The Happy List #14

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Wow, the weather has not been pleasant here this weekend! So windy and blustery and rainy (although dare I dream it I can see some sunshine this morning)! I’ve realised it’s not so much the rain that gets me down, but the wind! We haven’t had any real gusts for a while and I’d forgotten it can be really exhausting when you’re out in it! Mr Unprepared completed his charity/awareness ride for Prostate Active this weekend in it, while I (mostly) sat on the couch tracking him and his team mates via GPS and being grateful to be indoors haha. Puts things into perspective, I think (although he has a habit of doing huge physical challenges in terrible weather – what the…)! Very proud of his achievement and excited to get more time with him now that he’s completed this goal.

So, here are the things that made me happy this week…

Spotting Mr Unprepared on TV

Before the riders set off from Perth to Margaret River, they were featured on the Today Show. I couldn’t watch live, so as soon as the YouTube clip was put up, the Little Mister and I gathered around my laptop to watch. I laughed when we spotted Mr Unprepared at the 48 second mark and had to keep watching it back just to be sure I hadn’t imagined it (he was on the far right). He got 1 second of fame haha.

It was also fun following along in a virtual way, stalking the Prostate Active Facebook page to see if I could spot him in the photos or videos. And gosh, SO MUCH LYCRA.

We were lucky enough to meet him at their first pit stop – a bit of fun. AND AGAIN, SO MUCH LYCRA AND PEOPLE BENDING OVER TO FIX UP THEIR BIKES (let that visual sink in). It was like Where’s Wally for cyclists (there were around a hundred of them). I love that Mr Unprepared never would have seen this coming about his life a few years ago. Makes me giggle. He’s a full blown MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) hahaha.

Getting the house somewhat tidy

Don’t anybody move a muscle. Yeah, right. I probably don’t have to say much more on that issue. You know how it is.

Giving the Little Mister my dream day

On Wednesday, I took the Little Mister out for a hair cut and some clothes shopping. And yes, I was so jealous haha. Still, it was one of those magical days we hadn’t had together in a while. He was so well behaved and lovely THE WHOLE TIME (he’s been a bit tired and sometimes objectionably opinionated lately – don’t know where he gets it from) and we had such a good time together. I came home with him feeling like I was floating on a cloud. It could have been a tedious outing to the shops, dragging a 3 year old with me, but it was a fun bonding experience. He was also super stoked that I bought him green shoes (and a Boost juice). What a treat! In case you didn’t know, green is his FAVOURITE colour and don’t you tell him otherwise! 😉

I want a hair cut, new clothes and some fantastic green shoes!

When other people notice…

My mum has been telling me she can really see that my legs are trimming down and I’m even losing some weight off my back, since I started trying to run (I don’t feel I can truly call it running yet haha). That is awesome because she’s always honest (not brutally but in a really trustworthy way), so I know she means it. My dad even chipped in that he can see the difference too haha.

So nice to know it’s all paying off.

Drinking more water

I’d been struggling to do this and I was feeling the effects – drier skin, waking up a bit parched and woozy, some other stuff I won’t divulge here. This past week, I’ve been smashing back the water. I am so proud of myself. It’s a small win.

Other stuff that has made me happy:

  • Discovering Redfern Now on Netflix. What an awesome series. Why didn’t I get onto this earlier?
  • Hogging the bed while Mr Unprepared was away
  • The West Coast Eagles (the AFL team I support) winning an important game! Yay!
  • The Good Life Gang Facebook group – those peeps are so amazing. I’m probably going to mention them every week until December, let’s be honest.
  • Wearing my PJs before it’s dark at night on the weekend 😉
  • Meeting the mum of one of the Little Mister’s day care friends – she was lovely and it really made my day when I was having one of those anxiety moments where I thought I was doing a terrible job as a mum.
  • Weird dreams – I get to wake up and laugh at how awesome/funny/absurd my brain is.
  • Seeing my grandparents (and watching them play with the Little Mister).

What has made you happy lately? x

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  1. Sounds like you really do have a lot to be happy about 🙂 That does sound like a perfect day out. I love it when you take them to the shops and they actually behave for once 😉 Good to hear people are noticing the changes you’re making to your diet as well. Have a great day 🙂


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