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This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge.

Here are some inspirational bits and pieces I’ve found online with the theme of ‘beginning’, and some of my accompanying thoughts x



How I feel about the Little Mister. His joy for life is so contagious.


 Something I wish everyone (including myself) could realise. It can take a crapload of courage but often it can be quite rewarding at best and character building at worst!



Oh yeah. For me, right now it’s how I feel about beginning a new, healthier life routine. It doesn’t come completely naturally just yet, but I’m going to get there. Just gotta keep on learning and doing. Which brings me to this…



This is one of my favourite little personal mantras. It’s never too late to do better. The worst thing I can do is derail my progress at something because of one bad day (or even week or month). Just gotta keep on believing that every thing I do each new day makes a difference. This is especially true when I skip a day of exercise or eating right. Gotta jump back on that wagon tomorrow – not next week or never. Hey, it’s even been true of this photo a day challenge for September! I’ve skipped some days, I’ve forgotten some days, I’ve been too tired or unmotivated some days, but I’ve been determined to not give it up completely. Ultimately, it’s been so great for getting my creativity flowing and it has even introduced me to wonderful new readers and bloggers I might not have known about otherwise.



Whatever they might be.

Do you have any new beginnings (big or small) to celebrate? x

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