Kez Gets Physical: Active Wear. When should we wear it?

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So there’s this video going super viral at the moment. You might have seen it already. It’s funny. It’s clever…

I mean, I laughed! But the thing is, I have a confession. I wear active wear. I exercise in it – promise! But sometimes I wear it all day before I can get a work out in and I don’t give a damn who has a problem with that! I don’t mind having a laugh at myself about it either. What normal person sees that in their future? Haha.

Why do I wear it all day sometimes? Because hell, that’s what works for me. I am not going to compromise my motivation levels for anyone who can’t stand to see activewear on a human being for longer than the time it takes for them to work out. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I tell myself that if I’m wearing it then I have to work out before the day is out. You know, so I’m not THAT person.

Also, I know that if I’m already wearing the stuff, I’m not going to tell myself that I can’t be bothered taking the time to get dressed for exercise when that time of day rolls around. Excuses be gone!!

So next time you see that chick who looks like she’s been wearing her gym gear all day, with no sign of a work out (YET), go easy on her. She might be me! She might be biding her time until her husband comes home from work or her kid isย in school or whatever the reason may be. It’s called efficiency, y’all and if I’m feeling pretty frickin’ comfy at the same time – why not?

So to answer the question I posed in this post’s title? When should we wear activewear? WHENEVER THE HELL WE NEED TO.

Feel free to laugh at/with me, because I am unapologetically wearing that stuff all day long if that’s what it takes to get me fit, mother f*cker!


Do you wear activewear? Do you love it or loathe it? Can you actually really tell if another human being is wearing it for the right reasons just by looking at them? Isn’t that video hilarious?ย 


This is just a silly post, but I do send the message that you shouldn’t let other people’s stereotypes or judgements stop you from doing what is best for you x

6 thoughts on “Kez Gets Physical: Active Wear. When should we wear it?”

  1. Yup loved the video, I think I saw it on the Today Show this week. I have a friend who has made a vow that she will wear active wear daily to motivate her to lose some weight. Not sure if it’s working though! I feel a little uncomfortable wearing mine out and about – you can’t hide the wobbles or jelly rolls LOL. But I will def wear it all day if I know I’ll be home. If it’s comfy why not wear it for more than just exercise?!

  2. Hah I just saw that on Facebook yesterday!! I will stay in my activeware in the weekend if I’ve walked the dog, or also if I’m gardening, but I tend to be a jeans girl. Mine are so stretchy and comfy they could just about be leggings!!


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