The story of my life. In 250 words.

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I was born in 1984. In South Korea. Adopted at 5 months old to Australia. Yep, I became “Aussie, mate.”

Seriously. I don’t like spicy food and I’m sh*t at using chopsticks.

I was a little bit smart. I got promoted to one day a week in grade 1, when I was supposed to be in Pre-Primary. My parents kept me with kids my own age so I would develop socially at the right pace.

I was a difficult teen. All about grunge, punk rock and rebellion. At home after school and on weekends, of course. At school and in society, I was really probably too scared to be a hell raiser. My mum copped it all instead.

Met my (now) husband when I was 18. Moved out not long after. Stuff got better with my mum. Now we’re best friends. I’m proud of us. Got married in 2007.

I went to university and tried teaching. Dropped out. Worked at a supermarket. This made me realise I wanted more. Mostly because my manager thought I ate stir fries every day and another made me cry almost daily and then would buy me alcohol and tell me that I’d never be anything more than a check out chick. Became a volunteer phone counsellor, before returning to uni to do a Bachelor of Behavioural Science with a minor in counselling. Loved it. Worked in Community Development. Life changed (long story).

Got preggo in the eggo in 2011. Started my blog. Had the Little Mister. Love being a mummy.

This was my life story in 250 words. It’s a part of the Blog Every Day in May challenge.

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