Some words on the Sydney Lindt Cafe tragedy and a moment of silence.

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Like many people all around the world, I sat and waited and hoped and wished that the siege in Martin Place, Sydney would end peacefully with no loss of life. Like many people, my heart went out to the hostages in the Lindt Cafe and all of their loved ones. I also felt afraid for the Muslim community and the backlash I feared might come afterwards. As I went to sleep, I felt heartened by the #illridewithyou social media movement but scared for the people still stuck inside that cafe. Like many people, I woke up to the awful news that we had lost two innocent people through the night.

Sydney, I am feeling for you.

Nothing I had originally planned on blogging about has felt right over the last couple of days, so I will take a moment of silence.


5 thoughts on “Some words on the Sydney Lindt Cafe tragedy and a moment of silence.”

  1. Beautiful sentiment Kez. I agree whole heartedly, but hope that we Aussies realise that this is a wake up call to treat each other better.
    I’m a Sydney ex-pat and at first I couldn’t believe such a thing was happening there, until I remembered what a horrible racist I used to be. There is a lot of hate and fear in that city, and I’m ashamed of being a part of it for so long.
    I want my Sydney to be the beautiful, innocent beach-laden oasis of my memories. So the more I thought about the siege, the more it made me want us to cause change:


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