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The Happy List #26

I had a choice between having a nap, working out or writing this week’s happy list. If you’re reading this, you know which one I picked. Honestly, I probably should have chosen the nap, right? I think this time of the year has caught up with me! It might be tiring, but it is fun.

Here are the things that have made me happy this past week…

November turning into December

It’s not magazine perfect but it was decorated with love (and the help of a very enthusiastic 4 year old).

I have this big self imposed rule where I quite often refuse to do anything Christmas related until it is December (other than some early Christmas gift buying if I am feeling super organised). I’m stubborn about it. I feel like I want my Christmas celebrations to be about quality time, not quantity (i.e. starting in September). It also helps me to compartmentalise all that is involved with this time of year. I can put it in the ‘don’t worry about it yet’ basket for 11 months of the year!

But when December 1st rolls around, I am crazy for all things Christmas related. It’s so much fun when you have a little one. We’ve got the advent calendar (this time it’s a felt one that you can reuse every year which makes me feel very out of my parenting league). The tree is up. I put ‘Christmas’ in the Pinterest search bar. You know it’s serious, when you crack out your Pinterest account haha.

There will be so many more fun things to do in the lead up to Christmas. Yay!

Anniversary date night with that guy I married 8 years ago

I am not kidding when I tell you that we were excited about it for months. Our date nights out are often very few and far between, with us often settling for an ‘after the Little Mister has gone to bed’ date night in. We headed into Fremantle for a delicious and simple dinner at Little Creatures, before going for a nice walk and reliving the good times we’d shared when we’d lived very close by. We weren’t really out very late (we were a little sheepish about how tired we were haha) but it was just so bloody relaxing! Just the two of us, finishing conversations without being interrupted, holding hands. Making things up as we went along. Bliss.

We grabbed some takeaway dessert and came home to watch a movie. We slept in. Not much. But a lot by our standards.

It was so nice to connect as a couple – alone! I’m still bloody tired (you know when you get one OK night of sleep and then instead of being grateful your body decides that it wasn’t enough so you end up feeling more tired?), but I feel loved up and all that spew-in-a-bucket cheesy stuff.

The best selfie we managed to get. You know when you’re weirdly self conscious about being seen taking a selfie by strangers? And then the wind was…windy and we were laughing at each other half the time.

Hearing the Little Mister singing Christmas songs

It’s just so darn cute. Especially when he’s learnt something new at day care and comes home and performs it for us with pride, using his little kid voice. Seriously. You’ll have to take my word for it. It’s frickin’ adorable.

Maintaining a small weight loss

I’ve been stoked to have lost about half a kilo in the last week or two. I’ve managed to maintain that loss (it is usually a really annoying plateau/hump for me) and even though it’s not much, it’s been really encouraging. I must keep motivated in the next few weeks though. As soon as I conquer a bit of my fatigue, I’ll be hitting it hard again this week coming. Yay. I never thought running would be my thing, but seeing how it’s been changing my body has been so amazing.

Being so proud of the Little Mister when he got his immunisations (and knowing they’re the last ones until he’s much much older)!

I was a bit nervous. The Little Mister had no recollection of getting his last immunisations (he was only 18 months old) so he had no idea what to expect, but all of the awareness of a 4 year old. I had explained to him that he was getting some needles to make him really healthy and strong. I warned him in a clear but gentle way that they would hurt for a second or two but that it would all be over really quickly. It helped that I have been getting lots of blood tests myself lately (my usual disclaimer: nothing to worry about by the way and no I am not pregnant – that’s the point). He was so excited to be such a big boy.

He came with me and he brought his precious stuffed hippo. He was adorable when he asked me if I would stay with him while he had his needles – as if I would be anywhere else. I had to have him in my lap, holding his arms down in a tight hug while two nurses gave him his two needles (one in each arm) at the exact same time – good tactical move for sure. He tried so hard to be brave. One of the needles hurt more than the other and he said a little surprised “Ow!”

Then the needle started to really sting him and he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He cried and looked so sad and bewildered. Oh, my heart!

We had to stick around for 15 minutes afterwards to make sure he wouldn’t have any adverse reactions and that was where the problems started. He was suddenly tired, overwhelmed and becoming irritable (a side effect). He screamed and cried when we had to leave. Like heartbreaking, volume 11 stuff – I am lucky enough to say that it was not like him at all. I had to scoop him up, carry him to the car and lever him into his car seat. He was almost inconsolable.

