra and make up and nice clothes and the belly you’ve been sucking in) and laze about a bit in your own space. Nothing like it.

Other stuff that has made me happy:

  • Air conditioning. It’s really a modern wonder in the hot summer.
  • That feeling of victory when you realise you’ve survived another busy Christmas and you can breathe out a bit again.
  • Seeing old pictures from my Gran’s family and learning a bit more about their history.
  • FaceTiming with my brother on Christmas Day. We missed him heaps but it was so great to have that stupid banter and feel like he was a part of our day.
  • Seeing everyone’s great Facebook posts for Christmas – so much love everywhere. I hope it was all real and that everyone had as much fun with their loved ones as it looked like.
  • Buying hangover food. Not the scientifically proven, healthy stuff that is actually good for your hangover cure, but the gross stuff that does nothing for you but just hits the spot.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or that you survived it if you did not.

What would you put on your happy list this week? 

The Happy List #28

I can hardly believe it’s the last happy list before Christmas. I mean, it’s the 20th of December. We’re in the 20s. That’s when you know shit is getting serious. I’m a little overwhelmed about some last minute decisions, but I am going to try to take it all one bite at a time and remember my Christmas spirit when certain situations test me!

I hope that wherever you are, and whoever you are with, that you have a lovely Christmas to look forward to. If you are struggling at this time of year, I am thinking of you.

I am so glad I get to write this list, because it’s so nice to get back to basics and celebrate the good things that have happened in the past week. It seems like a good way to centre myself and move into the next busy week with a positive frame of mind.

I love this time of year, but it does get intense!

Here are the weird and/or wonderful things that have made me happy…


Seriously. This was the first thing I wanted to write down haha. The summer weather has had me obsessed with the humble salad that is coleslaw! Not the pre-packaged, heavily dressed, overly chopped crap from the deli section at the supermarket (or from takeaway outlets) but the stuff that comes ‘dry’ in bags, fresh, pre-shredded and ready to serve however you like. I cannot get enough of the stuff. I’ve eaten it for lunch with a little bit of tuna (don’t know if that’s a weird combination – I can feel you judging me) or with a minimal amount of dressing or just on its own. Cannot get enough. Pretty sure it’s helping me to lose weight (a surprising but probably logical outcome), but I will admit things get a little more windy at night time if you know what I mean. OMG I can’t believe I just admitted that.

It’s just so fresh and light (at least the way I eat it) and easy!

I sometimes call it ‘slaw, because that’s what all the cool people are doing these days. It drives Mr Unprepared mad haha.

Finishing the Christmas shopping

That’s a big deal, right? What an achievement! Where’s my medal? I was lucky because Mr Unprepared was free to help with this task yesterday and it was so much easier with a (grown up) buddy! Yay for team work, as we navigated the busy shops and drove from place to place in what seemed like circles!

We rewarded ourselves with a pub lunch and some cider and beer. Did I mention we were child free? Amazing! A Christmas miracle!

The Little Mister’s adventure with his Nanna

For months, my mum was really excited about taking the Little Mister to the airport to pick up my dad (known to the Little Mister as Poppy). She wanted to show him the planes and do some special things with him. So cute. It was fantastic, because it coincided with Mr Unprepared and I needing to finish the Christmas shopping (see above) too!

They had a pretty awesome time, by all accounts. A lot of the time, the Little Mister wore a Santa hat and cuddled a Christmas teddy bear and it was pretty adorable stuff (judging from the photos my mum sent). They visited his beloved great uncle (the Little Mister had never been to his house). They visited the shops. They sang Christmas songs in the car. The Little Mister ran at his Poppy filled with so much excitement when he arrived. He shared the cookies he made the day before. He then slept all the way home haha.

I love when he gets to do stuff like that. It’s what memories are made of, don’t you think?

Remembering to buy paper towel

Ever have that one item that you keep forgetting to pick up when you’re at the supermarket and it gets really frustrating, but you’re a slow learner so it happens over and over again?

