It’s that time of year again!

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So last Christmas was the Little Mister’s first Christmas ever. So that was really cool. I dressed him in a cute outfit (it was wrecked by lunchtime probably) and everybody clucked over the new addition to the family. He was probably around one and a half months old then (I’m no mathematician). He slept and had his milk. Cried occasionally. The usual newborn baby thing. You know how it is (or not – how would I know) haha.

I like to think of this Christmas (2012) as his second first Christmas. This year the Little Mister is a toddler! He is moving around by himself (when he’s not crash tackle hugging people), he’s eating new foods and he’s ‘talking’ a lot. He understands when something exciting is happening (cue clapping and smiling and whole body wiggling) and he can take in so much more of his surroundings! He wants to know what the world is about and he’s so curious. This has really brought out my Christmas spirit. Last year I felt the excitement of our first Christmas as a little family. This year is all about sharing it with the Little Mister 🙂

I’m really excited about the fact that he can stay awake (sometimes painfully so – but we’ll look at the positives) more, feed himself (my husband and I may not have to take turns not eating on Christmas day this year – a true gift), and run about exploring and playing. SO COOL.

OK, so I haven’t really bought many presents yet (despite the usual good intentions to start earlier – we all know how that works out), but I have really enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree. I might have bought over 150 new baubles this year. Despite already owning a full set. I’ve become a little bit more nuts than I already was last year. I’m starting to get delusional ideas that I might be able to change colour themes EVERY YEAR. However, the storage space in my house (and probably my husband) say “not so much”. However, I am pretty sure this problem will take care of itself, because so far we have lost a few baubles to the bin fairy on account of *ahem* vigourous handling…who could be responsible for that? I don’t know…

The Christmas tree is encased in a big, colourful play pen. Next year we need a bigger play pen. The branches stick out a bit at the bottom and I’m not entirely sure there’s enough room in there for all the presents. The tree looks AMAZING (if I do say so myself) …well, until you glance about half way down, where the decorations suddenly become very sparse. It is the epitome of a childproofed Christmas tree. Maybe someone should invent festive tree decorations that also double as child safe teething toys (BPA and chemical free blah blah blah). Problem solved. SERIOUSLY. SOMEONE SHOULD REALLY DO THIS. DO I HAVE TO THINK OF EVERYTHING?!?!?!

tumblr_me09wqoOGH1rlf48uo1_500_largePic: That kid is about to eat or break something. I just know it.

On another note, it turns out that Santa is just some scary individual who hangs out at the shops tormenting toddlers and babies. His big fake beard and glasses ensure that your child cannot tell if he is friendly or not, so worrying about whether you want the cute photo package that includes wallet photos and a keyring vs just the standard six photo prints becomes the least of your concerns when the bawling begins!

Also turns out that the jolly sounds of “Ho Ho Ho – Merry Christmas” are actually a deep, intimidating boom to a toddler and doesn’t actually make them feel any more joyful. In fact, picture the opposite result.

While other sensible parents might just say, “OK, let’s just avoid Santas from now on”, my husband and I (after awkwardly abandoning the photo shoot with shopping centre Santa) decided that it’s time to desensitise the Little Mister. You know, because we’re totally child psychology experts (don’t ask me about my actual real life degree in behavioural science and my half a degree – totally counts – in childhood education because I’ve just blown all credibility by writing this blog). He clearly hasn’t had enough Christmas-ifying yet! We started saying “Santa” repeatedly while looking positively, dementedly could-possibly-be-smoking-crazy-drugs-but-we-wouldn’t-because-we’re-responsible-parents happy (hoping it will create a positive association). We bought a Santa hat at the supermarket and started saying, “Ho Ho Ho” in various voices and tones to him, while wearing the hat. This brought mixed results. As well as the sight of us being ridiculous.

We started saying “Merry Christmas” a lot and clapping, because clapping means you’re happy. I started showing the Little Mister Santa movies (still waiting for Elf – my FAVOURITE), even though I’m a perfect parent who NEVER lets my child watch a television (hahaha I’m hilarious).

May I add that my father in law wants to dress as Santa for Christmas this year to hand out the gifts?

I’ll let you know how it all works out.


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  1. You sound awesomely PREPARED for the holidays! Little Mister will love Santa….what kid doesnt?…once he figures out hes the one who brings all the prezzies!
    This is Adrianas first Christmas 🙂 She hated Santa at the mall, she doesnt get the whole decorated tree yet but likes all the likes and stuff. She hasnt destroyed our tree or anyone elses yet. I STRESS to be gentle and look every time. Hopefully by next year it works!
    Christmas shopping is pretty much done. I did most of it online though….and back in November!!


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