Later, I told him how he had been so brave and that I admired his courage and he was my super hero. He seemed to not believe he’d done a good job at being brave, but seeing him instantly calm when I told him that he was not in trouble for crying, that I understood that it is hard and even most grown ups don’t like needles, was just a really moving moment.

It might have been a tough day for him to begin with, but it was a lovely day full of cuddles and love and tenderness from then on. I am still so proud of him. I don’t want to raise a boy who thinks it’s bad to cry or feel pain. I want to raise a son who understands that it’s OK to and that true courage doesn’t mean you’re not scared. It means you do something even though you’re scared. I just felt like he learned to believe in himself a little more that day, you know?

Gosh, it’s hard work raising a human, but so rewarding.

Other stuff that has made me happy: 

  • Watching Elf with the Little Mister – our annual tradition.
  • Hearing about all the fun stuff the Little Mister did with my parents when he slept over for our date night.
  • Realising that the people who stick needles in my arm all the time are so nice and I am so grateful because it can be stressful for me.
  • Seeing the Little Mister in his ‘big school’ (he starts kindy next year) uniform for the first time, all proud of himself.
  • Master of None on Netflix.
  • Cider.
  • Wine.
  • I might have a problem.
  • OOPS.


What is on your happy list? 

The Happy List #25

As I sit here, I am just glad to have a quiet day ahead! The silly season has been intense and it’s not even December yet! I really love being a social butterfly but I treasure the quiet days too. Is anyone else like this? I don’t think I could ever go full extrovert. Right now is the perfect time to write another happy list!

Here’s what’s made me happy in the last week…

Meeting a real life Alice in the flesh!

I don’t know if you remember but I have mentioned Alice a few times in this blog’s lifetime. We met on Twitter and recently celebrated our 4 year Facebook anniversary. How modern of us. We have some mutual friends and we’ve always got along like a house on fire. Especially in all matters Kardashian or Catfish. Yes. We are trash TV soulmates. Speaking of Catfish, we have always joked about the possibility that either of us could just be one and this weekend we had the opportunity to discover whether or not that was the case! Alice came to Perth for a holiday and we totes met. Yay! We had lunch with Mr Unprepared and the Little Mister, before catching up for drinks with a couple of other friends. It was lovely. I hope I didn’t make a total fool out of myself, Kez style! I can’t wait for the next catch up. Tassie next time, mate?

Alice told me it is her goal to make it onto my happy list every single week…she’s doing pretty well at the moment – I told her to dream big haha.


Catching up on my C25K work outs.

I was really sad when I had to stop running for a bit. I had been feeling really disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to do the 5km Colour Run when it was in Perth, for medical reasons (it was too close to a minor procedure). I recovered quickly enough (it did take about a week to feel like myself again), but then I admit I felt discouraged and a bit unmotivated. Not very NoExcusesVember of me, was it? I finally started to get some time to myself and some more motivation (a couple of my friends have been really great at inspiring me as they hit the gym and we share our exercise plans to stay accountable). I decided to re-start using my C25K app. It was a bit disappointing seeing the decline in my fitness, but it felt good to get back on the treadmill. I caught up this week and got past my last milestone on Friday! Gosh it felt awesome! Just gotta keep it up now. It’s getting intense but I’m noticing some little differences in my body again already. Yay! Which leads me to…

Feeling better in my clothes. 

The other night we had a family dinner to go to. I thought I’d throw on my trusty black peplum dress (the perfect go to outfit). I put it on and it was looser around my waist than it probably ever has been. I must be trimming up! So exciting. It’s really spurred me on to keep working on my running. It is obviously doing me some good. It’s made me feel more encouraged to continue. It’s nice getting out of a slump. I hope this is something that can get me through the holiday period. I would love to keep feeling good/comfortable at events when I’m all dressed up.

Also, I am loving when I have the time to fit a work out in before I go out somewhere. Peps this tired mum right up – gotta love those endorphins (and it makes me feel very virtuous before I pig out haha)!

Mr Unprepared bought himself some nice shoes.

I know this one sounds funny, but I really celebrate when Mr Unprepared goes shopping for himself for things that he can wear!! Even better if the things he buys are really great looking! He had to get some brown dress shoes to match some stuff he needs to wear over the next few weeks (one of those things being a groomsman’s suit at a wedding). He sent me some pictures of some grandpa style ones which scared the bejeezus out of me, but luckily after I sent him back some inspirational shoe pictures from Pinterest, he did a great job haha. Also, he scored them for 50% off! Gotta love technology. And sales. Especially sales.

