Happy List

The Happy List #8



I think I need my happy list a bit more than ever, lately. Mentally and emotionally, I have not had the best week. I am stir crazy and some things have created a lot of unnecessary stress lately. I really need to dig deep and find those little blessings that will get me through – some inspiration to draw on – as I look towards a new week.

True friends

I haven’t got out a whole lot lately, but on the couple of occasions I have managed to make a break for it, I have been blessed with the company of genuine, gorgeous people who really make me feel like more than some kind of awkward shut in who wipes up a lot of snot. A lot. Last night was a lot of fun – so many laughs. I also felt really grateful that I have such good people to confide in and share with. It really does help with the isolation factor of being a stay at home mum. I hope I was good to them too.

Also a special shout out to the friends I don’t get to see in person as much as I’d like to. You’re awesome. Our online conversations are so good for the soul 🙂

A couple of great work outs

I have been really frustrated at my lack of time to exercise regularly but when I did get a chance this past week, I made the most of it. I needed those endorphins, y’all! I went from being able to run only half a kilometre without stopping, to 3 quarters of a kilometre on the treadmill. That doesn’t sound like much, but for a total no-runner like me, it was a very big deal. It was the first time I’d really truly tried running, rather than power walking. I was also able to do some extra cardio/ab stuff afterwards! A few weeks ago, I would never have dreamed that I’d have the fitness or ability to get off the treadmill and do MORE STUFF THAT WOULD HURT LIKE HELL afterwards! I feel the strain of trying new things the next day, but it’s nowhere near what it used to be. I feel excited about the fact that I recover so much quicker. Progress!!

Smart discussions about racism sparked by the Adam Goodes situation

Yep. There have been a lot of dumb discussions. We’ve all seen the comments on social media. It’s enough to depress any person who has even a little bit of intelligence, maturity or compassion.

But there have finally been some really good things said too. For that, I am thankful. Thankful and hopeful.

You might be sick of hearing about it so much, but here are some links to the articles/videos that brought me relief when the stupidity felt like too much to bear (if you don’t know what happened – you’ll get a pretty good idea from the stuff I’ve put together)…

Adam Goodes’ booing ordeal is a test of who we are

Ray Martin asks: Who Do You Think You Are, Goodesy?

The Weekly: Adam Goodes Controversy

Fact From Fiction

Waleed Aly on Adam Goodes

Finding moolah I forgot I had

Isn’t it the best ever when you find ‘surprise’ money you forgot you stashed away? That’s the very reason I leave a couple of gold coins or a $5 note in my rain jacket pockets whenever I wear it. I know it will save me later when I think I’ve got nothing left. It’s a nice little gift to my future self. Yeah, I’m a dag. Even though I usually know it’s in there, I still feel ridiculously happy when I find it the next time.

Well, I thought I was down to bare bones this week and that it would be quite the stretch to get out and about on a girls’ night out, but at the very last minute I found a few notes I’d withdrawn from the bank a week prior in my purse. It was a magnificent moment! How did I forget about that?? Let’s just say I got a couple of mojitos out of it with a little change to spare 😉

I must say I am a little bit impressed with how frugal I was willing to be that night on account of my amazing self control and budgeting skills!!

I am also grateful that I had that little bit of cash to spare in the first place. Life isn’t so easy when you have nothing to spare and I try not to take that for granted.

Fixing weird techy problems with my blog…at least I think I have…

I was having some issues with it since I became self hosted (long boring story). I felt out of my depth and a bit overwhelmed. But I emailed my support dude and while it took a little while to figure out, I am so relieved that my site doesn’t appear to be telling little porky pies to my readers that my blog has been deleted anymore. I’m finding that I’m getting the same traffic I had before the transition and I am really appreciating people stopping by – it’s like my blog has been born again! I’m settling in nicely 🙂


So, that’s my happy list! What would you put on yours? x