Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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Wishing all of my readers a most Merry Christmas for 2013. Thank you so much for stopping by here all year. It’s been so amazing sharing my stories and ridiculous thoughts with you. I really appreciate your support and love!

I hope that your Christmas is spent with loved ones and is full of joy.

Stay safe and I hope you are not too stressed because I want you to enjoy this. It’s important to remember the Christmas spirit – whatever that means to you!

If someone you care about has not had a great holiday season, see what you can do to help them out. A strong support network is always important and I am thinking of you if it is indeed you who has not had an easy time. Some years are definitely better than others. I do know this.

If you do not celebrate Christmas, I wish you a fantastic holiday season anyhow and the same goes – I wish you good health, quality time with loved ones and lots of joy and laughter.

Lots of love from the Awesomely Unprepared family.


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