Seriously. If you saw his shoe collection (if you can call it that), you’d know why I’m celebrating!!

Counting down the days until Mr Unprepared and I celebrate our wedding anniversary with a date night! 

It’s going to be 8 years of marriage. I don’t know what the traditional gift is for that many years, but we’ve decided to skip the material gifts and experience the gift of each other’s presence (spew – did I really just write that – what is wrong with me). Also, because neither of us has bought anything hahaha. We are just excited to have one whole night to ourselves. It’s going to be great. We haven’t got solid plans yet, but it’s fun to think about.

Other stuff that has made me happy:

  • The Little Mister’s laugh – always.
  • Bin day. I was so glad our really full wheelie bin got emptied. Look, sometimes it’s the simple things. An empty bin means a new week haha. Yes. I know. Poor environment 🙁
  • Knowing that soon it will be deemed acceptable to put my Christmas tree up and start an all out assault on the senses when it comes to Christmas related things. The Little Mister and I are going to have SO MUCH FUN.
  • Seeing the Little Mister’s potato plant growing up out of the soil (he planted a potato with Mr Unprepared one day a while ago to see what would happen). Having a kid makes you want to do things you never thought were fun or exciting before you had a kid. I was ACTUALLY excited. I don’t even know who I am anymore!

What is on your happy list this week? 

Better Together.




Today marks the 6th anniversary of marriage for Mr Unprepared and I. We’ve been through a lot together (and even for a small not so talked about time apart) over the years and it has only been because of our hard work, determination and commitment to each other that we have found ourselves where we are today. Really tough things have happened to both of us over time and we have had to learn to be strong – not just as individuals but also as a couple.  It hasn’t always been easy. As long as we keep growing and learning for the rest of our lives, I know there will always be good things coming to us.

We celebrated this year, with a picnic at an outdoor concert (Jack Johnson – AMAZING). I spilt my sparkling wine on myself several times and tripped over some poor innocent people (not from being drunk on either account – just clumsy in picnic situations). Mr Unprepared wore his sunnies and hat even when it was dark. We sat on uncomfortable low backed beach chair thingies (I can’t remember what they’re actually called) until our bums and our legs were numb. Mr Unprepared had to restrain me from calling my mum to ask how the Little Mister was. I tried not to cry several times when I was having a magical music appreciation moment (music moves me – what can I say). Mr Unprepared ate camembert on corn chips just because he could (they came with the exorbitantly priced hamper we’d pre-ordered). It was perfect.

Jack Johnson even played our wedding song to end his show (the title of this post).

All of the every day stresses of life melted away right when I needed them to (don’t ask haha) and we were just there in the moment, remembering fun, remembering our life as a couple (and not just as parents), remembering what’s really important. All the noise of the draining week we’d had faded out and was replaced by Hawaiian musical love.

On the way home we reminisced non stop about our favourite live music moments. All the memories certain songs or artists evoke. We relived the night and what it had meant to us. We laughed about the 90s. Who doesn’t? It was awesome.

I feel so excited about seven and the journey there. Hell, I even feel excited about next week just because it’s next week and I’m in a good mood thanks to this weekend!

I love you, Husband.

It’s been one hell of a decade.



Today marks 10 years of my relationship with my husband. I’m going to be honest. It’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride. There have been highs and lows as we’ve grown up together. We started out as friends, becoming crazy annoying lovebirds at the ages of 18 and 20 in 2002.

When we jumped in head first, “I love you”s at 3 weeks, moving in together at 3 months, we had NO idea what we were getting into. It’s safe to say that we were awesomely unprepared for the crazy that was to follow. We just knew we were meant to be together in some way.

We’ve endured a lot in our relationship and all of the other things that life has thrown towards us. We’ve had to learn how to grow together and become proper adults – we started this adventure as not much more than kids, really. We’re still learning a couple of houses, a couple of dogs and a baby later! We’re doing everything we can to develop as individuals who each bring something unique and special to our relationship and I hope we can continue to carve our own way as a little family, with new traditions and amazing memories.

I am thankful for the fact that our relationship has brought us our beautiful Little Mister. I am thankful that we’ve never given up on each other when times are tough.

I hope that our future will glow brighter and brighter with each year that passes.