Let’s take it sloooooooow.

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That’s it. It’s Friday. We’ve made it to Friday. I declare this Friday to be Slow Day. What is Slow Day? Well, seeing as I made my own version of this up (literally a couple of hours ago), I suppose I am the only person who can tell you.

Today is about slowing down. No rushing. No ‘busy’. No lists to tick off – I am so good at lists, you guys…well, writing them anyhow. There have been many busy days before this day and there will be many after it. But today I am taking it slow and easy. I figure a slow day is not a ‘do nothing’ day. It’s just a day where I won’t be feeling like a chook with its head cut off. I won’t be freaking out. I will take the stress element out of it. I will do things with  intention. I will be in the moment. I will enjoy it. Speed and deadlines will not be the answer. Moving fast in order to avoid certain thoughts or feelings is out of the question. I’ll just choose to be happy and content.

I’ll always have my SAHM stuff to do, but as I look around, I see a happy toddler and a place that isn’t perfect but is ‘under control’. I have some cute secret squirrel things to prepare for Mr Unprepared’s birthday (tomorrow!!), some meals to plan and some details to iron out, but I’ve decided that none of it is a ‘big deal’. This is absolute luxury. It’s the equivalent of what pre-kid me would have felt about a week away on holiday in a beautiful beach house. Yep. Slow Days are what I dream of when things get hectic.

I thought I’d be bored, a little down and feeling kind of like I wasn’t anchored to anything when we got home from our month long trip around South Korea and Japan (so much of our lives was consumed for months with planning the trip and then undertaking the once in a lifetime journey). I thought I’d be sitting at home, bored, scrambling for meaning and new activities. Oh, Kez. Gosh your funny little expectations are just so cute. I could not have been more wrong. I am so happy to be home. Investing in my life here more than ever before. It’s so great. It’s just HECTIC. I think I may have become ‘yes’ drunk. I should probably pace myself a little.

Hey, I’m going to go so slow that I bought a new slow cooker for the occasion. Yep. I’m even gonna cook my food slow.

The Little Mister and I are staying in and getting back to basics. He’s going to play and use his imagination with what he’s already got here (he is so great at it). I’m going to drink water, wear ‘soft’ and comfy clothing, soak in the calm, blog (you might have figured that out by this point), chip away at the usual daily chores at my own pace with no real sense of urgency. Get back in touch with my feelings and my soul. Centre myself. Watch the Little Mister grow right before my eyes and cherish where he’s at right now. Today.

Today is not about productivity. It’s just about finding joy in the mundane. A sense of calm.

F*ck, it’s like I think I’m like the new Eckhart Tolle or something (I’m so not) haha.

How would you spend a Slow Day? Do you call it something else? 

Oh and I have to confess something. I’ve become a little obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new song (and video), Shake it Off. It’s shockingly everything I’ve ever wanted to tell myself when I feel a bit down, left out of something (FOMO!) or afraid of being judged or taken the wrong way. It’s the ‘cheer up’ song of the moment and to be honest, the video is just damn cute and she’s so funny that my inner 11 year old girl wants to be her friend. The mum in me can only dream of how wonderful the song’s message is for kids today. Especially after I wrote this other post. Also? It’s damn catchy and it sounds like musical sunshine (oh gosh this is just too much for my ‘alternative’ music loving brain to take).

I’ll leave you with this and then I’ll have to kill you because now you know my embarrassing guilty little pleasure of the moment but not today, because today is Slow Day and you can’t really kill people on Slow Day because it probably isn’t good for your zen or your chi or karma or whatever: 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfWlot6h_JM]

Happy weekend, everybody! x

3 thoughts on “Let’s take it sloooooooow.”

  1. Sounds fabulous, hope ur having fun. My boys don’t understand ‘slow’. They have two settings: manic and asleep!

  2. Oh how I yearn for a slow day! Perfect choice of words too by the way! I would wake up sans alarm clock, enjoy a slow breakfast in the sun [because I decided it’s the perfect summers day on my slow day] then prob catch up on some blogs or go find a nice beach and go for a walk and maybe froyo and in the evening watch a movie snuggled up in bed. Bliss.

    Getting the crockpot out is awesome too, they are one of the best inventions ever!


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