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Schmanonymous! Or…No-one likes a drama llama.

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This post has been inspired by the twitter conversation I just had with the lovely Leah, Bronnie and Scribbles πŸ™‚

I have a confession to make. It’s probably the world’s worst kept secret but I used to have an anonymous blog (So I Was Thinking…). It wasn’t exactly salacious, scandalous or controversial in the slightest – in fact it was more like a weekly (on average) posting of my most silly thoughts, life learnings and embarrassing moments! It was amusing to write and hopefully the 90+ subscribers thought it was not so bad to read πŸ™‚

How did I maintain anonymity? I never put my real first name (it’s Keri by the way – cool huh) or last name in writing on the blog site. I never named my hometown specifically (it’s truly a small world) and I kept my husband’s name out of it, using a very generic handle for him (The Hubby). I also made sure that (in true narcissistic form) the blog was mostly about ME. In other words, I did not tell other people’s stories for them (as it would be unfair – they didn’t know I had a blog) and I did not discuss sensitive matters (ie airing dirty laundry). I was respectful and I wrote as if anyone I knew was reading it – especially any drama llamas (we all know some) who might have popped up for me in the past (when I was younger and less smarterer).

I also had a disclaimer on my blog – kind of a friendly warning that my blog was designed to entertain and not to stir up trouble or discuss private matters. That should be done in person at the right time in the right place.

I never posted identifying photos of myself, my husband, my friends or my family – just my pets πŸ™‚

I just wanted to practice writing, enjoy sharing my silly stories and being the dork that I am. If you are from my real life world reading this, please don’t think you missed out on much – I’ll be making up for it well and truly on this blog!

Now…I am in a different place. My life is changing and I have been growing as a person. My confidence in myself is fairly sturdy (with a few only human wobbly moments) and I realise that I am a very vanilla kind of person, really. I have always been honest, but loving and genuine about it. I have always maintained a great sense of appropriateness with workplaces, social networking and blogging. I realise that if I can successfully run a Facebook page without a drama llama in sight – why can’t I just be free to be me? I do admit I enjoyed my anonymity (and the safety it brought) but I want to be an open (but appropriate and well thought out) book. I’m ready – bring it on!

I know that I am not perfect and things happen in life that can leave me speechless, shaking and completely dumbfounded (awesomely unprepared is a great title, right?) but I do know that I learn from my mistakes and I am a pretty good person πŸ™‚

I’m funny (well in a Dad Humour kind of way), compassionate, intelligent and realistic. Why not let people in my life see that if they feel like it? Anyone who truly knows me would see “me” in my writings and totally get it. Anyone who doesn’t might get a better understanding of me (uh-oh)!

My only embarrassment will probably be convincing those of a non blogging persuasion that it is not just a hobby that people with no lives have (grr that annoys me). I am a writer at heart – always have been. I have the time (for now) and I spend time blogging when other people are playing Playstation games or reading a book or googling all their medical symptoms. I’m creative at heart and this is one outlet where I can express myself – I love getting thoughts like, “Ooh – what can I blog about this week?”

I have many bloggy friends from all over the world and it’s an amazing community of diverse people with lives I get to step into whenever I like. Amazing πŸ™‚

How do you feel about blogging? Do you have an opinion on anonymity?

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