31 weeks pregnant.

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As December got into full swing, I hit 31 weeks pregnant! It finally felt like the countdown to meeting my baby is on. I have been trying to tell myself that I just have to get to Christmas (33 weeks), then new year (34 weeks) and then it’s only a few weeks after that!

This week I thoroughly enjoyed not doing any more school runs for the year. I was able to take my time getting ready to leave the house! If the Little Mister was in the right mood (he’s pretty good), I could even lie in after he said good morning to me and then went and GOT HIS OWN BREAKFAST. Problem is, I was a bit slow moving. You know, once I’d talked myself into getting out of bed, tested my blood sugar level, had a suitable breakfast, showered, applied my rash cream, and then remembered I should probably paint a face on because I am really not at my most glam these days…

I was like another variation of those memes that get about – the ones about how you have to leave home in 5 minutes but you sit on the edge of your bed for half an hour staring into space. Oops.

Still, it was quite a productive week anyhow.

This week I even discovered that my favourite Thai beef salad at the local pub was perfectly gestational diabetes friendly. Massive victory. Eating out can be tricky. I discovered this while celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. We kept things low key and celebrated with the Little Mister. It was nice. I got a huge bunch of flowers, Mr Unprepared got giant helium balloons, we both wrote nice things to each other, and the Little Mister loved being involved. While I am totally all for couple only time for occasions like this, it just seemed like something for the too-hard basket so we were happy to enjoy bonding as a little family. It was amazing to think that we will always remember that day as a time when I was carrying our 2nd baby.

I had to increase my insulin injection dosage from 5 units a night to 7 this week. I was bummed but it seemed like it was starting to finally work for me. I also had a doctor’s appointment. The baby was measuring just right (if anything a teensy bit behind but definitely not enough to be alarmed) and when I had an ultrasound, the doc was quite happy. He said I wasn’t carrying too much fluid (as some people can when they have gestational diabetes). She was moving around a lot while he tried to measure her, so nothing new there haha. It was great to see her on the screen (even if it was difficult to tell what was what) and the doc laughed and confirmed that she is definitely still a girl – good to know!!!

One thing I struggled with a bit this week was the Christmas food porn that was all over social media! While I love baking and my gestational diabetes won’t stop me creating yummy treats for other people, it was getting to me a bit! What I wouldn’t give to just have a big mouthful (even just a mouthful) of a cake! The savoury stuff isn’t usually a huge problem – an Aussie Christmas usually involves a lot of salads, veggies and some fairly clean protein. It was the sweet stuff that was making my mouth water and sending me insane! I want you all to know that I am a fucking saint. A modest one too, obvs.

This week, I felt quite exhausted from all the stretching my belly was doing to accommodate the baby. I told Mr Unprepared to push his stomach out as hard as he could and imagine he was super bloated. Then hold it as long as he could and imagine that there was no relief from that feeling, 24/7. He started to kind of understand haha. Even sitting or lying was no longer relaxing! We would laugh when she’d stick her butt out really far – you could feel it and see it – so funny.

All in all, it was quite a good week (by my mediocre at being pregnant standards anyhow). I got stuff done, my rash was calm, my diabetes seemed to be under control, my doctor’s appointment confirmed my gut feeling that I am doing OK. It was a nice break from the usual anxiety and frustration. I’ll take what I can get these days.

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