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This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge x


Today was full of blue sky and sunshine. We’ve had a few ‘fine’ days, but that’s not the same as a sunny day. The kind of day where the sun’s rays feel warm on your skin and burst through your windows, making your whole house bright.

I took this photo while I was outside with the Little Mister, giving him time on the swings (he’s obsessed).

The air felt different today. It actually felt more like spring than winter (we are lucky enough to get some sunny winter days but there’s usually a little chill in the air). Of course I wouldn’t really know what the weather is doing because my favourite weather app has decided to die on me. I get my obsession with the daily weather from my mum, I’m afraid. Now I don’t know what to wear each day and I have to look the forecast up on the Bureau of Meterology website, which is just so much more time consuming. It takes like an extra minute. First world problems.

I know it’s not just my phone playing up. How do I know this? Because my mum made sure it was a topic of discussion during a very important phone call with me. She is just as devastated, probably. She’s already been shopping around for other weather apps, but I doubt anything compares. She told me so.

Why can’t I just not care?

Look, I’ve been known to watch the rainfall radar before leaving home, in order to determine whether I’ll need an umbrella or not. Most people just pack one anyway or wing it. But not me. I have to know. There’s a thrill in timing everything just right and avoiding a shower. I think I’ve said too much. It’s quite possible that there is something very wrong with me – thanks, Mum.

Once when I was a kid, I pranked my weather obsessed mother by recording a ‘live’ weather update onto a VHS tape (yep sure did because I’m old) so that obviously it wasn’t current anymore. I played it at a random time on a different day, while she was in the room, making sure I talked really loud about something unrelated over the top of it. As predicted, my mum shut down the whole household in order to stare intently at the weather report.


LOL. I got her good.

OK, so my pranks aren’t always that awesome. Shut up.

Anyway, I tell you that story, just so you know what I’ve been dealing with.

So take a moment andΒ let us pray that my weather app restores itself soon. End this madness. Right this wrong. Think of the children. My mother’s children. Or just oldest child. Me.

OMG. I wasn’t even drunk when I wrote this.

Signing off.

3 thoughts on “Spring.”

  1. My go to prank has always been setting reminders on my parents Austar box for the next week after my visit. Random times when I know they will be in front of the teevee, and a reminder will pop up telling them to watch shows they would never in a million years watch, usually shows on the Discovery Channel – I always make sure to pop over before Shark Week, so the next week they have all these shark related reminders, just my repayment for making me watch JAWS and scaring me from putting more than a toe in the ocean for about 30 years.

    However, recently I discovered a potential new awesome prank – I am yet to actually do it but this sounds so awesome.

    I asked the other half if I could set a reminder for a location on my phone – like when I am near Coles, it will tell me to buy deodorant, or something. And he said yes, this can be done!

    Can you imagine the hilarious havoc I could wreak with my parents iPhones, iPads and this prank? I could have reminders set from here to Sydney the next time they drive down.. there is this one spot my Mother always insists on a toilet stop, so I could set one for that “Time to tinkle now!” with some appropriately tinkly music for an alarm, and they usually stop at a certain cafe “Get a Salted CaraMOOOOOOL shake for me!” with a cow mooing as the alarm, and if they go anywhere near Krispy Kreme – BUY ALL THE DONUTS IN THE WORLD NOW.

    And at random spots, just the alarm sound of crickets. I am such a terrible daughter! πŸ˜‰

    My uncle once set their GPS so that every speed sign reminder had a cow moo sound associated with it, and they could not figure out how to turn that off for months. πŸ™‚

    Anyway in case I never left a comment before, loving your blog, I added you to my feed reader a while back. πŸ™‚


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