29 weeks pregnant.

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My 29th week of pregnancy was BUSY! I was really relieved that my PUPPP rash was so much calmer than it had been in weeks, which allowed me to keep up with everything I needed to do. I think the slightly cooler weather was an absolute godsend too. I had pretty itchy feet, wrists and a couple of patches on the backs of my shoulders but everything else seemed to be on the mend. I started to see clear gaps of skin on my legs (between my older scars that I am afraid will take years to fade) and I was getting some more sleep at night too. I don’t know if it was the weather, the steroid cream finally kicking in, or even my newly enforced low sugar diet, but it was nice to be able to get on with life a little easier.

In saying that, this just left me some room in my brain to deal with my gestational diabetes diagnosis. This pregnancy thing is relentless, I tell ya! I saw the dietitian for a second time and it was pretty much concluded that I must talk to my diabetes educator and I’d likely be commencing with nightly injections of insulin. I just could not control my fasting blood sugar readings (the test you take each morning after waking). None of it was my fault – just bad luck. My diet was spot on and my readings were great throughout the day. I just needed some extra help overnight. I was bummed, but by the time I was handed the prescription, I was just ready to get on with it and relieved to have some kind of management plan in place. I was also really comforted after talking to my bloggy friend Leah who had been through a very similar experience when pregnant with her gorgeous daughter, S. If she could survive this, then I can too!

Of course there was a lot of running about between pharmacies due to supply issues with the kind of insulin I have to take, which wasn’t ideal, but I got there in the end. I had to start on a small dose (3 units) and report back to my educator the next week. All of this injection stuff started to give me IVF flashbacks and I was relieved that the needles used to inject myself this time around were much smaller. Phew! I asked Mr Unprepared to give me my injections as I was still a bit traumatised and didn’t want to be hesitating for ages before injecting the insulin into my belly. I was pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t worried about doing this (maybe he likes stabbing me hahaha) and that it didn’t really hurt at all. No more than those stupid finger pricks I have to give myself each day.

Sadly, the insulin did not seem to be making any difference at that dose, but knowing that soon it would be adjusted to help me more, made me feel OK about it. We’ll get there!

This week I also had a good doctor’s appointment and I even got to have a consult with a favourite midwife (who happens to be the mum of two lovely people I’ve had the pleasure to be friends with). We had a big hug and she was really helpful and kind (as all of the midwives at my clinic are).

I talked with the doctor about when I could deliver the baby and what my options will be. He talked to me about the insulin/diabetes thing some more. It was great to have some face to face time after he’d had to rush off to emergencies the last couple of times I was supposed to see him. I found it reassuring. I have so much going on with this pregnancy, that it feels important to be able to touch base quite regularly.

I got to hear my baby’s heartbeat again, as well as to find out my belly is still measuring right on track.

This week I also survived a dear friend’s engagement party! I was so relieved because I really wanted to be there for her to celebrate such a special time. We will be unable to attend the wedding (it is interstate and not long before the baby is due), so we wanted to be able to show our love and support. I wore a pretty dress that my mum and dad gifted to me earlier this spring (it hides most of the rash and the fabric is so comfy) and I was so relieved to not be so itchy that I couldn’t be ‘in the moment’. It was a beautiful afternoon/evening. I even managed to keep my blood sugar at the right level the whole time! I made the best choices I could, eating nothing but salads (picking the things with the least dressing on and enough carbs/protein/greens in the right proportions on my plate) and it paid off. I was so relieved. Maybe I can do this socialising thing. Let’s not talk about when everyone had the most amazing desserts and I couldn’t haha.

I wish I’d got a picture of myself all dolled up, but we were in a rush to get ready and I just didn’t think of it!

I got a lot of Christmas shopping done, attended the Little Mister’s school Christmas concert and ticked off a lot of admin, errands etc. I was so grateful to have a productive week after a few slow ones where I felt about as useful as a dude’s nipples.

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    • Oh I am excited to be at the pointy end of the countdown! I am also excited for the school holidays! I may have a very talkative 6 year old, but I will also get to sleep a little longer in the mornings and I won’t have to do school runs – yay! I bet you’re excited for the holidays too! x

  1. ahh, it appears that most women are getting gestational diabetes these days – how do you avoid it?! I think I’ll be a dead-ringer for it when the time comes. Not cool. But like you say, you just have to deal with it and carry on. There’s a baby to bake!
    I’m impressed you’ve got Christmas shopping done! I find it hard enough without a child – you’re a star.
    Keep on hanging in there. I can’t wait to meet this little cherub xx


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