Facts that you probably didn’t (need to) know about me.

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As you can see from my photo, I am verrrry mysterrrrrrious.

Actually, I was at a wedding and one of the favours was a pretty little Chinese fan. Shhhh.


Right now I am experiencing day 239 (at least it feels like it) of stir craziness, due to the non stop gift that keeps on giving, which is the Little Mister’s winter day care illnesses. Which is a little frustrating when blogging about your life usually involves having one in the first place!

So I thought I would just throw together a bunch of random facts about me. Because this is the one spot where everything can be all about me. ME ME ME! *exaggerated British accent* HOW DELIGHTFULLY SELF INDULGENT!

*maniacal laugh*

Yeah, I’m losing the plot…this is possibly a cry for help…

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. I don’t have ear lobes. For reals. My ears just taper in nice and neatly, fusing to the side of my head. It’s like nature’s finest welding job.

2. I once got a B+ for writing an essay about toilet paper. It was an advertising assignment in high school. I chose a TV ad about toilet paper, with the premise being that if you picked the wrong brand, you’d feel uncomfortable all day, picking out wedgies and scratching at your backside (possibly even in public – causing much embarrassment). I relished in describing the advertisement in fine detail. That summed up my high school experience. Working from within the rules to take the whole system down. Well, not quite, but it was satisfying. Yeah…I wasn’t probably as bad ass as I thought I was…moving on…

3. When I write lists on my blog, I always like them to be in multiples of 5. I’m a little obsessed with that. We’ll see how I go today…

4. I never got to go on my year 1 excursion to the goat farm. I was devastated. I started the day by spewing into the bathtub. My mum (what a party pooper) called in sick for me. The next day everyone at school was talking about mohair and I had no idea what was going on. Tough times.

5. If you ever want to get me some wine (that’s a strong hint hahaha), you can’t go wrong with ANYTHING by Brown Brothers. It’s the only one that I know for sure won’t make me feel sick right away.

6. While we’re talking hints as subtle as a brick to the head, if you ever feel like shouting me an international holiday, I would like to go to Hawaii please. It’s number one on my to-do travel list. Seriously. I have had two near misses where I could have maybe gone, but didn’t. The timing was off. Once was for a big conference for adopted people and another was a close friend’s wedding. Aargh!

7. When I was pregnant with the Little Mister, I craved fresh oranges. And cake. But mostly oranges. Must have needed the Vitamin C!

8. My favourite animals (besides dogs because I’m a dog person): Pygmy hippos, giraffes and pandas. I mean, come on!

9. I am a closet Home and Away fan. I watch it religiously. Sure, I laugh at the plot lines and I can see how ridiculous it can be, but I am addicted. I blame it on my parents because they didn’t like it when I was growing up. I have lost time to catch up on!

10. The very first cassette tape I owned (that wasn’t Patsy Biscoe – remember her – she was the Justine Clarke of my generation) was full of dance and hip hop hits from the very early 90s. I think Santa got it for me. It was pretty cool. I think Santa maybe didn’t look at the list of songs properly, because it had outrageous stuff like ‘Humpin’ Around’ and ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ and stuff on it. Oh ma!

So there you have it. Some facts about me. I had to dig pretty deep. Times are tough haha.

Now share some silly/obscure facts about yourself in the comments! x

13 thoughts on “Facts that you probably didn’t (need to) know about me.”

  1. Bahahahaha! Oh, you are brilliant, Kez.

    x Where you tend to veer towards multiples of 5, I have to stop myself from constantly choosing 8. (“Step AWAY from the ‘8’ key, Corrine…!”)
    x I couldn’t stand the smell of BO or kebab shops while I was pregnant. I know that BO isn’t the most delightful scent at the best of times, but twice a week, the local kebab shop owner (*whispers* with extremely strong BO) would enter the bank that I worked at in Blenheim, and I would actually have to excuse myself to the bathroom (where I would dry-wretch) while he was in the branch; I just couldn’t handle it.
    x I’m TERRIBLE at Mathematics. No exaggeration, a pot plant would possess better numerical skills. It never bothered me (I dropped it as soon as I could at school, and achieved high marks in everything else, so…!) until recently. I had to complete psychometric tests last week for a position that I was applying for, and one of the four tests was entirely numeracy-based, and I just didn’t understand the questions. I felt so embarrassed; each test was set to a timer, and not only did I not have the foggiest idea about what the answers were, but the timer ran out, and I’d barely completed the test! I didn’t end up getting the job (“the other candidate proved to be “stronger”…”), despite blitzing every other part of their recruitment process (a phone interview, followed by a panel interview, followed by having to give a presentation….!), and I know it’s because of my Maths (or lack of it). Ho-hum!

  2. 10/2 = 5 so you’re doing just fine, Kez. I’m really sorry about the goat farm too. I can see that you’ve never really gotten over the trauma. Life can be cruel. Random fact about me, um… I can’t eat M+Ms all together, I have to separate the colours out. It’s embarrassing. x

  3. Multiples of 5 work well for me – neat, tidy, organised! I had forgotten about Patsy Biscoe but yep – I know her well – OMG!! I love oranges (navel – can’t stand the ones with seeds in them because I’m weird like that) but recall that when I was pregnant with my twin boys I craved watermelon! I also went through a pickled onion phase and a fish fingers phase. Interestingly, I can’t remember what I used to crave when I was pregnant with my daughter!!


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