What’s a Half Liebster Award? It’s awesome. That’s what it is.

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I’ve seen these awards go around quite a lot since 2010 when they began circulating. It’s a great way to get to know other bloggers and to show our appreciation for them. I don’t want to brag, but I have received them in different formats a handful of times and each time has made me feel so special! The most recent version of the Liebster Award often involves a long and intricate number of questions to be answered, new questions to be created and the nomination of more bloggers than you can poke a stick at!

I really loved receiving a ‘half’ Liebster award from Bec over at Seeing the Lighter Side of Parenting because she has modified the rules to suit my lack of attention span (well, that’s not quite how she put it to everyone she nominated but it’s pretty much how it applies to me).



All I have to do is…

  • thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
  • answer 5 questions from the nominating blogger
  • provide 5 random factoids about yourself
  • nominate 3-5 blogs with <2000 Facebook fans that you feel deserve the award
  • create 5 new questions for your nominees to answer.


So, thank you, Bec! I do feel so flattered that you think I’m funny. As long as you don’t mean funny looking or funny weird. Actually, I don’t mind. I think bloggers are allowed to be odd haha.

1) Why do you keep blogging?

I keep blogging because it’s everything to me! I love to write! It’s therapeutic, it’s fun, it helps me to get to know people I would never otherwise meet in real life. It allows me to share my life, have a laugh, reflect. I don’t think I could ever give it up. I’m addicted! It is embarrassing to admit it, but I like that I write and the whole world can read it (especially if they google just the right thing like Bear Grylls or Jimmy Giggle). There is obviously a little attention seeker inside me begging to burst out. Also, I joined that WordAds thing, where you get about a dollar for roughly every 1000 unique hits your site gets. They don’t pay out until you’ve earnt $50…let’s just say I have a long way to go and I am determined to get that $50 one day hahahahaha.

2) What’s your dream job (assuming finances and childcare are not an issue)

My dream job? Honestly, if I could blog full time then that would be pretty awesome. Even better if I could do it as my own boss!!!

3) Favourite TV show of all time?

Oh man. ALL TIME is a pretty big call. I am paralysed with the pressure of deciding! So I will totally ignore the question and tell you what I’m loving AT THE MOMENT. I know. Such a rebel. A maverick if you will.

Right now I LOVE Parenthood, Offspring, Puberty Blues…those are the shows that never stay on my DVR for long because they are MUST WATCH RIGHT NOW shows for me. In fact, I think that despite my rebellion, Offspring probably is my favourite show of all time. The characters, the cast, the writing, the locations. I cannot fault it. Can. Not.

4) What’s your perfect holiday destination (with or without the kids)

Well, my dream destination is Hawaii. I haven’t made it there yet. I would go with OR without the Little Mister. As long as I got there. I have been invited to a very very dear friend’s wedding for early 2015, but sadly it’s not looking good financially! However, I hold out hope that I will win the lottery just in time! I almost went years ago for a conference of overseas adoptees, but university got in the way. Phooey! I will make it there. I will. I think I’m attracted to it because the scenery is stunning, my favourite musician Jack Johnson is from there, the surfing, the people. For now I get my fix watching the most ridiculously unrealistic Hawaii Five O.

5) Are you a winter or summer person?

SUMMER! Winter was my friend while I was pregnant (and very sensitive to heat), but I will always remain loyal to summer. The relaxed vibe, the wonderful holiday celebrations, the beach, the ability to leave home without planning all those extra things like waterproof clothing and umbrellas. A night out is easy, because you can dress for fashion and not functionality!

BONUS QUESTION: What’s your favourite post you have written and why?

They are all my babies. Some better than others. I suppose I am proud of the post titled It’s not just my voice. It signified a very important turning point in my life after having the Little Mister. I learnt how to be more assertive and he inspired me to stop caring so much about what other people think (an anxiety that has plagued me all my life). I felt like I grew into myself as a parent around the time that I wrote it.

Five random facts about me:

1. I can’t keep a straight face when the Little Mister is misbehaving (in the hilarious way that only toddlers can). It’s terrible. It’s even worse when Mr Unprepared is in the room and we’re looking at each other in some kind of awful game to see who can keep a straight face the longest. Agony, I tell you!

2. I secretly enjoy watching Dr Phil when the Little Mister is napping. How embarrassment. I don’t love him. I don’t always agree with him. I find many of the guests annoying. But I can’t stop watching. I think it’s the people person in me (or the part of me that enjoys trashy shows). There are some wack people out there!

3. I will go to any length to kill a mosquito. Think Liam Neeson in Taken.

4. I like the colour green.

5. I get irrationally angry when my coat hangers get all tangled. My anger management strategy is to avoid hanging things up. I am not a domestic goddess. Duh.

I nominate…

The Dadinator – partly because I know he nominated me for a full Liebster award once and I never got around to it and now I feel guilty. I really appreciated it so much, though. Also, I enjoy his blog very much. He’s a dad who’s had a tree change. So interesting!

Sweet Mama M – I love the blogger behind this wonderful blog. She’s got a little 3 month old CJ and he is just so cute. Her journey as a new mum does make me feel quite clucky, which is no mean feat as I am not a natural clucker haha.

Mr Unprepared – my husband!!! He’s only just getting started and I’m so proud of him. It’s all very new so I hope some of you will join him for the adventure. Also, I must say I take no responsibility for what he might write hahaha.

None of you have to feel pressured to take part (I won’t be checking up on you). It’s not for everyone. Just know that I love your blogs (and really appreciate the people behind them – especially the last one)! However, if you do post a response I would love to read it so don’t forget to let me know!

Here are your 5 new questions:

1. What is your least favourite household chore and why?

2. What is your most embarrassing guilty pleasure? Maybe a TV show, a grooming habit, something you enjoy doing that isn’t ‘cool’ anymore? A food?

3. What’s the last thing your kid did to make you laugh/smile?

4. What is your favourite childhood memory?

5. What do you love most about blogging?

There you go. Now you know some stupid stuff about me and you have learnt about some awesome bloggers you can start reading about. My job here is done.

Peace out.

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  1. Yay Offspring! And you’re definitely funny of the ‘ha ha’ variety, although there is NOTHING wrong with being funny ‘weird’ – it’s almost compulsory for a writer I think:-) Bec x


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