For me, in the past week it was paper towel. The day I remembered to buy it was a joyous day. I even bought the stuff that has festive Christmas tree patterns on it, for good measure. There was so much satisfaction in bringing it home and putting it on the holder. The first time I needed paper towel to wipe up a spill, I could not contain my joy – yes. I did it. I remembered to buy it. Winning at life. I was my own hero.

Realising that one of my favourite people is on her way home for Christmas/a wedding celebration from the US

I woke up on the 18th and suddenly realised my friend would be getting ready to get on a plane and come home for the holidays with her husband. Yay! I miss her all the time and distance never stops us from getting along like a house on fire. I can’t wait to catch up with her, celebrate her wedding again and see her family (who always make me feel like a part of the family).


Other stuff that has made me happy:

  • Admitting to friends that I like watching interviews on TV that feature Justin Bieber. I don’t know why, but I do. It’s so…interesting? Oh, gosh it shouldn’t be. It really shouldn’t. I’m not even into him or his music really (although it pains me to admit his latest singles aren’t so bad). I just like reading gossip about him. Anyway, admitting it is the first step to recovery, right? Gosh, it made me laugh so hard when they all admitted to being secret Beliebers ?
  • The Little Mister’s happy face first thing in the morning (what is wrong with me – in theory this should really annoy me haha).
  • The bittersweetness that came with the Little Mister finishing his time at day care. It’s 4 year old kindy next year!!! I also felt so glad I could express my gratitude (in a Christmas card that was attached to some chocolates) to the carers for being a big part in why I think the Little Mister is so ready for the next chapter. When I read their email (sent out to everyone) that the cards and pressies they’d received last week had made them so happy and teary (in a good way haha), I knew I’d done the right thing – I had debated over whether to do the gift thing or the heartfelt card thing and settled on both because I figured that everyone wants to know they’re appreciated. I can’t thank them enough.
  • Running into a couple of really good friends at the shops and being able to wish them a merry Christmas in person (and give squeezy hugs), as we weren’t likely to see them beforehand.
  • Having mature conversations on really touchy topics, without everything turning to crap.
  • Throwing myself an end of year ‘staff’ party at home (being a SAHM I figured I deserved recognition for my hard work all year). It involved wine, was catered by Dominos pizza delivery, entertainment by the Little Mister (my esteemed underling), music from the 90s, and I swanned about a bit without having to do anything I didn’t feel like. Props to Mr Unprepared who truly humoured me (smart man) haha.
  • Hearing from readers who are inspired by my happy lists. I cannot thank you enough for sharing with me.

What is on your happy list this week? 

The Happy List #22 – Little Mister’s 4th birthday edition.

Wow, I almost forgot to write a happy list for this week! It’s been a big one as we’ve celebrated the Little Mister’s fourth birthday! He didn’t have a birthday party this year and as family and friends have been all over the place, we’ve simply decided to celebrate his birthday over and over in smaller ways, the lucky thing.

Here are the things that made me happy this week (in no particular order)…

Surprising the Little Mister with a trip to AQWA (the Aquarium of WA)

We wanted to do something special with the Little Mister (in lieu of a birthday party) that he would remember, so the day after his birthday, we decided to surprise him with a trip to the aquarium. It’s a bit of a trek from our place and something different. We didn’t tell him that his uncle, aunty and cousin were coming – he knew nothing! He asked where we were going a few times on the drive there, but he just seemed happy to be along for the ride.

When we got there, he was so happy he was wriggling with joy to see his uncle and aunty. Then we got in the doors to pay to get in and he was all, “WOW! WHAT IS THIS PLACE?!” with so much wonder and joy in his voice. He has been to an aquarium before (in Korea) but he had never been to AQWA and we knew it would be the last thing he’d be expecting.

He loved the experience (almost as much as he loved the conveyor belt thingy that takes you around underwater) and he forgot his indoor voice a few times!

