Who the hell goes camping with a baby? Us. We do.

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Holy shit. We’re doing it. We’re going camping soon. For the first time in 2 years! And the first time with an 8 month old baby (the Little Mister was 14 months old the first time we took him). We are finally starting to feel like we might just somehow, miraculously pull this off. We’ve bought some new supplies, made a crapload of lists and it’s been very exciting chatting with our friends about it (there’s going to be a massive group of us)! It could not be coming at a better time and I am thanking past Kez (and our friends who invited us) for this big time! At first I was terrified about what we were getting ourselves into, wondering how the *bleep* we were going to possibly get ready in time when I can’t even find time to go to the toilet with a baby in the house (let alone my brain being in cavewoman day-to-day survival mode without much room for anything else), but then Mr Unprepared’s work situation got crazy INTENSE (long story) and while that made the idea of getting our shit together in time even more overwhelming, we realised this trip will be very important for us. It will be a much needed opportunity to get the hell outta dodge and not be so easily available for work things. It will get me out of my rut and it will give us a break from some of our usual at-home responsibilities and routines.


It won’t be easy with a baby (and nothing actually like the gif above LOL), but I think it will be rewarding (for her and us). At least I hope so! I am reassured because there will be lots of children on the trip, with the Little Miss’ buddy (he was born two weeks after her even though he was due first) included! Knowing she won’t be the only baby makes me feel so much calmer. We’re not in this alone – yay!

Today we trialled her little travel cot (from Kmart for $29 in case anyone is interested #notsponsoredbecauseasif). She slept in it on the floor of her bedroom. I was so excited when she calmed down and fell asleep in it! It’s getting real!

I decided to look back at blog posts I’ve written previously about camping (both my childhood memories and with the Little Mister) and I thought I’d post the links here in case you missed them or you’re new around here (if so – hi!!!!!!!!):

Camping = Childhood memories

Here I listed 5 embarrassing camping memories from my childhood. I don’t know if it’s nostalgia or if I’m just scarred for life, but they’re memories nonetheless haha.

The Little Mister’s First Camping Trip: Before

Here I shared how we prepared for our first trip away with the Little Mister. I am actually impressed with 2013 me for sharing some pretty decent tips. I bet after our currently planned trip with both kids, I’ll have even more stuff to add!

The Little Mister’s First Camping Trip: During and After

I kept a little daily diary of how the trip went and it was largely successful! I also reflected on some of the things I learned while we were away and about the breaking of the Little Mister’s routines. I can see now looking back that I had a much more anxious mind than I do this time around (doesn’t mean I’m not stressed but it’s a little easier having already tried it all before on our guinea pig child haha). Taking that trip taught me that everything actually does turn out OK and I think it was good for my mental health!

Camping 2015: On the water. And why can’t I be more like this at home?

I reflected on our summer camping trip and how I wanted to bring that holiday vibe home with me.

Stuff to do in Kalbarri, Western Australia

Two years ago we headed away for a family holiday in Kalbarri. It was that first real taste (in our adulthood) of how amazing it is to escape north when the winter weather drags on and starts to give you the blues. It was fantastic and I’d highly recommend it! The Little Mister was 4 years old and it was the first time I got really excited to go because he was becoming so easy to travel with haha. We didn’t have to haul as much stuff away with us, he was mobile but also a little responsible with supervision, could communicate well and was able to have fantastic conversations with us about what he was seeing and doing, and he slept well on cue! Only thing was when he didn’t want to walk more than 10m at a time by the end of our stay…here’s hoping those days are behind us haha.

If you’re thinking of taking a camping trip with a baby or toddler, I just want you to know that with some good planning it is all very doable (or otherwise it’s just a learning experience haha)! It’s never going to be perfect – we had to overcome some anxiety (that’s just us) and some literal teething problems here and there, but what our family has gotten out of the experience each time has been priceless. If you are like me and have great memories of your own parents being brave enough to take you camping from early on in life, you’ll get so much joy out of doing the same with your kids! At least I hope you will. I mean, I don’t know your kids, but I like to think so! 😂

Got any camping-with-baby tips for me? 

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