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It’s only Tuesday, but I’m quite exhausted. Usually this kind of fatigue doesn’t hit me until at least Thursday, when I grab my husband by his imaginary lapels and gasp “TGIFT” – Thank God It’s Friday…Tomorrow as he walks in the door after work.

The last couple of mornings my day has started at roughly STUPIDF*CKINGam (the time that Mr Unprepared gets up for work – not a coincidence AT ALL). I can usually handle this a couple of days a week (the rest I am tired enough to sleep through my husband’s early morning routine), but sometimes it’s all a bit much and I start to feel like a zombie, the Little Mister’s sweet voice grating on me like nothing else (not his fault at all). Well, his voice isn’t always sweet. He’s developed a really weird, dirty old laugh from somewhere which is amusing and disturbing at the same time. Kind of like the laugh you would imagine when you think of a stereotypical fat French man. I don’t know if French people are fat. I heard there were books about how they are skinny, but imagine it anyway. I think I may have offended a lot of people just then. I should just shut up. I guess I’m not thinking very coherently because I’m so tired…

Where were we?

So anyway, I thought I’d collect a few quotes to keep me going with a positive attitude, because let’s face it: ordinarily, I get very grumpy when tired. It’s only Tuesday. I’ve gotta do something about this. I can’t spend another 3 whole days grumpy – that just takes a lot more energy. I’ve gotta be positive!


This first one is just a little incentive for my husband to be a teensy bit quieter in the mornings haha. I know he has his work cut out for him with an ensuite that doesn’t even have a door on it and a lot of other factors that cannot be avoided, but just remember, Mr Unprepared, more sleep for me means a happier wife. Happy wife, happy life? 😉



I can choose to whinge, moan and mope about how tired I am and how “ick” I feel, but to be honest, from experience, I know that will only make me feel worse. I need to make a choice to be happy and thankful. I need to choose to be excited about my day and look for the positives. Sure, I feel a bit crap and a bit “over it”, but I can do this!



When I’m tired I need to make good decisions. I need to not let my fatigue affect the Little Mister’s or my safety. I need to try reaaaally hard not to take my tiredness out on anybody. Which brings me to this…



When my body has had enough, it tries to tell me. A tell tale sign of exhaustion for me is a woozy feeling that won’t let up until I take a break and literally lie down and sleep. My job (as a mum who is responsible for another person) is to not let myself overdo things. I can’t get to that phase. I need to listen to my body, slow down, not try to do too much (easier said than done) and take the right opportunities to rest. Take a nap when the Little Mister naps, take a few minutes when my husband is home from work. Get an early night if all else fails. To me, being in tune with your body is one of the most important things you can do for your health.



Some weeks days when I’ve been tired for a while, it can be easy to let guilt and frustration take over. Instead of beating myself up over yesterday’s less than stellar energetic performance (a waste of energy in itself), I can remember it’s a new day and give myself a new chance to get out there and kick arse (in the most positive way of course).



It takes some grit, but YOU CAN DO IT. Just gotta push myself through that first, “OH WHY WHY WHY DO I HAVE TO GET UP NOW???” feeling/thought each morning and motivate myself to do my best. Work hard and survive the day. I’ll only feel awesome at the end of it, if I’ve tried my hardest. 🙂

How are you today? 


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