Afterwards, we went for burgers and ice cream. It was honestly the most lovely day and I was so glad we got to give it to him.

He slept all the way home in the car!

The love everyone has shown the Little Mister for his birthday

We are so appreciative of all the messages, Face Time sessions (from those who can’t be close by), gifts and hugs that the Little Mister has received this year. He’s a very lucky and loved little guy.

He got to see his grandparents (my inlaws) for Friday Fajitas (our little tradition) and cupcakes on his birthday and he got to spend quality time with his great grandparents too. Not to mention AQWA. He’ll see my parents next weekend when they are home from one of my dad’s work trips. Um hello – birthday WEEK!

Barbecued corn – seriously. Makes me happy.



I’m not kidding. I live for it. Even when it’s cold in the fridge the next day, I do not care. YUM.

Trying to get two massive bunches of helium balloons from the shops into the car

I was prepping to surprise the Little Mister on his birthday morning with a bunch of green/dinosaur themed balloons. He had asked for balloons for his birthday a little while back. I kind of went all out because I knew he wasn’t getting his gifts until later in the day when Mr Unprepared got home from work. Turns out, it’s more embarrassing than you think to get helium balloons from the inside of a busy shopping centre to the car. I had them in a trolley and I couldn’t see where I was going and little kids everywhere were enchanted and it was bloody hilarious. I looked like a freakin’ idiot. Even better when the breeze kicked in just as I got to the car! I’ve never laughed at myself so much (actually I probably have – have you met me?).

Betty Crocker (not sponsored haha)


I do love baking a cake (or 12) from scratch, but sometimes it just needs to be easy and no-one ever notices the difference anyway. I just used some dinosaur sprinkles, some green food colouring for the pre-made Betty Crocker tub of frosting, my own patty cases, a piping bag (you can get these awesome disposable ones) and Bob’s your uncle! The Little Mister was quite pleased 🙂

Betty has been saving my arse for a while – she’s my secret weapon!

Other stuff that’s made me happy this week…

  • Having visitors meant I had to kick myself up the bum and clean everything. My house is nice… for now haha.
  • The fact that I am sitting down to write this. So nice to take a breath!
  • Reading about Bruce’s (of Big Family Little Income) wife Tracey having a fart in hospital (I know that sounds really out of context if you haven’t been following but trust me it’s wonderful news). This isn’t just good news for their gorgeous family, but for me because I can now tell my husband he should not take it for granted (and in fact should be grateful) when I let it rip while we watch TV in the evening 😉
  • The Little Mister putting me to bed when I said I was tired. I had to lie down, have a blanket put over me and I was given a cuddle toy. He then ran out of the room. Which then worried me and I thought I’d better find him haha. But still, it was quite sweet I think!
  • Knowing there are some fun things ahead this month AND THEN IT’S DECEMBER WHEN I LET MYSELF GET EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS!

What’s on your happy list this week? 

The Happy List #12

Happy List#12

So, it’s been quite the week. I’m even writing/posting this happy list a day late! It’s been a big mix of emotions and events. Nothing too out there, but anxiety, a flat tyre on my car, the loss of a beloved security blankie (more on that later) and a bunch of other stuff (including the Little Mister getting very grouchy due to a suspected growth spurt) have played a part. It’s definitely been an exhausting week. Still, there were lots of positives hidden away in that week and it’s time to celebrate them (even if sometimes those things felt overshadowed by dumb stuff at the time).

Here’s what made me happy in the last week…

Colouring in

Ever since I was considered ‘too old’ to colour in, I have wished I could. For years, I would joke about buying my own colouring in book just for fun, but then wondered if that was too weird. Now, with the sudden craze of adult colouring in books, I am in my element! I found one the other day that I liked the look of, threw a new pack of coloured markers in my basket too, and brought it home. I immediately wondered if I’d wasted my money (it felt like I’d never get time to colour in), but the other night I needed to chill out for a few minutes and took my chance. IT WAS SO GOOD. Of course, I have read all about the benefits of colouring in as an adult, but I didn’t expect anything. I was just doing it for fun. Yet, no joke, a few minutes in and I felt so CALM! I hadn’t felt that calm in DAYS. It was truly blissful. Now I know I’ll be reaching for that book when anxiety comes calling. Especially at night, when my anxiety kind of tries to run rampant. Although, I do feel it’s only a matter of time until the Little Mister somehow gets a hold of my colouring in stash, despite my best efforts!

