Self care goals.

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I have this crazy fantasy. It involves me, naked. In a bath…

Well, that’s it really.

Picture this: A clean bath. Yes, someone has cleaned it who isn’t me. There are no signs of children to be seen. There might be a scented candle or two but I don’t really care too much about that because I’m not a totally romantic weirdo or anything and I am always afraid I’ll light the house on fire. There are definitely bath bombs. Like the totally extra ones you get from Lush. The ones that people probably buy just so they can post pics on Instagram. Ones with weird names or ingredient combinations. I close the bathroom door, strip off and climb in. The water is still hot. Chill music is playing on my iPad (like it’s songs that I know and that I think are cool – not weird whale sounds or popular songs played on a pan pipe or anything) and NOBODY tries to interrupt my time alone. Bliss.


I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this for quite some time now. It’s become a self care goal that I am obsessed with and have done nothing to achieve.

Other than an amazing massage (I used the gift voucher right before it expired haha) and getting my nails done on my birthday, I haven’t really been able to invest in much ‘me’ time.

Who knew that looking after a baby and a 6 year old could be so time consuming? My husband would have helped me to get some time to myself but he’s been pretty busy with work and all the grandparents have been away a lot.

I think that’s why this fantasy has come about. Because even though it’s impossible right now (for so many reasons), it’s realistic. It’s not a tropical holiday in 5 star luxury, child free, but it’s something that can be done for very little cost (OK that’s a lie – I want so many bath bombs we have to remortgage the house), with not too much effort.

I also look forward to having a luxurious, smelly (in the right way) bath, because I think it would be therapeutic. I spent a LOT of time in the bath when I was pregnant with the Little Miss (and also when pregnant with the Little Mister). It wasn’t that fun. The bath was always filled with smelly old man Pinetarsol or bi carb soda and was usually lukewarm. My skin was giving me hell (I suffered from PUPPP rash both pregnancies – it’s the kind of hell you wouldn’t wish on anyone). I wasn’t in the bath to relax. I was there to stop myself from having a panic attack from the itching being so bad or because it was the only thing that gave me temporary relief. Often I was crying either before, during or after. So sexy.

I want to get in a bath that has all the perfumed stuff in it. Things my skin would have hated during pregnancy. I want to enjoy a colourful, stinky (in a good way), no good bath just because i can. Because it symbolises a new chapter in my life. A time where I never have to go through pregnancy ever again. I may love my babies like crazy (and I was willing to go through just about anything to bring them into this world safely) but I did NOT love pregnancy!! I am going to reclaim baths and make them lovely again!

My goal is to achieve this me-time and make it a reality after we return from our camping trip. Or at least before Christmas! Or you know, New Year haha.

Other goals to be achieved:

  • getting my nails done – manicure AND pedicure
  • regular hair appointments that don’t leave my poor hairdresser (who is AMAZING) politely pretending I didn’t totally undo her hard work each time by waiting so long to come in each time I see her
  • a girls’ night out that involves dinner and dancing and a nice outfit
  • time alone with my husband – even if it’s just catching lunch and a movie in the day time while someone has the baby
  • watching live music (I have tickets for November – woohoo!!!)
  • Being able to exercise and eat well consistently – I feel really optimistic with the promise of better weather ahead
  • Clothes shopping for the hell of it – buying stuff that just makes me feel good, not because it’s an emergency and I need something practical

What are your latest self care goals/fantasies?

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