What’s in a name…on the internet?

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Back in the day (when blogging first became a thing), I used to write under pseudonyms. Then I wrote under a very simple but popular/common nickname of ‘Kez’ (it is also what a lot of my friends call me). I’ve always been protective of my real life. Being online can carry with it some risk. You’re putting yourself out there for anyone in the world to see. People who will like you. People who won’t. People who are good and people who are not. 

However, I have written professionally under my full married name too. 

On Facebook I recently removed my surname from my profile. I was in a lot of Facebook groups and I wanted to be able to comment on posts without a bunch of randos (even if they’re usually lovely ones because I only try to join those kinds of groups) knowing my full name at a glance. I am not super savvy so I think my full names (both maiden and married) are still searchable but you’d have to know me first to be able to find me and I do want people I know and like to be able to connect (even if I barely use my personal profile anymore and might reinstate my surname after all).

I don’t use my legal name anymore when I write. Years ago I decided that when I was ready, I would start writing under my maiden name. It’s a nice generic one and it won’t easily lead to my married surname, which would then lead back to my family (unless you are an overzealous stalker which is a bit creepy so you probably shouldn’t look into that). Yet it also feels authentic to me because it was my name during my most formative years and it rings true with my identity. 

I just now feel my maiden name is the best fit and I use it when I write on Medium.

I often wonder if my days are numbered on ‘Awesomely Unprepared’. I named the blog when I was about to become a parent for the first time and it really suited my journey. It’s how I have felt so often – Awesomely Unprepared. Don’t want to toot my own horn but other bloggers have often complimented me on the name. I also use that name on my Instagram profile and it’s how a lot of people know me. It feels like it will be a big step when I finally decide to transition to using a different handle.

I think one day I will say goodbye to this website (please don’t leave me prematurely – this will be a slow process and nothing is set in stone – it’s just an idea) because we all evolve, right? Well I think most of us do.

I will never not write, but I can feel myself becoming less interested in always being Awesomely Unprepared. I want to discover a phase of life that feels more…confident? I don’t think I’m putting this into words very well (bit of an issue lol). I think I just feel…older now? And not just in a joking around way. I’m ready for peace. Stability. Growing steadily. Having my feet firmly on the ground. Don’t get me wrong, I want some fun, to be funny, and to roll with the punches that life can throw, but I just feel like it’s a more mature me that is emerging. I’ll always be an unprepared weirdo with so much to learn but I think I am striving for a different vibe. Do I know exactly how that will manifest? Nope. Not yet haha.

But when I know you’ll know.

How do you name yourself online?

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