New glasses

My new glasses arrived early and to say I was excited to collect them is an understatement. I finally picked out frames that suited my needs (and style), as opposed to always compromising in the past. No more pesky rubber nose pieces that get knocked out of whack and are then all crooked when I put them on! No more flimsy frames that scare me when the Little Mister inevitably gets a hold of them! I’ve even managed to just pull off an aviator look from Country Road, with my first pair of prescription sunglasses (for driving in sunny weather). I asked Mr Unprepared if they made me look like a hot FBI chick or a secret agent of some sort, but he said no. How rude haha.

Buying some jeans

I know that jeans are not a revolutionary item of clothing. Most people have them and wear them every day. They are considered a fantastic, practically timeless (if you buy the right style) staple of any wardrobe. But for me, pants have been an issue. Muffin top, short legs, pouchy crotch, you get the idea. I get around this with shirt dresses and leggings a lot, but there are times when jeans just seem like the best option and I just haven’t had any on hand (or leg as it may be). While I was stranded in the local shopping centre the other day (thanks to my flat tyre incident – second one in 6 months – aargh), I figured I’d kill time with some dress ups. I decided to try some jeans. I love the distressed look skinnies, so I thought, why not? If they fit I might be tempted to buy them and if they didn’t, I’d just put them back, no harm done.

I was stoked to find a pair in a darker (and therefore more flattering) denim, with the odd sizes in stock (i.e. 11). I put them on and I wasn’t instantly repulsed! Yay! I still have some muffin top issues (I may have been eating badly in the past week) but with my usual exercise/eating routine, I knew it was not going to be an ongoing problem. I actually felt kind of cute in them. Massive win!

Spending time in the fresh air

Yesterday, we went to my parents’ place so Mr Unprepared could help my dad to cut down a whole bunch of trees and help with a bonfire. It was so lovely. We roamed about their 5 acres, stayed away from technology for the most part, and the Little Mister had a great time wearing himself out (and trying not to fall down rabbit holes). There were beautiful flowers everywhere, the sun shone for most of the day, and even though my parents don’t live far away from civilisation at all, it felt like we were sequestered away on a little country holiday. Bliss!



A good night’s sleep when you’re tired

Ever have those days where you’re all, “Man I’m so knackered. I’m going to sleep so well tonight.”

But then you don’t? Because life is a bitch sometimes? And the problem goes on forever because you jinxed it? Well, last night this was NOT the case! I needed a really good sleep, I went to bed early and I got it! So satisfying. Please don’t hate me haha.

I feel so much more refreshed than I’ve felt in ages (instead of feeling worse which is sometimes the case). Thank goodness! The situation was getting a bit dire!

Other stuff that’s made me happy:

  • Knowing when to say ‘no’ because it’s the best thing for you. FOMO can go to hell – people understand.
  • The Little Mister playing so quietly this morning – that hasn’t happened in a while.
  • Having time to blog.
  • A little bit of sunshine after a few days of rain.
  • Seeing that my azaleas are about to flower.
  • Knowing my brother is following his dreams and is making the big move to Melbourne.
  • Having a morning at home to just regroup and chill out.
  • Some clarity on an issue I’ve been struggling with.


What has made you happy lately? x

The Happy List #9

The Happy List#9


The time has come to think about the stuff that made me happy in the past week. Things are getting slightly better around here. I had a week where I fought off my old frenemy anxiety (haaaave you met Patrice?), but I think I’m starting to come out the other side. The Little Mister hasn’t been sick all week (probably jinxing it yet again but what the hell). It’s August. I’m starting to see light at the end of this wintery tunnel.

