Little Mister

Doing big person things.


The Little Mister has become fascinated with any tasks that make him feel like he’s one of the big people. I can’t get the vacuum cleaner away from him. Which seemed like a great thing at the time, but now I’m beginning to have my doubts. It takes about 50 hours longer to get the floors clean. It is adorable, though.


The Little Mister loves nothing more than sitting up at the table in a grown up chair and “reading” something. Sometimes it’s the newspaper and yesterday it was my day planner. He thought he was doing something very important 🙂


I am convinced that the Little Mister will be a great stay at home dad one day haha. Although, when he was done being tender and nurturing with his teddy bear, he did slam him onto the floor unceremoniously so he could go and trash some magazines.

I hope you enjoyed these rare photos of the Little Mister. I don’t often post images of him on this blog.

This post is a part of the Blog Every Day in May challenge.

  • He is beautiful. My little man was ‘feeding’ Teddy last night…Up in the high chair. Very cute 🙂 He hates the vacuum cleaner though. Lap that up while you can lol.

    • Oh, believe me – I plan on it! I find no bigger joy than seeing my Little Mister develop his imagination – SO CUTE.

  • Oh my gosh! He’s SO CUTE! What a handsome little guy. I’ve been so out of touch – he’s grown a lot but I am happy to see you are blogging again. As for me, so many things have happened – it’s like one blog post won’t do the trick, ya know? Still scheming of a way to share all my good and bad news with the world. It’ll happen, one day.

    • Hey, you! Looking forward to reading about your life again xo

  • Our son loves attempting adult stuff too. He thinks he’s, like, 21 and can do everything we can do and get SO MAD when we don’t let him drive or use knives.

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