The selfie struggle.

Oh, yes. It’s a real first world problem, this one! Lately, I’ve been scrolling through my Instagram posts and asking myself what I can do to make my account look a bit more appealing. Am I showing a great variety of moments from my every day life? Am I getting better at telling the stories […]

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

image Oh, that poor child. Listen to him yelling out in pain! His mother (or father depending on who draws the short straw on any given day) must be too rough with him. He’s only small. Poor thing. IS SOMEONE MURDERING A SMALL CHILD IN THE SHOPPING CENTRE/CAFÈ/SWIMMING POOL/CAR PARK? No, that’s just the sound […]

Do you remember me?

I hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday season – here’s a blog post I found in my drafts folder from January 2013 (about a year ago). I decided to publish it today x You can file this post under ‘stuff I bet you didn’t know about Kez’…unless you’ve known me since forever and then I just […]