A Saturday sleep in

This never happens. In fact, I technically didn’t sleep in, but I love having the ability to get up on my own terms while Mr Unprepared tends to the Little Mister. This has hardly ever happened in the past few months because of his full on cycling habit (and training for an upcoming charity ride). It’s nice and it’s peaceful. And I’m using it to blog haha.

My mum’s birthday

On Thursday, my mum turned *cough probably shouldn’t tell you cough*. It was lovely to go to lunch with her, my brother and dad even popped in on his lunch break from work. It was like old times! I had the yummiest Japanese style tempura and panko crumbed prawns. Still not the authentic ramen I’ve been missing since we went away last year, but pretty great!

We’re going to my parents’ today. My grandparents and uncle will be there. I love extended family catch ups. There’s not many of us but it’s a lovely close knit group. I made my mum a lemon meringue pie for sweets (my first ever attempt) and I cannot wait to cut into that bad boy and see if I got it right! My mum doesn’t know what I made yet and has been very clear about wanting it to be a surprise. I’m hoping she doesn’t read my blog until afterwards haha.

Sneak peek (it’s not as pretty as I thought it would be – bit too brown – but nothing seemed to go horribly wrong so that’s a win!)…


Rain on the tin roof at night While I am completely and utterly over winter, there’s one thing I can still enjoy about it. I love the sound of it on our tin roof. When we first moved in, I thought it was SO LOUD because I’d always lived in houses with tiled roofs (I totally googled the plural of roof and I am told the modern version is roofs so glad I cleared that up). Now I love it. Must be like a peaceful white noise type thing. As long as I am inside, all voluntarily snuggled up when it happens, it is just lovely.

The Little Mister falling asleep on the couch You don’t understand. All his life, he’s never been the ‘spontaneous fall asleep anywhere’ kind of baby/kid. It would only ever happen if I’d rocked him or he’d been in the car or something. I’d seen all those pictures on Facebook of children falling asleep into their dinner or in the middle of doing something cute and thought, nawwww – that’s so adorable! Why doesn’t the Little Mister do that? Where’s the off switch? Well, this week I got my wish. Sure, it was 4pm but it was just beautiful. He was snoring like a tractor, with a drool puddle on the couch cushion the size of his head, but it made me so happy. Also, he’d been reeeeally annoying just moments earlier, so the quiet was nice haha.


Running 1km without stopping While I admit that I haven’t really been on the treadmill as much as I could have this week, I was pretty excited to reach a new little milestone a few days ago. I can now run 1km without stopping (at 8km an hour for those playing at home). That’s like 1/5 of my goal to run 5km by the end of the year! Yay! I just hope I can keep it up! Still counting down until I can get out and about – I think it wouldn’t seem like such a slog if I was in the real world, looking at real scenery.

Other happy stuff…

  • The Little Mister sassing me when I was prepping the ingredients for the lemon meringue pie. I was taking a while and he looked at me and said, “You’re not making Nanna a cake – you’re just mucking around!” I couldn’t keep a straight face. Smart arse.
  • Cuddles on the couch with the Little Mister last night. We watched Marley and Me (until the sad part when the DVR conveniently cut out).
  • The Little Mister being well enough to attend day care 2 times out of 2 this week! A winter miracle! I even got to go to work!
  • Getting my little pay packet right when things were getting squeezy – what a relief.
  • Watching the Little Mister achieve new things in swimming lessons last night. What a little star.
  • My nail polish took over a week to chip.
  • I ordered Mr Unprepared’s birthday present 🙂
  • A few days of sunshine – much needed!

What would you put on your happy list right now?

The Happy List #7



Yay! It’s time for another list of the things that have made me happy! And that makes me happy! The week has kind of gone by in a weird blur. I’m always jinxing it, but we finally had a little breather from the constant winter illness. I thought I was learning to love winter, but I am kind of getting over the whole ‘always being cold’ and/or sick thing. Let’s hope this ‘healthy’ streak continues!

