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The secret life of Jimmy Giggle?

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Since having the Little Mister in my life, I have been exposed to the crazy world of children’s television programming. Never have I been haunted by so many catchy theme songs (read: annoying/earwormy) and high pitched character voices. I now know far more about these shows than I would even care to admit. You know that everything’s taking a downhill slide when you know more about the songs on Play School than what’s playing on the radio for the grown ups (if you’re me at least).

If you’re an anti-TV parent, please look away now (after noting that the Little Mister’s TV diet is set at reasonable limits and mostly only so I am able to maintain personal hygiene – a gift for all who know and smell me)…

If you are an Aussie parent who is familiar with the channel ABC 4 Kids, then you surely know the Little Mister’s buddies Jimmy Giggle and his owl friend Hoot. Love them or hate them, they get a LOT of air time singing bed time songs, playing silly pranks on each other and introducing children’s shows during short intervals.

Here’s a short video so you get a taste of what I’m talking about…


I have this problem, though. I cannot stop speculating about Jimmy Giggle’s personal life. Well, not Jimmy Giggle. More the guy who plays him. I crack myself up imagining what life is like for him since he started being “Jimmy” (his real name is actually James according to my research) and how people in his life would react to him.

Like, does he wear pyjamas 24/7? I think it’s just funny to believe that he does.

What happens when he goes out for a drink (I think Mr Unprepared secretly fantasises about running into him on a boozy night out so he can ask him to sing some ridiculous bed time songs before he goes home)? I bet it gets really annoying being recognised all the time. By adults. Especially drunk ones.


Like, does he always talk like that? I like to imagine him overly enthusiastic about everything. Even his taxes and grocery shopping. Does Mrs Giggle (my research tells me there is one) also wear matching PJs? What will he do for work once this gig dries up? Will he be typecast forever as a children’s TV presenter or break out in a sexy love scene on an Underbelly franchise, arousing outraging parents everywhere? Do kids chase him down the street? Is his real house full of owl statuettes (think Nina from Offspring)? Does he have any deep, dark, twisted habits or secrets? Like something really weird and kinky? Not that I really want to know what that is….just that it would be pretty funny. Honest. Boy, this has taken a turn for the worst…

Anyhow, is orange really his favourite colour?

What do his friends think about his role? Does that make him the ultimate wing man or the ultimate laughing stock?

Apparently, there’s this weird phenomenon where mummies all over the country think he’s a bit of *hubba hubba bow chicka wow wow*

I just know that he’s the same age as my (not that) little brother and that I am not sure a guy who hangs out with stuffed owls all the time is going to be my cup of tea. I’m not sure he gets out much in his Giggle Mobile or whether he’d love a woman more than he loves his *sings* super giiiiiiiggle mooooobileeeee.

That trademark raised eyebrow? Would sh*t me during an argument.

Although, I suppose he keeps the Little Mister quiet and well behaved, so maybe that’s the appeal??

What do you think? A fan or not so much? Got any of your own hilarious Jimmy Giggle imaginings?

Update: I have been informed that he can be stalked, I mean found, as @jimmyrees on Twitter 🙂

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  • Jacob Divett

    I don’t know that we have Jimmy Giggle here. Maybe that’s a good thing? A lot of children’s TV is terrifying and it doesn’t seem like the writers or producers try very hard, but, like you said, it keeps ’em quiet, so I’m not complaining.

  • Emily Morgan

    Hmmm, I don’t know that I could handle the high pitched voice 24/7 – if he collapses at the end of each working day and doesn’t say anything at all except to agree with whatever I say in a quiet growl, I think it’d be a goer! As long as he doesn’t have his owl friends over all the time, crapping on my furniture! The sad thing for me is that I know and (seem to like) the ABC4Kids shows more than my daughter. I frequently look up from Peppa Pig only to realise that she wandered off ages ago and I’ve been watching it on my own…. I’m at mamagoingsolo, would love to see you there 🙂

  • elody

    We met Jimmy Giggle at a kids event recently and I’ve had THE SAME thoughts ever since!!! What’s he like in ‘real life’? Is he always “on”? Where does he live? What do his mates think? I was almost shocked to see a wedding ring on his finger – it made him a ‘real person’!! You’re not alone in sitting on the couch watching ABC2 and daydreaming about these things- I’ve been googling him all morning!

  • angels

    My grandkids love Giggle and Hoot and what’s wrong with a decent show for a change that calms kids Sometimes Jimmy’s high pitched voice is a bit to handle soi just turn the volume down. Thanks for letting our kids see something nice instead of the violence that is pushed down their throats all the time with other unreal animation.

  • Clare

    Love this! Was just Googling him in interest and found your blog, laughed my ass off! It’s exactly what I’ve been thinking about too, my kids would mob him in the street if they saw him.

  • SusieK

    I have always thought that we would be great to go party with – a hat party, or whatever! The guy can dance and he looks like he would rock out. We saw him live yesterday and his interactions with the kids was lovely. More than just a Showman. A big tick of approval from me for getting my 2.75 year old little mister to chill out while I get a shower.

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