The happy list #2

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Here’s what’s been making me happy lately…

Staying cosy inside when it’s raining outside.

While I’m not really a winter person, I do love the occasional excuse to stay in all warm and cosy, when the weather isn’t particularly friendly outside. There’s something really comforting about having a roof over your head where you feel safe and snug while the rain beats down and the wind rages around you. It’s time for movies and warm food and having absolutely nowhere to go. I really feel lucky to be able to take my shelter for granted.

Re-living great memories of last year’s overseas trip.

I’ve been enjoying the ‘On This Day’ function on Facebook, lately. I’m such a dork, but every day I look forward to seeing what I was getting up to on that date, in previous years. At the moment, I’m cycling through great photos and comments and memories of our trip to Korea and Japan (and Singapore). On this day last year, we were in Hiroshima. All the memories come flooding back in the best way. Everything from the powerful experience of visiting the museum, to the beauty of the city and the fun we had exploring with one of my brother’s old school friends and his fiancee who live in Japan.

I think I’ll feel a bit sad when the memories stop cycling through my Facebook. But that would be an item for a ‘sad’ list and this is a happy list…moving right along!

Getting back into routine (I hope). 

Most of last week, the Little Mister had a cold that wanted to linger. So he missed two of his day care days and he was somewhat quarantined a lot of the time. My plans were all over the place and I had to miss work and a solo trip to the city. Even my time to exercise suffered a bit. It wasn’t that bad (we did get some awesome quality time together and he wasn’t deathly sick – still my happy dude), but it did feel a bit chaotic and not very productive. Now it’s a new week and I’m looking forward to getting my momentum back and feeling more on top of everything! You know, before the next thing happens to break routine again, because that’s life!

A selfish Friday night in. 

On Friday, Mr Unprepared had a bucks night to attend, so once the Little Mister was all tucked up in bed, I had the evening to myself. I’d thought that I’d miss the hubby, but honestly, when I realised I could have some selfish me-time, the perks were quite good! I could stay up later without disturbing anyone (usually Mr Unprepared passes out early because of his cycling routine so I tend to begrudgingly take myself to bed before I’m really sleepy most nights of the week – even the weekends). I watched chick flicks and read blogs without feeling conflicted about how to spend my time. I didn’t have to watch the footy (although our team won so that’s awesome). I fell asleep watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix in bed. I spread out like a happy starfish haha. It was wonderful! Only thing missing was wine, but I couldn’t be bothered going to the bottle shop earlier in the day – laziness wins over wine in this house, quite often haha. It is nice just being selfish sometimes.

Chicken soup. 

I’d been feeling gross all weekend. Fighting off the Little Mister’s cold and eating some not-really-good-for-me food will do that. So Sunday was a great day to detox a little. I ate really simply and made a yummy chicken soup for dinner. I felt SO much better after. It really does have healing qualities, that stuff, don’t you think?

Making plans. 

Over the weekend we booked Lion King tickets for 2016. I am SO excited. The Lion King was a big deal in my family growing up. We went nuts over it. My brother and I wore out the VHS version we owned. We knew all the songs. We had the soundtrack. My parents loved it too. It was oddly a real bonding experience that lasted several years! We even have strangely fond memories of the car breaking down on the way home from watching it at the cinema for the very first time haha.

So we’re all going to go to the musical together (with Mr Unprepared who can finally see our Lion King madness firsthand)! Yay!

We’ve also decided when/how we’ll celebrate our wedding anniversary later this year too. We’re going to spend a night in a nice hotel in the city and get away as a couple for the first time in a long time. So. Excited. We can eat dinner somewhere cool that we’ve heard about but never been to (because kid) and just hang out. The two of us. It will be so good. I can’t wait. We don’t get enough date night time, so this will be a big deal!

A part of me is worried I’ve jinxed everything by mentioning it ahead of time, but sometimes, just knowing something good is on the horizon can be a great sanity saver when you feel stir crazy!

So that’s this week’s list! Tell me – what’s been making you feel happy lately? x

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