Here’s my little list…

Family time

It’s been great having Mr Unprepared back from his recent little getaway to Melbourne. We’ve been really busy lately and it was getting difficult to find time to connect as a whole little family. On Saturday, our original plans fell through and we decided to make the most of it. We went for a walk down to our local waterfront, with the Little Mister practicing his bike pedalling/braking skills. We had a naughty ‘front shop’ lunch ( sausage rolls and the like), the Little Mister dazzled us with his play equipment climbing skills, and then we made our way back home. Fun was had and it was nice to get outside and be active together. I’d really missed that time as a little group of three.

Crazy evening dance breaks with the Little Mister

Lately, I’ve been putting on some music to get me through the end of what is usually a long day. It gets me motivated to do annoying tasks like cooking dinner, tidying up, doing the dishes etc. Often this turns into an all out epic dance session with the Little Mister and his moves really impress me (or make me crack up). It often stops me from sighing a lot and counting down to his bed time, which is nice.

Time to paint my nails

For me, a sign that self care is happening is when I am able to sit down and do my nails. If my nails aren’t done, I know I haven’t been taking care of myself. It’s my way of reminding myself to stop and do something for me. I like making my nails pretty, but the ritual is important for me too. It’s a selfish activity – you can’t touch anything or anyone (haha) while you’re doing it. It takes time and concentration, so you have to be in the moment. It makes your hands look nice, which is a good feeling and something to take pride in.

I started this little self care habit in 2010 after a really rough year of trying to take care of everyone else. I was completely drained, emotionally raw, grieving and running on empty by the year’s end. Any kind of self care felt really difficult but I knew I had to get back to me again. I had forgotten how to give myself permission to find the little pleasures in life and it was really overwhelming, so I decided to take baby steps. The first activity I did was take the time to paint my nails. It was really healing. I guess that’s stuck with me ever since. It’s become my thing. If my nails aren’t painted for a while, I know it’s time to stop and ask myself if I’m OK. I know that out of context, my last sentence sounds like something a vapid reality TV celebrity would say, but I hope you get what I mean haha.

I got to do my nails a couple of nights ago and it felt great as my fingernails had been bare for weeks – which is rare for me.

Online shopping

I love it. I have really embraced it lately. I ordered my groceries (AND WINE!!!!) this past week. I got myself a little bluetooth speaker, so I can play my music nice and loud from my various electronic devices (you know – for epic aforementioned dance breaks). I ordered some new PJ pants (best ever). I got myself some comfy hoodies to lounge about in (they were on sale of course). It’s quite convenient. And addictive. I have really had to hold myself back, because I keep thinking of new things I can buy. Oops.

The Little Mister’s new improved bed time routine

The Little Mister has really been leaping forward in his independence lately. It’s fantastic (even if at times it takes a lot of patience – mine). The part I’m loving the most has been that he has started putting himself to bed! Of course, we are there emotionally (we read stories and kiss him and all of his comfort items goodnight), but now he is turning off his own light and shutting his bedroom door behind us! Like he actually stands by his open door and bids us goodnight. He closes the door like he’s just had us over for a dinner party and now it’s time for us to leave haha.

This is awesome because up until very recently, he insisted that he couldn’t fall asleep without his bedside lamp on and the door ajar. This meant that we had to wait until he was asleep, then tiptoe into his room to turn off the light and close the door properly. This was annoying because we had to watch him on the video monitor for the first half hour to determine that it was safe to go in. It also meant that if we were dead tired, we couldn’t go to bed yet because we had to wait him out.

Now, once he’s in bed, that’s it for the night! Of course, this could all change again at some point, because kids are kids and they change their moods and preferences just to keep us on our toes, but for now it’s lovely!!

