The Happy List #18

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While this past week included some disappointments (a long story about a 5km run I have had to pull out of) and some frustrations (a very curious and permanently hangry little ‘scientist’ who has been driving me bonkers with his unauthorised ‘experiments’ around the house – any other parents of almost 4 year olds who are feeling me??) there were definitely some things that brought a smile to my face.

Here’s my happy list!

Taking the Little Mister to the ‘show’

We took the Little Mister to the (fairly) local agricultural show. It’s not quite the Royal Show, but it’s a smaller version, making it quite kid friendly and easy to get to. We went for the first time in 2014 and it was great seeing the difference in the Little Mister’s experiences between last year and this year. This time he was very enthusiastic. He wanted to go on every single ride (even the ones that scare the crap out of me). He wanted to look at every single colourful stall he saw. He wanted a pony ride. He had a ball! He was so well behaved 90% of the time (the other 10% was as we were leaving when we sensed it was time to call it a day haha). He held our hands and he had really listened to me about staying together. I was so proud – sometimes you don’t know if that stuff sinks in! By the end of the day he was frazzled! It was a warm day and I can only imagine how overwhelming it was on his senses – it can be a lot for an adult! The crowds, the sounds, the smells, the sights! He got a show bag and on our way home before he fell into an exhausted sleep, he took the time to thank us. Nothing warms my heart like fantastic manners and a grateful heart. Also quite heartwarming is seeing my kid asleep haha.

Beach time with some besties

I met a couple of great mates at the beach for a little picnic. It was so relaxing and perfect in this gorgeous weather we’re having. We waded into the water as far as we could manage (the water was a little cold but quite nice once you’d been in it for a while) and we sat in the wet sand entertaining my friend’s gorgeous toddler. I was child free (let’s just say the Little Mister was a bit wrecked after his big day at the ag show) and it was just so chilled. The only thing that could have made it better were a couple of ciders haha.

The drive home was enjoyable. I had my music on, I was sitting on my beach towel and my car window was open. I actually almost felt like the young, carefree Kez I was once upon a time haha.

I had a sand-in-the-crack situation to fix with a nice shower when I got home, but it was so worth it!

Time in the backyard

Our backyard is looking better and better with each passing week. I am so happy that we have more time to work on our place at the moment. It’s so nice to sit in the nice outdoor chairs, under the patio, enjoying a meal or listening to music. I can’t wait for summer to get into full swing.

New stationery

I bought myself a paper journal, a to-do list journal and a weekly planner sticky pad thingy this past week. So awesome. I’m trying to achieve two things: better organisation, and a more simplified, slightly more screen free life. Funny for a blogger (and Netflix addict) to say, but I think it’s helped me to become a little more mindful. When I’ve got my journal open, that’s it. No distractions popping up. I’ve ticked some things off my to do lists that I would normally have procrastinated about if I hadn’t written them down. I hope I can keep this up.


My toes look kind of like human toes again

It had been months since I last had a pedicure and you could totally tell. Yuck. I gave up around the time I lost a few nails from some rigorous dance floor antics in heels, plus taking up running (I didn’t start with the best shoes). The other night, I took the time to shape them and paint them and now they’re a pretty pink. I am slightly less embarrassed when I wear open toed shoes now! I figured I had to do something with the summer weather taking hold!!

Other stuff that’s made me happy:

  • Celebrating 13 years with Mr Unprepared. Key word celebrating. We have a date day planned and everything!
  • Those quiet moments when the Little Mister has just eaten and isn’t screaming for a snack or the next meal. Do I sense another growth spurt? ANOTHER ONE?!
  • Hawaii Five-O (a guilty pleasure)
  • Having the self control to walk past my biggest naughty food temptations at the supermarket all week. I’ve even managed to lose a few *ahem* grams because of this! It’s a miracle. Turns out it’s easier to force your legs to walk past those things than it is to resist them once they’re in your house.
  • A weird dream that I was hired to write a speech for Michael Jordan and I was all like ‘I’ve made it’! Haha.
  • My online friendships x

What would you put on your happy list this week?

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  1. I love new stationary too! I have lots of ‘to do’ note books, and I always feel more organsied when I write lists ­čÖé On my happy list this week is a new coffee machine and lovely fresh home made coffee. It’s like having a cafe at home.


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