2019 Weekly Wrap Up #10

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The 10th week of 2019 was a bit of a shit show (literally at one point). If I never have to repeat that again I will be a happy woman. Still, I am glad that there were some truly great moments tucked away in there. Those moments are the things you can hold onto when you’re having a not-so-great time, for sure!

March 5 – Tuesday

I had a sore shoulder today. Woke up that way. I think I slept funny or had strained something. It made it a bit difficult to look after the Little Miss, who needs to be lifted and carried a lot.

I took the Little Mister through the quick drop off lane at school to minimise having to cart everyone through the school in the morning and I tried to spend the day conserving energy when I could so that the unavoidable care tasks for the Little Miss could be done.

March 6 – Wednesday

Today the Little Miss took her first steps!!! It was very exciting and a big milestone. She kept practicing through the day and her personal best for the day was 8 steps without any assistance. I was bursting with pride.

Also, today the Little Mister declared himself pescatarian. He wanted to save all the animals by going vegetarian but then decided that he would still like to eat fish. We weren’t sure if he’d really commit but we wanted to be supportive of his cause so he had spaghetti bolognese with vegan mince for dinner. He loved it and I think he felt really good about himself.

March 7 – Thursday

Today I was emotionally and physically exhausted. Also, the weather was confusing. It was rainy, humid and overcast, but it also felt cold at times. I had no idea what to wear but I loved the outfit I decided on: a snakeskin print dress from Decjuba, a black leather jacket and my white sneakers. It felt like a good practice run for when Autumn actually properly kicks in.

Of course nobody even saw the outfit while I was feeling cute, so that’s about right haha.

The Little Miss decided that day sleep was not a thing. I attempted a nap at one point while she was in bed, but of course it was interrupted by several different things.

I had to laugh when the Little Miss got upset with me because I wasn’t understanding that she wanted to play in her play pen. Normally she loves to get out of there haha. I put her in and she was SO happy. She played for AGES in there. Funny girl.

She didn’t walk much today, but she did try a few times and I could see her confidence growing.

The Little Mister is still pescatarian much to our surprise!

March 8 – Friday

It was International Women’s Day today. Mr Unprepared had the day off work so I left the Little Miss with him, took the Little Mister to school and then went to work at my parents’ house.

When I got there my mum was painting the exposed beams of her high ceilinged house. Is ‘ceilinged’ a word? Oh well, it is now haha. She had been doing this job whenever she had time for months. She’d created a huge extended brush holder and wasn’t afraid to climb really high ladders or stand on the dining room table to get it done.

How’s that for a strong, female role model? She wasn’t waiting for no man (not even my dad haha) to get it done!

I felt such an empowering glow all day when I saw women showing each other love, support and strength all over social media. I loved reading about how women were celebrating themselves. I loved how feminism was alive and kicking.

March 9 – Saturday

I woke at 4:30am after what I described in my paper journal as “a reasonable sleep”. This speaks to how sleep deprived I was!! I had probably passed out pretty early the night before too!

Mr Unprepared left for a bike ride at 5:30am and got home quite a bit late because someone in his group had taken a fall and broken his collarbone. All morning I had been a little concerned because the weather wasn’t amazing and the roads were a bit wet. I just felt like it wasn’t a good time for a ride (especially the way my husband and his friends ride). I hoped he wouldn’t get injured. A little bit because I cared about him and a lot because it would be bloody inconvenient haha. In some ways I wasn’t surprised someone got hurt and I am glad it wasn’t worse for the guy.

We went shoe shopping for the Little Miss today. She loved it. She loves shoes! She needed proper little walking soles because until today she only had soft baby shoes that are just for looks (and maybe keeping toes warm). I put a pair of sparkly sneakers on her feet and her face absolutely lit up. I asked her if she liked them and she nodded very emphatically which was bloody adorable.

The Little Mister needed some sneakers too, so we picked out a black pair for him. He has to work on his lace tying skills.

I started getting a period out of the blue today. I must have accidentally missed a pill or two. I was a bit annoyed because it made me feel a bit crappy, but oh my gosh – you cannot begin to understand how good it felt to not be anywhere near as stressed about bleeding as I had been off the pill before I got pregnant with the Little Miss. To know that the bleeding would not become so excessive/painful that it stopped me from living my life was/is still a revelation to me. I am still amazed by how deeply the trauma of having awful periods (that were always a bit unpredictable) affected me for almost 3 years. I still pinch myself when things don’t get too bad on a ‘pill’ period. I’m getting my life back!

March 10 – Sunday

Today was “heavy flow” day. It wasn’t that bad. I didn’t have to stop doing anything I wanted to do. I was still amazed haha.

I took the kids to my parents’ house today and we had a really special time. The Little Mister wanted to play some musical instruments so we all went into the ‘music’ room (my brothers’ and my play area when we were growing up) and everybody made a racket on bongo drums, with recorders (I KNOW) and a little wooden xylophone. The Little Miss LOVED it. I have another little music lover on my hands. She loves to dance and she really enjoyed joining in. She impressed me when she knew how to blow into a recorder and make it work. Yes, I used the words ‘impressed’ and ‘recorder’ in the same sentence. What the hell has happened to me?

I think my dad got a real kick out of them all bonding over music today. It was lovely.

March 11 – Monday

Oh boy, today did not start well! I had woken in the middle of the night with a very upset tummy. I managed to get over it and go back to sleep, but the Little Miss had woken crying a few times too.

When I went to collect her in the morning I realised she had vomited in her bed. She must have been complaining about a sore tummy. I felt worried that I might have missed it and let her roll around in it during the night. I felt big mum guilts.

I put her in the bath and tried to clean it out of her hair and help her to cool down as she was starting to get warm. She was sad and subdued all day and filled her nappies with awful poos. She wasn’t very hungry but managed to keep her food down somehow. She had a fever. I had no idea what was wrong with us, because there was so much going on and nothing made sense to me. I was tired and feeling very average so probably couldn’t think straight anyhow. I think the fact she seemed to be teething badly at the same time was throwing me off.

I spent my time cleaning bedding and sanitising constantly. It was an exhausting day!!

There was no escaping the school runs either!

When Mr Unprepared got home he had to look after us! The Little Mister was so sweet and made the Little Miss and I a ‘get better soon’ card.

I just held on tight and hoped this crazy time would pass quickly (spoiler: it did not)!!

Has your family felt the wrath of any nasty viruses this year? My thoughts are with you!

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