Other stuff that’s made me happy:

  • Adult conversations with people who I am not related to – as much as I love the people who I am related to, this mama needs to get out more.
  • Watching my AFL team (West Coast Eagles) win. I love attending games. For the record, I did not participate in any booing. I am also happy to say that those West Coast supporters who are disrespectful are not representative of me. Even our coach thinks we can be better than that and that makes me happy. Maybe this could be a topic for another blog post, but I just had to slip it in there! Don’t mind me…
  • Watching aeroplanes as they made beautiful vapour trails in the sky yesterday.
  • Mr Unprepared cleaned the toilet so I didn’t have to. It was taking some hits thanks to the Little Mister getting some target practice in. Glad I dodged that job (this time) haha.
  • Comments on my blog posts – you guys are so awesome and I love hearing what you have to say!
  • Falling down a YouTube rabbit hole, which resulted in me finding a whole bunch of songs (from 1996) that I loved when I was 11/12. Those were some formative musical years for me and I still get shivers when I listen to 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins. And that video? It’s EVERYTHING.

What’s been making you happy this week? x

The Happy List #5


Here’s what’s been making me happy in the past week, as I look towards a brand new week filled with potential! x

Magic Mike XXL…well, mostly Channing Tatum

I know I am not alone in the fact that I find Channing Tatum to be verrrrry attractive. My crush is at the awfully embarrassing level and Mr Unprepared has had to come to terms with the fact that Mr Tatum is my bit on the side. I have not exactly NOT been enjoying the recent whirlwind of publicity interviews he has been doing. Or the fact that free to air TV has been capitalising on the recent release of the Magic Mike sequel by playing every movie with Channing Tatum in it ever. My DVR is now stocked up full to the brim with films to watch at any time the urge should strike!

On Friday night I had a leave pass to watch Magic Mike XXL with some girlfriends. We had gold class tickets and it was wonderful. WONDERFUL. Was the acting Oscar worthy? Was the plot intricate and sophisticated? *ahem* I think we know the answer. But the movie had a ‘feel good’ energy to it (so to speak ha ha ha) and hello, I was perving my little eye balls out from start to finish.

I am such a creep.

It was so nice to leave home after a week of being pretty much housebound. The company was fantastic and it was nice to do something somewhat quiet on a Friday night. Dance floors and yelling over music is totally awesome, but sometimes sitting in a really comfy chair and eating stupid desserts with your friends while watching a giant TV screen is even nicer.

Family birthdays

Today we celebrated my dad’s birthday, with a belated nod to my uncle’s birthday too. I love when the whole family gets together. There’s always good, hearty food and a nice feeling of togetherness. I made a baked cheesecake for the occasion and when Mr Unprepared carried it into my parents’ house, my dad said (rather innocently), “Oh you made us a quiche!”

Sigh. Look, it wasn’t shop-bought attractive. A little rustic. But it was pretty funny. I didn’t mind it becoming a running joke.

“Ooooh. Can’t wait to have our dessert quiche. It’s a good thing, because I’ve been cutting down on sugar lately! HA HA HA.”

Gotta love lame dad/uncle jokes.

Luckily it was delicious and I felt pretty proud. Phew.

It was also touching to see my grandfather (who is in his 90s) stand up, a little emotional, and toast my dad.

Hoodies and heaters

It’s been cold lately, hasn’t it? I think there’s nothing better than snuggling up in a hoodie. I am also so grateful for reverse cycle air conditioning. SO GRATEFUL. It’s bliss curling up on the couch under a comfy blanket. I’m not a lover of winter, but I do love a good snuggle – something that’s not always as pleasant in the heat of summer!

Binge watching HIMYM on Netflix

This is totally related to the cold weather. I have been rediscovering How I Met Your Mother. I don’t think I fully appreciated it when it was still on the TV. The characters, the running jokes. It’s fun and it’s light and I’m not even bored re-watching the episodes. Great to watch before I fall asleep at night. It’s not scary. It’s not hard to follow. The episodes aren’t too long. It’s funny.

