Home again.

Aaaah. We’ve just got home after a crazy, glorious week away camping. I often say that you have to get away for just long enough that you start to appreciate home comforts again. Not that we were truly slumming it, to be honest. There are smart phones and brewery feeds and goodness knows what else […]

45 Things I did in 2014.

image Around the new year, I like to do a review of the year that has been. Often it’s the unremarkable (and sometimes funny) stuff I find in my day planner. I usually do it month by month, but this time I decided on a brand new way to bore the pants off the few […]

It’s Christmas month…I mean, December!!

You guys, I am so excited. Why (like you even have to ask)? Because it’s December! Which means Christmas! My favourite time of the year, because it’s kind of like it’s EVERYBODY’S birthday all at once! And birthdays are awesome, am I right, baby jeebus? Unless of course your birthday IS on Christmas day, in […]

I have no idea where to start.

So I’m sitting here the day after we’ve flown in from Singapore. Our big holiday in Korea and Japan was quite epic. While I’ve been busting to blog about it all, I am finding myself feeling a little overwhelmed and not knowing where to start! My brain has been buzzing with ideas, but when I […]