The Happy List #13

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A lot of people are superstitious about the number 13 being unlucky, but around these parts it’s a number we quite like. For me, it’s kind of a rebellious thing. Also, I love any numbers made up of 1s and 3s. So, I can’t believe this is the 13th Happy List that I’ve written! I’ve stuck at it – yay!

This week has been a little difficult online. At times it can be really hard to see the positives, when our politicians are so awful (I lack better words right now) and the treatment of asylum seekers both here and around the world is so…well, you’ve seen the devastating imagery.

But I am determined to see the good that is in this world. Because for every evil act, there are a lot more people who condemn it. I hope that those who need their voices heard the most, will get their day. I really do. I definitely don’t see the world with rose coloured glasses, but I think it’s OK to dream. To put positive energy (and action) out there in the hopes that it might make a difference one day – even if it’s just to one person, or five or twenty five. Imagine if everyone did that?

So here are the things that have made me happy this past week…

Catch phrases

The Little Mister has a new favourite catch phrase. He likes to point things out that he’s noticed and add, “How FUNNY IS THAT?” to the end of everything, even if it doesn’t quite make sense. It just sounds so cute and hilarious coming from a 3 year old. I remember thinking this phase was pretty funny when my younger (only) brother was the same age. Sure, I found it embarrassing too, but as a mum I think it’s awesome. I need to write all these things down. I’ve been told by many more experienced mums that you forget this stuff all too easily, despite swearing you never will.

The Little Mister dressing himself

OK, so it can be a double edged sword (he can take forever and sometimes he makes some odd choices – socks on his hands etc), but it’s hard not to be stoked for him when he’s grinning his little face off with pride – even if his T-shirt is on backwards. It might be trying at times, but in the long run it means we’re heading towards him being so much more independent. YAY!

My azalea flowering

It’s so pretty! I feel like this somehow means I’m good at gardening. Even though it wasn’t me that planted it (Mr Unprepared was responsible) and watered it (thanks to the Little Mister’s obsession with watering cans). Still. It’s a win. It’s still alive. And it’s got pretty flowers. YES. I shall take the glory anyway!


Silly realisations that I’m an adult

I’ve mentioned before that I have re-become a big fan of colouring in. My creative side comes flooding out of me and it’s probably a much needed break from screen time. I love imagining all the colours and then bringing the image on a page to life. I can’t draw for shit, so colouring is the next best thing. The other night I was thinking, “Oh man. I’m only using certain coloured markers the most. What if they run out of ink really quickly? WHAT WILL I DO?!”

And then I laughed. Because I realised in that moment that I was thinking just like the kid me. You know, when you had to wait until a new school term for new textas or you had to ask your parents and you might need to wait until your next birthday or something. I mean, I’m not exactly rolling in it, but HOLY CRAP I’M A GROWN UP AND I’LL BUY NEW TEXTAS WHENEVER I WANT, MOTHERF*CKERS. DO YOU KNOW HOW AWESOME THAT IS???

Being a grown up can suck in so many ways, but man there are perks too haha.

Just don’t tell the Little Mister 😉

Finally putting photos from our wedding into albums

So we got married in 2007. That was a fair while ago. Back then, Pinterest was just a dream and Facebook wasn’t even that popular yet. As for Instagram…nope! If you had fancy boutique/niche style ideas, good luck with those!! It’s crazy to think about. When we got married, it was still cool to have disposable cameras (with FILM IN THEM) on each guest table at the reception. WHAT? Yeah, I know digital cameras were well and truly a thing, but we hadn’t quite let go at that point.

Anyway…it was cool to get the films developed (ha still hilarious) and see the wedding from everyone else’s points of view. Moments we hadn’t been privy to as we did our duties as bride and groom, trying to spread ourselves around and get to each of our guests with limited time.

Also, there were a few nipples and other questionable body parts. Our friends are all class haha.

Anyway, I finally bought a couple of albums and put everything into them. EIGHT YEARS later. It felt like a real accomplishment. And it was fun to relive memories that had faded over time.

Other stuff that’s made me happy:

  • wine & Bacardi (duh).
  • making our own play dough for the first time (I felt like a real mum – whatever that is haha).
  • suckering Mr Unprepared into watching a chick flick on a Friday night (and I think he kind of enjoyed it – shhhhh).
  • the Little Mister spoiling a Father’s Day surprise for Mr Unprepared a day early – it was so funny (he’ll act surprised tomorrow).
  • hearing the Little Mister singing along to Roar by Katy Perry. For some reason he’s taken a big liking to it and calls it the Tiger Song. While we’ve had it on painful repeat (and it’s never been a favourite of mine despite my own questionable music taste), I am so glad it’s a song with a positive message and little kids messing up the lyrics is kind of adorable (sometimes).
  • Snapchatting with my bro since he’s moved to Melbs. I live every day grateful that he finally added me haha.


What has made you happy this week?


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  1. My happy moment this week (and the week before, and the week before) is watching the growing bond between my 4 year old and my 1 year old boys. So sweet to walk in on the big one sharing his ‘logurt’ with the little one.


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