Oh god I love Netflix. Probably as much as I love Channing Tatum. Maybe even more.

Other things that have made me happy…

  • winter sunshine.
  • when the Little Mister dances and sings – the words might be wrong and his moves might be a little crazy but it’s a beautiful thing, a child’s ability to just show their joy.
  • finding a spare phone charger for Mr Unprepared to use after he left his at a friend’s house over a week ago. Sharing my charger was getting so annoying!
  • laughing at myself while trying out the Periscope app for the first time. Probably more on that later!
  • my brother gifting me a beautiful Spanish cook book he found me in Melbourne. I shall be taking particular notice of the recipes at the back for Churros, drinking chocolate and sangria. Um, hello!
  • cuddles with my little family.

What is on your happy list this week? x




The Happy List #4



As I type this, the Little Mister has emerged from his bed with the beginnings of a cold and Mr Unprepared has been quarantined in our bedroom for two nights with a stomach bug. It has not been a very relaxing weekend, with me chasing everyone with hand sanitiser, terrified about the fact that gastro germs can stay alive on household surfaces (or any surfaces for that matter) for two weeks!! TWO WEEKS. Yep. I googled it and I am glad I did, because I don’t think many people are aware of that fact (or was it just me?). I can’t wait to clean everything from top to bottom!!!

So, a happy list is DEFINITELY needed as we look towards the start of a new week…

I have survived the weekend illness free (so far).

While I could still be hit with the scary germs, I have survived this far. Which has allowed me to look after everyone else (lucky me) and has saved me from the discomfort of an awful stomach bug (there’s nothing worse). I am also very happy that the Little Mister has not been affected by gastro (so far – I’m only cautiously optimistic). My heart would break for him and it would be the worst to clean up after, oh my gosh.

Catching up with my parents. 

This past week, my parents got home from their trip away to the US and Canada. It was great to catch up with them and hear about their holiday. I’d forgotten how much my mum and I can gas bag together – I think we’ve made up for lost time…just! The Little Mister is happy to have them back too. He took his cat sitting duties very seriously while they were away.

Photo booth hijinks at a wedding.

Last weekend, Mr Unprepared and I attended the wedding of one of his long time friends (the wedding he was a groomsman for). It was a beautiful day for it (after a week of dodgy weather) and it was great catching up with friends. A definite highlight of the day was the photo booth. We all got to embrace our silly sides and it was fun to have little print outs to take home and keep. I wish options like this were easier to come across back when we got married in 2007 (before Facebook really became what it is today and Pinterest was just a dream – I feel old)!



We had to take at least one serious couple photo, though. I mean, c’mon. We are stunning. I feel compelled to tell you that there were actually nice photos of us taken…we don’t look like that EVERY day.

Yeah, right Kez.


Supermarket success. 

While very recently, I’d vowed to only do online grocery shopping from now on, circumstances conspired to have me running around the supermarket (the one that rhymes with Tool Births), gathering ingredients for the week’s meals last week. I had a strict budget and without doing any mental arithmetic, I managed to get within 34c of it when it added up at the check out. It was a small pleasure but gosh it was satisfying. I felt like some kind of psychic goddess.

Also, I managed to avoid my new least favourite check out attendant, despite there being almost no check outs open. Yay!

I am excited to make lots of yummy meals this coming week after what feels like a disjointed few weeks, where I had no creativity left in me at all. I really like to take pride in my cooking. Even if it’s nothing fancy, I like to feel I’ve put an effort in. It’s the thing that calms and focuses me at the end of a day.

The Little Mister’s compliments. 

He’s a charmer in the making, this kid.

Me: You’re my favourite.
Little Mister: And you’re MY favourite!

(he pretty much copies any compliment you give him but it’s pretty cute)

Little Mister: I like your hair, Mummy.

Little Mister: I love you looking after me, Mummy.

Little Mister: That’s a pretty necklace!

I think I’ll keep him.

So, tell me, what is on your happy list right now?