Happy Hallowistmas.

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October can be a really confusing time. My supermarket actually has an aisle filled with both Halloween and Christmas items. This wasn’t always the case but as more and more Aussies seem to be embracing the Halloween spirit(s?), I’m feeling that the ‘holiday’ season is getting more jam packed towards the end of the year (not to mention the gazillion family birthdays we have)! This makes me thankful we don’t do Thanksgiving too! Ha. See what I did there? Although, I do like baking and pumpkins. Perhaps I am missing out haha.

Last time I blogged about Halloween I was pretty well up the duff. I think I only had a week or so before the Little Mister showed his face via emergency C-section (that’s pretty gory – now you have your last minute fancy dress idea – you’re welcome). Having gestational diabetes was a great excuse for being a trick or treat grinch! If I couldn’t have sweets, no-one else was either, dammit!

Look, I might not welcome the knocks at the door at this point in my life, but I do not have a problem with people celebrating. I would even happily attend a fancy dress party or take the opportunity to embarrass the Little Mister (photos for his 21st birthday anyone?). I’m just not a fan of door knocking at this point. Never say never (times are a’changing), but I like to lounge about on my couch watching Home and Away (my embarrassing guilty pleasure) after the Little Mister goes to bed, no bra, pants are optional. I am not staying dressed so I can share my precious treats – are you cray cray?! 😉

I feel like we’re rookies at this whole trick or treating game in Australia. As a Halloween grinch (sorry not sorry!) who has had one too many persistent and annoying knocks on the door for treats which I do not have, I think we could take a page out of the books of other countries who are better at this than us. There’s an etiquette, you see. We need to have a big, national meeting. Like a family meeting, but with around 23 million of our closest friends.

Some suggestions to those of us who are new to the Halloween game (thanks to google):

1. Be mindful that some young children may be sleeping and their parents might be freaking out (they likely haven’t slept properly in some months/years), so try not to knock like it’s a horror movie and your life depends on it. Perhaps try not to scream really loudly as you get closer to someone’s front door.

2. Don’t go to someone’s house more than once if they have not answered the door or have told you politely that they do not have any treats to give. Combining this with my #1 tip is a nightmare!

3. Have some pre-arranged signals to let others know if you’re taking part this Halloween. It can be as simple as simple decorations mean you’re happy to give treats, or your front outdoor light being off can mean you’re not participating (or you’re done for the night). Seriously, guys. We need to get together and coordinate this shit.

4. If you’re not a fan of your kids trick or treating at strangers’ houses and are planning to just hit your own street where you know the neighbours, give those neighbours a heads up so they can be ready. That would probably make it more enjoyable for all.

5. Don’t disrespect anyone. If you’re not a fan of Halloween, there’s no need to bitch about it constantly or verbally attack those who choose to celebrate respectfully. If you are a trick or treater, be nice to those who choose not to participate. Yay – everyone’s happy!

Despite my own Halloween grinch status, I hope that everyone who celebrates has a wonderful time and stays safe this Halloween!  I do enjoy looking at the creative costume photos in my social media feeds very much 😉

Got any tips to add to the list to make Halloween more enjoyable for all?

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  1. One of the girls at work said that her neighbour had place another with a balloon in everyone’s letterbox saying we plan on trick or treating tonight and if you would like join in the fun please tie the ballon on your letterbox that way they will only knock on the doors with the balloons. I loved that idea because I have been caught with having no treats because I didn’t think about to the next year buying them.and having no one come.


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