Inspiration: Stuff I’ve needed to read.

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I hope everyone has had a merry Christmas. I had a great day filled with love, thoughtful gifts (plus a selfie stick hahaha) and wonderful people, but I admit that I am feeling a little flat in the aftermath (in the interest of keeping it real – the lead up was emotionally trying for many reasons as it can be for many people at this time of year). I’ve been searching for some quotes to give me a bit of an inspirational hit because I need to find my energy and enthusiasm again!

I hope that these quotes inspire you too…


I need to remember that doing the same thing over and over and wondering why it feels like crap each time is not the answer. Life is constantly giving us chances to learn and grow and change – we need to take them.

There is some stuff that I don’t plan on repeating.



Sooooo much easier said than done. But I shall keep on trying.



There are people in life who replenish us and make us feel full of life and energy and those who…well, those who don’t. I want to be a fountain. I want to surround myself with other fountains. I want my legacy to be that I gave and I energised and I made people feel better for being around me. I want to be more selective about who I ‘put myself out there’ for. I can’t let myself become an empty vessel trying to please the ‘wrong’ people. Self care is important too.



Ain’t that the truth. I want to be beautiful 😉



Yep. We are grown up people and we have the power to lead our lives the way that is best for us. Sometimes it can be easy to forget.

And I am feeling a tiny bit better. Hope all is well with you. I want to jump into 2015 with a great attitude and make it a kick arse year if ever there was one.


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